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19:51 Mar 31 2023
Times Read: 291

Well, I haven't even had my luggage carrier, for a week... And, two lil bandits have cut my cord twice. Was/is so mad. I only left the buggy twice. Once when nobody was on the street for a few seconds.(quick pee.) The other, when a lying crap, who incidentally was totally under the influence. Let's just say, never rebuke a lier unless u have to. Well any way, he claimed someone stole his cardboard, and wanted me to get a new. Like a dummy, I did. In the early morning, the cord pulled easily off, cuz someone did a straight cut in two places. Nice. Not yI can call the cops about. But, harassment, is the key word.

Well, have to take care of business. Told him yesterday... I don't fun@#$_&in care about his f@#$$ blanket and card board.

Do I ever ask them for anything... No. Do they always ask me for something... Yes. Gay men, f o r r e a l. Gross

Then the sic the crazy preacher man on me. The guy that when he fears too much... Does a screaming conversation on the home, to no one. Unbelievable. He's the worst in storms. He can't handle them.

What a world, what a world.

So I told him the truth, I don't give a shit what he thinks, or says.

Really, need some Buddha meditation.
Speaking of, the art class lady, had the same Buddha necklace, as the one on my phone. Sweet. To bad it's not relaxing me.

Haven't ate anything from the help place, since I threw up all the lunch yesterday.
And, of course when I treated myself to Chinese, and, of course, everyone has to ask me for some. Druggers, don't by food. Neither, do vampires...

I have two typing errors, oh well...




22:49 Mar 29 2023
Times Read: 218

I really have to figure out, how to get a safe dwelling, for me and kitty. like a feather in the wind. Even if I have to loose housing. Can't get that for a while anyway. And, haven't found a nice pet sitter to get the other. If only I had a dwelling. Then I would look for work fast.

I noticed that there was a lot of places closed in the French Quarter.

I put the nice things on Twitter. I should put the bad. Like the guy with the spike. Like the kid last night, screaming, for a long time: at the top of his lungs. Like the younger guy, who is totally crazy, since Sunday. Even the guy that likes my cat, must have took bad stuff. Or should I say cheep. His facial twirls are severe.




16:20 Mar 24 2023
Times Read: 237

To make a short of last night. A pest, had a gay guy waiting for him. For hours. When all of a sudden he sat between his legs. I had a few words. But, the gay guy felt in the right. One of the times I woke the pest up. The guy showed him Vaseline for his butt. LOL. But, there was no way to really wake the pest. Finally, the gay guy left. About an hour later. The pest finally woke up and threw up all over the place.

Me and the other guy cleaned it up.

Unbelievable. I want gays to pleeeasasee leave me alone.




21:17 Mar 23 2023
Times Read: 256

Here I am, thinking I did right by helping w the stop short term housing. And, a gay black man, ran off with my umbrella, while I explained my sign to him. Mon Dieu. I know I left with it, at the function. But, outside I had my cat in the shade while I sat around the corner. And, the back wasn't visible while he bent over talking. What a set up. It was a cheap umbrella that I spent a lot of money on. The kind u buy in the quarter. The kind that won't last in wind. LOL. But....

I really have to stay away from gay black homeless people. No offense.

Can u believe... That white gay guy called me fat... Yeah legs. He should check his upper gut, and wrinkled face. Let's measure. HIS NEW CRACK BLACK FRIEND DOESN'T COUNT.
Because of him, I stopped helping most. Should stop altogether. Truthfully, Leggs has many family members worried about him. I'm sure he could go back home. If he wanted.

Too tired today. My nice side is too tired. LOL

Truthfully, the guYs who come in after diner, have the worst. One night, one of them had his blanket raised. That guy jumped up w a weapon. While the guy he wanted to have sex w jumped up.... And threatened him. I pulled out my blade, in case. Cuz the perpetrator had a metal tool. GAY GUY SAID HE MISUNDERSTOOD. LOL

Then after all, the guy explained how many gay men go after him, in the library.

Another night... A wheelchair guy was jerking off on the side of him. Yup, he threatened to kill him. Wheel chair guy left.

I know he doesn't want the guy that shoots up all the time, here. But, he is seeming to linger. Although, he did say shut up to him. That guy had wooden weapons on him. Yesterday, and today.

Now the guy who shoots up, has another guy watching him. Gave him Vaseline for his butt. Unbelievable.





