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09:48 Sep 20 2021
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Ok. I going to post the receipts seeing there is no hotel name on them.

Well I tried to upload my picks. Just all the the slips on a orange folder. But, it is not allowing. Allthough, I have the payment slips saved all over internet. But, I will try again later. Maybe because I deleted in my pictures. And, have to wait.

So, he said civil court, but, there is a lawyer place where I worked w Judge R, next to Dome. So. . . . which one first, l, cc, l, cc hmm. Gawd, the fregin paperwork. Gawd. Excuse my language.




09:41 Sep 20 2021
Times Read: 18

Ok. I going to post the receipts seeing there is no hotel name on them.




Gabrielle has been found. Very sadly, not alive.

05:18 Sep 20 2021
Times Read: 32

Back to the astral to help Gabriel. I seen the media talk of the van today, that's good. For some reason he went crazy astrally, when I wanted Gabrielle to drive the van w me in it. I didn't include him. He got in the back a few times. Tried to unlock a few times. Poor Gabrielle. But, again this is only astral. He didn't attack when I took Gabrielle out of his astral house, nor when I grabbed the keys.

Now he could have been projecting Gabrielle. But, that is too acute, for anyone. And, just need to remind . . . .
She claimed to be OCD. And, Brian's astral house was severely cluttered, maybe to upset her.

She is always on the right when you walk in the front door. But, again that could be his thoughts only.

The project was to weight him Astrally, so that he would really come forward and talk to authorities. The weight seemed only to be placed w the van.

I guess, when she said, she had one pair of shoes, I was right in my thoughts.

But, because of real problems that have occurred, at my address, I have to stop trying.

Although, I will include Gabrielle in my full moon prayer. Love, no matter what.

I just read, it is too late. . . .
Awwwwww. Very sad to read of Gabrielle. Being found. And, IHope everyone helps her mom. So Sad.




18:09 Sep 19 2021
Times Read: 69

Ok. I have to close this account, for a while. The guys in the office are ripping me off. They claim that I owe them more money. I have every slip from the beginning. And, when I started paying weekly. Always same date, every week. All of a sudden.

I called the police. Because, they are harassing me. If they wanted me out. They should have just pre said it. They have a slip for, 800 a month. But I pay 240 a week which is almost a thousand, a month. Maybe, they can give me the money back from all this time. So, I can get a decent apartment. Obviously, I am over paying.

But, I have every slip, so tommorow I file.

Got to cut this. Just a game anyway.

Awwwwww. My boyfriend, went there after I told him what was said and done. And, I told him what he said to do. When he asked, he told him he can leave now. And, that is to the guy I have known 16 1/2 years. Who honestly has been paying since that rotten Covid started. My poor boo.

The truth is, I just wanted my money back, so I can leave. And, they refuse to give it! So, I have to ask about extra pay I gave him. And, my money back. Have to leave.

Cutting off in an hour.

I didn't check this post so excuse.

Ok. I they are probably going to try to kill me. Shoot. I have to take certain precautions for protection, tomorrow, when I go to court to register the over payment amount. They are claiming I only am supposed to pay 800, But, I pay 160 over. And, that is not a tip.
(Because I am paying 160 over that 800. At least a month. . . . . give or take a day or two.)

Like I said, I have every slip. I don't remember signing any overpaid slip. So. . . . And, like I said they are saying I only pay 800 a month.

I wish. Poor, my Boo. . . .

Have video tape room and make copies of everything and store. Next. . . . Unbelievable

I have the paper work for the drug test in case of them trying to store drugs on me.

Hard work over. Just put all those slips in order. I started taking pictures, in case I get killed. Seriously,. Separated monthly, from weekly. Don't laugh, that was hard work. . . . . I am working for these bums, who do nothing but ask for money. LOL

Ok, ok, Toughest part is over, about 15 slips, divided by 4 weeks. So almost 4 months. Multiple by 160. Hold

I think it came up to 640. Here about according to what they said the monthly rent is. So according to them they owe me about Three more weeks. Period.

