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15:26 Jun 29 2017
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Tried again w my task force. Was a bit easier. Astrally, got them to the gateway. Just need to shove, them in. The apparatus was there. Don't worry guys only a few seconds. Lol Wont be a long interaction.




23:29 Jun 26 2017
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At, library. Can't get into my work stuff. So left a message w company directory. Mon Dieu.

Somebody, said that someone was gay, that is why problem w female exists. Could be. But, what it matters.

Someone new will be starting. Lets see!

Oh, I cleaned up my phone, because I couldn't take pictures. Took forever. But, there is a flash. I don't think that other picture had a flash.

It had night vision.

Mon Dieu. I really wish I had money! Can't take a picture, yet, of my echo's.




13:35 Jun 26 2017
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Started about 3.

Needed to update journal.

Did rituals. Left open.

Started w circ




14:41 Jun 25 2017
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To recap.... 2 nights ago. Saw guy topple over on bus ... hit his head so hard, I Thought he'd cracked it. Guy next to him kept screamin at him to get up. Once he eventually did. The other guy tried to get his phone. And give it to him. He wont listen and ran off the bus.

Driver. Female. Did nothing.

Last night. Guy in frnt of me fell asleep. Fell into the isle. Guy behind him, said that he had to get up. There is a lady present. And he needs to pull up his pants. Lol. He eventually did. Said somerhing lewd to him and me... I said I heard you. And he shut up. Said something nice on the way out. Started on the same street: about same location.

Lol. RTA.




00:11 Jun 25 2017
Times Read: 1,163

Tomorrow is the day!
Im off!

I check stub and everything.
First a glass of cheap wine.

Was kind of a funny day! Today. Hell is so raw lol.
Tonight, Im free to play the plane. Astral, that is. Lets see about the black matter. Hmmmmm

Tonight ...
OMG I forget a street guy, fell off the seat yesterday, on the bus. Hit head so hard. Bus driver did nothing.

Today had sSame w different street guy.
Weird. Fell off seat. Bus driver did nothing




13:43 Jun 23 2017
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Up early. Certainly not vampire hours. Yup, off to library. Can't stand the thought of another lousy check. Hopefully, all will be resolved soon. Time to ride the broom.

Have to fix my real diary. And do spells. Tonight!!!

Omg. Forgot to say. They hired someone that looks exactly like the street lady with the boom box. And dance routine. Swear ... looks like her. Seriously.

The gut w the underwear. Seriously. Who cares. I'm long time bourbon. Not even if he came in... w the village people straps.

And lastly. Which I'm sure that they were told. I call a certain couple The Clintons! Lol. What a world, what a world!

Day one: just saw a temp. .... Will try again later.
Needed to print out more res anyway.

Now to check my check stub.....

Can I control my annnnnnnnnggggggeeeeerrrrrrr! Furious!

Maybe I should wait!

Still kicking myself in the Ass! Hitting my head on the desk!!!!!!!!

Clean Bandit - Come Over ft. Stylo G [Official Video]




21:27 Jun 22 2017
Times Read: 1,192

Skrewd up lunch. Punch. There goes next check, also. :(

Need to find someone sweet! To have a little bite. Puts thing in perspective! ,,




05:53 Jun 22 2017
Times Read: 1,195

On a high note, I have nobody to suck on any more! Lol.... my drama.




05:52 Jun 22 2017
Times Read: 1,197

OK on a drama note: this young woman comes in and states she was a shrink. Truthfully, when I was Richy rich, I use to take a theatre class w a psych major, Chinese financial, the young guy. The female was in last year. Truthfully, I took psych I, and abnormal, myself. The real shrink was nothing like her. Although, she had issues, also. Left her husband for a month. She finally found a job in helping drug addicts. Not her first choice. Because, her daughter was an addict. But, only offer. She was about my age then. So, hmmmm. Who really is this girl.

The other stated I wanted to switch. Not true I said OK. Hate early hours anyway.

The others make up things, sometimes. But, one has cute drama. The other harsh reality check.

What a world, what a world!

One is pissed off. Because, the other pulls every stunt in the book.

Another also has problems w same.

Mon dieu .... the drama.
It was more fun chasing crooks :)




04:51 Jun 22 2017
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Well check came in, and was bad! Ouch. Tried to get into employee info to see check stub and couldn't. Took over 130 out of check , shortened a day. He said week begins on Sunday. All and all, Lol, I should have kept that other new job. But Hey, they would have conflicting hours. So much for ten an hour.

