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Happy New Year's Eve

08:50 Dec 31 2021
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2:40am, and all is well!. It is so beautiful here. Lights flashing across the pond. Street lights on.

Went out with Mr. POE, again. No stings. So nice. Baby didn't want to go out. So, back to bed. Watching Dead and Loving It. The last day of 2021. Yeah. Hopefully, 2022, will be more productive! Supposed to be rain.

And, what about those Colorado fires. . . . Telling ya. . . . This reminds me of that movie, The Happening. . . . Only in a different way.




12:35 Dec 30 2021
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Let my cat walk around. But, it's not dead at 5am here. So, maybe earlier, next time, I will let him walk. Walked dog yesterday, near the water. He's kind of old. But, did great. I want to take a lot of pictures today. Before we leave, a pic w Bo Bo, and the Bear, would be nice, on the way out. Will be here till Sunday.

Had Meatball sub for my New Year Meal. Could have bought fireworks. But, they would scare pets. Already, ate one candy, and dug into milk duds.

Me. Poe was so excited after the rain, that he barked to go out, wouldn't take no. Cute.

Can't figure out where to put garbage???? But, I have a good spot, I'm not in a puddle. Plus, not too many mosquitoes. And, ummm, I wonder if there is a coffee shop close. I know there is A Roberts. But, was hoping a lil closer.

LOL. Didn't sleep last night.

Omg. The ducks came from the water, and went to my spot. Hmmmm I only have one loaf of bread. But, I forgot, I bought strawberry shredded wheat. . . . Awwww they already moved on to other sites. Later! Will leave a pic.

Left animal pics. They seem real happy. That's when we had a picnic. So Sweet. Wish this place was closer to Boo Boo.

Best thing is that I can go out at night without being stung by mosquitoes. Very nice. Beautiful day!

Saw very tiny birds. Thought, they might be humming. But, maybe not. Beak didn't look long enough.




14:18 Dec 29 2021
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All packed up! Waiting. Only a 45 mile improved.

It was so swampy where we were. Sent Bo Bo a gif to warn.

This is a pretty cool place. Glad the rain held till after lunch. Whew. Wonder if there are any real bears. . . .

To Trelane, for the next holiday!

1st:. Cha Cha Cha - Rythem Balance Center

(Cuz the slide was too boring)

Then.... Seeing that your English, and Gay: I choose an appropriate song. . . .

Tom Jones and Mousse T - Sex Bomb
(Official Music Video)

Practice up!




17:12 Dec 28 2021
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I wish I could go back 171/2 years, so I could redo things.




10:19 Dec 27 2021
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Three things about camper life. On tic TOC. 1: Logistics, sometimes your better at Walmart, fuel areas. . . 2. Loneliness, which would be a blessing, in this case.. . . .3. Convenients. Pretty much I thought of the ratings, for this place. . . . They are goin to be the same as the last, except, Ida damage, and hostile guests. Over at the other, the guests are usually friendly. Here, maybe the closeness of the city changes stuff.

Meanwhile, there was an astral dance.: Masquerade. Trelane was there. Had to look up a grab I did in dancing posture. And, at first, I thought he couldn't dance. But, I looked up his movement. . . . Was joined by another couple, and, I tried to switch partners, why, who knows. I had a blue gown, w a hold on side of gown, Victorian, maybe. Other, female had a beautiful bright red. Oh, there was another, w a beautiful off shoulder.

Two years ago, for the astral Stonehenge, I had a song. . . .

Shirley Basset - Get the Party Started (Official Video) But, that's when it was announced. No song this time

It might be. . . . "Hello, Mr. Ranger, sir!" and "Hey there, Boo Boo!". Because of no availability. No activities, so it is a good hammock. LOL

I told boo about the bookings weeks ago. I knew. . . . Somebody, is sitting in Blackies hammock, and threw out the black man's cup, and my plate. But, I slid in and out next door. Lots of people hopefully, somebody else isn't stingy.