Ok. He said on the policemans' camera, that the 800, and 800 date, is the legal. I told Boo, about the time it will take to go to court. And, the lawyer, I will need. So check, that part is done, but, Thursday is the end. If I'm alive! Definitely, the cop gave me a dirty look when I wanted to take a picture of what he claims is the legal contract. Because, I am paying much more than that.

Ok. Told boo, if I die, and of course they go for the phone. Everything is in his name. Locking phone now. He knows codes.

Oh, and I have to delete my information on the other thing he gave me.

Uh oh. Someone shouted I was manic. LOL. No, not quit. So low life stole from my best friends wallet. On top of that I now I have to push my job hunt away, to set up court hearing, and find a good lawyer. Once I resolved I was OK. LOL Unbelievable.

They actually told my best friend, that they can do anything they want. And, that he can leave. I told him not to say anything, . . . . Because the police officer explained what to do first think Monday. But, he had to see for himself. Also, I explained that the woman that was mouthing off, use to bring her John's to her place, and her daughter cried many times, during the night. Although, she is no longer there w her. So not people he should care about.

Well, obviously, I had to resolve that I had to work on this. Period. Obviously, I am not manic. If I got all the court documents needed. Just have to do paperwork. See in court.




10:19 Sep 19 2021
Times Read: 82

Woke up early. Just saw a post, where Elvis Presley's hair sold for 72,500. First I thought that it was maybe a wig, or hair piece. But, no. . . . It was a jar of his hair, with credentials. LOL. That's great! His outfit went for a price that I could, live well on, for the rest of my life, and afterlife. LOL. He's still the King. They must be selling for his daughter.

Elvis Presley- don't leave me now restored.

I can't help believing rehearsal (there's the hair)

Well, I did the ramen chili thing. Too much food, and I don't have a frig. Was good. Had to add water, while baking. Came out great. Didn't add cheese. Too filling, only coffee, now, for day.

Poe finally ate. Maybe problem with him is the dry cat food on floor. He must be eating it. Will try to switch things around.




23:58 Sep 18 2021
Times Read: 99

Hey I just saw something new to do w ramen. I bought 3 cans for a dollar of chili beans. Going to Put on ramen. Then bake. Interesting.
Might be better than spaghetti sauce.

My pets have looked at me very strange, today. A lot. So, I don't know why. Bought Mr. Poe, Hedge Hog Cheese. Spring water, and Babies food. Hopefully, those weird stares will vanish

Anyway, head games for tonight. I grab the keys, and keep them. That should set Brian off. Till tonight Astrally. For the record, he has a weird head place.

The collaborates, of the building, sent this ugly old guy over, so I can lick his dick, for rent I guess. Time is7:30. Mon Dieu.Ahhhhhh No. I take that very offensively. Guess cameras come out again tomorrow. Quit asking me for money, drug loving crap.

Always look on the bright side of life-sing a long-Monte Python.

Around 7, I grabbed all the keys, in Brian's astral 🏠. Grabbed keys from his hand, in every room.Put, them in a lil cigar box. Shook them at him. Grabbed the chums arm, walked out to the street, brought the astral van up. She as usual was at left side of doorway, in room. Put her in driver's seat, w keys, let her drive. Went to my side, he tried to get in there, the window and the back, multiple times. He tried very hard many times. Just had to deflect. Did the stunt a few times. . . . Definitely mad, he was. LOL. Taking the astral van actually made him the astral madest. Very persistent w getting into the back of van.




01:46 Sep 18 2021
Times Read: 141

Laundrie home investigation, live! On YouTube
Now live is under North Port. . .
Brian is missing.

People are quite, waiting for word from police.

Went off. . . . But wfla.com on live chat.

821 allq quiet. But, was evidence bags. . . .

Still waiting for ten Tampa Bay to quit.

Old astral connection. . . . "I Finished Her". What that means, not sure.

I saw a dark stairwell, I think him.

Just trickles. . . . Sex/xxxx. . . . Out West. . . . Toronto. . . .

Nothing much." Toronto" must be a mistake.

Wet and sticky. ?

