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16:23 Jul 30 2023
Times Read: 216

Lol. I bet a lot of people are like me. They don't know where these marks are coming from. If I didn't see the cricket bite my toe, won't have known. I killed 21, of the big ones,, only two more yesterday. But, the big ones are only the ones I kill. I covered my feet. And, one got me on the leg. Unbelievable. Crickets

Need to do a full circle before tonight!!!!!!


OMG. This pigeon lets me pet it. It eats weird. . . . Check out the photos. Maybe, it's retarded. . . . It tilts it head all the way to one side, to eat. Weird. It was sleeping w me earlier. And, it let my cat come up to it twice.

There is another bird, at corner. He's been there for three hours. Different shots. The other flew behind a fence.

I wonder if they are dying. . . .

The crickets eat their dead.

I went over there. I picked him up. I guess that's the same one. He flew off my lap. I went and picked him up, and put him in my cat carrier. Cuz, some boys wanted to kick, and hit him. Lol.

The wind kick up a bit, I hope it's not rain. Cuz, if I have to move. The bird has to come out of carrier.




20:00 Jul 28 2023
Times Read: 240

I left a pic of what crickets did. Ouch. Lil B's.. . . . They are eating me alive. They live in cement. So, when there is no food for birds, they eat me.

And,, yes for the ending. Sorry about last Sunday.

I was putting the champagne near the door. But, Nemo, wa floating them.

The center is closed for two weeks. Let's see if I can live without them.

Maybe,.... Two nice people are leaving permanently. Will miss them.

Let's see let's see. .

Just spent my last five. Lol. Only got one breakfast sandwich this week. I was going to save the five for tomorrow. . . . But. . . . someone sold me a new Saints shirt, flip flops, and sketchers. Hopefully they weren't stolen. He said he thought he was going to get eight for the sketchers,. But, I got them on that five. He said I owe him three next year. Lol.




02:06 Jul 24 2023
Times Read: 270

Oh, no. . . . It says rain in about two hours. . . M

That's pretty close to midnight. Might have to cancel. Bummer.

Saw a clip from the pod people. Hmmmm. I still thinking looking for Aliens would be more fun. But, no . . . . Dark matter.




12:51 Jul 23 2023
Times Read: 284

Up up and Away!!! Song. . . . Fits perfectly for today!

Tonight, between 12-1
Drinks at the entrance, Astral church.




17:28 Jul 22 2023
Times Read: 307

Oh God. . . . I said to myself, it's not as hot as usual. So, have to get breakfast, letter, and cloth. Then, even though I stopped every time my cat meowed. . . . He had diarrhea. Had to pull over and deal w it. I actually slapped his bum once. But, I just apologized. It could be the Farmers can food. But, I did stop when he needed.

Then I decided to go to storage, to get a new cat bed cover. This one isn't plastic based. I was so drenched, that I had to change. Then rush to church. Whew. No more walking today. Especially after what happened last Saturday.

OMG. It's over 3 miles there. . . . Unbelievable. Went there back, then to storage. No wonder I was so wet. Lol. Never looked it up.

It's been so hot to walk around. But, let's see next week.

I might be leaving the storage unit, went in bathroom for quick change, cuz I clean up at water area, near rebuild. And when , I was digging out items for the day, the guy came around and said w the door partially down, it's a problem. I said. . . . I don't want anyone looking at my stuff, and what's the problem, I just got there.

Truthfully, I've had to use the porta john toilet paper, and the bathroom is never clean. lol. Checked the bigger one. But, they are full. Probably, will switch when there is an opening unbelievable, for 56 dollars.




00:54 Jul 19 2023
Times Read: 324

Nemo. What was that. . . . She already started. Of course I did. I have to start in the physical. You should have let me in your plans.

I don't want anyone waiting in line for a drink. . . . So I thought. . . . To grab as coming in.😁.




