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05:41 Mar 14 2006
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there's a hole in my bucket dear liza dear liza there's a hole in my bucket dear liza a hole

....that's been driving me nuts for the past couple days most of all because I can't remember the rest of the damned verse....

well could be worse, could have the song that never ends running around there again with that lambchops voice... speaking of lamb I feel like having a lamb souvlaki, tis soo good (lamb/sheep meat isn't very expensive here ;})

ahh hells pizza, had some over the weekend..cannot get enough of the stuff it's all fresh off the farm ingrediants, and my favourite named 'Mordor' has venisen hehe I put my younger sister off it told her santas missing a raindear also proclaimed 'you ate bambi' ...gods I love the taste of venisen, sigh..if I weren't so broke atm (books and school fees) I'd order pizza tonight

hmm, I'd like to have an Emu burger again..have to wait to see if that stall is at the A&P show again this year, they ran out last time I went so I couldn't get much..pitty I'll have to wait till november for the A&P show to come around again

hmm...on that note did I mention we have a buskers festival? the world buskers festival is held once a year for 2 weeks in christchurch and is always a great show, we have buskers come in from canada, japan, china, uk, germany, us, oz and a half dozen other places, I think there was a russian group either this years or last?




10:58 Mar 10 2006
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so, I'm in the pub having a quiet drink, the music turns up it gets louder drowing out my own thoughts as the busses pull up.. and then comes the meat, that's all I see really.. walking deli farm, female? male? ...dose it matter?! really.. they're all dead, souless, lifeless.. heh all I can think of..well, I can't really think my mind is dulled by the musings of some nameless hair band my memory is stirred though 'plant some sugar on me' from my childhood perhaps? I never had a childhood.....

I'm shape focused the alcohole is completely given away to the animal inside me the same 'beast' that sees only walking pices of souless meat.. I have to keep it hidden keep my hands in check as they clasp uncontrollobly.. fuck 'em...yeah fuck 'em when they're dead see their faces as the last spark of life bleeds from their eyes.. thoughts only thoughts that they must be they must stay....

then I think of this place I tjhink of the people here who 'think' they are some sort of beast.. an animal that preys on the blood the souls of others, I dispise them for if they knew for what they lusted for.... they have no fucken idea, you want think yourself evil? you want to think yourself some sort of fiend? a beast? ...I invite you to the world where even the highest echlones of hecates realm show you fear, there is no respect there, no love, no reason.. just an empty crown awaiting an empty throne within for there is no fulfilling the likes of thus for it consumes all

and so I clasp my hands and leave the fools to the oblivion they spiral uncontrollable toward.. and I keep myself in check lest I see the very stars themselves bleed



08:03 Oct 22 2008

Riiight...and Im Madonna...with the cone boobs of course! haha! Yea...like THAT will happen ANY time soon there Fabio!


06:50 Mar 05 2006
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1 more shift.. that being tonight, and I am out of this damned job.. no more risking getting shot over a min wage dealin with the refuse that makes up the local populance of this most degridateing area..

I'll be on a student wage.. which pays a bit better then it used to, so this year I'll be able to propperly throw myself into studies for the next 2 years, hopefully do extreamely well and move to the uk to finish my degree then get a job there earning an exceptional wage

I decided to join a few socieites at uni this year.. decided to rejoin kaos after a yearly absence (wouldn't be stuffed with the usual gossip mongers there) and joined a few new ones, such as NINJASOC and Rensoc.. decided I might enjoy takeing up fenceing, always wanted to learn to use a sabor (I'd prefer kendo but what the hell) and considering tai chi

all in all I'm just happy to be out of this damned job..I wouldn't be surprised is the new boss we got tried to screw me out of holiday pay, he seems to do alot of things that could be construed as illgel in his busniess practices reguarding employees..must have attended an american busniess seminar or something



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