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21:50 May 26 2018
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Can't believe there is a state of emergency. Just when everything was going good. Found a nice pair of black pants for 2.99 at the thrift. Wow. So lucked out. Actually, had a choice. by the 3rd, I like the way that they looked, and said ok, how much, and wow, it was cheap. Monday, have to go back, couldn't find a black button down shirt. Nothing nice anyway.

Well, the storm is coming Monday, ahhhhh, it cools everything off. Right now there is really, not much out there. But, I guess, currents from the volcano, can mess things up. I guess.

Well, hopefully, the thrift will be open Monday morn, and I can find a shirt. Sale Day!

Oh, double checked storm. They are thinking that it is going to be a Cyclone. Hmmmmmm

Wow, I can't believe all those people taking video. But, Wow.
Lava from Kilauea volcano oozes down Hawaii street – timelapse video

Oh, and I didn't throw out the original batteries. Mon Dieu. They were in my old purse, to that cow I found. They are Switzerland print, but, says, Power, for the name. And they have a red cross on them, sweet.




21:08 May 25 2018
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Didn't read anything last night, but, almost finished the first book, on Carl Jung. The Paranormal. Wouldn't mind opening that door a little wider.

Had a call this morning, for a interview, at a place like the job fair, only there is a scheduled appt. Went for a older person position, hope it is a match. Meanwhile, I start training at the temp position, on that day! So far, easy communication.

The temp job texts. (Truthfully, I had to check if it was them, because you put so much on the internet, that I could have been texted by someone else.) They text. Really, that is wonderful. Cuz yesterday, I was in a rain funk and didn't check messages till late. Lol, Txt'd back about 3 in morn. New technology, awesome. Hopefully, didn't wake. Usually, everyone turns off phone, at that time.

Meanwhile, that other place sent a email, stating if hired, you will hear back in 5 to 7 days. Which is odd. Because they were talking about immediate hiring. But, that is how it is in NOLA. They did say that there was over 300 applicants. Like I said. And that they interviewed all of them. The place is like a old, catch your eye, place. Someplace where you go to be noticed. Like I said, it is political, so that will be the end of the journal, if hired. So is the other place I am going to interview with, after training next week.

I don't see any problem, because, the political places take forever to start. Because of the processes that you have to go through, to board. And let's face it, not hired perm yet!

Meanwhile, What have I been saying, man O' man, and a cute thing when I clean the pet mess. I'll remember. So Cute. got to clean your, Poop's a dodo or something. like that. LOL. This one, I don't mind picking up from. It is for the subject at hand. and I can't do everything that he can do, yet!

Nice rain day today!!!!!!!




19:53 May 24 2018
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Why I took a bath today, and put on clean cloths is sooooooo stupid. Storm hit just after I left apt. Now look, well, rather not say.

Mon dieu, soooooo many people went to the job fair yesterday, which was for about 5 jobs. Must have been 300 or more, at least wow. Not much of chance. Sweet place. She said she would put my name in. But, .... It's political, which means I would have to cut out on VP. And I think she was being nice.

Meanwhile, still nothing on the internet.

Have two new books, that actually, someone took Jung's works on the subject and rewrote his works into that subject.
Actually, is fair. Talks about a lot of time and space, mostly because Jung was fond of Einstein. The variation that is popular is e = Mv2/2. It hits on physics like I did. But, moves on. He has never actually, confirmed his belief.

Although, his manifestations are of interest. He might be adlibbing. But, if he isn't. wow. He really goes further.

The start with him isn't physics. it was him blowing smoke on a matt, wearing leaves. That is cult. The leaves look like the leaves that are on the tree, in this lecture. Carl Jung on Film FULL INTERVIEW
The merging with his energy, seems like he is forceful and wants his solitude.
Swedish cow, actually, would have just placed on his coincidence list. He always states that he can not connect the dots into one. Just has a lot of dots.

The following are really, easy to read books. And the last one he wrote is great.
Jung on death and immortality
Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961.

Jung on synchronicity and the paranormal
Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961.