Just got the warning:. NOLA Ready: COVID cases in NOLA have increased exponentially this past week. Mask up, work remotely if feasible, limit household exposure, & get tested often.




18:59 Dec 26 2021
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Mr. Poe, arrrrgh. He had a pile stuck to him,again. There is no hose. So can't hit the 💩 fast. Had to do the slow. Then I thought:
I'll put him on the table, on side, and carefully cut. Nope, did lil, then he would sit up. So, back to faucet. LOL. By this point, I just used my hand. LOL. Carefully. Cuz he will bite. Then. . . I Washed, everything.

Then, voodoo crap, who lives next to me, started to spit all over. I mean, in front on the road. Probably has Covid, a worker does. TF
Need to cool off. I was educated, just to be with trash. How nice. Maybe, I should do an earth ritual, tonight, or n front of them. :) Not my fault, I didn't name them.

Well, got more qaurters in case. And, because he didn't sneak into the cat food yesterday, or the day before, it has to be the new chicken salad. Mon Dieu, that is new on the menu. Can't be the chunks of ham, or meatball spaghettios. I'd put him on only dry. But, he doesn't like it that much. Fussy, fussy.

Well, everything is all clean. So, may read some science. ;) Truthfully, the Coleman needed cleaning, anyway. . . .

Well, did my ritual. It's removing time, so either way. Had a quick chat with them, didn't say what couple had Covid. But, politely had to refrain spitting, in front of food area.

I know it was done, on purpose; cuz they went to laundry room, he turned and spat. Then they came back w the laundry, undone. See when you take away a viable religion from them, and replace w a rogue.

Truthfully, I was warned at the other place. Astrally. . . . About Covid. . . . . Not something surprising. But, goes to show you, the shots don't work. They are nice people, so best wishes, for them. I would attempt to explain that to the spitters; in a way they could understand. But, I didn't bring crayons.

Now, there was something done, on the shortest day of the year. With an 👽. I went in unannounced. Saw the person get up. Needed 4 people. But, was only 3, and an animal. LOL. . . . . The best I can do. . . . And Nemo, LOL, I included you. . . . No friends to speak of. . . . So. . . . Hey, at least he is included. . . . Not a black box.




Happy Holidays, and Sabbaths

13:11 Dec 25 2021
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Space Telescope going up! Is 7:10. Going up at 7:20.

Put 101.9 on. . . "I'm too much, Dee doo dum dum de do dum dum, errrrrrum de do dum dum. . . . "

Poe looking for more ham. LOL.
He likes it steamed cooked. Gave plates to pets. Dog across way came, gave him scoop. Couldn't go to other, it's tied. In there spot. Awwwww. Brought rest in. Yum! Good good good. . . .

Got some Louisiana Christmas Music. . . .

Now. . . .

To end. . . . Dark Christmas Music - Carol of the Bells🎀

Ave Maria 🌹- epic trailer version

Beethoven - Fur Elise (Klutch Remix)

Lastly. . . .if only I had my Accordion with me. . . .

Dark Vampire Music - The Vampire Masquerade Waltz Musi

And, to all a good day!




22:29 Dec 24 2021
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Uh oh. Next week might be bad. My poor Blackie. Awwwww. Holidays, Holidays. The week is fine.

Already shopped, because of Holiday. Lol. Started humming Rule Britannia, while shopping, very odd. Wonder who is thinking it, besides me. Boo thought it was Drummer Boy.

Tripped on tent rushing to get Baby across street. Didn't hurt, slid on wet ground. LOL



This one is perfect:. The British Grenadiers fife and drum. Due du du du du duuu du

This isn't Christmas music. . . . But, it's an old old song, on a new video, cute.

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
(Official Music Video)




12:04 Dec 22 2021
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The Sunrise at Stonehenge was beautiful, I was a Lil late, But tried to participate as much as possible. So have a Blessed Winter!

The Sun comes up about 653, here in Louisiana. Will enjoy seeing it. Maybe will latch there video w our rise. Sweet.

