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21:50 Dec 29 2015
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Le journal, ca vs bien, merci. Je suis ecrite francaise Mange un whopper, et cafe. Bon cafe.

Well, tomorrow I start new job. Friend bought me hugh padded seat. Must check map to see how long it should take me. Lol

At least I won't be biking to Gentilly, for one hour work. Lol




15:33 Dec 29 2015
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Saw a wonderful table cloth, that is a black board. Love ❤ it. It is for kids. But honestly, awesome. Can set up any table work, anywhere and do anything. Just need colored chalk.

If I get this job, lol. Need Some Wheels. Going through electric. Can do it regular. Use to bike to Mall, up there. Think there are some electric. Maybe time for me to advance. A moped, might be sweet!

OMG. A bicycle engine kit! But, I would need a new bike. Hmmmmm. That way I wouldn't need registration.




14:25 Dec 28 2015
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Tornado weather! Woke up earlier To a low murmur sound with short breaks. New it sounded like a tornado. But didn't see the constant flashes of light.

Fell asleep again, lol, saw myself at a gas station. Went into car, saw tornado, in dream. First it was overhead. Then it went over car but had no suction. And after, it broke up like clouds scattering. Lol what a morning




Happy Holiday Y'All! 🎄🎄🎄

15:04 Dec 25 2015
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Lasagna is done!!!! Doing veg melody. (Slow Cook)

Just have to main dish pop in oven. Butter special bread, for oven. And that's it.

Lasagna: Hamburger, mild Italian sausage, onion, Tony catchers, garlic and herb sauce, provalone, ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and a box and a half of noodles. Lol. Did it!!!! Yum. Just have to pop in oven.

Veg melody: Potatoes, beans, butter, onions and spices. Topped w a little parmesan.

French bread regular. Because sauce garlic sauce.

Just have to clean! Was short intermission. ❄




13:35 Dec 24 2015
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Happy Holiday Everyone. Most are forced to take it off, so enjoy! Have fun!

Funny, didn't see any decorations in City Park yesterday. That is a first. This is the first year I was goin to see them. Hate standing in the cold.

Lol. Louisiana, isn't exactly a Christmas stop! No pretty lights. The voodoo dolls and the lights wood clash! The only reason why anyone would come here is for the heat. In many years, prior, that hasn't been so great. Been kind of cold. This year, nice!!!




23:37 Dec 23 2015
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Went to do ceremony, in City Park.

Went to a hidden place, and someone left garbage all over it.

So, went to another hidden place. One where the candle would not blow out. The place behind the rose, you might say.

So made a circle, w nectar. Left a rose and a little food offering. Called elements, casted, and so on. Actually, went well.



04:00 Dec 24 2015

glad to hear the sequence went to plan,.....all that huh...sounds like a lot of effort, and energy, what was it for the spell?


12:16 Dec 23 2015
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Broke down and bought something that alleviates soda problems. Took 4. Lol. To counteract two energy drinks. Worked. Should have done alka seltzer, but that makes me throw up. Lol

Saw this vid on nano techs. Person said it wouldn't be done for years. Lol. What's that kid movie, the Jensen Project,. But, if someone can make a guitar smaller than a hair, than I think it is possible. Think of it, could be used to stimulate growth of a hormone, or bone.

Well, anyway Yule started yesterday, and the moon🌕 is good, so time to celebrate. An animal isn't necessary, but if you have a favorite..... Use it!😊 I decorated my door mascot, just in time! I still have Nosferatu up. Lol. Now he has a Santa hat, and A Cute bag. Well, the holiday is afoot!



04:03 Dec 24 2015

they are lying...nanotech like the movies was in ancient sumer and egypt, why do you think egyptian statues were more symetrical the our computers now?


17:22 Dec 22 2015
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Captain Nemo, in his ship came to visit again. The sound is so cute. Lol. Definitely, not a nano bite. I don't know about that bloody thing to hold. Lol definitely, not a bag w coins. Hmmmmm. Maybe his heart.

Had a headache, again, sure it's from soda. Really, have to lay off that stuff. Now I have a late start. The rain ☔ looked so beautiful, last night. It was coming down so perfectly.