Well, the up side is, at least my phone is on, and I can do what I need to do. Waiting 3 weeks for this, the word yuck comes to mind. So to move up from under. Hey, at least I met some new friends.

But, God.... so needed phone. Must work fast. At least, I can pay two weeks, and electric. I'll come up w something.




00:10 Jun 20 2017
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Uh OH! Somebody sent me on a journey, for her, at work. I said, maybe I should punch out first. But, when I thought of it, HMMMMM. Why did they want to get me out of the way. Actually, asked that to the assistant mngr. HMMMMM
I left my card in my purse. Let's see. I had to activate it. The old card was shut off. Luckily, I doubled checked. It is like my old job. It takes time to know who you can trust. So many times, I did not count the ones. I knew, after two months of checking that she would never cheat my draw. I am sure they are checking me out, also. New Person Thing!

Meanwhile, Helen taught me about a new fruit. Let me think what it is called.... Mango. Nope. No. It was Mango. Yum, it was so sweet near the pit. I love that part. I really like everybody! But, the pays are only twice a month. On the 23, and on the 8. That is really hard to come back from. Lets see how everything goes. They have gone through, quit a few people. Meanwhile,....

Oh, and the lasagna was delicious. But, sure there wasn't a little Ex lax in it. I was joking!

Someone else bought me a sandwich. She is on a fluid diet, so cute. (Makes me feel young again!) Helen, again brought in crackers and can stuff. Didn't get sick from that!
And yes, the headaches aren't from hunger. But, so sweet for them to care. It is from the margarine. Had popcorn, last night and had the headache all morning. That is why I didn't talk to my landlord. lol. Maybe, I should wait till pay day. Hopefully, Thursday. I think the first time, it takes time to go through.

Need to reciprocate.

Landlord, shut off part of my electric, on father's day! Uh Oh. It is bad enough. Plus, I still have to starve to catch up, again.
Although, I came up with an idea. If I go monthly.... the next time, something happens, I will have time, and then I can go weekly. Just a safe precaution.

I am having a little trouble with the going back in time positioning.
I think my problem is because I haven't been doing the rituals astrally, in Stonehenge. So, I started up again! probably, need to renew the phone line!!!!!! I do feel like myself is coming back. I did start the rituals, again. But, lol, fell asleep again!

So November, is comin. You know what that means.... OFF WITH MY HEAD!!!!! The Queen of HEARTS will have it's way. ( Hey. Always, gives me peace of mind.) You, know the whole staring thing..... I forgot that was in a movie..... remember That biker movie.... what was the name of it..... where he sold his soul to the devil. LOL




18:08 Jun 15 2017
Times Read: 1,224

Found another place to apply at on Bourbon. Checked gmail. No luck. That 1030 to 600 slot is awkward.

Can't think of anything else to say. Such a boring life I lead, when I set out to deceive!
Just kidding.

Was thinking of my new Husband today! And the next astral flight! Might do it, the old fashion way. Not the new improved way!

Well, might as well leave. Nothing else to say!




21:38 Jun 13 2017
Times Read: 1,238

The Sun is so strong again this year, that my hair is starting to knot up again! So, I have to use Conditioner almost all week.
I pulled the snarl out. But, the hair is still burnt. Ouch. What a World! Maybe, the government, isn't telling us something. This snarl thing started, last year, for me, about this time.

Going to check the network that I found my current job in, lets see what I find. The time schedule is almost impossible to match. Everybody wants you at their beck and call!

Soon, to start, lets say my next astral road trip. It should be interesting. Going to have to do a little tug with My Man, to bring him in. :) Problem, he sleeps when I am awake. I sleep when he is awake.

Meanwhile. I love my book: dimensional analysis, scientific method, precision, independent variable, dependent variables, vectors, magnitude, scalars, displacement, instantaneous position, average velocity, a acceleration, instantaneous acceleration, NEGATIVE ACCELERATION, accel. due to gravity, free falling, free body, force, equilibrium, normal force, tension, components friction, equilibrant, MOTION IN DIMENSIONS, centripetal acceleration. Just to name a few quirks.

This blood is really, sweet. Physics, Principles and Problems, by Glencoe Science, When I have enough money, I am going to try to buy it!!

Love it, love it, love it. I am always reading what other physicists writes. Now, I get to learn on my own, why they are writing. You might say, I am going to their source.

Going to read it through, develop my own scientific method, and later play with the numbers, at chance. But, I intend to use it for something irregular, anyway. Not exactly, what the physcicists intend it for.