Seen some things Astrally. Hope, anyone ne linked with me saw it.

Waiting. . . .

I would say, the video and our sunrise starts about now. . . . . 6:11

The birds went
Do de do de do.
Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet

Over and over again
While the others chimed in. . . . Sweet

I don't know why. . . . But, this popped in my Head. . . . .

"It's a rock. . . . It doesn't have any vulnerable spots". . . . . LOL

Galaxy Quest (8/9) Movie CLIP - The Rock Monster (1999) HD




00:50 Dec 22 2021
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Happy Winter Solstice!

Just got good news, Brian Laundrie's parents, got charged w aiding and abetting. Yes.



07:12 Dec 22 2021

What took them so long seriously


12:57 Dec 21 2021
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Uh oh. I committed on that male, winning the female world record. LOL

Maybe, we the people should make a visual on bathrooms and sports. A penis, or a vagina. Cuz testosterone, is in play there.

LOL. Makeup, cloths, hair, skirts and 👗. Don't make women, women. It's the Vagina, non testosterone. LOL

Now if they want to open the sports to both penis and vagina together, fine. But, bathrooms, open the doors for perves, in both sexes. So theymaybe want us to go unisex. . . . That might mean single bathrooms and long lines. . . . In everything. And, let's get rid of how the church/government lined us up? Ok

Let's face it, most woman wear open wear cuz of blood flow, and a way of hiding blood flow.

And, let's face it, how many times have you saw a man with a wet spot. Maybe, that's why the men wore kilts. Nothing wrong w that. (Ex. My brother had brought spotted underwear, for my dad to be buried in, I had been told by the funeral director. I had already bought fresh, from the store. So perfect no embarrassing example of how men have spots, and might need a skirt, in my own family.)

The male aristocrats wore white wigs,
hosery, and makeup; at one time. They didn't have to change there sexes.

The aesthetics, are nothing. It comes down to testerone, and nontesterone. . . . Vagina, penis. LOL.

Man, I'm probably going to get bad remarks.




11:01 Dec 20 2021
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Man, I just saw a rioter sentenced five years. Unbelievable. The group looked stupid. Horns and everything. Stupid. Definitely, not a millitia. I mean, what were they thinking, that people would follow the guy w the horns. LOL. They just wanted to be heard. No military, no go.

Now Biden, pretty much 💩 on the military, so, if the right person, a leader/warrior stepped in, maybe. But, have to have for the people by the people. Just looked like a house break in. If the army was called, there would have been no discussion of the matter. Because, it is a call of duty.

Now we all now that Trump wasn't the best. He isn't political. But, business, money started flowing. (Even w Covid) Prices didn't rise till Biden came in. So the people would need a business, warrior type, who is political.

Five people were killed, though. One, simply doing her job, as lousy as it is. 4 of the stupid ones were killed, and I sincerely feel sorry for them. And, those sentenced. They weren't thinking clearly. The ones that were supposedly elected, are not going to give up there high paying jobs, without a fight, period. Very High Paying: underhand, as well as overhand.

If this was a government for the people, by the people, than there would have been a conference with them. I think they just wanted an accurate revote. No write in ballots. (Everyone somehow taken to the booth. But, no. They wouldn't be heard.)

The government was awful, and stormed the halls themselves. Seriously. What? Do they have brains. No meeting with the people, just another forced take over. (Because, there were doubts w the mail in ballots. Serious doubts.)

Sorry to say, those stupid people got far more than they deserved. (Definitely, it wasn't a militia.) I shed a tear for them. Not, more because of the getups. . . .

Well, can't do any good stuff w Stonehenge till waxing. Although, the 21st is coming. Cheers.

(If Stonehenge had nothing, it would have worked, anytime. At first, I thought it was me, then I noticed the moon phase. So, cool, for once there is something.) I had to think, if it's waning moon here, is it waning in England. Truthfully, I never check. Now, I know. . . . it is waning in England! LOL

So why does it care, about the moon phase. It doesn't seem like. Rogue, or a platonic. Why would it need the moon. That should have been my question. . . . The moon causes tides. . . . It does effect minds when full. . . . What else, what else. . . .