Cookin Jerome my first, lasagna, for the holiday. Actually costs more than turkey. This one is w provolone, ricotta, mozzarella, Italian sausage, hamburger and onion. Guess I should look up cooking instructions. Lol. We already broke into the frozen choc cream pie.



04:05 Dec 24 2015

I always love the rain a lot too. Out here in the brown ass desert, it never rains...but its the one thing everything agrees to wish for at once...even the plants...lol

00:16 May 30 2017

Wish it would rain now.


00:04 Dec 22 2015
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I should do something special for Yule, tomorrow.

Found out that gun shot sound, next door, was the girl putting her fist through the door. Lol. Damn!

Finally, did something that I needed to do, may I stress Finally. Guess I'm ready to work.

Well, today was the big day, lol. YUP, Bluebell is back. My boyfriend and I just came back from the store. Sold out by 12. Lol. ( didn't know 3 people died from it ) Next shipment wont be till tomorrow.

Hmmmmm anticipation.




01:41 Dec 21 2015
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Watching Ouija!!!!!

Like that hanging w the Xmas lights!!!




15:08 Dec 20 2015
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Had such a wonderful frozen pizza. Wild Mike's pizza. Wow. Like home made. Ate it w Jerome, while watching a movie. Had some fried oyster, and funnel pie, earlier.

It would be wise if I bring DVD 📀 back to library. So... Watching Stephen Hawking's video.

Notes: Why is it that, when scientists look for aliens, they look for two legs type. What if it is a cell. Ooooops gravitational collapse, wouldn't be to smart to make one. Lol A Black Hole that is. I like that wall Abyss. Science is all about, sticking up for something. When I first saw Einstein astrally, I thought it was this guy I worked for. Couldn't understand why I saw someone living. But turned out that it was a youthful Einstein. Actually, he was really good looking. ( what happens when you link w a scientist. )

I remember reading about a super computer. Big as a factory, the first ones were. Love this video, black hole info. If no light emits, and it is a suction cup, how could one use it. Maybe black holes are space hunger spots. Everything gets hungry. Then it has to digest. And yes expels...lol even space needs a toilet. Hey everything needs a fertilizer to grow. Thank you, Dr. Hawking for DVD.

Going to watch a History video later.




17:28 Dec 19 2015
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Wide awake now! Damn, thought I heard gun shot. Turned out to be crazy ladies across. Lol. One day, crazy lady one, got up in the middle of the night, and started talking to my door. This time, it is her girlfriend, again., crazy lady two. Wonder if she, and her girlfriend are gay. Would explain the constant screaming bouts. Lol. Well, up I am, might as well go to the library.

Lol. Was watching a marathon of old horror flicks. Actually, the first CD wasn't bad. The second, the Don't look in the basement, wasn't bad. Crazy people rule! Well, enough of that. And god, they are at it again. Next door neighbors.

That ether thing, I haven't tried, in a while. Just see images. But, a few times I Tried to get pictures. Had to use ritual.in one picture; saw In the the distance, a mustache man, and person half naked, with a hoody on. So, the question. Is that where we go when we die. Lol. The room for lost souls, like Beetlejuice




19:25 Dec 18 2015
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Saw Lucy last night. Actually, was great! Don't know about that 24 hour thing, though! The ending left possibilities. Hmmmm

Right now I am at 0 energy. Never multiply your mass by a 0. Not good. Ok, that's not really, my constant. Lets just say, I would have been up earlier,on the moon.

My time is going to be too great, being on the couch over moving my hands. Lol!!!

If I was to say, what I saw in ether.... It would be Einstein w tongue out, and him actually looking young. Sort of a bad boy image.

Well, added a new job channel. Also, started Appling in a different career. But, so far, just marketing, and insurance, I'm hearing from.

Well, thank you Captain Nemo for being quite. And thanks Jerome Painting, for the spaghetti




22:10 Dec 17 2015
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Put in some important applications. Let's see.

Meanwhile, I should look for an anything job. lol.

Will hit the street tomorrow.

