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15:55 Apr 17 2024
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As some are aware I write short stories here just for entertainment purposes . I really do enjoy doing it and I am serious about it . If anyone has an idea for a story contact me and I will see what I can come up with . It would help me to get better at this and build my confidence . So any requests let me know



15:46 Apr 18 2024

Try something outside your normal? Mermaid, pirate. Fairy 🧚‍♂️?


The Children Love Fresh Meat Part 2

02:06 Apr 17 2024
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John was returned home by his doctor the luxury house was now a flat in North London with no trace of an extravagant lifestyle and no signs of a second wife called Grace . The luxury car was gone and replaced with a small Fiat . The doctor assured John this is where he had been living once he left the hospital a few months ago . John still could not believe this was his life and Grace never existed. John sat quietly while the doctor did his best to make him believe that everything he experienced in the house in the woods was just apart of the trauma .
John began therapy in the hopes of regaining his memory but to no avail and he became obsessed with finding the house in the woods . John began searching the countryside and visiting every village in the hopes of finding the house and proving once and for all his son Dani was still alive and living with Mrs Creed and her strange children .
John spent nearly every weekend just driving out into the countryside just hoping he might see something that could lead him back to that house and one Sunday afternoon whilst out driving he noticed a young girl wandering down the road . John knew he had seen her before . John stopped the car and followed the girl quietly . John felt sure when he saw this girl before there was a young boy with her . He recognised the provincial style clothing and the long blond hair . John believed he was on the right track as he followed her through the fields and eventually into the woods . It was starting to come back to him the dark woods and then he saw the young boy and he suddenly remembered their names . John spoke their names under his breath David and Darcy . Soon John began to lose sight of the two teens and the realisation he was lost and it was getting darker and darker . John continued to walk through the woods in the hopes he would find some sort of life . After what seemed like hours John was suddenly approached by a young man . Just like the teenagers he was dressed in old fashioned clothing and his long black hair was tied back . He had a kind and friendly face and seemed concerned about John being alone in the woods . He told John he should follow him and once out of the woods he would fix him up with a drop of vicars ruin .
The two men walked and John began to tell the man about his wife and son . The man seemed to be distracted by a strange noises coming from the trees . John noticed it sounded like children's laughter . This began to spark more memories for John and he began to tell the man about the creepy children he had encountered . The man just laughed and revealed that his children often play hide and seek in the woods it was how they caught their pray . It was then John realised he had seen this man before and he was the one who attacked him and Grace . John confronted the man with his allegation and John could see in the distance the house he had been searching for .

“I think its time for me to give you an explanation John “ you see I was a normal man once I had a wife and home and the dream of having a family . 60 years ago all that changed for me and I was no longer human and unable to give my wife children . My wife stood by me and we did our best to live a normal life in the city. It was difficult for me with all the temptation around and I was determined in spite of my new circumstances to remain a good man . I made sure all my pray were people who would never be missed and that lead me to find children wandering the streets at night alone abandoned by their parents and forgotten by society . My wife and I took the children we found in and gave them a second chance in life . We knew someone would try and reclaim them and take them away from us so we left your world and came out here . All my found children are just like me and they live a very life with me and my wife . We know how cruel human parents can be so we often bring neglected children here and raise them as our own . My beloved wife has always insisted on remaining human and I have honoured her wishes but she had grown older and she became frail and unwell so we knew time was growing short for us .
I knew I needed to go back into your world to find a new wife and mother for my children . I was lucky I found Emily she was ready to end her life the night I found her . I brought her back here and she told me what you and Grace had done to her and to your son . My wife and I promised to help get Dani back and get revenge on you and Grace for your cruel deeds . Emily kindly consented to become my wife after the Mrs had passed on and she promised to raise all the children with me . How could you have been so evil to her ? She is such a wonderful kind soul my children liked her straight away . We bide our time as we knew you would pack Dani off to boarding school so you and your whore could squander Emily's money on your selves . We set a trap for you and it worked better than we expected . Emily didn't want to kill you in spite of everything you did to her she wanted you to live but she wanted you to live in misery . I let my children kill your wife and my Daughter Darcy gave your son a new life . He is reborn and one of the family now happily reunited with his mother . Emily agreed with me if you some how managed to work out what happened to you 6 months ago we would have to get rid of you . And after all the effort we went to trying to get everyone to make you believe that Grace never existed and you had been in a car crash . Don't look so confused Im not the only vampire in England .

