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20:34 Jan 30 2024
Times Read: 150

Have a new doctor, with a new prescription.

Park near me has plenty of water, and, is nice for my cat.

Went to other park to wait for food, seeing that I have to get new prescription. Hoping my nausea won't be too severe.

I started reading a redone bible from a ministry. Funny. I see men, in my dreams. One was after me, couldn't get at me. The others were from prison. Weird. Let's see if I can break the code.




22:33 Jan 21 2024
Times Read: 180

Well, had a place to stay w my cat, during the cold spell. And, some new friends that kept us alive. Tomorrow, the temp rises I hope. And, have to find a temporary spot.

So surprised that the state opened a place, for the cold. It's actually pretty good. Has medical people to hel. Lots of food..

Last year, I had to wait in the cold, till seven. Knowing we were going to be rushed. Then the boss, of city shelter... Made us carry cat carrier, and stuff up a large flight of stairs. Wasn't allowed to use elevator. And, we had to be out next morning. Was awful.

I finally saw Marnie. I can see why Hitchcock, fell in love with the beautiful Tippi. Too bad, that this Beauty, and the Beast, didn't work out.




14:00 Jan 19 2024
Times Read: 202

Slept threw the night, on empty stomach. That was nice. But, have runny nose.

Have to clear tent in storage..🤧.




06:15 Jan 19 2024
Times Read: 210

So gross... I threw up a whole spaghetti meal. Half went in babies litter box. Luckily, it's a scoop. Did one of those thermometer reading, and some dots on 100. . all dots below. Bummer. Don't have nothing in my stomach....

The kitten was waiting for me.... Fed him a lot.. cuz, of cold spell coming back . Poor thing... Only three more days to go then temp is back.

I won't be in this tent section. Moving to Taco Tuesday section.... Due to problems here. Giving old tentI fixed to a man.... By six tomorrow I'll be gone to shelter... Then Sunday setting up new one. Whew. That's when they throw us out of shelter.

Hope, the nice people that gave me a ride, don't get sick....




15:00 Jan 16 2024
Times Read: 235

Old tent went. Too cold to put up new tent. In warm room waiting for ride to warming station. Will stay there till Thursday.
Truthfully, last night was good. But, wind this morning was to strong.

Old tent is fixable. Will give to guy that lives in Porta John.

Uh oh, they moved us on stage.


Had lots of breakfast, and snacks

Taking a nap.

Lol... What the name of the movie, where the guy was being watched on TV. LOL. Truman.

Damn, I saw icicles, all over today. So cool.




17:37 Jan 15 2024
Times Read: 259

Wow. Someone offered to put me up at a hotel, for a week ! But, I don't know her well. That would be huge pay back.

Another, bought me a better tent... Which she shouldn't have, cuz her father just died. Let's see what happens tonight...

Truthfully, Louisiana, is not set up for freezing weather.
So far, so good, today was good. Diocese cancelled school already. I have a registration for this storm, on phone.

For everyone in Louisiana... I just saw a warming center opening up. I think I'll sit it out till morning. But, it came across when I registered...
Hey, text 77295

Feel bad for people w pipes.




18:12 Jan 13 2024
Times Read: 276

The bus was waiting about eight, and back about 10. Thank you Walmart. I got their Breakfast... Fruit Starbucks, cream, croissants.

And, finished the cross, best I could, in so little time, and lil media.




13:31 Jan 12 2024
Times Read: 297

Well, laughed myself to sleep. When night school actors went to steal the practice test, Big Mac, is too much. Along w sexy momma, and the Pythagorean theorem. Just had to hypotenuse it.😂.

And, just saw the Resident Alien three season. Never take public transportation. 😂.

Today, is the last warm day, for a while, Maybe.

I did something with Stonehenge, saw myself laying in sierra sand, or beach sand. Weird. I know that sand is not around that place. But, let's face it, the storm is almost on, and it was almost zero percent, moon activity.

Almost finished my sympathy card, for a dear friend, who recently lost her dad.




23:50 Jan 11 2024
Times Read: 319

New moon. Hmmmm have to try something soon. Hopefully, not too late.

Next week is a freezer. Have to put off job search.



00:51 Jan 12 2024

new moon tonight dang cloudy and rainy here

01:56 Jan 12 2024

Let's hope for a pickup, on the weather!


20:59 Jan 09 2024
Times Read: 339

New moon is the eleventh. Yeah

Lol. Been watching Old repeats of family affair. I didn't know that Brian Keith committed suicide. Awwww. Maybe, because of his Buffy, Jodi deaths. That Cissy, still looks beautiful. The supposed twins... One died young, the other still on the 🥐.

Been stormy weather. Found a spot to move to... Just waiting for better weather.




14:48 Jan 06 2024
Times Read: 365

OMG, they put Night School, on Tubi. 😁.




03:23 Jan 03 2024
Times Read: 399

The Garbage behind me, are not going to be happy till they break my shit. These people never even said hi to me in the center. Cuz, crack heads need crack heads. Yet, they are behind me.

Maybe, my friend was right, Ii should have moved today. She said I should move away from Cookoo for Cocoa Puffs., also. The guy that went to her car.

I'm trying not to take advantage of anyone. I need one thing from Walmart.. . . . For it.

Meanwhile, when they break my shit. I need the two girls to stay in there spot. Cuz, I know they meant well. . . . But, they put me in a bad position.

I hope the prayers they said work.

I said a few myself, before the full moon, against my enemies.




03:27 Jan 02 2024
Times Read: 421

LOL. I definitely don't have any psych drug in me. Blew up at the crazy crowd behind. Gawd, another bipolar, that I am sure, is not going to take her meds. Another, f#_-( freebird.

On top of it, prior, . . . . I hadn't done any circles while on the drugs. Maybe, is why I got so sick. Hmmmmmm

Going to Taco place tomorrow. I have two friends there. . . . It's pretty far from storage. But, let's see. Got to see if guy that stabbed friends dog lives there. Plus, got to check on water, and toilet.

My cat ran, when I started screaming at the crack queer behind. Bolted for The Center. Called him out.

Friend gave me a few bucks but didn't feel like shopping.

My other friend, who lost her Dad, is giving me too much. I want to give her a nice sympathy food basket. Me and, baby, are going to go to her store down canal. Or, maybe fruit at Rouses.

I walked back from Walmart, the other week, when my stomach felt nauseous, to go on bus.

Have to prepare, to go job hunting with Baby. This Housing thing was a bad idea. Hopefully, I'll find a animal lover.

Guess I'll ask Monday's lady, to use computer, then need to print resumes. Although, I'd rather keep my stuff private.

I think I have enough cloths.

If I move, I need a lift. . . . . Hopefully, someone I trust.



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