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19:46 Apr 30 2023
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I just threw up everything, from this morning. 😂 Lots of money gone. Had to wipe it up. Was someone's porch.

I didn't think boo was coming. So, I had a old potted meat and crackers. When boo came, I had a egg sandwich and some coffee. Haven't felt too hungry this week so this was a lot. Then I had some vanilla ice cream, that tastes old. Felt sick so drank 3 red bulls, and grape juice. Well.... All cleared out. Just need to clean up a little more.

Well, at least I bought the red 🌹. I have a candle, and patchouli oil. Need to give thanks and merge. Fn rain last night.

Where's that song Britney 😲. Let's go
And, let's sing under the board walk.


Going to jump the gun....

Taylor Swift.... Look what you just made me do.
Thought 💭 id bring her back.




23:14 Apr 28 2023
Times Read: 188

Well, May first looks good. Very good. How to get a Rose, and prey in private is next....

Also, I saw lots of feline packages. Can't have, no petting for support cat. There was a lot more for 149.

But, the one my CSR sent me is best. It has a GPS. She's right it's not in the packs. It looks friendly. And, I like the Bandanas.

Someone else said they wanted to help. But, I was honest. Someone gave me a Birthday Gift, and I put it to the pack.🤗
So there was help from them already.

So excited. Wonder if I should order the card. Ten a month, w no other fees. I might have to get the perm card, to order online for feline package.




13:04 Apr 28 2023
Times Read: 203

I was expecting problems, because of my pull out on trip. But, no nothing yet. If she is wondering what I have left.... Deduct 5.30. LOL.... Not enough for a sandwich tomorrow. But, last Saturday, there was nobody in kitchen.

There was recked food from a homeless person, at the convenience store. I said over and over, call the cops. He's been in there doing it, too many times. They lost bags of chips and candy. A shame. He's a nice young man, who is cashier. Gawd. The hm had tons of chips and candy, trying to run out door.

People who live for the almighty drugs. There money goes for drugs, they just ask around for food.

Luckily, the night before last, I preyed to Thoth. Usually, to wake up on time, or help me w a decision. That time I asked him if he could find out if she had enough money. Or, if he thinks they are going to leave me holding the bag. If so.... please help me get out of it.

.... And, he did.... When she asked me how much I have.... And, that she had no cash on her.... Pretty much a warning ⚠️. Thanks Thoth ....




13:28 Apr 27 2023
Times Read: 228

I talked to her. The person wanting me to put my name as the head, and drive. She had no cash on her. I know cuz I said Id like to go to the store first, it's early. She said she had no cash on her. LoL. I didn't ask her to pay. But.... That really worried me. When I did this I had cash and credit. Sooooo I was waiting for her to say something about getting cash.... No...... She isn't going to. So regretfully, I had to decline. Also, she asked how much I had. I said less then twenty... Which was true.... Cuz I'm , I'm saving for the Stuff for my cat. The security guard said that meant she was asking me for money. Oh.... No can do.... I have my own bill I have to pay.... And, I only have two weeks left.

Maybe, she was worried I wouldn't pay..... But it's under my name......

Gulp.... I had to decline......

I was already worried, cuz on the way back.... She was claiming that she ordered U-Haul often. Typical statement for a homeless person.

Plus, let's look at it on her side..... What if I get in an accident.
Her card is there.

Plus where are we going to put the animals, can't be in back.
It's a long trip.

And, the cashier said an early time to come back.... What if we hit traffic 🚦.

My travels to New York.... Took three hours..... Six if I hit traffic.

The trip down would take two an a half, w/out traffic. I'm sure the cashier said an early time to get back. It wasn't at closing time. The girl thought seven...... But no, I just needed to verify.....

Because, before we enter..... Campground.... They are going to need supplies..... We will have to stop for that.... Then it might take a half hour for registration..... Then we have to find spot..... Then a quick dump.....

I hated declining.... Really I did..... But if she's not carrying any cash..... I can't pay for the gas for the U-Haul. The truck is big. On the interstate, gallons go from 3, to 6 gallons per hour.

If I was them.... I'd sell the old tent and stuff....get on abus wthe services dogs, and buy a cheap tent w sleeping bags, and food. Is all they need. It would be a lot cheaper.




00:20 Apr 27 2023
Times Read: 240

I must be nuts. I told Id drive a homeless couple to a camp site using a rental. They pay for the rental. But, I have to drive.