Have to go back researching science man.

And, let's see for today!




09:02 Dec 19 2021
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In the sticks, you can here the wind coming, before it hits. I think for at least 20 secs. LOL. I grabbed my dog, and cat and hit the deck. Then, as I waited, I should have put the orange thing over us. But, to late. Big breeze, that wasn't severe. Had a few storms after. One at 11.50. Cuz, I got up, and have been up since. 2:58. Maybe, I'll have some peanut butter on crackers. Hmmmm. Can't play my memory game, cuz it took up too much space on the phone. Bummer

This morning I was looking at Winnebago's. LOL. Awesome. The first one I didn't care for. . . . Bathroom was too squished. But, the blonde who showed the C model was great. It had a Hugh counter. Two sitting areas. A good size bathroom. 3 places that you can sleep, an extra table. . . . . A curtain to snap up, lil curtains for sleep,heavy duty doors. . . . Then she goes to the captain chair. . . . . Can sit down, or upright. . . . Has lots of coffee holders, (giggle). . . . Two for each side. . . . Plus food compartments for both. . . . Then they have computerized board, easily directs, if your tired and go over road line too much, it tells you to pull over and have a cup of coffee. . . .cruise Control. .
. Has solar panels, gas, propane, electric, water saver. . . .lots of storage compartments. . . . window blocks, slide screen. . . . Water clean. . . . 💩 Clean. . . . I don't know how much that was. . . . But ranges 80,000, and up. . . . Oh and big view windows. . . . Furniture is made by them, and replaceable, just have to leave tags on. Microwave, silver large frig. . . . Controls for water and temp, are color coded, all easily explained. . . . If I got the money. . . Bills first and that second. . . .sssssoooooo nice! Wow. Oh . . . . Forgot the shade outside, very easy, and dog shower. . . And the wall clips with the W. Insurance is probably the killer. It was like a grownup Disneyland. Nice. . . . Just wonder home much the back bed can hold, with those legs. Said about four twenty weight for top bunk, but, only a 23 inch space there. . . . And TV to adjust, and ports for Satellite, or cable. . . . So exciting. . . . How could I forget the phone, in the driving wheel. . . .

I have to look what an A one has. . . .




18:51 Dec 18 2021
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My heart was pounding so bad, when I got up, that I had trouble doing my morning chores.

They said Omnicron, makes you feel faint. . . . Enlarges veins. Plus, a little heat hits. Very little sneezing, and nose drip.

But, I've been taking a half, sometimes a whole cold aspirin, all week. Every time I'm in Sun a lot I get headache. So, I take that pill. Didn't take anything, yesterday. It was dark, and I felt good, all day. But today. . . .

Maybe, coming off cold pills, is second thought. Took another, half. Cuz boo said to take some aspirin. So pulled out the overnight, cold pills. (From Dollar Tree, a long time ago.) Half puts me to sleep. That's why I don't take a whole.

Did, all astral chores.

Oh. There is something I noticed. . . . Australia had a severe wind. Not, a tornado or storm. Killed 6 kids in a blow up play plastic barn. Through them 30 feet up. I just saw one in the US. They said, like a hurricane. I think that was a sun blast. Not good.

We all look at, H bombs, and going through the Earth's barrier, like it is nothing. Star Trek, is a movie that was enjoyable. Not true life. These things are causing problems.




04:07 Dec 16 2021
Times Read: 559

Well, there was a terrible string of storms. But, the line has broken up, and the red is much weaker. I wonder for a December, if all this tornado stuff, is odd. There still is some live watchers, on YouTube. I think there is an alert till 2am.

Meanwhile, twice I tried to do the Stonehenge astral thing, after all this time. I f ell asleep, on both attempts. Oh well. Will try later. Didn't do a circle on either, that is probably why.

Not much to say today!




00:29 Dec 15 2021
Times Read: 570

To get to be here again, it's really pretty incredible.