Rented Lucy and have A Picture book of Relativity.

LOL. Fun A vid of Steven Hawkins and something from another physicist. That is it for today!




09:24 Dec 17 2015
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The interview Monday was odd. She couldn't even say my name right. But, it was only part time, anyway. Some old guy, astrally, warned me that she is mean, and that I should apply for the store job. Then, I saw her, in a dream, with shelves covered w roaches, now being taken away by family, cuz she is to old. Lol. Someone really, doesn't like her. Lol.

Meanwhile, found this great dress. Has that Cris cross under the breast. But, not a gown. So cool.

And found two great pairs of shoes.

Meanwhile, this marketing firm is trying to get a hold of me. But, when I Google's, it seemed too far. Oh well! There has to be a fun energetic job out there, somewhere!

Well, no headache. So.... Time to do a ritual,then on my way.

I finally realized, why that doctor cares. Lol. I had a bandage on my arm. It was to hide my tattoo, bet he didn't know that. She was just a sales rep, not anything medical.




20:54 Dec 16 2015
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Boyfriend, took me to Chinese, last night. Thought, I'd try crab in shell with batter? Nah. Can't eat shell. So why batter? Then looked at the frog legs, said, why not.... But, when The frog leg hit the plate, felt like barfing. Lol. Stayed w spinach in pastry, and pork barbeque. Woke up w headache, so starting late. Plus, I am still swollen from milk. Lol. I give up!

Well, to the city to look around. Ideas, ideas




05:44 Dec 16 2015
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Someone once, suggested the stone circle lies as a Stargate. Which, honestly, isn't to crazy. With the point of origin being those lines. Maybe, x,y, (0,0).

Maybe, Einstein's vacuum. (high pressure, low pressure) - no mass.




15:06 Dec 15 2015
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Wow. Can't believe the lawyer got payment so easily! Amazing.

Well, will be chatting soon, was so upset. Final fury!




19:25 Dec 14 2015
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LOL. IM gooey, your gooey, their gooey, this is starting to be Captain Nemo's insignia.


Some people, have got to get a job!!!! God!

Captain Nemo, is far more entertaining, than the last one. Not that I underestimate him. Lets face it, didn't think, the stone circle people, could do much. But, what a surprise !

But, really, what is he up to! Lets be real🎦. Sure he is not getting even for psycho.

PS..... I can hear him, talking it through. God. Men!




11:24 Dec 14 2015
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Up early to do hair.

The whole water tank/talk thing is actually cute!

Might not get job today, cuz of tattoo. But, I'll give it a try.

Did Stone circle ritual, was pretty strange. Well, better get goin. Lol. Thanks Captain Nemo, certainly not boring.

Looked up black matter, again... Space that has weight and size, but, not seen. Hmmmm. Think I'm getting warmer




13:46 Dec 13 2015
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Read about dark matter, supposedly killing dinosaurs. But, not understanding what it is directly.

The meeting in Paris, is over. Claims that earth is revolving slower. Wouldn't we have to change our clocks, more often, if that was true. Or the year cycle would change. Or maybe we would live longer!!!!

Love the weather we are having!!!!! I'm OK 👌 with it! Sorry Paris!😊

Well, off to WalMart for litter, and other stuff. Wow. Was shooting in PA Walmart. Plus we are suppose to have storms today. Need a little 🍀 .




18:50 Dec 12 2015
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My astral captain Nemo, made a sound and saw how my xboss cries. Yup! just a snot in a tissue. Lol! You should know that!

My rock circle was in the news. Lol. Sorry laughing 😆 the climate conference . OMG, is all I can say!!!!

My lawyer said that I should be getting a check in the mail. She is so nice. Truthfully, I said that they could have it, when filling out the paper. She said someone else would pay. At least I didn't have to do that thumb print thing. What a loop that was. What an never ending mess that looked like to me.

I'm sure there was a lot of more important cases. But, I appreciate it.




02:33 Dec 11 2015
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Artist contacted me, and asked me to start. Bur, I don't think he has a home base here. Wouldn't be any way to contact him legally. Although, artist are ad lib. Met a few in the French Quarter. His has to do w collecting, and galleries. Could be legit.

