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Wow Seriously?

15:17 Apr 29 2021
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I was foolish to think after we made sure to safely drop you off at your daughter's that the disrespect would stop. You just threw away a over decade long friendship for what exactly? Over the decade long friendship, that I considered you family and a sister the actions you have been taking clearly show you are not whom I thought you to be.

I kept seeing that I was gonna be betrayed , and it would be by someone that i would never resepect, man was that right. I truly never saw this coming. I loved and trusted you, and I was paid back like this?

Since you want to put things on blast in a public forum, then you should be honest about it all. She asked to move here because she was running from her living situation, she was tired of living with her mom, and taking care of her. She was at odds with her own blood sister, accused her of shit, and stayed angry, and blamed them for her medical state. She is also running from a court date regarding her ex.. he has been charged with being a actual child sexual predator, and she knew this, but went to classes with him, and had a 10 year relationship with him. He is in prison right now for what he did to her niece and her own granddaughter. She needed a place to stay, to get away from all of that.

I foolishly being raised if you can help some one, you help someone. I told her that she could move in. I want to make somethings clear right now, yes she sent me money for the down payment of my car, but what she doesnt say is, I never asked her for it, and it was so I had a way to drive her around, because she can't drive. Yet, she don't tell you the reasoning why.

She was wanting to live with us permanatly, and we were looking to buy a bigger place , so we set down and worked out the budget, she said she would pay 450.00 for rent .. This is what she offered to pay, Now she was constantly trying to hand me her bank card, I told her no several times. Does anyone live anywhere for free?

What she doesn't tell you, is what we bought here, if we are making a list.

Zoo Pass 50.00
Dollywood 200.00 her part
fast food 200.00 worth of food
Groceries for her special diet 400.00
Medical CBD oil 6,000 for a month, so she had 3 months worth so 18,000 worth Medical grade CBD oil

Just this year.. she would constantly call or message or tell me, this person is talking about you, this person is stealing your ideas, this person is gonna betray you, this person is working with someone behind your back etc

She went as far as to try to point what she was doing to another of mine, to try and cause issues with a prospect of mine, claiming he done her wrong, claiming he wasn't loyal, he was dangerous etc

The first week she got here, she began her advamces at my fiancee, I don't know any woman that would be cool with someone that is supposed to be like her sister making advances toward her man.

She did the most, always looking at him like a love sick teen, it was embarrassing to be out on family events and dinners and it being noticed. She always tried to place herself between him and I. I tried talking with her 3 times, asking for the respect that should have been there from the start.

She even went as far as doing love spells, and dark energy work, I was shocked, hurt, and angry. I choose to keep my word to her mother, and I drove her instead of having her fly on a plane, because it was to much for her health when she flew here.

This woman looked at me and told me how envious she was of my life, the loving relationship I have with my man, and the relationship I have with my kids, problem is she wanted my life. When she couldn't take my man, she chose the next thing, trying to cause community issues and bonds with those that are close with me.

It's truly sad, she couldnt look me in the eye, knowing what all she had tried to do, and what she was going to do, that she couldnt even talk with me after I dropped her off, I feel sorry for her daughter, from what I can tell her daughter is a sweetheart.

But this woman chose a convicted child predator over her own daughter and grandaughter. They hadnt seen her in 4 years.

she chose to stick a dagger in my back at a time in my life that I needed her the most, taking advantage of the fact that I am, not online very often, due to family responsibilities, and dealing with certain things trying to protect my kids.

I never once thought you would do to me, what you just have. I am a complete fool for ever trusting you. Instead of being ugly, I am going to be a adult and uphold my word.

I will be mailing out today your unemployment card benifits to your daughter, as I promised to do. I am going pull the dagger out of my back, and keep it moving.. Am I hurt? Deeply .. but it's you that knows all you have done, and that you have now lost someone that truly trusted and loved you.

I watched out for you, took care of you, when you had seizures and fell out on the floor, I made sure you had everything you needed, and I still after you did this shit to me, wanted to make sure your ok, Yeah Im a real fucking monster huh? Just cause I didnt want to live like a episode of sister wives.

I hope you work everything out with your daughter, and I hope you don't hurt her, like you have done to me.

As for community, yes you left on your on accord, Just know you are never allowed to return, after your public disrespect. You are stripped of my lineage and rank, you are now truly on your own.. I wish you many blessings and I hope at some point in your life, you can get back to the person you were, and move past what you have become.

Just know, I was willing to try to work it out, but your continued disrespect, has led to this. I will always love you, but I am done. I don't want nothing to do with you anymore.



18:06 Apr 29 2021

Defamation of character

And more.
Do not say one more word to or about me or I will file suit. All I need is name and address which I have.