10:47 Dec 13 2021
Times Read: 599

I was thinking, I've got to read that new article, for Stonehenge. And, what I see: the Annual Christmas Cards; that we all look forward to seeing. Although, I loved the Speedster Pic, last year. . . . The out doorsey theme is very nice. . . . I guess I missed the Queens pic. . . . Probably was traditional.

Meanwhile, yesterday, I close sed windows early; was very cold outside. But. Was nice not being so wet outside, from humidity.

Today, woke up at 3:30. . . And blasting heater had to be turned down. Temp, was almost 60. Which means, I need bug spray. But, risked it, anyway.

Back to Stonehenge. . . .

They just said something about the rocks, that some were taken from another site. Think it was Waun Mawn site. Well, I don't know, maybe. And, when looking up the other site, not much was said. I don't think they would take old stones and use them. But, you never know.

The other, points of references are sink holes, and or pits. . . . Probably, pits.

Checked on the tunnel. Still legal matters, I guess. (And, Covid) They are thinking, construction for tunnel, to start about 2023. When they get to that plateau. . . . They should call area 51 (in US.) LOL

You need diggers, to find some history. That gov knows that. Look at that tribal nest they found. Besides the bodies, and pottery. . . .

If I went, . . . . I would need a good week, week and a half. To use my senses, I would have to strain people off Astrally. So, it might take 1 1/2 weeks. It's a tourist attraction, so I'd have to look that way. Visiting every day. Betcha, I could lay a strong string.

Visiting Stonehenge is on my Bucket list. Hopefully, before I die. LOL

Well saw a brown Sparrow today. And, a Blue Jay yesterday. But, I've seen the Blue Jays before. And, they are a common Rhode Island 🐦.

"With the sparrow spirit guide in your life, you get the ability to express talent, intelligence, and creativity. This bird comes in your life to remind you of the importance of happiness. The sparrow infuses friendliness, joy, and compassion in a person's life."

Poe, didn't seem happy, yesterday. Probably cuz I didn't build a fire. I did a fire today, so he ate a potted meat sandwich with me, and cocktail frans.. Went over to the cat food ate that, then ate his puperoni. The only thing he did not eat, is the Chef Boyarde. Bingo.

Just going to have to build a fire every day.
Really, could use an axe. Small peices almost all gone.

The Matrix Resurrection

You didn't forget what matters... Did you?





14:14 Dec 12 2021
Times Read: 610

Oh my goodness, we had the best Breakfast. Not Poe, yet. Cuz he is still cold. But, he has a full coat, and I have the heater on w the sun coming up. I bought something out of the price range, but it was worth it. That ham in a can. Ate two sandwiches, the guzzler I am. Plus, cherry Coke. Yummy (Bought liter's to be cheaper) W cheap pickles, and cheap mayonnaise. Baby had chunks with lots of gravy. And, later, I might have to put all that ham in Poe's plate, on a white napkin. He eats better when I do it. Plate, napkin, and meat on top. Right now, the meat is on the plate. I gave him a taste. But, not yet.

Whoever had him, I could punch. Cuz he won't eat out of my hands. His fear of scissors, are gone, and he is getting strong. But, I guess, Mr. Poe, isn't a morning person.

Boo, wakes up late today. So, that's a late txt message.

Lots of people dead. Luckily, Red Cross, is there. Not much else. People should give like they did for the World Trade Center. Where they collected food and drinks items. And, drove them over.

They said that it's the worst in history. But, that is due to a lot more people, and buildings, now. Hope the Best for them. Especially, since the government is at a long time low, and they treat immigrants better.

Today, they are going from rescuing bodies, to finding them. . . . Sad




07:12 Dec 11 2021
Times Read: 643

OMG, the Amazon warehouse, is without walls, and roof. I probably would have thought that a warehouse would be the safest place. But, no. The live cameras show, not much left, of the building. There, are deaths. How awful. So much for metal walls. I guess, the tornado was stronger.

