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22:50 Aug 30 2020
Times Read: 478

Got caught in rain, going to get pet supplies. But, hit it right. And, got shoes marked down. Have to cut back. Missing 3 work days.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hogwarts constantly on television.

Think I should switch TV, and go back to mine. And watch, Signs. Was 117 add 4. Lol. Need a new CD, starting to skip. What I do when Im broke.

Aliens. . . .




13:12 Aug 28 2020
Times Read: 493

Got strainers in both drains. Swept. And looked at cats. Finished fast. No. Dropped plate on floor. All that tuna. Aargh. So cleaned up. And put new in place.

Poe, my dog, I thought.... Doesn't like to walk outside. Found out... Doesn't like to walk with a leash. Mon Dieu. Followed me fine, without a leash. What to do what to do. Lol. Let's see how I'm going to work with him.




00:26 Aug 28 2020
Times Read: 504

Rush Hour 2. What u watch when u haven't had electric, for a long, long time. Lol. . . .

Meanwhile, went to store. On the way back, a while small car, cuts in front of the bus, and hits the bridge rail. Looks like he wanted, or she wanted to commit suicide. The car turned a dead right in front of the bus. No exit. Didn't slide. Just decided to turn in an hit the rail. . . . Bounced off dead in center of street. Had missing front fender. Bus driver just drove around, and said well he didn't hit us. . . . . Weird....




18:48 Aug 27 2020
Times Read: 511

Yesterday, was vampire day, on television. Today, is witch day. Lol. Can't wait to go back to work tomorrow.




03:10 Aug 27 2020
Times Read: 523

I heard Trelane's music. Awwwww. A Vampire Special, all day! Sweet.




13:48 Aug 26 2020
Times Read: 537

Yesterday, it felt, outside, like we were going to get hit, by Laura.. The air, is very thick. Everyone else says, no. . . . Let's see.

Now they are talking about a category 4.

Let's see if I am a berometric meter or not. . . .

The Governor said we are closed again.



21:53 Aug 26 2020

Stay safe.


11:04 Aug 25 2020
Times Read: 551

Well, the washer doesn't work to good. But, it does have hot water. 225

The drier, is 2. For 45 min. . . . Let's see.

. . . . Works good. Too hot maybe.

Only had black, w a full load. So don't take it as anything else.

There is a stove. Let's see if it works. Not sure. Gas. And I don't have a lighter.

At the corner of my eye, saw critter moving towards me. Jumped back. Must be the hotel cat. Whew.




11:25 Aug 24 2020
Times Read: 559

Nothin. But, nothing on TV since last night.

So, yup. Back to, "Signs'.





03:46 Aug 24 2020
Times Read: 568

I accumulated so much, in that apartment. Can't believe it. I looked at this stuff, and said why? In the old apt.

So.... Someone took the broken bike. Does have good wheels. Then the two cat trees. Then the giant cat statue. Lastly a dragon head. Truthfully, there was some bags. But, already threw floor dirt on them. Told girl sorry. And, and seeing I am throwing stuff out, not going to clean them. Now they can patch the window. Not fix, as usual.

My sis says I shouldn't pay the old landlord. He got a severance pay. Which I am sure he did. But, here is the thing. I ended up with a much higher place. Which, is good, in a way. So, if he takes me to court, before, I get an extra job. Then, he will have to pay. Not enough money to go around. lol

It must be country night, on TV. And,.... Don't think I'll ever use the WiFi. But, nice music outside. And,, glad everything works.

Bought mats for the my pets food area. And. Finally found boxes, for litter. To throw out, when shabby. Sweet. Need one more thing. All mew flea collars on. Yessssds.

Now, my job is closed, till after storm.
.............. What next what next........




10:54 Aug 23 2020
Times Read: 577

To tell the truth. I was waiting, so long, for a trailer, before the move. Yup. I would have made great trailer trash. Barbecue.... food store across. They were next to the levee. Walk the dog. Would have been great for the pets.

But, my friend was right. They didn't have it ready. Oh well.

Forgot, can opener and need mats for this place. At least we have a double room. . .

There was just an emergency alert. They expect flooding within 36 hours.




23:19 Aug 22 2020
Times Read: 594

At the new place. Everything works. Pets, still nervous. Everyone friendly. Haven't had electric, in so long. Resting. Tomorrow is clean up at the other place for 2 hours. So, glad to be out of the heat. Scooby, still hiding. Poe is barking to the other dog. He wanted me to take him for a walk. Was too hot outside. Carried him most of the way lol sweet. Next weekend, have to find job to pay other place back.lol

Watching. The Mummy 2....

Man.... I saw the draws opening by themselves. Thought it was a rat. Lol. Whew.

Scooby found a place. Lol.




01:58 Aug 22 2020
Times Read: 606

Our Mayor had a speech on what is going on. Basically, said, we're still in trouble. Definitely, need a vaccine. And was an all around great pep talk. Referred to the Yellow Fever. She seems genuine.

Ever notice the death count, in the paper. Compared to the CDC count, in Google. We are over the half way mark to the deaths of Yellow Fever.

Need a vaccine.