18:51 Mar 21 2023
Times Read: 272

Already, almost 2. LOL. I did my Taco Tuesday gift to security. As a thank you for watching my cat. And, I scored a LSU old Sweatshirt. Plus, I waited till the end, so I finally tried a 🌮. Scrumptious. The sweatshirt is a Cool. 2001 Sec. Had to hide it from the guys. One saw it. So sweet 🧁.

The preacher had everyone wait in line, for a while. Noticed, one of the trouble makers didn't have a problem with it. Funny, guess he can wait in the cold. But, the other wasn't there. I had a breakfast then, had a lil money. This week broke...

Family dollar Sheba was three dollars more than marked. The litter was a dollar more than Rouses. And, there was no cat food. Just, Rachel Ray, which I new my cat wouldn't eat. Or Purina, that makes his stomach hurt. Had to get RR brand. I'm mixing it w Friskie.

Have to check the moon phase...




19:18 Mar 16 2023
Times Read: 297

I'm waiting before I take off. Have to go to an open store, need an umbrella for Friday.... Next four days are supposed to suck.

Started doing Buddha meditations, to still the upset mind. Let's see how it goes. . . .

Ate too much today, maybe just a snack tonight. LoL. Maybe, I should sleep in my chair tonight. Wish I didn't give my heavy blanket away.

Someone gave me low rise jeans. LOL. I need a t-shirt. If I had the bigger size like the day before, they would be higher. I might go back to the Taco Place. I got lucky, though. Can't eat the tacos. But, I did luck out w two pairs of jeans. Luckily, cuz I had to throw out nice pants, when I got sick.... That was a bummer. Plus I have a pink shirt. She said she might have summer cloths next time. LOL. I have to bring them spoons. I watched everyone,... But, still didn't know what I was doing. Think I stole their spoon with the all you can drink coffee. Actually only, had one cup...

Just read that some foreigners can prove that we can time travel. Soon, many will disappear if that's true. 😂.

A juju man told me I was going to get a home. Hmmmmmmm




22:50 Mar 15 2023
Times Read: 310

Ever since the President's wife visited Louisiana, we have had lousy weather. When she got here it got cold. It never got cold before a storm, only after. Then, rain cold, rain cold.... Friday is supposed to be awful. What a Jinx...
A lot of people already threw there winter wardrobe. Then... Winter hit again.

As far as the new cat sitter goes... Nothing yet. Met a few. But, need a nice honest guy.

Went threw the God Equation again. Have an Idea. But, when is the issue....

Well, anyway... I have prayed with every faith, and apostle around.... No place to live, for me and my cat, yet.




19:53 Mar 11 2023
Times Read: 331

This cat-sitter was CRAZY. Obviously, doesn't like cats. Said to me I'm obviously bad to give to a crack addict. Actually, I said he might be right. Karma.

So, he made a Hugh scene w the spiritual advisors, over the line. Just like the last one.what... everyone knows... that even if you don't have a ticket you can go in line. And, he's homeless, jobless. But gets money for disability, health, and food. Usually, he uses his health card for food. The money disappears though.

Well, anyway he's gone. . . . After yelling at the preacher, the woman in the wheel chair, the woman who brought him food and who went to get him some health and beauty aids, then of course me.... So, I was going to leave... And he left first....

He'd be the perfect Wicked Witch of the West.




07:39 Mar 11 2023
Times Read: 346

Well, I have a pet sitter that isn't good. You can tell he's never had a cat, or dog. Plus, my cats is use to jumping on the old sitter. And, this one is to thin and afraid. When he goes to jump, he can't stay on. So he tries to hold, and wind up scratching. Which could kill my cat cuz he has HIV. The pet sitter gets food, coffee. Money, if I'm away for over two hours. But, leaving him w a non pet person, isn't good. He's not friendly to him, just me.

I did a short baby sitting for Blue, and Gretta. They are sweet put bulls. It was for free guys. LoL.

The problem was, that the old pet sitter wanted to hitch up, so when I went for coffee, and food, I bought for him also. God. . . . Unbelievable.

I could only afford a day care for two days a week. Maybe, I could start w that. Working, that is, and build up w pay. Hmmmmm.

Someone did give a suggestion that interviewed me. But it's a shelter. Although, There is a night care. Boarding. They only have day care for dogs. Although, there is another that might do cats. It's a lil pricey. I'd have to save up. But, it would be a pet sitter while I go to work. I wouldn't have to pay for guys and boyfriends. Although, the new sitter isn't at all calling men over, the way the old one did. It costs. And, no appreciation.

