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23:31 Jul 21 2024
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So far it's been an enchanting evening of watching Hammer Horror films . My favourite being Sir Christopher Lee as Count Dracula . He always gave the most best bites VvvV



02:42 Jul 22 2024



03:00 Jul 20 2024
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Talking with my daughter tonight when the subject turned to music . We began listing our favourite songs and music videos . We were trying to establish what our musical tastes say about us . My daughter’s conclusion about me is that I have strange taste in music .
Top songs

Torch Soft Cell ( forever my favourite song )
Breath The Prodigy
City Of Love Mylene Farmer
From the cradle to enslave Cradle Of Filth
Du riechst so gut Rammstein
Voodoo People The Prodigy
Les Mots Mylene Farmer feat Seal
Moi Lolita Alizee
Killer Adamski feat Seal
Insomnia Faithless
Going underground The Jam
London Calling The Clash
In your Room Depeche Mode
Sometimes Erasure

Top music videos

Breath The Prodigy
Hey Boy Hey Girl The Chemical Brothers
Insomnia Faithless
Libertine Mylene Farmer
Frozen Madonna
Ich Will Rammstein
Sledgehammer Peter Gabriel
Ashes to Ashes David Bowie
Babylon A.D thank god for the madness Cradle of Filth
Wheres your head at Basement Jaxx
Voodoo People 2006 The Prodigy

I would defiantly say their are more

My favourite Artists

David Bowie
Mylene Farmer
Cradle Of Filth
The Clash
Peter Gabriel
And One
The Prodigy
Depeche Mode
Soft Cell



11:14 Jul 20 2024

I like your choices! Ofc kids are going to think different. Hell, most don't even know HALF of the artists WE know of. lol

01:52 Jul 21 2024

My daughter likes a lot of my music . She finds my musical tastes go from one extreme to another


16:07 Jul 18 2024
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Just been hearing a news report on how British classic comedies could be banned from being shown or will need to be heavily censored . For me this is completely insane .
One of the main targets was a early 70s British comedy called On The Buses . The argument centred around the two main Character's .
Just to give an explanation the show was about the Luxton bus company and three of its employee's . Stan Butler who was a bus driver and his best friend Jack Harper who was the conductor . Jack and Stan spent most of their time chasing after the women that worked at the bus depo and not doing their jobs properly . They dedicated their time to annoying the companies inspector Mr Blake who was known as Blakey . Blakey just wanted all the buses to go out on time and everyone to follow the rules . This made him unpopular with the staff and lead to Stan and Jack nicknaming him Dracula . This was down to the Hammer Horror films that were very popular at the time . Blakey was never able to catch Jack and Stan out and his attempts at getting them fired always resulted in him being humiliated or getting hurt .
Stans family were also a popular part of the story lines . He lived with his mother and his sister Olive and her husband Arthur . Stans mum was very devoted to her family and often treated Stan and Olive like they were still children . Olive was depicted as not very attractive and useless at everything . Her husband was constantly unpleasant to her and often called her a stupid great lump . The two were always rowing with each other and often made viewers wonder how in the hell were these two ever married . Arthur often made attempts to get away from olive and would chat up younger and more attractive women in front of her . Olive made many attempts to learn to cook which would always go horribly wrong . On one occasion Olive mentioned how Arthur had said they could not move out of her mothers house until she learnt how to cook only for Arthur to reply thats why we have been living here for 10 years .
One episode that has fallen under question was when Olive and Arthur would not stop arguing and Stan had grown tired of listening to them. He came up with a plan to help their marriage by dressing olive up and cooking a candle light dinner for two . This how ever went wrong when Arthur saw olive dressed up and burst out laughing and telling her that he defied any man to fancy her dressed up like a dogs dinner. Stan decided to ask Jack to come round and be nice to Olive so she would not feel so ugly . Jack said he was a bus conductor not at plastic surgeon but agreed to do it . At first Olive thought Jack was just making fun of her but then she held his and Arthur walked in . Arthur did not notice the intimate moment which made Olive angry and her shouting how he was a rotten pig who wasn't even jealous . Stan and Jack devised a plan to make Arthur jealous by inviting Blakey round for Olive to try and seduce in the hopes of Arthur catching her . This went wrong and Arthur decided he was leaving . Stan convinced him that it was a set up that he had planned with Jack but it had also shown in Arthurs own strange way that he did think something of his wife . Arthur then confessed that he thought that he had lost Olive and in the future he promised to be nicer to the old bag . He then walked into the living room to find Olive chatting up the window cleaner . After the window cleaner ran away Arthur told Olive if he ever caught her entertaining another man he would belt her one . She went all silly saying Arthur you really do love me .
Ok maybe threatening to hit your wife is not the best approach but it was not meant in a bad way it was just part of the joke .
Jack Harper was the main topic of the conversation because of the character's not so modern approach to women . He often referred to the women as crumpet and was only after as much sex as he could get . I would say most of the time this did not work out for him or Stan . Jack often chased after Stans girlfriends and a couple of times he did succeed .
In one of the three films they made of the series Jack persuaded Stan to take his girlfriend on a day cruise around wales . Poor Stand was unable to seduce his girlfriend in the ships cabin as the sea was rough and Stan got sick . Jack found Stan outside the cabin trying not to vomit . Jack laughed and said to him it looks like she's half killed you and no bird is that good in bed . He asked Stan where she was and then decided to take full advantage of the situation by running into the cabin with champagne and seducing her himself .
For me the show was great and still makes me laugh after all these years . But sadly a lot of people don't see the humour and just look for ways to drag the show down . One horrible comment which made me very angry was directed at the actor Bob Grant who played Jack Harper . Bob Grant sadly took his own life back in 2003 . The comment was that they were glad he killed himself and he deserved to die for playing that part . I don't understand how anyone could think such a thing .
Sadly all the cast have now passed on the last one being Anna Karen who played Olive . She died in 2022 at her home when it caught fire . A tragic end to a comedy legend .
I will be very angry if this show is banned from the screens as it was classic British comedy at its best . Im a firm believer if you don't like something don't watch it . And it’s wrong to tell others that they can not enjoy it because you don't !