But, he said he was in Texas, and yesterday, said Chicago. We started texting more. Which led to myself texting: having to go through a lawyer, for a former pay. Just to see if he would back off. He went into his faith. Which Most artist would do. (one, I met painted a self portrait, of himself w shingles. Hey. He had a gallery.) But, he called god a him, &I refer to god as nature and everything born from. Lol. Asked him to Mull. Don't think I. Will hear back.

Back to the drawing board.




20:43 Dec 10 2015
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OK journal. Looked at state stuff. Must deal w on line. Tomorrow. Cuz, sent two page appl. to artist.

And applied for, and set up, interview for a cute baby job. That is right journal, I'm hard at work. Just need to get paid. LOL 😁




13:11 Dec 10 2015
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Mon Dieu. The astral Titanic splitting in half is true. Yup. We already said good (goof) bye. Anyway, voyage is underway! Sweet! Wonder if Captain Nemo belongs to my old boss. I Have suspicions.

Made a few bucks, yesterday. But, really should return the favor. Goin to start off early, lots to do.

Lots to do. Tic toc tic toc.

Starting with Peppermint Tea, candle incense.....




14:36 Dec 09 2015
Times Read: 1,272

Heard back astrally, from one of the newspaper ads. It was a cell phone w a charge card, on it. Guess I should have answered back astrally. But, at first thought it was the torrid group.

Is only 3 to 4 hours a day. But pays well. When checking my email , , saw the response. It is for an artist. He needs someone to take care of business, here. In Chicago, right now. He left a bunch of questions to answer. I might do. But, truthfully, I was looking for something a little more solid. Even if the pay isn't up there. But, will consider.

Meanwhile, going with Jerome Painting, to make a few bucks.




06:32 Dec 09 2015
Times Read: 1,279

Took a different bus today. The driver talked about bayou . Loved it, loved him. Sweet. Showed me where the swamp spots were,...

I had a ticket to switch, but decided to bike bake. So left the bus terminal, and went the wrong direction. LOL . Started off, and went down a ways, found a five dollar bill. Lol that paid for the expenses. Saw a tunnel, hmmmm. Didn't remember one, even though I was talking w the driver. But, wow, what a ship port. So cool. Wish I could find a job here. But, I was lost.

Called Jerome Painting, to find out where I was, and found out that he was on his way. LOL. So biked back to terminal. He found me on the way. Checked out bill, to make sure it wasn't counterfeit. And he went back w me to tunnel. Turns out I was on my way to the city, the GNO bridge.

So, he took me to a Chinese restaurant. Buffet. Yum. Then we went back. Couldn't find a news paper for the area. But, I do love the area. Applied at one spot. The other had alternating shifts. Only have time frame of 515-702. Hmm. Can do first shift and over night. Maybe I shouldn't, look there, because of limited access. But, I love the whole, Bayou, Swamp, River thing. So awesome. The best job, for there, would be a day job.

So crazy to look for work there. Maybe, someday, I can take the Laffite Swamp Tour. Lol. Alligators!

Second day search, is not total waste!!!!




13:25 Dec 08 2015
Times Read: 1,281

Good Mornin!

Had such a nice dream. Hmmmm. I got an A on my paper. Such the wit, he is.

Thinking twice, I hope, I hope. My apologies to the Captain. But, he is far more important, than the others, and; Very intricate. In his case, Captain Nemo, had to have a warning. Should feel honored, I just play along, usually. (truthfully, I'm more like Yoda.) Some people, could cause an explosion, others, a decline. The declines are, OK. (And no, this has nothing to do with my last job.)

Tried working in the circle, yesterday! Started to install Egyptian crosses. Saw blood from one stone. Hmmmm. Going to keep working with it. I thank whomever gave me, which is rightfully his. I owe you one. What if it would be to hold live people, not dead. What a round table that would be. What a monument




01:20 Dec 08 2015
Times Read: 1,285

Looked and applied from a media sheet. Looked around. Saw a sweet store, but, they should be laying off soon. Almost, applied at a furniture store. But, moving company was linked to one. So that is a no go. There is a certain food job aI would like. But, not one around here. Looked at political job. But, would take to long.