Behind the scenes.... I called the rental company and said I'm a little worried. He said don't because he takes a deposit amount when we get the keys. But, here is one thing we are not talking about.... Gas. They will charge five a gallon if the tank isn't back to start. So I have to approach them about the gas.

I have a feeling, that I am going to regret this. They only offered me forty. Which is a real amount that they could afford. But gawd... I already did a long walk for nothing. She hadn't ordered it.

Plus I have to make sure of the bring back time. It was a lil early. 21/2 hours up, and back.

Told Boo, he said be careful. I just think I'm crazy.




20:58 Apr 25 2023
Times Read: 253

I started w the emotional cat pricing. The lowest price package is 89.99. now... He is going to have to be in a carrier, in the bus. So, I think a tag and a collar might do. Plus, a new cat taxi. I have 80 right now. Will need over a hundred. Cuz, I'll have to buy a credit card.

Aaaargh. I'd like all of it. But we are talking money. The service supplies, that is. They have a harness, a collar, a leash, a tag for collar, a certificate.... Very very expensive, for the harness.

Ps. Talked to health insurance, again. Went really well. New Rep was very nice, and helpful. I actually, do, have a PCP. Although the card says I don't. The health service added it. Need a pdp, for much later. Plus, she said meds, and visits are paid for. Whew. Will do knee second, and esophagus third. Only because Google claims that there is really nothing that can be done for the esophagus. Once the hard to swallow bread starts, that's that. Unless it gets so bad that I want to go threw a scrapping.

Yesterday, I think I was thinking about favorite pastery. I think after seeing ad for cake boss. Funny, someone came w a hugh cake to give to the homeless, today. My favorite... Whipped cream.... How nice....

I tried to get her to give to the establishment. But, I guess they wanted to give themselves. Bless there little hearts.. had a hugh peice when they came back from the tent site. Plus strawberry soda. Awwwww

That's it for supper. I love whip cream everything. Yum.




22:56 Apr 23 2023
Times Read: 275

The worst happened Saturday, after eating the cheese and ham. I guess I didn't stop eating breakfast, early enough. LoL.

Eating summer sausage, and cheese, as a clogger. Hopefully it will work, on crackers.

May first is coming.... Where and when..... The last one was destroyed too early..... Maybe, I'll be a lil risky..... Like in MIB 2.... What can fit in a lil locker.... The last one I had to destroy very early. I need to give them, my lil scientists, I mean... A fun ride....

My cat was more like himself.I was right, the tuna was too much. Can't give it every morning.

How does Britney Spears Video go again.

Oh and another US embassy is being blown up again. Not good.

Oh yeah..... Break the Ice.... Thank u Britney...

Oh, that cockroach actually started a conversation, again. I didn't blow. Just said good bye. So, he got up and left. I noticed that he didn't go to his house to live yesterday. What a liar. He said that for grabbing the tent away from me. Truthfully, I couldn't have used it. It was a shade tent. Not an enclosed tent. But, I would have given it to another homeless. He gave it to that short woman, that picks him up. It could be his sister. Definitely not a homeless, which is what the woman giver, wanted it for. Sheesh




14:05 Apr 21 2023
Times Read: 300

This guy, I've been trying to push away... Cuz I'm a squeeze to him.... Comes over this morning with a hundred dollar bill. Said he found it near the porta johns. It looked real. But when I held it up to the light..... The presidents watermark wasn't there. It was blank. Welcome to the streets, and a federal crime.

Had to sleep in my chair last night. First I moved when an addict, and her dealer did business, up the ramp. Went to the other side, and that guy kept coming to my spot and leaning over. Then, his friend that was smoking crack, came over. I told them off, and left for another area. The back one was taken by a new guy that was talking to himself earlier.

What a World. What a World.

I was supposed to make copies of my new documents. But, I forgot about a cat sitter. My case worker is in a building that doesn't allow pets.

Oh well. Next month I should be fine.

Oh, when I went for energy drink.... Rip It.... They had something cheaper.... A Corn Dog.... Let's see how that works.


So far ok. Not sick. Full, not sick I'll save the other lunch for tonight.

Luckily, that squeezer did me a favor. I came out and asked him if he got the other meal. He said yes. Then said... I have to go to the porta John for one minute, seeing that I watched your stuff for an hour, can you. He said, I waiting for my ride. But he said ok. The lil coachroach took off as soonas I entered. He went in to get his lunch. That's it. It only took me a minute luckily, cuz nobody was there. I waited, then balled him out, told him not to talk to me again. What does he do. The coachroach comes around smiling. That was it... I used quite a few words and said.....get away from me you cockroach. He frowned and left again. There is no reprieve.