17:59 Jul 18 2024

Sorry, time sure has changed people being offended by harmless jokes and adult content destroys movies .

18:02 Jul 18 2024

Indeed they have


18:09 Jul 16 2024
Times Read: 138

Never been fond of Mr Right . I like Mr Wrong he's much more fun




The vessel part 3

03:23 Jul 16 2024
Times Read: 159

After James left I spent my time in Charles's company . I had always felt an unease around Charles as I felt he didn't like me . After a couple of days I began to feel more at home in his company . He was kind charming man but I began to notice that he showed very little interest in women . Many a young woman would set their cap at him but Charles would barely acknowledge them . I had heard stories of men having some sort of intimate relations with each other and knowing that religious teaching's strictly forbid this kind of behaviour . Many a time I thought of asking Charles if his interests lay in men but we were becoming good friends and I did not want to give him a reason to hate me . When I talked about James I could see that Charles was sweet on him . It seemed a reasonable superstition as James had a commanding presence that evidently did not just extend its self to the fairer sex .
Charles was making good his promise to look after me until James returned . I had grown rather fond of Charles . He did his best to keep Thomas and Richard away from me . I knew that once I married James I would have to get used to having those two atrocities around .
I missed James so very much and I longed for the day when he would return home to me . I was becoming more desperate as my father was pushing me in the direction of man called Daniel Courtney . He was the son of a Lord and this was only to impress my father and push me into an unequal marriage . I had shown very little interest in this man . He was shy and nervous and giggled a lot . He came across to me as an over grown child . His shy demeanour and sickly paler made him repulsive to me . He was completely undesirable not what I had become accustomed to . James was every inch a real man and I was more than ready to disgrace my family and become disowned just so I could become Mrs Sutherland .
Eventually James returned and we met up at our usual secret place . James asked me to be ready to walk out on my family as he was taking me back to London so we could be married and move on to France together . I was more than willing to accept completely unaware that I was walking straight into a trap . James promised to come get me the next night and I should wait by the barn at the back of my family home . So like a fool I did as James requested only to be greeted by James Thomas Richard and Charles . I knew instantly that something felt wrong and James no longer looked at me the way he once had with loving eyes . He looked at me the way a hunter looked at dear before he unloaded his pistol into their head . They circled me and laughed I knew I was in terrible danger and rather than look to James I made eye contact with Charles only to see mouth the words Im sorry . Something hard struck my head and everything went black for a while .
I woke up in a room that had a strong smell and I could see smoke rolling around above me . I could not move I had been tied down to some sort of table . I managed to lift my head enough to see tall black candles either side of the table and to each side of my head . The smoke cleared enough for me to see strange symbols on the ceiling above me . A chant I did not recognise echoed through the room . I had no understanding of what was happening or why just the feeling of fear and dread . That fear was cemented when I saw James and the others come over to me . I had no doubts in my mind that I was about to die . Everything that was said about James being evil was coming true . He stood over me and ran his hands just above me and this action made the candles ignite with a bright flame.
He began calling the names of the devil and asking to be heard . He had proved his worth and devotion and as proof of his loyalty he was giving the devil me . He pulled out a dagger and plunged it straight into my heart . The pain was excruciating and I could feel my heart being torn from my body . I could hear the thunder and see the flashes of lightning as life began to leave my body . Everything around me grew darker and a mighty force stopped my spirit from going forward into the light that awaited me .




02:15 Jul 16 2024
Times Read: 164