Lawyer called, so glad to have her!

Actor, is to much.... Uses 20 Leagues Under the Sea. lol. Really, not good for me to do this w him. Honestly, his connection is to extreme. H bomb stuff!!! But, very innovative. Fish . Very dangerous, this one is! Don't think I have an outfit for this. Wait.... One of those puffy suits w a giant ball on top!




08:33 Dec 07 2015
Times Read: 1,293

Oh dear. Another actor has entered my wardrobe room. With the same script, mind you. Truthfully, looking for someone without a script.

This is not good. I feel as if I shouldn't allow. But...

The end of the script is not good.

This actor, I'm afraid, have to think, about. Even though he has a script, I don't feel as if I should take him. Feel, as if it would be better to leave him alone. Mon Dieu. There is something that I must do, to end this. Really, must not take this one, would work in reverse!

Well, was going to take May 1st, about, anyway.

We can all join the circle together. Welcome




01:26 Dec 06 2015
Times Read: 1,299

Watching Clue, my favorite part: Coronal Mustard saying, " This is war, Peacock. Casualties are inevitable. You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. Every cook will tell you that., . (Ms. Peacock) But, look what happened to the cook! Lol. I still laugh at that part. Lol.

Then back to the acid pit.

Saw a Russian Post, with a wonderful cute picture, of the female pilot who survived, the jet attack. The called her Joan of Ark, so sweet !




01:15 Dec 06 2015
Times Read: 1,300

Watching Clue, my favorite part: Coronal Mustard saying, " All cooks know you have to break some eggs, to make an omelet, Ms. Peacock. (Ms. Peacock) But, look what happened to the cook! Lol. I still laugh at that part. Lol.

Then back to the acid pit.

Saw a Russian Post, with a wonderful cute picture, of the female pilot who survived, the jet attack. The called her Joan of Ark, so sweet !




19:45 Dec 05 2015
Times Read: 1,312

I thought by now, with having to quit the last job, and with all the pushes, I tried to do, my payroll problem would be over. But, someone else said 3 to 4 weeks. Luckily, I got a lawyer immediately. That was so unexpected. She said she would handle everything. Thank goodness. Cuz my mind was starting to slip, with all these emails.

Should have quit, when boss kept saying,... what am I doing on the floor, I should be in the back. But, I had been breaking. He told me that twice. Second time I again stated I am relieving for lunch. Then he came to me an said that this family wanted to here about security. The woman yelled no she didn't. Plus the returns, were tooooo great. Next thing he placed me on the door. Truthfully, that should have been last day. Unbelievable.

So yesterday, was a big day, ended at 5. Had to meet w someone who asked me questions. Then fill out paper, then sign more papers, then luckily person said I would see a lawyer. Very unexpected. She said it may be honest problems or not. But, she would take over. Later I sent her all the information on my cell calls. Glad there are no more emails. Glad the labor department could advise. So time to find a paying job. Thoth be with me!!!!




00:47 Dec 04 2015
Times Read: 1,318

Another take on House on Haunted Hill. Yup, back to the acid tank!!!

Had to , go through the gov't sensors,again. This time, I wasn't the the guy, on Are We There Yet, w the cork screw. Although, the black guy sent me to the wrong floor. Clerk Office. Asked her if she new any lawyers. Then was sent to this real nice guy. Who was wrong, again. But, he new what I should do. Pro Ono. Damn I've been spelling this wrong. So then he sent me to the city labor. There I can enter in. But, I think the state is better.

Saw a job, I like, might be gay. But, will try again.

At least I have a good idea what I want, A paying job! Lol.

Been working in stone circle.




13:03 Dec 03 2015
Times Read: 1,322

Late last night, saw new crazy message came up on my email from my temp service. Got to go over w the labor department. And to right a wrong, I really need a business lawyer. Will find one after I talk to labor. Truthfully, an acid pit would rectify the problem easier. Lol. But, hell.