Next to my bed


(There is a pic that he made supposedly months ago, with a wolf. 3figures. Frankenstein chained to a chair. . . . )

I tried like sounding like his inner voice! LOL didn't work. LOL. Like as if I was him thinking. . . . LOL. I tried direct question again, but he was angry when he answered the other time, when I could see him Astrally.

Oh, and I tried in my astral church. Had him in a wooden, fancy chair, to the side of the alter. I thought maybe he might have allowance for a church. I went to the back of the chair, and projected her to the front of him. He just said, get away from me, to the projection. Oh well!

Tried Gabby. . . . I can't breathe.

Didn't try the nice gay couple.

I did have a dream. . . . I went to see him (Brian) in this, run down place, 1st time, he was normal everything seemed fine. Gave the blonde girl a ten, she was cute. Just gave it, because she seemed like a child, and I wanted her to play. Seemed like his daughter.
Didn't see her with him, always apart. But, in the same house.

Second time: I was driving this old kind of grey/blue car. There was a street where there was a lot of cars, and I parked there. Walked to the run down house, went in. . . . Young blonde girl was there, again. She seemed more like his daughter. She was nice, talked to me, again. Followed me in bathroom, and all the rooms. I somehow lost my keys. So I had started looking for them. Looked through a lot of metal and stuff, still no keys. Then I thought that maybe I shouldn't have said I lost the keys, cuz she or someone might find and hide, but, too late. So, he came back. . . . He showed me different keys in all different thickness, in different areas. I saw the biggest key set, and I said I wish the keys looked like that, I'd never loose them. . . . Still couldn't find my keys with him. I thought I'd check the car down the street. Maybe, I left them in it. Before, I left. . . The young blonde girl asked me if I had money for shoes, so I asked her what she did w the other ten I gave her, the trip before. She said, I gave it to my mother. Met her mom, she seemed ok. Then, she showed me her dirty sneakers, something like the canvas style, so I felt bad and gave her another ten. She had said prior, I only have one pair. She was happy when I gave her the ten. I said something like, she should be able to get something. She seemed to agree. I Felt bad. But, only had eight left, now. So left the building. Got to the car. Think he followed me. Got in and thought, no keys here either, but, going to try ignition, anyway. And it started, without the few keys. Then Left. What a weird dream.

( Wish I could remember all the things that I looked at in the shack. I mean old house. It was cluttered. Saw him often, in there.)

Again. . . . The only time he spit clearly, is when he was terribly angry. Things were mounting.




14:00 Sep 17 2021
Times Read: 159

Another pet diet day. Today I bought Mr. Poe a can of Dinty Moore beef stew. As always, I gave him the stock, and I had the juice with crackers. LOL. This is good stuff. If he doesn't eat it, that's it. Back to dog food. Unbelievable.

Baby, is easy. Likes the same.

Cable still not on. But, it may have to do with Garbage. Saw them piling garbage, in a u haul. (Which reminds me of when I rented one from NY, to RI. I was looking at a gauge, that I thought was gas. Lol. Ran out of gas, wrong one. Luckily, someone brought me for gas in middle of the night in Providence. Lol.)
I saw listed that there is supposed to be a pick up today. ???

Had to get roach control. Something different. These big cardboard houses w sticky. Because Raid is starting to be defunct. Plus, pets been threw too much already this month.

Oh, and I've been seeing a lot of Big E is back. LOL I miss that lil fair. Love the state houses, food, music, animals. . . . There use to be a certain place for dinner. . . . A church or something. . . . (Once, while we were waiting for a show. . . .went for a snack. . . . Saw this guy put a lot of hot sauce, so I thought it must not be hot. Lol. It was super hot, I thought my mouth was burning off, and there were long lines for drinks. . . .)( Once, when I was a kid, I left my new bought Indian doll on a bench, and someone grabbed it. . . . Cried, and mom bought me another. Not bad, only 2 bad happenings. . . . Oh besides the ferris wheel that kids fell off, but they just looked asleep when we passed bye swiftly. Oh, and one more bad thing, my girlfriend cut the bathroom line, was so embarrassed, she was from NY. Later she cut my X's line.) You always had to have a meet up place, in case we couldn't find each other, usually the bands.