Had someone say to me today that in no way did they find sin humorous . My reply to that was depends on how you do it 😈



17:21 Jul 16 2024

Also depends on who you do it with.


The Vessel part 2

03:10 Jul 11 2024
Times Read: 201

I knew where James's farmhouse was and I had decided to wait until my family were sleeping and sneak out and make my way there . I had to brave the woods at night and thankfully it was summer .
I knew the roads could be dangerous if gangs were roaming the area but I reasoned with myself to keep out of sight as much as possible . One of the house hold servants caught me trying to leave . She had taken pity on me and often told me she thought it was very cruel of my father to try and make me marry a man I didn't love . She promised not to tell anyone that I sneaking off and promised to wait up for me .
And so I left and quietly made my way through the village out into the wood's . For the most part my journey was uneventful and the bright light from the moon stars helped guid my way . It was not long before I came across a hold up . A coach was being plundered and I could see three men on horses . The occupiers of the coach were no where to be seen . I could hear the men talking and laughing and I could see them counting up the money they had stolen . I was hiding behind a large oak tree and watching silently . I wondered if one of the men was James but as their faces were partly hidden it was hard to tell . I wanted them to move on so I could continue my journey .
My impatience made me step on some twigs and they snapped this alerted the three rogues to my presence . I was going to crouch down and hope they would not decide to look around when a very large man grabbed me and put his hand around my throat . He lifted me off the ground and pushed my back into the tree's ancient body . His filthy hands gripped my throat tight and he looked into my eyes and asked me how I would like to die .
I thought everything was over for me this giant was about to kill me . I heard a familiar voice order him to put me down . I was dropped to the ground and I coughed and tried to get my breath back . The voice asked me if I was alright and then showed me his face to my relief it was James but that also meant the rumours were true he was a highwaymen . He helped me up and told me it was not safe for me out here and he was going to take me home .
On the journey home we talked a lot and he seemed very impressed that I took such risks to find him . After that night I began meeting up with James in secret. The more I got to know him the more I fell in love with him . He knew a lot about the world and he would often share his knowledge with me . His three friends were very important to him. I found Richard to be a very greedy man he was obsessed with money and gold . Charles was young and quiet and I always got the feeling he did not like me very much . And then there was Thomas the man who caught me and threatened my life . I despised him he was a brut that was nearly always inebriated and constantly on the look out for a fight . James preferred to keep me away from his brothers of the highway . One thing I could never understand is why James had taken to crime . He was a wealthy land owner and very influential at court so he had no need to engage in criminal activity .
He told me that life could only offer so much and it was his desire to explore the pleasures that fear brings . He frightened me when he talked that way and it also excited me . Mr James Sutherland spoke to my heart and other places and I never once realised just how dangerous he really was .
My relationship with James became much more intense and so did my father’s plans to marry me off .
I was becoming more desperate to run from my family for good and living with the hope that James would ask me to marry him . On my last meeting with James before my unfortunate demise James asked me to leave my family and go to him willingly . Like a fool I thought this was his way of proposing marriage to me . I readily agreed and asked him to find a priest as soon as possible . James's whole demeanour changed the moment I said priest . He turned his back on me and asked me if that was my final decision and I told him yes . He agreed to my terms and told me he was leaving for a few days as he had business in London . He promised that Charles would look after me until he returned . I foolishly believed that I was going to be his wife . If only I could of foreseen the future but thats how it is sometimes blinded by love and unable to see the real man behind the mask .