On the mundane side: I found the cutest little dinosaur, wall photo shot, at Walmart for two dollars, on clearance. I shouldn't have, cuz I have to make it strrrrreeeeettttccccchhhhh. If you know what I mean. So broke. But, it was; so perfect, for someday to be my pets' safari play room. I placed it low. So, that they could play with it. So adorable. Baby, of course, was the first to see it. They don't seem to be to scared of the Dinosaurous Rex. Although, the picture looks real. Sweet!

Meanwhile, from the library, saw the other Independence Day (Resurrection). Was Sweet. Didn't mean to get another Alien movie, But...
And, as a throw in, I got a bunch of Columbo's. Love the England one!

Trying to look up bars. But, I don't think I am looking up the right thing. You know those frozen daquari places. I wonder what those jobs are called. barmaids. no. how about counter something...




01:37 Jun 13 2017
Times Read: 1,245

Saw 3 different people, Astrally. Two are the old ones, and one new one!

Not sure what the White Shirt means.

At work, the initial meet is over. We are just getting to know each other now. Real Sweet Shop.

Off tomorrow. Yup, Jooooobbbbb hunt, for extra money. Only had a few minutes today!!!!!!

Closing, got to go!!!!!!




01:29 Jun 09 2017
Times Read: 1,255

Well, I said I would get a job within 4 resumes, and I did. Now, really, I have to figure out a place. Between 11:00 - 5:00.
I'm stumped on this one. But, I need to figure something, very soon. Library is closing. Would prefer a local small one. Care, Waitress, Clean-up.

I don't think Bourbon is a good Idea, unless it is something for 4 hours till closing. Maybe, or 5 would be sweeter. Can't be a place with shot girls.

Right now trying desperately, to devise a plan. Tic TOC TIC toc.

Well, on the bright side, someone said they make a very good commission. That is a month away, so I'll put it out of my mind.

Must be full moon Tonight.




03:06 Jun 08 2017
Times Read: 1,261

First day! Nope, not like training day ;)

Of course first day jitters. Or maybe, that large coffee, was at fault.

The computer system was amazing. Looks like Microsoft, w a lot of DOS codes. I only learnt the codes for the cash, credit. And employee. There are a vast amount of functions, that the computer can do.

Saw the excel, really made up w tons of functions. To bad, you just can't hit a mackerel. (Bet you I spelled that wrong.)

Saw her doing a on line. Very impressive. Low shipping.

To my surprise, D told me to pick out 4 shirts. OMG. No employer ever said that. Of course, some rhinestone. Put one of them on pretty fast. Even though, I was very hesitate . And what about that hour lunch! What is with that!

Hmmm. Going to have to cut down for a little while. So, if I don't type in journal, not pod creature! Lol




12:39 Jun 07 2017
Times Read: 1,264

Up and going. If can, need a small coffee!




23:54 Jun 06 2017
Times Read: 1,272

While rushing for the RedBull car, down Bourbon. Wack. Hit some broken sidewalk with middle toe. Ouch
That's what I get goin for a freebie. Can move it, just discolored and, maybe I shouldn't say this on a vampire, channel: bleeding. Whew!

Well, did get a freebie at the library. Sweet. Asked for a book cloth book bag!!! ;)

So, watching Clover field. But, I hate it when they do that home video thing! Guess, I'll turn it low, and look at Physics book. Pretty good one. Glencoe Science. Yum!




12:41 Jun 06 2017
Times Read: 1,282

Just followed the new followed Twitters. I'm not going to see any of my old ones soon. One of them, I got from Pres. Trump tweets. Can't think of the name. Miline reports. No. Oh. Drudge reports. Actually, pretty good.

OK. Need to find library. Guess I'll go to the big one. One that doesn't have a bunch waiting.

Oh yeah! Was viewing the dragon launch, and docking. Pretty cool on time lapse. Couldn't think of the movie w space x. Till now. Wasn't it Planet X. That's a real oldie.

Time 1:08

Whew! Done. Don't ask me how I made it in 1:03. There were problems: Couldnt download stuff, and once the screen wouldn't move, so I went back. And it erased a few things. Mon Dieu. So re entered. Turned out, it was a slow turn screen. Did everything. All paperwork. Lots and lots.

Start work tomorrow.

Having a coffee to relax. Yup, a cheap one.
Probably will go back to library! Wouldn't mind a better Geo book. Saw a Stat Wars. Book. Used for free. Made me think of that girl, at my last job. She loves Star Wars. Kind of crazy about it. But, I don't know. Used. Some day I should stop being the nice guy!.
Actually, was going to bring it to her.