13:04 Jul 18 2023
Times Read: 336

I felt and saw interference. But, I'm resilient. I don't know who was giving out drinks. But you should have told me ahead. Only a few received. Because, I was already working on the ⭕.

Tell u what, we can do a repeat Sunday night. And, this time everyone will get a drink. 🍾.

I tried to do this astral, so that everyone would be able to get involved, who were in the astral church.

I noticed, everyone around me had woken up, towards the end. And, they weren't even involved.




02:10 Jul 18 2023
Times Read: 349

It is so hard for me to walk. Saturday. . . . I, way over did it. I walked to water, so we could cool off. But, it was hotter. Moved a few times. Fire ants were rapid. Got all the way back finally, near the library. . . . I went to get the cats leash, not there. Had to walk back to Walgreens, had nothing. Then CVS,. . . . Only had one leash . . . . Was expensive.
Broke me. But, someone gave me twenty, w out me asking. Sunday. So let's say the leash now cost five. . . . And, I paid for my rental. Poor for the week, though.

Then same day, Saturday . . . Forgot, my chair at the rental. Didn't realize till I was back. Had to walk all the way back. . . . Luckily, it was there. Was hurting so bad. Still am. I hurt a few peoples feelings,. But, I feel bad, like I'm going to drop. I'll apologize when I see them. One I usually give a pastry to on Sunday. Didn't cuz, he started nonsense. Thought he was going to come back. But, he didn't. I did have a pastry for him. Sunday, felt real bad. Was nice rain though. And, someone gave good meals during storm.

Today, I could barely walk. Should be better tomorrow.

You know what they say. . . . For every poison, there is an antidote near by.

Will see some at the church tonight. New moon started on 17th. . . . Waxing on 18th.💫.




03:53 Jul 17 2023
Times Read: 364

The rain isn't stopping. Although, it feels a lot better.

I hate to say this. . . . . But, it might be better to wait till tomorrow night, which is Tuesday morning. Between, twelve, and one.

I need everyone participating, to start w ⭕. Then, we want to call Stephen Hawking's Dark Matter. Like a chant. That way, we are all on the same page. Then w astral hands, shred the astral air until a curtain is appears. I will do this in the Old English Astral Church, w whomever is participating.

Sorry, about tonight. But, it doesn't look like it's going to stop raining. Oh, thinking about that. . . . I should have used moon, not Sun, for a better effect. Amazing what you forget, when out of practice.

Till, tomorrow.




09:12 Jul 16 2023
Times Read: 376

3:03, and there is another big crash on the bridge.

Well, last night I started. . . . Got to the mic. Went too far under. I think there was an asking for 12 - 1. Did something then. . . . Someone wanted Stephen Hawking's Dark Matter.

Tell u what, I'll do again 12 - 1, tonight. But I was more interested in the second comet that came down, in southern Louisiana. Hmmmmmm.

Sorry, I over walked. Can barely move.

Guy across way supposedly got robbed, asked if I saw anything. Just two strange people. But, didn't see near his stuff.




22:08 Jul 12 2023
Times Read: 394

Let's Talk Astral. . . .

Jafar, tied himself up. He's been too quiet.

Nemo started to creat a sea creature, amongst other things. But, I sunk it.

All for May 1st.. . . .

Anyway Nemo. . . .

Charlotte Lawrence, The Jokes on You. . . .

Errrrtttttrrrrrrrrrttt 😁.

Rather . . . . Shirley Bassey, Get this Party Started.
Hmmmmmm. Official Video.

Don't worry about you know who. . . . I saw astral spiders wall her protectively.

There is someone who wants to come in. . . . But, he's not the twenty-one pilots Heathens, type.

More like. . . . Always look on the bright side of life, type.




11:25 Jul 12 2023
Times Read: 405

For the record. . . . I caught the thief. But, when I went to grab him. . . . It looked like important stuff was there. But, when I went back to chair. . . . I saw the cord, and phone was gone.