And, they knocked for rent. Unbelievable. And, it is pouring. Wanted to apply somewhere. humph

Gave Poe his bath. Maybe, it will make him feel better.




18:14 Sep 16 2021
Times Read: 175

Baby was up first, as usual. . . . ate. Poe up, did duty, and he asked back on bed. Not quite himself, yet. Left his favorite spaghettios, near him. Awwwwww. He really needs a bath. But, I wet him so much during the two weeks to stay cool, think I should wait.

Me, I would like a good cup of coffee. Wish there was a RaceTrac nearby. There is a coffee shop further down. But, seems a bit bitter.

Guess I can put my chair back outside, rains are over.

Been looking at YouTube. No Cox, yet. Saw this thing on Disney. LOL. They put your picture on the ticket, so nobody else can use them. When I went there the second time with my X, we picked up somebody's sold ticket at a tourist booth. And bought it. It had a scratch off. I used my ink eraser, and erased the line so we could get into that if we wanted. Lol. Truthfully, Disney didn't lose anything on that. So why are they twisting the towel till the last drop comes out.

Then they mentioned other ways to get kicked out. Lol. I did sort of get kicked out once. I brought my pet into a Disney shopping area, not seeing a sign, to get ice cream for my pet. We were there a while before they caught us. Lol. Truthfully, they told me to just put him in the car with the windows a lil open. But, that would be mean to Arthur. Just wanted to get him ice cream. Lol. You can bring service pets. If I still had Arthur, I'd make him a service pet. Although, Baby is great with kids.

Oh, and now you have to get a certain size stroller for Disney.

Plus, been reading about smell distributers around Disney locations, to get you to spend. I don't think they had that, the first or second time. But, maybe when I was moving there.

Well, anyway. . . . Have to do an astral, coming up. Will have to do an encounter astral.




14:35 Sep 15 2021
Times Read: 189

Well storms almost over! Wasn't much of anything. Lots of rain.

Poe is acting more like himself, barked to get on the bed, and off. Didn't sleep as much. Good. Poor Mr. Poe, was really to hot for him before. And, Baby is perky again. Already fed Baby. But, what to give Poe. . . Spaghetti, chicken of the sea, puppy chow. . . . Tough question.

Well, anyway, I one have to get roach spray. Get a big one under door every night. Plus saw someone throw an old air conditioner from an dwelling in a cart and saw hundreds of medium roaches run out. Maybe it was in water. ????

Ooops Poe's barking. . . . Decided puppy chow, but it was a nature call.

Oh, and I downloaded LA Wallet. That is pretty cool. Scanned my license. And, damn. . . . My Covid vaccine info came right in, also.
I didn't put any info in. So, the gov has our vaccine info already. Wow. Why were they sending people to the doors if they already had that info. Odd. And, who cut Biden off in his speech, the other day. . . . Questions Questions. . . .

On the other ✋, Wargames popped up on YouTube. Just in time for AUKUS




17:26 Sep 14 2021
Times Read: 200

We'll it's raining, don't look like much of nothin. LOL. Said that during Ida, and it hit hard after. About 6:30pm.

There is a lil rain accumulation. Not a strong wind. . . . Still don't have cable, so I don't know what is going on. Not surprising.

(My payment info was marked wrong. And, when I told the guy, he said the other guy left. And, wrote the right date on, but not on the book. So, I asked him to initial. . . . Drugs. . . . ou la la. . . . And, people wonder why I don't get into them. I have the prior receipt, anyway. Actually, all the receipts. Mon Dieu)

Someone was thinking astral, I could have use that Stonehenge Spell. Well. Maybe. But, I'm my window is not on the third floor; away from everyone who would see the picture and scroll. Would look a lil weird. Especially in a d. dealing H. Not an a. dealing H.




13:42 Sep 13 2021
Times Read: 214

Another, state of emergency. Gawd. LOL. Reminds me of last year, when full time job was then part time. And this year, when part time job is nothing. I give up. Lol. Got to find a full time, so I can be part time.