21:22 Apr 20 2023
Times Read: 317

For a parcial week, I have had a real breakfast. Yum. But, all good things must come to an end. It's also, given me severe diarrhea. LOL. Severe. Why me. But, no more McDonald's, cuz that's when it started. And cross out cheap sandwiches. Bummer. Tried antacids to steady me. No go. Oh well, just energy drinks.

My cat is being too tamed. I like him better fiesty. Maybe, he's upset about vet... Still... Maybe, the morning tuna is making him woozy. I'll change it out of his diet tomorrow.

Oh, and the aliens hit the news again. They talked about the metal ball.... Again...... I still think it's from China. It looks like something from the Boston Museum of Science, Electricity Show. Where is the rest of the de graaf.




21:44 Apr 19 2023
Times Read: 332

Hey, my health cards came back. And, a Homeless servicer gave me a very nice, unexpected, very much appreciated, Birthday gift. Which I'm going to use on my cats licence.

Called RTA about cat. Said I'll be able to bring aboard in a carrier, when the time comes. If he's not going to be in a carrier, I think more things are involved. Like a service animal. Truthfully, Id prefer that status. But, that's only if the cat can detect illness, and warn.

I think the girl who pet my cat today, must have helped the vet. Cuz, he ran back to me. Awwwww. Guilty by association. I knew he might be scared after the appointment. Animals don't like going back to vets. Awwwww.

The hardest thing I'm going to have to do.... Is think up a new transport for the bus.




16:03 Apr 16 2023
Times Read: 352

Okay. I have a Birthday feast. LoL. Pudding instead of cake.

Damn. I hadn't ate all day yesterday... So I went to brothers, and they wanted five something for spaghetti in the can. Glad I waited for Rouses. They had them on sale for 99 cents Although, their expensive ice cream is delicious. That premium Eddy one. Is the Best. I had Breyers last night. Not as good.

Well, I waited almost two hours in line by myself. Although, a Dalmatian and his owner was there. The Dalmatian smiles. It is so cute.

So, I was first in. Only saw one of the Rottweilerrs.Poor Baby, he had the works, and he got his license. Plus, the Bluebus gave me a small pet bed. A collapsing bowl. A pet blanket a body harness. A liquid sampler. Plus heartworm med, shots, great flea stuff. She said my collar wasn't to good. Awesome. It was the best Birthday gift ever.

Now, I have to go for psych appointment next month. And, somehow get a hundred for the care cat license. Whew. If I get pills, I'll have to try a piece, in case of allergies.



20:17 Apr 16 2023

Glad to know you had a great birthday. And it wasn't full of mean dogs, upset your cat.


12:57 Apr 14 2023
Times Read: 372

Yeah, all the swelling is gone. I have ankles, once again. Not gankles.

Although, the weather people have been predicting lots of rain .... Every day.... We've not gotten much.... Watch tomorrow.... be severe. When I have to wait in line for hours. Plus, the open courtyard won't be good, if it happens. I don't want to put my cat in strain. Let's see what will happen. There will be lots of dogs tomorrow. I don't think any cats... But, my own.... What a day, what a day. Most of them will be rottweilers.

My insurance company called, left a message to call back. Had to wait ten min minutes. Then they preceded to ask me security questions. When I said hold for a minute to look up. She literally put me on hold. Mon Dieu. I grabbed paper in purse, answered, and no one was there. I should have hung up. Then the line wasn't clear. Tried shutting off speaker... Still not good. Then it still wasn't a clear line. So, I said I was going to put in ear plugs, and she hung up. LOL. Bad first day. Truthfully, I remember working temp for them. One of them were doing her house selling during the work day. Maybe, I shouldn't have choose them. Well, anyway, I won't call back till Monday.

Well, had one guy already walk up to me crazy. Another, shot up... Antsy, looks like it wants to kill u. Was thinking, I should jump up, w knife. But, a simple, you got to back up, 3xs worked. Mon Dieu.

Well, Jafar has a book on Libby. I think I already read it. Not sure... Was a while ago. Will read, once I can charge phone again.

On my good phone, I downloaded,... Time Travel with your mind. Sounds interesting. Will read Sunday. Cuz need phone for Sunday morning.




19:26 Apr 12 2023
Times Read: 402

My Health insurance, showed me the card, already, on line. And, I downloaded app. Plus, I set it up. Yeah. I have to look what else I need for a care cat. This will be good for handling issues on the street. I hope... The appointment is a long ways away. Just have to be patient. I think it's an hour walk. When I get my card, I have to give a copy to my Case Manager. Plus, forgot letter for this month.