Got a better replacement. But, sooooo stupid. I had him. 😡.

Walmart has to get rid of those phone machines. Mon dieux

Yeah, have a Moto. Charges faster, as big, and I didn't pay 20. Free.

I'm helping a very old lady. I feel so bad for her. I even bought her breakfast. She's sort of Chinese. Mio or mou?
Poor thing. But, she's tough. Can't speak a word of English. I wonder if she's a stowe away. The first time I saw her under the bridge. . . . She was going to every car. 😂.... The nerve. . . . She actually did pretty good.

Well, I know I'm in the south. A woman, that is known for mouthing off. . . . Got bet up by her boyfriend, w a lot of spectators who did nothing. Kept hitting her w a wooden broom handle. You know the establishment let him back in. Typical south. Evil.




22:58 Jul 05 2023
Times Read: 426

Had a nice Holiday. Went to a nice festival, was great. . . . Food food food. . . . Had fun. But, left after getting too wet after rain shower. Have to rewash new sneakers.
Watermelon, overs, soda, pastry, hotdogs, jambalaya, chicken, red beans and rice.

Oh, and Baby went on his first bus ride. . . . Went well.

After, we went to the boardwalk, and waited for fireworks. They were great. But, the fireworks weren't for very long.
Baby enjoyed looking at some of them. But, the low to ground ones, were too noisy.

We were wiped out after.
I hope everyone's, Fourth of July, was great.
Had a good porta-john. . . . it fitted me and my stroller. Cool

Didn't seem like too many people here for Essence. I remember when I've streets were packed. And, the women wore gowns.




03:45 Jul 03 2023
Times Read: 438

I did it. . . . I did it. . . . .🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵
And, I'm sure it's not on the waning 🌝. La tee tee da da




15:51 Jul 02 2023
Times Read: 451

I wanted to check out a lil chapel in Slidell. But,.. everything thing that could go wrong did. My Buddy dropped me off, at bin.
Cat box slid off. Dropped rack. Got inside. Fell out of again. Opened bin. Started to organize... Had to go to bathroom. Couldn't wait, had to leave cat in locker. He was sitting in chair when I got back to locker.

Had to clean his food off bottom of carrier. Bummer. Got everything organized got to park 9:30. . . .

Will have to do better timing, if I go to chapel. The Bus ride is 50 mins. Definitely need better timing. The chapel thing is at ten. Have to check when bus leaves next. Roundabout. . . . Plus, I never asked about the cat. The visiting mission said I would have to leave the cat in hall. Not that I wanted their help. My chum includes me, I don't know why. She blocked me on her phone. Probably mad cuz my phone is off a lot, and I only want to text. I don't have tooany places to charge, is why.

Had some strange things last night.

The night before, Someone gave me two boxes from Le Madeline. Gave one across.

LOL, I ended up w Jers sardines 😝. I usually get him a lil something, for the ride. Funny.... I left everything at the end that I wanted bagged together.

Plus. . . . They finally cleaned the porta John's. . . . After, fourweeks. . . And all the clothes and what not was left on sides. . . . It's the little things in life, . . . . . 🤢.




02:40 Jul 01 2023
Times Read: 369

At least there is a cooler breeze tonight. Two days of hell, we passed. It was so hot that my head wouldn't cool off. Plus I had a welt on the back of my neck... I scratched the first night. Hurt. But when I scratched the second day... Oooouuuch. It felt like I had a bad burn, till morning. Talked to a nurse... Gave me, and another with the same symptoms cream something. Feels better. Have hair tied up. Recommended calamizal??? Sure I spelled wrong. The other person, had a sever rash around neck. She has longer hair. Have to tie up. Woe.

So has anyone noticed congragations of people. Or, people acting funny.

Aliens. 2 days till full moon.

I saw 3 lab trucks go by the college last night. Went completely around. That looked weird. All trucks were Identical.



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