Lisa Marie Presley - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Speaking of. . . . I started reading Nemo's infamous box last week. Again. Wonder if he picked up on me! LOL

And, I finally did something with that Sat book that someone gave me. . . . Ran out of dog pads and. . . . Tore it apart!




17:31 Sep 12 2021
Times Read: 230

I saw a stool in the garbage. Actually, like the one that my cat has been fondling, on the porch. He was tickeled pink when he saw it, jumped on it when I was cleaning it. Lol. So cute.

Couldn't sleep last night. . . . Was up since 1am.

Will put pic of them sleeping last night. Lol.

Oh, and I have free high speed on my phone. Yeah.

Now, I think it's best after another apply, to look for another job. For the record, my Boo got his electric before me! LOL. The stars are in his favor. . . .




17:31 Sep 12 2021
Times Read: 231

I saw a stool in the garbage. Actually, like the one that my cat has been fondling, on the porch. He was tickeled pink jumped on it when I wad cleaning it Lol. So cute.

Couldn't sleep last night. . . . Was up since 1am.

Will put pic of them sleeping last night. Lol.




17:31 Sep 12 2021
Times Read: 231

I saw a stool in the garbage. Actually, like the one that my 🐈 has been fondling, on the porch. He was tickeled pink jumped on it when I wad cleaning it Lol. So cute.

Couldn't sleep last night. . . . Was up since 1am.

Will put pic of them sleeping last night. Lol.




17:30 Sep 12 2021
Times Read: 231

I saw a stool in the garbage. Actually, like the one that my 🐈 has been fondling, on the porch. He was tickeled pink jumped on it when I wad cleaning it Lol. So cute.

Couldn't sleep last night. . . . Was up since 1am.

Will put pic of them sleeping last night. Lol.




21:37 Sep 11 2021
Times Read: 242

There was something strange in my last circle, there was a double latch that formed while doing. Weird. Somebody, said sorry Astrally. But, why? Anyway, I don't think I would want a hurricane, when I was to start a needed job. LOL.

My sister did say, it had a double eye. Weird. wonder if it affected my full moon ritual. Very odd.




20:54 Sep 11 2021
Times Read: 247

Well, my new job never called back. And, it said to wait for further info. Guess it was good. Heat was too extreme, and really shouldn't leave pets with open screens.

Poor Poe slept most of the day, in air conditioning. Poor thing. Kept cooling him off in shower, when electric was off. But one night, he was heat exhausted, and ran him fast to cool off again in shower. Poor dear. Again, Today he slept well. Made a bed, out of a comforter, so he would feel like he was on my bed, but he could get up and run, by himself. Seems to be working. Just need a replacement comforter from thrift. Whew. Had tough time with heat/pets.

Luckily, I found my 🐈 food. It was empty Monday. He wouldn't eat Fancy feast, the only cans that were there. But, I grabbed all of his kind today. Plus they had friskie. Yeah!

Thanks to Boo, couldn't have made it again, without him. Gawd. LOL What else what else.

Started looking for help, so far put in for one when it starts, and other kept kicking out. Taking a break.

Someone called from one of those temp agencies, as soon as I could charge phone. But, ride there and back, is futile. Plus would need black T-shirt and to go to their office to sign up for their one day. But, travel is sketchy. And, can't do all of that in early morning. Would have to walk. But, next time hopefully she well give notice. And, I'll be able to get ride and sign up. Not next morn. Ashame, would pay good, 15. The bus, I heard doesn't go to city. Speaking of, need to check city buses.




04:08 Sep 11 2021
Times Read: 259

Elvis Presley - If I Could Dream ('68 comeback special. . .

Electric Is Back!




21:11 Sep 06 2021
Times Read: 277

In Louisiana, have to do this fast. Felt like woman in car, in Cujo. Only I saving the dog.
Then today no more pet food. Walked to Rouses. Got ice , drinks at mission. Was sick almost collapsed. Then went dark and cool air. Got up. Yeah. To much sun before. Salvation army food made me sick. Luckily only ate one. Couldn't eat yesterday or this morning.




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