You would think that one of the richest companies, would have set a a tent for the relatives, by now. Wow, how awful for the families, not knowing. There is a part of the warehouse that seemed ok. Hoping. . . .

Watching KSDK

One woman heard back from son. A hundred to go.
2:25am. . . There is a guy that talked. Said he thought that 30, or 40 was in there. He had just pulled up during.

There was a bus load brought to police station. So far one to hospital. . . . . Amazon said back to work by 12pm.


So much condensation in my place, and bathroom. Need a dehumidifier. . . .LOL

It rained, so I ate my pizza uncooked. But, I had a bunch of Reese's Cups, which is my favorite. And, Cherry Coke.

Poe wasn't eating good. So got him favorites, he use to love. Puperoni, and cheese sticks. I think he needs outside. But, not enough shade. I put a lil. But I'll add more outside. They had no cheap food. Came so close to 60. That was the limit. Luckily I put the 🍒 coke cans back. And, bought two big bottles instead. No ramen this week. I'll barf, if I see it.

Need more light. But, found nothing to plug in. And, didn't want Christmas Lights.

Toooo hot. But, better than having rain Every day of the week. Switched from slacks to shorts.

Uh oh. Just saw another Matrix post. . . .

Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are taking over the TwitterMovies account on 12/22 to answer YOUR questions.

Use #AskMatrix for a chance to have yours answered and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. #TheMatrix

7:04:. Re: Tornados. . . . There was so much social media. Back in the old days you didn't see so much. The candle factory, to me, was the worst. I wonder if they had warning. And, there was nobody walking around. Which is weird. In a Hugh strip, I only saw 2 people outside.

Is this really, because of pollution. Or, is it because of the lengthening of the planets alignment. From the sun. And now we have tons of satellites, orbit n the orbit. So ???¿???
Truthfully, my mom told me of a 🌪️ in RI. (Back in the day.) She told me, a tornado, will destroy one side of a street, and leave the other side with out damage.




08:49 Dec 10 2021
Times Read: 670

This is it.

Nobody can tell what the Matrix is. You have to see it to believe it. Time to Fly. . . .

The Matrix Resurrection.

Let's see where this person of interest lives. And, then estimate.

LOL there was an altercation, this. Morn. But, not sure of person. Just in case, I held back a bit.

What I am interested in, is a fluidic journey. But, still not sure. Putting pics.

Yesss yessssss I finally saw an Armadillo. I knew I heard one days ago. Cool.
Bummer, with the red and green birds; they fly off fast




08:12 Dec 09 2021
Times Read: 681

Well, I am researching. . . . I'm not sure Graphene, is something that can be used. Basically, it is used for restructure. . . . Cumputing. . . . Its a mass that can be applied to movement. (As shown w hydro. . . .) Not sure if it's useable, w what I'm thinking of. . . . But, will check. Saw subject Astrally, w dishevaled hair, and a disk. More interested in the fluidic movements. Will ask questions later.

Contact one

Oh, and yesterday, while carrying two loads of wash. . . . I saw a beautiful green finch. . . . It looked exactly like a female painted bunting. Although, they say the males are green, in the first year. Actually, looks exact to photo. Very close to a parrot. . . . Passerina ciris. . . . She was all greens. Beautiful.

As an animal spirit, the Painted Bunting represents knowledge and intelligence with an emphasis on utilizing your voice to “sing” your thoughts and speak from your heart.

Isn't that odd, at this time. LOL. That was yesterday about three.




11:02 Dec 08 2021
Times Read: 703

Look what just popped up, while I was listening 🎧 to something else. . . . Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Imagine Dragons w/ Logic & Ty Dolla Sign ft. X Ambassadors - Sucker for Pain. . . . It's been a while since I did anything in that arena.

Nemo, did I see a dark simplex? The other night, that is. I'm working on it. Been rather boring. But, I don't need another CEO. Could be fun though.

request for simulation removal: Accepted.

Simulation Start Date: July 2018
Removal: Immediate

Today is the day your Twitter feed woke up. Keep your eyes open for more. #TheMatrix.