03:49 Jul 11 2024



17:57 Jul 10 2024
Times Read: 219

Does anyone know anything about old American coins ? I have few and trying to find the right information is proving difficult




The Vessel part 1

02:21 Jul 08 2024
Times Read: 282

To start a story you talk about who you are . For me I can only talk about who I was and how I came to be the way I am now . You see Im dead the man I loved murdered me over three hundred years ago and trapped my spirit between the world of the living and his world of the dead .
I grew up in 18th century London and I remained there until I was 18 years old . My father moved my family to a village in the south west of the country and thats when all my troubles started .
I had been so used to a busy social life in high society London and being brought to a village miles away from life was so tediously boring . My father had become so obsessed with religion he imposed strict rules upon me . He wanted me to marry a man of his choosing and force a strict religious and rural life on me . Such a life felt more like a prison sentence and I was so desperate to escape . I wanted my own life a chance to see the world and experience all that life had to offer .
I was so desperate to get away from my family I walked straight in to a trap that sent me straight to hell .
I had spent the first few weeks in the village doing very little. Watching the world go by and dreaming of freedom . The villager's would gossip about the dangers of the country roads . Highwaymen ruled over the roads and lay in wait for unsuspecting traveler's . A name kept cropping up amongst the gossip . They talked about a man who lived in a large farmhouse just outside of the village . The ladies spoke of a tall handsome man with long black hair . They described him as a rogue with a vast amount of wealth and power and influence through out England . Other stories of occult practises and other weird things also circulated amongst the gossip .
This man was known as James Sutherland and my father began speaking of him but not in glowing terms . James owned so much land across England and his dealings with other land owners made him many enemies .
I heard people talking about how James spent time in the local tavern with three friends and they would indulge in the pleasures most deemed unacceptable and absolutely forbidden . The more tales I heard about him the more intrigued I was.
My mother caught me listening to two of the tavern's serving girls talk about him . They came across so infatuated by him . Their smiles and their cheeks flushing quite responsibly a the sound of his name . I was pulled away by my mother and reminded that well brought up young ladies do not talk about men in such a way and I had been brought up to be a respectable god fearing christian girl . I could not imagine anything worse than ending up like my mother . Saddled to a very dull husband and spending my free time singing hymns and praying and living in fear of the wonders life can offer .
I spent a very dull summers day wandering the market and being bored to death by my mother and her friends . The constant chatter about the most tedious of things and their annoying attempts at finding me a suitable husband . I managed to walk away and make my way quickly through the street . I was just so desperate to be anywhere as long as it was away from the forced awkward conversation I had been forced to endure . I was not far away from home when I bumped into a man who knocked my basket out of my hand . I did not look at him to start with as knelt down to pick my belongings I met his gaze . He helped me up and returned my basket to me . I had never seen a man this handsome before . He took my breath away . He said nothing to me but he did smile at me before he walked away . I wondered if this man was James Sutherland he certainly fitted the description .
I could hear my mother’s voice calling out my name as I watched the tall handsome figure walk away . My mother caught up to me and grabbed my arm and practically dragged me all the way home . She twittered on about introducing me to suitable men from the village . All I could think about was handsome man I just met . Once home my mother continued to talk about church matters and how I should be thinking of finding a husband and how my father had invited a local family around for dinner that night .
I remember that dinner my father sat lecturing everyone on the sins of the world and how everyone should set certain values before showing me off to the dinner guests two sons . I showed little to no interest and my father could see my annoyance but he continued to make a show of me by saying how I had grown into a beautiful fine young woman and to point out that their was more than one sort of beauty such as good breeding fine manners and a good fortune . I felt like I my father was trying to sell me to the highest bidder . It was at that point I excused myself from the table . I walked outside to the front of my home and gazed up at the stars wanting to scream for my freedom when I saw the handsome stranger I met earlier . He walked over to me and asked me why I looked so sad . I could hardly believe that someone like him would even want to speak to me . I plucked up the courage to speak and told him I was not sad . He replied that a pretty girl like me had no reason to lie . We engaged in conversation for a while and I found myself getting lost in his beautiful dark brown eyes . Soon we were interrupted by my father . My father called him Mr Sutherland . I smiled with excitement for at last I had met the man everyone talked about . My father ordered me into the house . My mother forced me inside the house but I was able to hear my father tell James that I would instructed never to speak to him again.
That had settled it for me I was now to make it my priority to find James again and see if it was possible to get know him on my own terms . This how ever was to prove to be a fatal mistake on my part .