I am so interested in a few faucets of his: One, being that he has a way to tell when someone is going to immediately die. (But, it could be a Death Wish.)
Also, his manifestations, in the material world are few but, extreme.
Also, his life after death, is magnificent.

When I use imagery with his connection, the lower plane looks messy. But imagery on the upper plane is more solid.

The alchemy that I saw came after one of his readings. Maybe it was a connection of the place, where he smelt something foul in the air. And where he heard sounds. It might have been from the other man that owned the place. He himself saw a woman with her face messed up, and dead.

The substance was dark, once the fluid was burned, it was solid with peaks. Then it was placed in a storage, where it collected some kind of microorganism. I think it is suppose to be injected.




20:26 May 22 2018
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Put my possessed Toy on You Tube. LOL

Now, I have a different reading, of Dr. Jung. Much nicer, to the point.

Saw astrally, Black fluid, in a tube, with a cork and a tube coming out of it, being heated, to a dry substance. Then is stored in a some sort of incubator. Then you take what grows on top, I think. lost the transmittal.

I have to admit, he gets into a portal that I am not able to reach, yet. There must be a way.

Definitely will have to rewrite this..... Witches of East End's New Season Gets a Music Video Remix.... a new season!




18:34 May 21 2018
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I am so glad that I didn't go into the city. Mon dieu, three holes in dress. that is it for this one. Wouldn't have been a good scene. Maybe it was for a good thing, heavy rain.

Glad my rain spell worked. Was becoming a desert.

Well, back to job search.

Tropical Disturbance in the Caribbean
Hawaii's Kilauea volcano spews toxic glass cloud as lava reaches ocean




20:51 May 20 2018
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Carl Gustav Jung - To Believe Or Not To Believe?

Let me start at the beginning. I had a dream, linking with the energy of Carl Jung. The dream had cows behind a door in sort of an alley. I knew that I would never have a cow dream. So, had to be my link.

In my readings, I saw a few excerpts of a cow, from Dr. Jung.

Have looked back jokingly, and such a cute thing, and smiled.

Recently, at a bus stop in Harahan, I found a cow, that has a baby cow, tied in his chest pocket. It has a red hat, with Switzerland, and a white cross on the hat. I had tried some low batteries, but the sound card didn't work. It sits on a counter, not a key chain.

Found a cow similar, and it is a gem, sound card didn't work. Person wants 30, for the key chain. No longer, is anyone able to buy it.

I bought some dollar batteries. (Oh, I shouldn't have thrown out the batteries that were in it, they probably were Swiss, also.

Anyway, when I got home yesterday, I put the new batteries in. Nothing. Was a little sad. Tried turning it on and off, with no luck. So, I decided to lay down on my Futon, and keep tapping on the battery case: Just in case it is stuck, due to no use for a long period on time. So I turned it on, lightly tap, tap, tap. Turned off tap, tap, tap, on going. finally I turned it towards the side, as I was going to rest from it a while.

Now, what did I think it sounded like: Maybe, a moo, maybe a baby song, maybe nothing.





ah hah... found it on you tube.... but, mine moves.... But here is the sound....
The singing Swiss cow twins on you tube!

Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love




17:43 May 19 2018
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Found out that the plush cow and baby is vintage. The keychain is going for 30. I have a sit on the shelf. Will get batteries to see if it works. Sweet. Has Splash Art Tag. Switzerland. Awesome

Storm last night was sooooooo great. Heard a sound like a airplane, only more forceful. Maybe cuz of volcano effect on weather.




20:19 May 18 2018
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Re: dream with Carl Jung energy.

Found the cows, reasoning.

Yesterday, I was at a bus stop, and saw in the garbage bag a cute cow stuffy. When I pulled it out, it had a baby cow attached. And on the Big Cows Head, was a red hat that said Switzerland.

So that is why I saw the cows. Demons can be human or animal. That is what he said. And he is originally Swiss.

Maybe I can find a picture online. What a coincidence.