And. . . . The only splicer to n this puddle, is Nemo. LOL.

Konstantin Sergeevich Novoselov. . . . WAH?




13:14 Dec 07 2021
Times Read: 716

Yesterday, I felt like I had Boo's bug. Felt tired, with a headache. Think I feel better today, even with all this rain. Felt a fever last night, couldn't bare the heater. But, today seems better.

Looks so dismal outside. There was a crushing wind, before the rain. But, holding. I had just brought the table cloth, and my Switzerland Cow in. Candle broke. Rain again today.

Actually, for the last few days there has been a subtle breeze. Nice, but, reminds me of The Happening movie. LOL. Even sick, I took my chair outside, and sat. Just seemed like perfect weather, before the storms.

Have to get up and start doing chores.




10:15 Dec 05 2021
Times Read: 727

Getting foggy, again. . . . .An early call. Actually, my neighbor was up. Saw his mini van lights.

Well, next 6 days are rain days. So, have to grill today. Maybe, cook for Tomorrow.




06:17 Dec 04 2021
Times Read: 752

Surprised my dog isn't barking at the water! The Fog came in early. Went for walk, spider webs across walkway, now. Luckily, only two. Needed to be Dracula, to walk right threw them. . . . Surprised I didn't get mosquito attacked. Didn't have spray on. Just a normal amount of people here tonight.

Another, walk. . . . Heard an awful sound. . . . While showering. Have to look up armadillo, sound. Fog isn't that bad now.

I saw a box, with squiggly lines. LOL Kept thinking what the hell is that, on the weather forecast. Must be a fog sign. Don't think I ever saw that. Says 6 days of storm days, next week.

Yeah, there is a young girl, with 3 cats, near Blackie. He/she was happy laying on side. She said she fed him something. But, I added a plate of dry.cuz the calico, will come around. And, I'm only once a day. It's Blackies day! Filled water cup, that someone else left, and on my way. She gave bottle water.

No, coke in machine. Only drink left is orange. Didn't drink it on long way back. Yuck. Had a beer can. Almost all. But, was too filling.

Woe. . . . Just found out how to bake a pizza on a grill. Using two pizza pans. . . . Burning wood on top and bottom. Hmmmmm




14:09 Dec 03 2021
Times Read: 768

Didn't see any Cardinals, this morning. Even with the thick fog. Speaking of: been joking with Boo using movie gifs, cuz he chose this spot. He has a cat one, that is great, today.

Spider webs sprung up all over. I see about 24, so far. Had a lil black one in tent. If that did some of these Webb's, wow. Too much work went into them.

PS. . . . There is one nice thing about Beetlejuice: he gave Rolex a ride. The Rolex story is between him, and I, so far. It was funny. . . . Rolex has been indoctrined, to this, not that, a long time ago. Sweet. Not the prison, I mean.

Chore one, fed strays. Yup,saw the calico. Was morning from the hedge. She never comes near. The black came out from under. I said why don't you come here. So he rubs all over. I come within a foot. Hiss hiss hiss. LOL

Need to do another chore. Maybe when it cools.

Last chore of the day. I had a crazy lady come in. I said that washer is broke. Sh said I know, nasty. She asked if I was almost done, I said one more wash. She flips out, LOL, and claims she'll be back at midnight. And, that I can have a nice friggin day!

I figured she was drunk, or crazy. She comes back after 50 mins. . . . Asks if I'm done. Said yes. (The nerve) she waited outside. I rush to the door, look at her, and said the washer is open. Tried not to sound angry. Told her fast, she could have left her tiny wash. (She had a cart) finished dry. Left singing, have a nice day. (No, I didn't say crazy lady)

Back to watching CIS.




12:53 Dec 02 2021
Times Read: 805

Did all of the click the pictures, I didn't see in initial release. All hundreds. But, last four. 29 and 30, are stuck. And, 27, 28 are in 80s. Brain dead, will redo for 100 later. So, that section almost finished completely.