Haven't done anything in a while ritually. I've become sooooo boring. Except for a circle, a month
Maybe, too strained. At least, I had good news two days in a row.

There is a pet care this week. But, I'll see. Many don't follow rules, and some are too messed up. So, I'm not sure about the line. Plus, supposed to be 90 percent rain. Hmmmmm

Oh, and finally I did receive stuff to change my voting. That's a miracle. I said yes to a few prior., Never got anywhere. Need to change voting place, and party. Decided to go for the other party. My Dad will be rolling in his grave. But.... They are more fun. And, taxes aren't as bad....

The Sidestep
Fellow Texans,
I am proudly
Standing Here to Humbly see,
I assure you and I mean it,
Now says I don't speak out as plain as day
Now fellow Texans I'm for progress
And the flag long may it fly,
I'm a poor boy
Come to greatness
So it follows that I cannot tell a lie.
Ohhhh I love to dance a little side step,
Now they see me now they don't I've come and gone
And Ohhhh I love to sweep around the wide Step
Cut a little swath and lead the people on.
Now my good friends it behooves me
To be solemn and declare,
I'm for goodness and for profit,
And for living clean and saying daily pray and now my good friends
You can sleep nights
I'll continue to stand tall
You can trust me
For I promise I shall
Keep a watchful eye upon you all.
Ohhhh I love to dance a little side step,
Now they see me now they don't I've come and gone
And Ohhhh I love to sweep around the wide Step
Cut a little swath and lead the people on.



01:42 Apr 13 2023

Maybe rain will make line shorter. Wishing you the best

13:00 Apr 14 2023

I hope. But, it will be tough on cat.


16:41 Apr 11 2023
Times Read: 420

I have my second 🥈 approval. Yeah. Once I get everything set. Hopefully, I can get off the street. I don't want to do this for nine months. Next... Is an appt., Then a cat care letter.... Then hopefully a job....

My legs swelled after drinking ensure maximum strength. Yesterday, I forced myself to lie down, and swelling looked better. But....

Anyway, happy. Another step.... 😂. Baby steps...if u know that movie 🍿.



01:10 Apr 12 2023



21:09 Apr 05 2023
Times Read: 450

Another day... If its not a physical fight, it's a verbal fight, or people trying to attach for something.

Why this guy told me he just got a place, I don't know. Prestige maybe. But,.the truth is, he didn't. Plus, he bought me water from shell. Not that I wanted one. It was crazy. A normal water bottle is 2.60. He bought a double size. I think the manic depressive, sold him some pills, and he's not thinking clearly.

So now I'm trying to place myself somewhere at night where no one will come near me.



02:59 Apr 08 2023

Be safe

19:34 Apr 12 2023



20:25 Apr 03 2023
Times Read: 476

I had this black crazy guy come up to me. Asked if they were closed. I said yes. But, it was only a hot dog. He then starts talking nasty like what you must be helping them. Like he wanted to kill me. So, I scream at him to shut up and go a way. He persists, so I jump up and to get my knife. He has a leg for a table in his hand, told him come on. I looked for witnesses to back me up, in case I have to strike... That's when he got nervous.

So, it looks like he's backing off a lil, yet not. So I make the crazy signal with my knife, and point to him. So he starts to walk away, stops, picks up a rock.... LOL... I said then... you have got to be kidding!... He drops the rock and walks away.

And, this is after I asked for a shrink, for anger management, and comfort cat.

Talked w a service that imputed info, that switched me to another service that inputted, have to call another service tomorrow, to get a shrink. Mon Dieu.

Plus I have to find the closest address of the second service. Although, I already made appointment for it.

Meanwhile, I'm staying close to the bathroom. Ever since the two breakfast sandwiches at McDonald's.... I have to stay close to bathroom. Just ate something.... Hopefully....




19:31 Apr 01 2023
Times Read: 492

You know, I always see legs. At everything I do. But, someone said something I didn't think of... He wants to be me.

Truthfully, if I was him. I'd be in the Library, charging, and enjoying myself. Getting to know the gay crowd. In the French quarter that is.

But, as me.... I'm anywhere my cat can go, enjoying my time w him. Let's face it... I can't look ve for ever.. Hoping to find a straight, non drug crowd, that loves animals.😂 The impossible dream. Where I am, I mostly deal w drug related talk/incidents.



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