Was a woman on bus who fell. Me , and this guy got up to help her. She started to cry, but: stopped when bus driver was talking to her. Awwww. I waited for her to give us the OK, to pick her up. She said, no ambulance and did. She Got off the bus,OK, in front of the hospital.. Whew!




07:04 Jun 06 2017
Times Read: 1,289

Witching hour, and someone woke me. Luckily, fell asleep w contacts. All the pets got up with me! Time for a midnight snack.

Woops saw the NH, in email. The earliest is 10, in the city. Or 12 here. Don't think I should do it on my Android. I think further out, is 9. Will check main.

Rain stopped outside. It felt good.

The Florida episode, was a fired veteran, getting even. Then, shooting himself. He would have been a first choice, at any other job. But, times are bleak!

They say that Qatar, isn't as big as Texas. But, they are a fuel station. Very rich, very powerful, and very Muslim. Could be the supporter. News said 80 percent are foeeigners. But, is a Muslim capital. Their stocks dropped. Due to blockage. But, for now, that is only on paper.

Lights out, alarm set!




14:55 Jun 05 2017
Times Read: 1,308

My next funny alien quip, is w Stephen Colbert show, and S. Weaver, on You Tube. She needed Trump Care, just kidding. Was trying to get medical help. Love whole Alien thing. Ending was Cute!

Had to look up a new word: think Qatar. And what is goin on. Think a good thing.

Was mass shouting in Florida. Waiting for more info.

Cut, some of dog hair. Didn't get bit. Yeah. Will finish grumming tonight.

Getting up and getting exercise.

Wound up at library, before storm started. Breeze felt so good, right before. Guess I should read something. Hmmm what. And look at the pages for new job. Gmail, isn't there, yet!

OK. Scanned. Only problem: co handbook. Will cost to much to print. Only, have an hour. Maybe, just skim.

Might as well play with equations, Meanwhile.

Such a square w geometry. Really need to brush up. Sat errors were in that.

New boss called. He is checking on start up.




14:47 Jun 04 2017
Times Read: 1,335

In wake to the new London attack: Run, Hide and Tell, is posted for civilians. That won't do!

Shouldn't it be, more like: Crush, Kill, Destroy! What was that space series. Oh yeah: Lost in Space. We can put the nice robot back later!

You know: what's that movie, in black & white. Where the alien world, had robots to control there crime. The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Maybe we could use Drones. Of course, some idiot would do the attack thing, w them. Nothing is safe. Trust no one.

Speaking of Aliens. And,, I still wish someone would take me to that movie.
On YouTube, they have a new alien jolt. James's new girlfriend is the "Alien... was so funny. The little clutch bag takes the cake. Ha ha!


Meanwhile, didn't look for waitress job yesterday. Would burn up hour, if packet comes in. Maybe, I can borrows JRs I'd. Hmmmmm.

Water tasted like rust. Maybe will treat myself to a cup of coffee.




22:20 Jun 03 2017
Times Read: 1,340

Internet stuff didn't come through, yet, for job. Too late now. Will have to check again tomorrow. He gave me directions. On printed sheets. Page by page. Later I will look threw, instead of waiting till I get to a computer.

Pets had a cold, last week. But, no more sneezing. Maybe, they look like my pets, sound like my pets. But, aren't.
Just joking.

Truthfully, there hasn't been any further change w me. So, I guess that's it. Can do another tine sequel.




16:34 Jun 03 2017
Times Read: 1,343

Got the job! Next step!

Surprisingly, I look better, today. Especially, w all that tension. Wore that pink and white dress. Got to watch out. Lots of offers. Oooops just needed to pay electric. One was so young, asked for number at bus stop. Just said, very big compliment. But, I'm much older. Whew!

OK. Phone didn't work again last night. Not the earplugs. Hmmmm. Maybe, talk stoppage, is from full storage. Have had this phone for years. Hate to lose it.




17:10 Jun 01 2017
Times Read: 1,351

Well, early this morning, astrally I heard pew pew. They are almost all dark. And I saw a rag in my hand crumble.

Truthfully, I worked with a few dark girls, who were very nice, and very helpful, and good. So, it didn't bother me when I saw all dark. But, that astral, is what it is.

Already called them; it would have been only 2 days a week and couldn't verify. So I had to cancel.

So later, I saw a beauful towel. What Buggers.

Took the P test. Gross. You can't wash your hands and you have to fill er up. Yuck. Trauma over.

Going to look around quarter to see where I can get a lil job, to help, when slow. When I find out more. Just getting Ideas. Dec. Is very slow.



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