Will, go looking for cardinals later. . . .

And, a dwelling. . . .

Was very foggy earlier. . . .

Oh, and on that Oxford shooting. Kids are saying different than school. Maybe cover up.

Ok, walked through a trail, no more cardinals. Walked through a walk, no wild life. . . . Except butterflies, and Boo saw a Vulture. It was very far away. Couldn't get to good of a stretch. But, you can see it's head shape clearly. Truthfully, I thought it was a Crow. But, no! So Cool. . . . . To bad no Cardinals.

"In many cultures, black vulture are actually seen as guardians. The color black represents protection, absorption of negative energy, and renewal. So, a black vulture is a pretty good omen that you are being protected during a time of change. Allow this new energy to flow into your life."

Had a yellow lady bug on arm. Odd sun spot.

I just read something from J B. . . . And, cracked up laughing. . . . I made a real commit. . . . A while ago. . . . LOL.. . . And, when I said it. . . . . LOL. . . . Let's just say. . . . It was innocent. . . . LOL. . . .I said that it was great that someone his age could go into space. . . . . I said it sincerely. . . . Space X only lifts the young. . . . He grabbed his crotched Astrally like, BEETLEJUICE, after he knocked down the fake tree. . . . At first I was like, Hey. . . . But, after reading about what happened after his girlfriends flirt, I can't help but to laugh. . . . Maybe, I shouldn't say what I just said. . . . If it is of consenquence, I'm not the newest tool in the shed. . . . . LOL. . . .take it easy Bez, your too cute. . . . BEETLEJUICE would be a great code name. Just to be clear, I was thinking of the Mars trip, on the other side.

Astro, and Beetlejuice don't like me. But, once and a while I should throw in Beetlejuice. Astral that is. . . . He's funny nasty!




10:30 Dec 01 2021
Times Read: 834

That Oxford School Shooting, is the big news circulating. It looks like the school system failed. Many students where worried due to threats, for days. Many took the day off. It was said that the shooter, was bullied, prior.

Luckily, they did do the lock door, block, and grab items for defense. And, one of the teachers: didn't fall for the, I'm the police line. And, told the kids to book out the window.

But, honestly, there were prior warnings. Obviously, counseling should have been done. Why wasn't there any. . . . This bullied teen could have been prohibited.

There are so many cold comments on social media. Some incoherent, not caring. Others, just hateful. Sign of the times.

I changed 2 pics, in my social media. One, I can't get to stay. Might have to use the butterfly. Aaaargh

Oh, and I saw where these kids were eating energy powder, for a strong effect. I'd like to try that. LOL

That large flying ant, that I let be: Must have been in my hair, found him squished. Awww didn't mean it.

I have to look for a place, again. Just dismal w the price ranges. Everything affordable is far away, like Gulf Port.

Still no Gators when I go looking threw swamp.

Oh. . . . Last time, before this time. . . . I called Blackie, he came out from wood, and ran to his private place. So, kept calling him to me, w plate full in front. Didn't budge, just kept rubbing in grass, and flipping over. Cute Today he ran, and I just gave. LOL

Finished the pizza memory game. Last three was in 60s, 3 before, in 70s, about ten before that is 80/90s, before that, all 100s. So have to go back, till all are 100. Just have a few more w blocks. . .think I have 8 more. Over half are hundreds, rest 80/90s.
Shopping lists, I'm up to 20, all hundreds.

Last thing of today. . . . When I was looking for a Gator, I saw a Red Cardinal. I have never never seen a real cardinal, just in movies. How nice. A few steps up,.there was another. Wish I had my camera then. Like the one in Sleepy Hallow- heads will roll movie. Sweet

Some believe that it represents rain coming, good fortune and Sun, to acquisition to resolve problems.

On the other hand " The red cardinal is a spiritual messenger from God. ... The red cardinal represents the blood of Christ. Symbolizing combating difficulties with hope in God, the red cardinal appears in times of stress and despair to encourage hope and persistence."



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