This one is weird. Said he used all govt money for drugs. But, his withdrawal wasn't bad. Actually, he doesn't seem bad in that way. Very odd.

Well, I have to find a place that has lil Sheba. The fancy feast makes my cat itchy. Meanwhile, I bought frisky chunks for replacement.

What I do for my 😺.




14:02 Mar 09 2023
Times Read: 363

Well, was problems... Someone left napkins in my cat carrier, while I slept early. The other night, someone unlocked my cat. Very pissed. I kept knife open, near me. And, stayed up all 🌃 ... Not joking.... waiting. I'm pretty sure who did it. And, why.... He came by and said you two have to split, so I can get in the middle. ..... Give me a break. This was late at night. I wouldn't. Guy next to me is gay. But, not good cat sitter. But, anyway.... Crazy man....not that there is not plenty of them... I should not be so nice to people. They take advantage.. I am 🚫 longer talking to.... Legs can go to hell. After, all the help I gave, got nasty. But, hey I helped cu I wanted to. Not that I expected anything from it.

Did a circle w people around on the, 7th... I don't think they saw.

The two last chapters, of The God Equation, was good. Going over when I get a chance. Might be something to work with.




02:02 Mar 05 2023
Times Read: 390

Well, day started off bad. Grump Guz couldn't be nice.

First he said, well I said we should sit there. But, big deal we have to move twenty feet.I guess he doesn't count all the times I went to Rouses, and paid for us. Big deal. Then he said he didn't want anymore red beans and rice. So ok. He hurt the preacher's feelings.

So when the guy was handling out tickets, I didn't get up to get one. For me...my bag is too heavy, and I'm going to have to clear it. Eat it.... I mean.

So,there were guest speakers. When done.... I ran to the other side.I found out, that the group that gave fish last week, was part of them. They, also, had lots of stuff to give.... But I would have had to accumulate.... No...

So now Leggs, who said he wasn't hungry, said the preacher brought over two meals. And, he was eating one. But, no.... I can't. I have to empty my snack bag..... Too heavy....

So now, Grumpy is mad at me and his friend for not coming right back. Why, I don't know, cuz he was eating a hotdog. Then his friend said he wanted to die. Cuz Grumpy wanted to fight. So, sad. Luckily, the guy who helps as volunteer, came by.... Gave letters and cards, andTalked to new chum.

Seeing that Grumpy couldn't be nice. I asked his chum, where I could charge phone, and where I could keep my cat, w me. He said a new a place. So we left to find. And, we gave Grumpy some space.

Oh. The GA that dumped me, tried to give me breakfast, and a a large phone. Seriously. I can't even carry what I have. Plus, I ate breakfast with them early. Guess Grump wanted someone to bring him breakfast. But, let's not forget. GA dumped me. And, I mentioned that phone for Boo, not for me. Seriously. GA has had a a line of woman, plus kids, and grandkids.
And, Grumpy ate that big breakfast. LoL.
So... Back to a charger where I could bring my cat...

The park, where we went, had a great band. I didn't think we should charge w all the activities. So we waited. . . . When the band took a break, I asked my new buddy if he could check and see if there was a cheap beer 🍺. He came back w two buds... For free.

Then while we were charging, after the band left.... The free beer people, gave us free soda. But like I said... I couldn't add.... Too bad, had lots.

So after we went to another place, we went back, to sleep. Was crazy guy here dancing again. Some guy took him to the hospital. Plus, someone I am leary of, is here.

Hopefully, Grumpy will be in a better mood tomorrow.

Had fun w my new chum. Hope he doesn't want to die anymore.




05:08 Mar 03 2023
Times Read: 412

Omg. I'm laying next to, who we call scab head. God, usually Leggs lays near him. He's so filthy. And, leaves an awful mess argh. What a world.

We call him scab head cuz.... Everytime you look up and he there... He's always scratching his head scabs. Argh..

We were going to be near Aunt Jemima,... although she can't stand still, nor stop eating ... But, storm at five. Maybe.

I let Leggs be by himself yesterday. Cuz, it's been bad for him. Age for retirement is moved to 57. He didn't get food stamps on his card, plus... His friend had a first of the month no show... And, he asked him to do something for money, and did a no show. Plus, some of his mail was old.

I have to do something, to get my pet and I, out of this. At least we got out of camping. But...

Me, and Leggs were almost on the News. I said no. I think Wbsu or something like that.

Man, he's so gross behind me..

I wish , I wish, I could either go back to New York, , or California.



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