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06:44 Apr 18 2024
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So close and yet so far...

Not yet able to get the key yet. I do want it though. It passed Today But, have to sign.

Was too sick Monday, and Tuesday.

Feeling a lil better now.

Have to have faith. May, go back to side of help line building. If key fails...

Made a mess of clothes. Will have to clean, plus bring blanket.




11:10 Apr 15 2024
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Five o seven, and I'm already cleaned and dressed. Yeah.

Considering, the dogs kept me awake since one thirty, that's good. Have to dress Baby now.

Maybe, they will come early, and I can talk to them.




01:19 Apr 15 2024
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I had one big drop off to storage. Whew. Going to ditch old blankets. Take snacks for me and baby. Litter, and if I have to tent. A small bundle, tomorrow.

And now I wait till 4am. I wish I could stall them tomorrow... But, what a mess everyone left, damn. Will try to wait for them. Cuz, I'm looking at apartment in morning. Finally, got approved, yeah.

Hmmm I don't know how long all of this will take.... With approval. Someone did say they were going to pay pet deposit. What a relief, it's too high for me. I can't wait to see Baby's face, tomorrow . Awwwww

OMG. I heard the worst news... The couple that fights all the time, cat died. How sad.. they may have scared it to death, or maybe he hit it. I wish she didn't tell me that, he seemed good when I saw him three days ago. Except runny eyes. Only a year and a half.

I was messed up Friday. Luckily, my friend corrected me. I thought Monday was my birthday, April ¹4. She said no, your birthday was Sunday. I'm glad that subject was brought up.




21:08 Apr 13 2024
Times Read: 48

Well, Friday was good. I have my new license, although the eye test was a challenge. LOL.

Plus, I got approved. Will be looking at a place Monday.

My friends are so awesome. Don't know what I do without them.




11:35 Apr 10 2024
Times Read: 69

What a night, I haven't slept a wink. These people who asked a Catholic charity for pizza. Got pizza for everyone.

The white lady got struck four times by this black dude, and her husband got hitting pretty bad, I don't know what this guy was on, or what started this. But, I called the cops. Meanwhile, these fat broads, start shoving around just as I saw a cop drive under...
What a mess... I did something for them, added to the original circle. Weird I never do this, I guess I felt bad for all of them. The guy works at Wendy's, that did all the damage. Black bald, Wendy's T-shirt, and black pants.

I know that couple was talking good about them, back then. But, guy went total bizerk.

Well, the storm will be starting soon.




17:23 Apr 09 2024
Times Read: 85

Almost passed out in shower. Dehydrated, again.

Had to fix carrier.

Did three arts for art lady, and one pencil, ready for paint.whew

OMG, now the city wants us about approaching storm tomorrow.

A little late.


I was supposed to get my license tomorrow, luckily friend saw this coming.




09:48 Apr 02 2024
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It's Satan's hour, and there are two cars parked here. Now what do cars want to do, w a broken tent, at this hour. Hmmm They got their checks not long ago.... So ...

So much from piece and quiet.

Yesterday, when a crazy left a store cart, in front of tent. I went out, said oh thank you... I'm going to put it here for safe keeping. Oh, and look, a broken broom. I'll place it in the cart, so now I have two brooms.

Truthfully, someone was fighting and asking for help in that section earlier. . . During loud music...

Well won't be going to storage today. Will look for new spot. It went from five, to over twenty spots filled.

Well, got to get up soon.




19:40 Apr 01 2024
Times Read: 143

OMG. I told the crack hoe and her new pimp, I don't want anymore garbage in front of my tent. So they both come over and say get out of tent, I want to whoop your ass b#$_-. I was so furious that I got up and went out to fight... I don't ever think that I ever shook with rage before ever. They backed down after the converse.

That night I waited for her. Said let's finish this, I want to kill you. She did that hooker shit to me. I said you started this... So she went back to herself, and mouthed, and went to get pimp. He didn't come out.

So Sunday, I started cooling off. But ..

So, tomorrow I have to come here to see psych Doctor. And, won't be able to clean for people coming. Putting stuff in storage for either tent move or home move.

Told sisy,bI understand now how people snap.

She told me her story.

Yesterday, started to take things out of tent. In storage, almost ready to move back to other area. Same as this shit, only closer to place I go.



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