19:21 Apr 29 2021

One thing that has been forgotten. I have witnesses that were video chatting with me and those on the phone that know how well she was treated. She is gonna have to live with what she threw away. She knows what she did.

I'm done with this. You chose to attack me in a public forum. I wanted to handle this privately .. you chose to take it way to far.

I'm not your doormat. I am not gonna allow you to lie about me or the family. I posted the truth and facts. Those of you hiding behind fake accounts. Hope you have a really good vpn. If not you can and will have legal action against you.


Addressing The Issues

21:16 Apr 13 2021
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First, I hope everyone is having a great spring day. It's getting the time of year again, that we can all get outside and enjoy nature and family time. I would like to apoligize to those reading all the journals that has been posted the last couple of days.

I am going to address the issue here, then im done with it, for those whom dislike reading drama posts, this is the last post on this manner that you will read from me. For those whom enjoy or feed off chaos, pop you some popcorn and settle in and enjoy.

I have spent time on this website since 2007. Over the years, I have spent alot of time, as well as money on profile premiums. I do have alot of profiles, that are for self expression, and to help out others. Now, As long as no TOS are broken, and as long as profile premiums are paid, I will make profiles as I see fit. If you don't like the profile I make, simply don't go on it.

I will not put up with harrassment, I prefer to keep to myself, and dislike the bullshit, but make no mistake, im not your doormat. I won't be bullied, I am a grown woman, as long as no rules are broken, it's really nobody's buisness as to why I have a certain profile.. Over the years, I see those that don't have a genuine bone in their body, that love taking other people's ideas or themes of profiles, Frankly , I got tired of seeing it..

You take my ideas or others close to me, and just cant wait to run to our profiles with your huge ass stamps, and rate, hoping to get a reaction. I choose to ignore and keep it moving.

Yet, you simply can't do that, and must throw tantrums, and scream victim, and any male your tired of, or didn't give you the time of day, they are a pediphile or a abuser.. Those are words that shouldn't be throw out randomly, they can do alot of damage to those whom are not those things.. those that are should be prosecuted to the maxium level, they are truly sick.

Next, you are truly a mimic, you want to pretend to be things you are not, and you want to use people and friendships for simple gain and profit. You are really quick to judge others, that you truly don't know anything about.

Your friendships always come with strings. Your friendship only runs as deep as your use of the person, then they are thrown under the bus, and harrassed until you decide or see a use for them again, then you pull them back in, I myself wasted way to many years, being a friend to you, protecting you, and trying to guide you, when the reality of the scared lil girl you play to be, fact is she died along time ago.

There was a time I cared about you, but I finally had to walk away from you, and you just couldn't handle that. You love to attack me, judge me, pretend to be like me, throw all the harsh words your little brain can think up about me, truth is, I have long stopped caring your thoughts about me, I do feel bad for those being used by you, they dont realize the poison grasp they are in, or the amount of damage your gonna do to them, but they are gonna have to learn the hard way, as I did,

It's funny, over the years people have read my profiles, or journals, and think they know me, reality is, you don't truly know me at all, very few have I ever let in, to truly know whom I am, and you know who you are.

As far as the crap being thrown around, man I didn't realize that I had that many men interested in me wow., where was I when the supposed relationships were going on? Hmm.. In reality the last 3 years have been very hard for me.

I had three people that I did talk with, some things aren't easily discussed. After I got away from a bad situation where I endured alot of abuse, it's taken treatment for PTSD to truly come to terms with it, to fully move on with my life, previous to three years ago, No one truly knew how I was living, even those closest to me. But lets discuss last 3 years shall we.

#1 yes I was a victim of being catfished. I had a friend of 13 yrs, that was there for me in my darkest moments when my dad passed, my divorce, and other changes. I had this friend on a pedastal, and had alot of love and respect for them. It was a betrayal to find out, that this person I held such a high regard for could betray me in such away. It made me doubt myself , took me down into a deep depression. But, thanks to friends I was able to put that behind me.

#2 I allowed a romantic bond to start with someone that I should have never even thought of in that way, he was a dear friend, that I loved him and his family. We did talk for a couple of months, but it never truly went anywhere.

#3 since we are counting down my last 3 years, comes to my current relationship. He was a friend since 2007, and we decided to see where we can go, its a very loving and healthy relationship, we live together and have been together the last year and 4 months, and will be getting married,

Since my personal life is being tossed around , with bullshit spun in it, I thought I would share the actual facts.

I do enjou spending my downtime here. I like to rate and post, and code profiles. It takes my mind off of some stress in my personal life, I have been here for lost seekers whom have ended up here, My main priority however has always been my children.

