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22:44 Feb 28 2024
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Well, I took another strong pill. Didn't feel that surge, this time. Did feel better. But, nauseous. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Boring night last night.

Prepared for rain. Thanks to a police officer.

LOL. Someone wants me to do that God/Goddess thing with her. LOL. She'll have to wait her turn.




23:46 Feb 27 2024
Times Read: 39

Oh boy .. I couldn't take it Sunday. Soooo. I took the old strong one. Lol. For Depression, that is... Woe I felt a surgeon the left side of my brain... Like an artery was opening... Then I smiled... Not a real one but, ... Well, I was ok for a while, not at super... Would have had to eat one... Than I got nauseous.... Only for a day this time! So, went back to other pill... Too bad... Maybe, in a month more, I can take them again. Stupid Strep Throat.

Had a good circle. Full moon.

Was calling God/goddess, and someone got caught... On another day....Lol heard that he married three times, and lots of crimes printing out. LOL... Luis the mother was there... I guess included.... Was fun to watch... Makes you think....




12:22 Feb 24 2024
Times Read: 60

Well, I did go to storage, did start to empty, and got my candle, incense, salt. Even though tired. Full moon was at 6 am here.

Someone wanted me to set up for art. A few came. Two were fine, the other went a lil crazy. But, I tried to be nice, seeing the last time there was another fight w her and a guy. But, usually, there is one project, not many.

I didn't really do art, just tried to calm myself. Cuz, I was watching the stuff. Did that fill in for relaxation. Hard to keep in lines, tense. LOL

Well, used half my energy on phone, yesterday. Got to stay away from candy crush....




02:13 Feb 23 2024
Times Read: 73

Ever since this weekend, I've been yawning like a bear. I wonder what's w that... Could be a number of things....

Someone, burnt down some Porta johns that haven't been serviced since I left. What happens when things are abandoned.

I have to start to clear out my storage unit tomorrow. Must remember, candle, incense. Luckily, I have till the next month. I just grab bags, empty, and reuse.

My birthday is coming up. I'm actually happy that I'm going to be as old as I'm going to be. Weird

I can't believe I'm still watching Family Affair repeats, I still haven't gotten to the end of them. Lol

That Amara's Law was actually good, I hope I can acquire the following saga. The vampire must be number ones baby. And, how did that doctor bring Lia back to life. Maybe, she has a extra part. LOL Number one was interesting at the end. Especially, when she sang Daddy sent you... Don't care.... LOL

Well, might as well go back to my yawning...




13:43 Feb 18 2024
Times Read: 91

Well, a new old book ... Amara's Law: Blood Tech
Starts off real weird, and has me engrossed. The woman her found herself in the sewer.... Asks for help w the wrong guy... Ends u in a sec slave building... But, she's not normal, her body can give electric shock, stall time, and many other maneuvers..... Fun!

Was freezing yesterday, and I have another bad cold. Have to get some food. LOL.

Maybe, will do something for full moon.




13:22 Feb 10 2024
Times Read: 111

That poor stray young cat, I bet he didn't get much food last week, if any. I saw the pigeons do a limbo, underneath the fence.
So, I left two cat cans. I know the pigeons don't like that.

Use to get up every night. But, cat do it, to far. So have to leave at different times. Awwwww

Need litter. Should I go again, not go, go ... Have feelings, no litter w Mardi Gras crowd here. Will be lots today, in case of rain tomorrow.

OMG... Thank you Walgreens... They had lots of their brand clumping litter. That's what we used when we went to the warming shelter. Hugs, and kisses. Even a cashier asked about my cat ... Awwwww

Well, back to reading... Reading 3001. Interesting. I wonder how it would be a thousand years from now. If earth survived.




13:11 Feb 09 2024
Times Read: 127

After reading The Shining. Yeah, both movie, and book is very different.

I probably would have gotten rid of hedge creatures, myself.. The maze was better. But, I do agree, with that they should have shown characters more loving, at first. Plus, they went into town.

But, let's face it, in the book, I doubt if the house would have let hDanny live. Although, I like the fact that the cook survived.

Went pass half the book, before they moved in to Overlook, and weird things happen.

It does explain the guy dressed up like a dog. But, if the energy can open doors, and move hedges, why use the father.

Plus, the mallot would have broken w all the banging on the walls. It wasn't a sledge hammer.

Probably, won't keep a boiler that creeps up, twice a day, in a hotel. Lol

Then he wrote Sleep Doctor. But, I probably would have made Danny, as a Para phycologist.... Going back to area, w a team. I know it's been done before. But, he was the hero, in the prior movie, and book.



21:07 Feb 09 2024

Most movies don't follow the book, movies need hyper situation. Just like Christine by Stephen king


22:45 Feb 04 2024
Times Read: 155

Funny... I found a new old book of The Shining. Not at all like the movie. The movie was about the hotel. The book is about the people. I guess I keep looking for the movie. The talk w the cook happens in the car.... The hedges, shaped like animals are so far the only ghosts. Already, up to page 314. Not much of the movie in it. Truthfully, I loved the movie. But, I guess they needed a little love between family members. So far, a lil boring... Oh, I don't think Jack will use an ax. I think hell use a mallot. I think that's how Grady killed the girls. I don't read the girls in there yet. Just a vision of them dead.



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