Storm coming, my sis said.

And, Nope, waited all this time for nothing. So called my back up, told him soon.

As for me today.... https://youtu.be/t1a73yQkjb0



03:05 Aug 22 2020

Yep I agree and 25 deaths were in ann arbor Michigan cause college kids want to party and be stupid. I hate stupid people this covid is real and people need to take it seriously.


06:35 Aug 21 2020
Times Read: 617

Light is so bright on the street, that I woke up. A new feature. Nobody found, yet. On regards to the shooting. But, everyone was out, again, when I got home. Like normal. But, worried. I wonder why the back lot, w the light. It happened, on the street. And, yesterday morn, someone was already occupying, the victims' apartment.

Meanwhile, storm coming in to The Gulf.

Later today,, is last day to wait, for other dwelling. Found other plan b's. But, will be top dollar. Till I find another, good idea. I am pretty sure that the guy, at the address I wanted, is still going to say... Not ready. So, after a month....

So little time to do things.

Can't believe we are still dealing with the Covid.




09:19 Aug 20 2020
Times Read: 633

New moon today. Don't think the place will be ready. But, called into another, and ready. But, will check one more time.

Was quite as a tomb, last night.




02:18 Aug 19 2020
Times Read: 649

Well. Was going to start with something funny. Ok, will go w that. I forgot my bus pass, so had to go back to the apt. When I bent over to pick up, the fabric let go, not the seam. Woe, lol. That could have been on the bus, or at work. Soooooo lucky. Lol. What happens w thrift clothes. The pants were cute and baggy, awwwww. But, still made it to work on time. Whew. Lucky.

Next, found a definite backup plan. Someone, told me the truth. They are ok w pets. A lil more than I wanted to pay.

Next, found out the guy that lives across from me, got shot dead, in the parking lot. For the record, he was quite. Not really a problem. Had a good clientell. But, I didn't associate. Have no need for his business. Shame, this other guy I lived near years ago, just got beat up. They tried to raid him. Wonder why someone shot him. I guess the peep hole didn't work for outside. Truthfully, I didn't believe the story at first. Cuz someone was trying to break his door down, this morn. I had to open the door and say something. I thought I heard a man. Inside. Maybe it was the guy on the side.

The news stated his name 5 hours ago. Said he was shot in stomach and neck. Someone, who didn't like the fact he was heavy? That was done weird. Someone jealous that he could eat. Guess,I didn't hear him, this morn, for sure.

OMG. You know, it felt like someone touched me with a fingure when I was getting the tuna for the cats. Just thought it was my imagination.

What a day.




02:14 Aug 18 2020
Times Read: 654

First break of the day....

Have to do chores....

5 more days till the move. The 19th is the new moon. Great for new business, lol. Checking tomorrow, for a back up. There is a hotel where, supposedly, they are fine with pets. Will check.

What's it, .... The moon at 1 percent Tuesday.




16:09 Aug 16 2020
Times Read: 667

Called about the new apt. being done, Friday. And, he said, next Friday. So printed out more, places, as such, in case I need a plan B.

Wonder. If my friend still has that couch I left, in that small room. This one, too old and heavy. And definitely need electro.

Beware, to whom ever moves into my apt, after I leave. The sink in the bathroom, has never had drainage. Had a professional put a snake down it, when I moved in. No luck. The shower has to be constantly fixed, every 2 weeks. Haven't been using part of it.

The new place is near levee, would be great for dog. But, still need plan b, in case. Will look at print out today. Just in case. The new place is funny for me. But, will be great for the pets. Can barbeque.

Plan is to move there, and pay left over, to old place. But, hopefully will find a weekend job over there, to pay things off faster.

Need beer, for new place. . . Lol. . . Just being funny. Hint.

New job is a bit difficult, not too familiar w law. Regular secretarial, is a lot easier. But, at least something new... That's always fun.

Just saw the fire tornados, in California. Wow.https://youtu.be/3fjQI3waH4c




23:31 Aug 13 2020
Times Read: 683

Well account still, fine. Lol. What I do to someday, print my diary. I really thought the account was gone. Had tried so many times. Forgot to renew.

Well, it is inappropriate to type right now: even if it is a game. Some, take it too seriously, and now I work for the gov., In a round about way.

The place I went to last week, for a home, knows, I think, a local band, that was popular, a while back. But, still looking for my backup home. In case that one falls through.

Plus, need a weekend job. Hmmmm

Figure, I'd say hi too you all, meanwhile. Hope you all, keep well. Keep safe....




13:39 Aug 13 2020
Times Read: 704

Vp was spammed. That's why I couldn't pull up, on email.

There is a place great for pets. But, needed to be fixed. Friend says . . . . Won't be ready, in time. Maybe, should have left deposit. But, if not ready, not ready. Yup, moving. Meanwhile, everything with utilities, isn't pet friendly. Time is essential.

My new boss, is really Fab. Actually, wanted to help me. So, nice.

Trelane, I heard you scream, vamp way. Come now. Just a silly journal.




11:28 Aug 13 2020
Times Read: 717

Thought I lost this Journal. Wanted to print this some day. Whew.



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