John backed away from the man and as he backed away he could see the trees light up . The laughter of children became louder and the lights revealed themselves to be glowing eyes . John tried to run but soon found himself surrounded by children who were dropping out of the trees and surrounding him . Their eyes glowed green and yellow . The children continued to laugh and showed their fangs . John was then confronted by his son Dani . Dani was dressed in old fashioned clothing and his eyes were glowing .
The man smiled at John and spoke his final chilling words . “ I think you should know my children love fresh meat “ .
John was being circled by the children as they continued to laugh at him . John was desperate to try and reach out to Dani . Dani smacked John away from him and jumped on John biting into his throat . The rest of the children joined in on the attack sucking away at John’s blood and tearing away at John’s flesh . Once John was dead the Children ran back home . The man dragged John's freshly mutilated body away .
The man threw John's body into an open grave which contained the corpse of Grace . Fresh earth was thrown over the bodies until completely covered . Emily walked over to the man and gave him a loving smile . He assured her it was all over and they could finally marry and be a family . Emily promised to be a good wife and mother and she walked back to the house to be with Dani and the rest of her children . The man walked over to another grave with his eldest children David and Darcy and laid flowers down . Mrs Creed had passed away a few weeks earlier . Darcy and David promised they would never forget their first mother and they would always make sure the rest of the children would honour her memory as well .
Some of the children were still playing outside until Emily called to them warning them of first light . Emily told the children they needed to sleep as their father would be taking them out to hunt in the evening .



02:28 Apr 17 2024

once again excellent

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10:25 Apr 17 2024

At least John got some closure b4 the end.


The Children Love Fresh Meat Part 1

02:26 Apr 16 2024
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In our lives some of us dream of having a family and being able to provide and give love and care to our family . And some lead a life of scheming and using and abusing those who love and care for them in order to fuel their own selfish needs and further their greed . Believing that being a parent is right when its actually a privilege . I have a story that shows the dangers of selfish cruel deeds and it should be read as a cautionary tale !

Dani was a 12 year old boy living in a nightmare for 6 months . Dani's father John had affair with a professional gold digger called Grace . The announcement of the affair and Johns dodgy dealings with civil servants who were happy to take bribes resulted in Dani's mother Emily losing her business the family home and her savings . John was helped by crooked solicitor's to convince a judge that Emily was an unfit mother and Dani was taken from his mothers loving care into his fathers heartless care along with Grace who was now Johns wife . Heartbreak John and Grace caused Emily resulted in her taking her own life . Dani was devastated by the loss of his mother and this made Dani become impossible and increasingly violent in his behaviour . Dani would never refer to Grace by her name he would always call her Goldie in remark to her love of money. Dani barely spoke to his father and this would lead to violent altercations between father and son . Dani soon became impossible to control and a decision was made to send Dani to a boarding school out in the country side .
Dani was forced to pack up his belongings and he gleefully marched to the car by his father and stepmother .

The three left their expensive home in Colchester and began the long drive out into the Hampshire countryside . John was completely focused on getting rid of his son so he could start indulging himself in the money he had so cruelly taken from Emily . He spoke enthusiastically about luxury trips around Europe and expensive cars while Grace sat admiring herself in a vanity mirror . Dani could not help but make snide comments about Grace . Remarking how taking Goldie to fancy places would only make her drop her knickers for the first millionaire to glance in her direction . Grace became angry and insisted John do something about Dani . John reassured her that boarding school would straighten Dani out . Dani gazed out the car window and wished for some kind of miracle to save him from the hell of boarding school and wishing something bad would happen to his father and stepmother .
Dani's wish seemed to be answered as the two of car tyres burst quite suddenly and car narrowly avoided crashing . The three stepped out of car to try and see if they could fix the problem and resume their journey . John could see they had no chance of reaching their destination anytime soon and reached for his phone to call for assistance only to find his battery was completely dead . Grace found her phone in the same state . Dani began to laugh at the situation and started taunting Grace and John about how they were going to have to put their luxury plans on hold . John became infuriated with Dani and this made him hit Dani hard. Dani ran off into the nearby fields shouting back how much he hated John and how it was his fault his mother took her own life . John ordered Grace to grab their belongings and to follow Dani and see if they could find help and get the car fixed . Grace begrudgingly went along with Johns orders . They made their way through the fields shouting for Dani but getting no response . After an hour of walking John and Grace noticed a house in the distance . They decided to walk on to the house with the hope of getting help from the owners .