My oldest she is 22 and has graduated collage, and is married, and bought her own home, and expecting her first child. I am very excited to share this milestone in her life, as her due date is fast approaching, and last night went to far, as I was sitting at the hospital with her, to see if she was going in labor, and was getting calls about what was being posted here, thats when the line was crossed for me.

I home school my other two children, and spend most of my time with them and my family.. When my family time is disturbed over things trival, I get very upset.

In closing, I am deciding in how I would like to handle the lastest drama issues.. know this.. when I make my choice, and deal with you, I don't want to hear your whining, and pleading, and bitching.. You couldnt leave me alone.

Moving forward as stated, I will continue to make my profiles, and enjoy enjoy them as I see fit, as long as no TOS is broken, and premium paid, it's no one's buisness..

There was a time, I tried my best to help you, hell I read to you a hour or two daily to help you study and try to be the best you that you could be, there was a time, I looked at you as a daughter, but after years of being used, and harrased, and lied about, the friendship died.. I have moved forward, you really need to do the same, at this point in your life, don't you think it's time you got your personal life together, and stopped all of the bullshit?

Oh and to those jumping in, and claiming I lie etc, stay out of my inbox with your requests to be added and rated lol

Many blessings,

Have a great day.



22:03 Apr 13 2021



Actions & Consenquences

03:29 Apr 12 2021
Times Read: 945

Remember filing false reports is against the law. Think about defimation of character. I'm collecting screen shots of all of this. My attorney is gonna love this. Over the years you have committed alot crimes online. Some of those people are willing to join on a suite with me against you. Do you really want to keep going?

Coming on this website for some down time, to have fun coding and rating and posting is one thing, but you better think again before you bring my children into anything.

I have been collecting screen shots, over the years, of your threats, but threating to call children services on my kids, with no grounds, I will file charges on you so quick.. Every action has consenquences. You went to far, with that threat,.




Cue The Violon 🎻

02:03 Apr 12 2021
Times Read: 1,011

Good evening Ladies and Gents. Tonight we offer cheese and violins .

As we have a group of childish butt hurt supposed adults. With the Oh Look at me. I'm a victim. Poor pitful me lol.

Give me a fucking break. If all you can do is run your mouth behind a computer screen .. your a waste of time and air.

Your poor attempt of trying to be me over the years is priceless. I personally don't give a damn of what you 🤔 think about me.

After all your truly sad as you don't have a actual social life. You prefer to pretend to be things and people you are not.

It's truly sad and pathetic. Your friends today have either been created or paid to associate with you.

Those very people have discussed just how much of a display you put on for profit.

And if judgement is coming from this type of person. Sorry not sorry. Don't give a fuck your thoughts.

How many times over the years have you thrown yourself at men I've had relationships with?

Popcorn and drinks to those reading her bullshit.

May you all have a blessed night.

To those posting in her journals.. I can send you a number 1 fan of my hate club t shirt if you like. Just send my your t shirt size and mailing address lol

Haters gonna Hate🥂🍾




02:07 Apr 12 2021

And just to speak on a certain keyboard warrior who googled "hot chick" and claimed that was their girlfriend. Bitch Smeagle Lord Of The Rings my precious looking ass. So ugly your birth certificate is an apology from Trojan.

02:11 Apr 12 2021

And I am no keyboard warrior unless you want a face to face meet up don't come at me BOY.

02:17 Apr 12 2021

That's right Pinocchio we said puppet.

02:55 Apr 12 2021

Nikki stop lying to this site and your pedophile boyfriend what a joke I will be reporting you both soon you won't have your kids much longer

02:57 Apr 12 2021

Puppet ass keyboard warrior. The queen of the cunt brigade pulls your strings. You are laughable run your mouth then block hiding behind your screen. Lol. "Put me in a box" yeah OK🤣🤣 anytime you want it you can get it. Many have tried me, and many more will. You are nothing a coward. You know what I bet you have a Vagina to go with it...

03:00 Apr 12 2021

Oh hey kitty kitty lol Same old same old, hiding behind a fake profile, predator and pedaphile is the only words you know.. Go ahead , My kids are very well taken care of, but remember lil kitty , whats good for you is good for me.. Road trips are so much fun arent they, Wanna have lunch and talk?

03:00 Apr 12 2021

😂😂that's hilarious you say everyone that doesn't want your hideously ugly ass is a predator or pedo.

03:02 Apr 12 2021

Quasimodo looking ass hoe. You looking like you smell like a rotten fish market.

03:15 Apr 12 2021

Remember filing false reports is against the law. Think about defimation of character. I'm collecting screen shots of all of this. My attorney is gonna love this. Over the years you have committed alot crimes online. Some of those people are willing to join on a suite with me against you. Do you really want to keep going?

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