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Wake up! You DNA is being re programed. I'm spiritually high inclined

16:14 Mar 21 2021
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Most of the people on the internet probably still live with there mom or dad right about now in there 20's.
So they have no control of there own life but others around them how toxic.

I live on my own I don't give a fuck about society people on the internet basically people are just pieces of shit in my day in age I come to realize I'm more mature than allot of adults I never point the finger unless spoken to.

I like to point out not everyone's gonna wear a mask allot of people are waking up realizing it's fucking stupid as a ....
Now that I have your attention and now you are reading this little journal of rant.

Most people forget other people have body conditions such as breathing problems and heart problems and lung problems and cancer which if you wear a mask you have a less chance of living less.

The Mask is a signature of self control over others because they have no control in there life so they must ruin it for other people.

They forget about the thousands of people that are in default condition that they can not control them self's the bodies just get worse over time and there is nothing in this world worst than a mask.

why should I explain to the people who are a sleep this is the worst thing in the world.

For one you are breathing in your own air bringing in hot air your not getting fresh air to become what our bodies are made for.

We are meant as primal animals to be come immune to what's around us to live the longest.
Our bodies can take allot of hits but it can't take man made stuff as much.
Look at the pills on your shelfs.

how benefit are they really?
do they continue to keep causing problems and continue to not help much.
You answered yes didn't you.

Most of the medication is not from your own body and it's not natural it's man made which means allot of it is engineered in science labs.

Same with the Covid 19 vaccines there is more than one listed so when you understand the term of each one please come back to me when you know the difference there is like about 10 or 16 different covid 19 testing even the common cold is a Covid 19.
Your being brain wash wake the fuck up this is my message.




Lets see truth.

03:14 Mar 19 2021
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Got my own place soon as I got my own place I shopped at a store than I was offered a job on the spot.
I was handed a application by the manager her self. All I did was told her how my old job treated me which is why I left.They wanted me to do something illegal since when do I break the laws in person. The Answer is never I wish for the same experience across the web.

Impressive. I'm very please and yes I know this sounds like a miracle movie but this really did happen.
I just hope this job is faithful to me as I'm them. Unlike my last job I applied for acting as the Grim Reaper I told them I wanted to work as a Grim Reaper and do my Reaper voice everyone knows and loves. I do not want to get beaten up as the Grim Reaper I said to the people.

They giggled and said yeah I would imagen A women dressed as grim reaper. doing a male voice very well to show what she can really be is professional.

I even told the people that my old job scarefest should be reported to the health department.
That's how bad the old job appalments was I quit on the first day and every CO worker including the old manager wanted me back as there starring grim reaper because I was the only one who was best at it.





Eye for an Eye

19:14 Mar 09 2021
Times Read: 273

Your the evil one.

Your the evil one for playing mind games with me including spreading rumors about me that are false.
The correct respect is to tell that person to come forward and talk to you.

But is it really worth all the fuss?

How can you even conclude to trust that very person you describe.

What a shame.

You all burned your bridges over time with one person or another.

Maybe it's because you are closed minded.

And self judgmental you let your ego prosway you.

By your own madness.

You think it's funny to continue to harass and control and manipulate people around you.

Your time is running out.

And I'm done wasting my breath.

There is a time and a place where she is done.

With every person on the planet.

What have you done.

You made this soul constructive with your actions it goes both way's everyone needs to take there own advice before giving it to others.

it's a long path.

before you are fully aware and properly matured.




18:27 Mar 08 2021
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When shit hits the fan in my message box.
I'm pretty sure I'm three steps a head.



18:54 Mar 08 2021

How can he call himself a damn friend to anyone look how he treats people

20:37 Mar 08 2021

Exactly my thoughts he's trying to control me.

I think this sounds familiar.

This is the second time he came to me and complained about something first he rudly comments on my coment box now this.

What next when I'm happy again some more he's gonna keep on going.

22:00 Mar 08 2021

He has some fucking issues and needs to leave people the fuck alone but it just backups the cult brainwashing and toxicity of their people

23:03 Mar 08 2021

i agree

19:22 Mar 09 2021

I don't think it's about toxic people anymore I thinks it's the choices and what they hear and they select a certain truth to tell.~ReaperSoulMate


23:41 Mar 07 2021
Times Read: 343

In this video it talks about the fake news on live tv which I already knew at the age of 18 that news was fake.





23:07 Mar 07 2021
Times Read: 356

Some people on here need to stop bulling and stop being toxic if your gonna be a toxic person for the rest of your life please wear a warning people so we know to avoid you in the next new life generation .!




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