Getting closer to the house John noticed how the surrounding trees seemed to make everything so dark . John continued to shout out to Dani and still could not get a response . Grace kept saying how they should just leave Dani to rot out in the fields but John was starting to feel some guilt over how he had treated his son. As the two got closer to the house they saw two littles girls crouched down in the long grass . John called out to the children but they did not respond . John noted their home made clothing and the strange noise they seemed to be making. Once up close to the two little girls they turned round to face John and Grace . Both girls had some kind of red substance around their mouths . At first John thought they had been eating berries until he noticed a dead rabbit on the ground with a bloodied throat . The girls laughed and grabbed the dead rabbit and ran to the house . Grace began to feel uneasy and suggested to John that they go back to the car . Suddenly a teenage boy and girl appeared and asked John and Grace what they were doing on their land . John introduced himself and asked the teenagers if they had seen a young boy . They smiled and told John that Dani was in the house with their mother . John was relieved that Dani was safe and asked if he and Grace to could go to the house to make a phone call and collect Dani . The two teens agreed and said their mother would be happy to help them .
John and Grace could not help noticing the strange way the teens were dressed . Their clothes were of a Provincial style almost like peasants from some gothic tale. John was quite taken with the young girl . She has very pretty features and beautiful dark eyes . Her long blonde hair elegantly cascaded past her shoulder's and her movements were almost cat like in their precision . The teenage boy had handsome features and possessed the same beautiful dark eyes . He looked as though he had walked straight out of a romantic novel .
Arriving at the house John and Grace were greeted by an old woman who cheerfully asked the two teens to go find the rest of their brothers and sisters . John asked if Dani was with her and she informed him he gone with her other children to play in the woods and he would be back later . She told John that Dani was in a very distressed state when her children found him . The old woman said she had given Dani food and he had made friends with her children straight away The old woman introduced herself as Mrs Creed and introduced her the two teens as David and Darcy . Mrs Creed ordered the two teens away again insisting they bring all the children home . John asked how many children she had and Mrs Creed replied 13 children .
John asked to use her phone but Mrs Creed had no phone or internet as her and her husband did not believe in such things and were home schooling the children . Mrs Creed invited John and Grace to spend the night at the house and her husband would take them to nearest town to sort the car out . Grace was not happy at the idea of staying in Mrs Creeds house the thought of 13 children hanging around made her feel uncomfortable . John just wanted to make the best of things for one night . Once in the house John and Grace noticed how primitive things were . The house had no modern convenience's and the kitchen had many dead wild animals hanging from the ceiling . They noticed more children ranging in ages and all wearing peasant styled clothes and their little mouths were covered red .
John asked where Mr Creed was only to be told he would be back before first light. Grace asked what he did for a living and Mrs Creed snapped that he is a hunter . Mrs Creed gave John and Grace food before getting Darcy to show them to their room . John watched Darcy with lustful eyes and this angered Grace . Darcy let them into a bedroom with an old bed and furniture that was riddled with woodworm and a large and rather grand window that looked out of the fields . Darcy bid John and Grace goodnight but John stopped her to ask where Dani was. Darcy informed John that Dani was sleeping in the next room and not to worry as Mother would look after him . Darcy walked out the room to be grabbed by 6 young children who wanted her to read them stories . Grace began complaining about the conditions in the room and remarking on how weird the family is . John ignored her and went looking for Mrs Creed . More children were appearing and started following John . John noticed the children's eyes were glowing slightly and he began to feel creeped out by them . John finally ran into Mrs Creed and began to quiz her about all the children . Mrs Creed seemed angered by Johns questioning and told him that she and her husband had no use for the outside world and lived off the land and had made themselves self sufficient and the children were all happy in their own world that had been created for them .
John stopped asking questions and went back to the bedroom to find Grace shaking and panicking . She told John some of the children had tried to attack her and she had seen a man outside the window . She begged and pleaded with John to leave the house but John brushed off her fears and opened the window to prove it was her imagination . John opened up the window and was suddenly taken by surprise as he looked towards the bedroom door . A gang of children with glowing eyes was standing looking at him and Grace . Johns arm was suddenly grabbed by hand with long sharp nails . John saw a young man with long black hair and glowing eyes . John was pulled straight through the window and he dropped to the ground hitting his head hard as he fell and being rendered completely unconscious .
Grace was now left to mercy of this strange man and the children with glowing eyes . Grace screamed as the man approached her and Mrs Creed came to the children and told them to come away as their father needed to do what was necessary and they didn't have much longer to wait . The children all began to smile cheer . In the next bedroom and young woman put her head around the door and Mrs Creed assured her that it would not be long now and she should go back in and shut the door as it was to soon for Dani and he didn't need to hear this kind of thing yet . The young woman smiled and nodded and went back inside

John awoke in hospital dazed and confused and calling out for Dani and Grace . The Doctor sat beside John and tried calming him . John could not understand how he could be in hospital and began asking for his wife . The doctor informed John that his wife Emily died in a car crash with Dani and John was the only surviver . The crash happened a year ago and John had suffered trauma to his head and he had spent 5 months in a coma and since leaving hospital John had trouble adjusting to life without his wife and son . John kept telling the doctor that he had divorced Emily and married Grace and Emily killed herself . The Doctor did everything he could to assure John there was no Grace Emily was his wife and she died with Dani in the accident .
John was enraged and began shouting about Mrs Creed and evil children and a man who attacked him . John was shouting how Mrs Creed and her creepy children had stolen his son and had done something to Grace . The Doctor told John he was found in his car unconscious in the hospital car park and his GP was concerned about blackouts and loss of memory he had been suffering from . John was adamant that his wife was Grace and Mrs Creed had taken his son . The doctor advised John to rest and he would see this was a dream and he needed help to deal with the loss of Emily and Dani . John knew this was not something he had dreamed and he had to find out the truth !



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22:54 Apr 16 2024

Very nice


03:23 Apr 10 2024
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I will start writing again soon . Suffering with bad depression and just not really feeling myself . I will pull myself out of it and get myself back to normal just having a rough time right now . I do some rewrites and probably improve certain stories .



04:40 Apr 10 2024

Take care of yourself.

09:31 Apr 10 2024

I hope you will get well well soon

09:52 Apr 15 2024

Wishing you the best

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