16:27 Jul 05 2024
Times Read: 316

Having a clear out and came across a box full of rings . Was asked where they came from . Had to have think and then I remembered they were my engagement rings .
Asked who were the men that gave me them ?
My reply… damned if I can remember
Also pointed out that they were all tight fisted so they are probably worthless
Has got me thinking who were they all and my daughter referred to me as a right tart .
I just told her I can't help it if I was popular . Sure I must of had my reasons for accepting at the time .




13:59 Jul 05 2024
Times Read: 322

Its all over Keir Starmer is the new PM . My thoughts turn to number 10s cat Larry . He has not been seen . I think as soon as he heard we now have had Labour government he thought sod this for a game of politicians and packed his bags and checked himself into Battersea dogs and cats home in the hopes of finding a sane forever home .





01:26 Jul 05 2024
Times Read: 338

All I want you to say is nothing
All I want you to do is nothing
All I want you to hear is nothing
All I want you to feel is nothing

He's my king at night
He pulls my hands so tight
He's gonna pull me in
He's going to make me sin

You're telling me that you love me
Something I can not deny
Mesmerised by your cruelty
While you burn my eye's
Crucified on your body
I can feel your thorns
Bleeding out is so ugly
Surrender with no doubt

All I want you to see is nothing
All I want you to ask is nothing
All I want you to be is nothing
All I am is nothing
Continue to pull me in and make me sin





23:37 Jul 04 2024
Times Read: 342

Voting over and in the morning I find out who will be the new Prime Minister .
Apparently since the announcement of the General Election I started swearing every time Keir Starmer appeared on the telly .
Well I can't be the only one in the UK who shouts out rude words every time he opens his mouth .
If things go the way I think they will I have been threatened by my family with a swear jar . I have to put a £1 in every time Keir Starmer appears on tv and swear. I think the next five years are going to cost me dearly .

Its going to be getting Fucking expensive in my house 😫




14:23 Jul 04 2024
Times Read: 362

My daughter is about to go galavanting around Norway with her new boyfriend . She asked me whats the best way to a mans heart . So I told her what my grandmother told me .
Straight through the bastards back with a pickaxe



15:20 Jul 04 2024

Your Grandmother was wise woman.

17:31 Jul 04 2024

After the way my daughter's ex boyfriend treated her I thought it would make her laugh and just keep aware during this new relationship . Not met him yet but I hope he is good to her

22:02 Jul 05 2024

Sounds like fore play. *smiles*

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