While walking , I came up with a new job. Lol. Will try after I deal with employment situation.

This good looking guy, drives up to me and ask me directions. I tell him. Then he asks me for my number. I say no, I have a boyfriend. He had black hair, round black earings. You know, the tribal ones. So, I continue walking. He pulls up a ways down. And I notice him. Said what do you do, work here. He said no. Going to CVS he said. Asked again for my number. I said of course not, my boyfriend just bought me tv stuff, no way. But you are a good looking guy, but not interested. So, I continued to scan for a job. Next thing I know, he touched my butt hole. OMG. And was out of the car. What it it w butt holes, that makes me sick. I spunn around told him don't you ever touch me, and I am going to call the cops. So he left and went back to the car. Went around corner to look for job ideas. And who pulls up.... Nut job, showing me his money. I said no. Boyfriend arrived around corner. Thank heavens.

God I hate that lying black bitch Jordana. She is such a white basher, and I still have to deal with her.... God... Yuck! Example, she told someone to go to a CSR that was under the name we were at. As if I made a mistake. I need someone to get the crazy bitch off of me. Honestly. Guess I wont be celebrating yule till next year.

Really would like an acid pit from Santa. Later, Journal




14:18 Dec 02 2015
Times Read: 1,333

Up and ready to go!

Yesterday, On the way to the government office, I emptied out my trash in the purse, and made it neat. Seeing that They, yes the establishment will check my bag. So I neatly, tied ny money, with my phone, and loose slips in packet. But, there was something there that I didn't pay much attention ⚠ to.

Walked in gave guard bag, meanwhile left phone .and money in holder God, this is a pain in the ass, I thought. Well......

Guard sees it,....... Yup.... CorkSkrew......lol

Actually, it was a pair of scissors. Damn. Gave me that speech. A warning look. And said that I had to take it out of the building. Lol. So I said, I can't come back? Lol. He said of course, but not w the scissors. Lol

So, I grumble and leave. Lol then I put it in the flower bed, in front of the building. Damn, I can't get my paycheck, not going to throw it away. Lol

So after all that time, and explaining that someone else stole my social Card at a different job, I go off.

Now I have to fish in the flower bed for my supposedly, weapon. Thought security was going to jump me. Lol

Man. I have to watch my IDs. Employers are playing that mind washing game. And stealing them. Uninhibited.

Have to go back to another office further up. Must remember not to bring weapon. At least the office isn't on the urinal side of city. Till then......




05:30 Dec 02 2015
Times Read: 1,341

The free person, now has to get her two last paychecks. So, off to the department of labor. And after, doin the right thing:Most people’s gut instinct would be to just quit, and that’s okay. According to Elizabeth, a lawyer, you’re better off spending your time and energy looking for someone to work for who’ll pay you than working for free for someone who won’t. The trouble is, it can be easy to think “Well, at least I have a job. If I quit, then I’ll have no job and no money, and what good will that be?” Elizabeth explains:

Actually, as an employment law attorney, I see this situation quite a bit, especially when the economy is bad. My first piece of advice to an employee is yes, you should quit and spend time looking for a new job rather than working for free. However, I have found that most employees are reluctant to do that. They like their job, they like their employer and they feel some loyalty to the company. And this is great, but if your company can’t make payroll, that’s not a good sign for the future.




02:28 Dec 02 2015
Times Read: 1,345

Woe. Watching House on Haunted Hill and wow, it is running perfect. Tv hasn't been loud, since I started to use it. Lol awesome. Wouldn't mind throwing a few people, in that acid pit myself. Lol

Somebody wants me to watch LUCY. Lol. Should watch that, like I watched signs, while merging with that stone circle. Giggles

Have to find out how come the TV volume is back. Wow. Thank you Jerome Painting. Looked three places to find him a white work jacket. No luck. Went for my replacement social security card. And peeyou. It smells urinal, so bad in the city. Everywhere.

The only fun part was Hustler had a chubby pretty girl, in front. Soooooo cute. Wouldn't mind a few toys underneath my tree, from the hustler Santa. Lol! I've been nice all year Santy!!



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