Found something close, the cow looks the same. But, it is not a key chain, it is suppose to sit on a counter and make noise. Looks almost perfect though. The baby is missing in the picture. But, the spot where the baby goes is there. Sweet. In the square pocket on the cow. And there is nothing on the pocket for the baby. In the portfolio.

X-Men: DOFP. Quicksilver Scene with Sweet Dreams.




17:13 May 16 2018
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Man, I was so glad when it rained a little. Whew. Dry Out. Had a little ice, later a bit a rain.

North East, had a storm they didn't want.

Miami, Volcano blew again, wow, never seen such a beautiful, Pele Goddess, is not happy!. Trump finally said disaster area. Actually, Island people are sweet! Very beautiful, and very understanding!

Maybe, I should have laid the rose.... but, where...

Suicide Squad Song | "Voices In My Head" | #NerdOut! (Unofficial Suicide Squad Soundtrack)

Going to try and do spell, to find philosopher stone. And I have to make sure it stops me in track. Probably wouldn't know it by looking.




18:50 May 15 2018
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With the new moon.... Found baby Zyrtec... yeah!

Got call from temp, but for awful job. Must take till something full time opens. Not even something to tell landlord, just will leave payments....

Got to do two spells.... A rain dance, and health.

Tried listening to the grove (Nature) last night. To much outside interference.

Gallo-Roman limestone statue of Telesphorus discovered in 1884 in Moulézan (southern France), now exhibited in the Archeological Museum of Nîmes. The god is dressed in the hooded cape typical of the depiction of Celts in Roman Gaul.
In ancient Greek religion, Telesphorus (Greek: Τελεσφόρος Telesphoros) was a son of Asclepius. He frequently accompanied his sister, Hygieia. He was a dwarf whose head was always covered with a cowl hood or cap.

He symbolized recovery from illness, as his name means "the accomplisher" or "bringer of completion" in Greek. Representations of him are found mainly in Anatolia and along the Danube.

Telesphorus is assumed to have been a Celtic god in origin, who was taken to Anatolia by the Galatians in the 3rd century BC, where he would have become associated with the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, perhaps in Pergamon

Carl Jung Speaks of Introverted Intuitives (Empaths) ....C.G. Jung - death is not the end

Philosophers Stone - A Thorough Explanation - Token Rock

Philosophers Stone. The Philosopher's Stone is a legendary substance or magical touchstone, supposedly capable of transmuting inexpensive metals such as lead into gold; it was also believed to be the Elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality.




17:25 May 14 2018
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Don't have much time, library is full and job search is really why I'm here.

Saw, A man where I live, said he was dying, awwwww, will try to do something in waxing moon. New moon tomorrow, 0 percent. More sad news is not what I need. And didn't win the lottery. lol. Not a shock.

Put, collars on all pets, Scooby keeps knocking off, and pye had his bloody, so took it off. Have to find the baby zyrtec somewhere. Walmart is out. But, I bug spray on fabric and wall seams, everyday, now. Although, the stuff I use is not good for german roaches. Just everything else.

Just a brief, a while ago, I said that it was as if the wind was trying to tell me something. Read, a little, although job is priority. In my reading, the author states that the water, wind, etc.... talks, you just have to decipher. hmmmmmm Maybe need to listen accurately.

Wearing first pair of shoes, since the injury. Clogs. Have fur lining for comfort, although it is a little hot.

Going to look at two more things, for job search 4:04.

As far as the black goo/Carl Jung.... Nemo
Specifically, Jung related the night sea journey to the alchemical stage called nigredo, or blackening. In this stage, the substance undergoing change is blackened by fire so it can be purified and broken down to its most basic constituents, also known as the prima materia. Psychologically speaking, this is when a disruptive event causes us to turn inward; shed our outside, public-facing self; and confront the most basic parts that make us up, both light and dark. This is when we enter the dark, bewildering inner world of the unconscious, where we encounter what Jung called our shadow, or the previously unexplored “dark side” of our personality.




Happy Mother's Day Y'All

20:27 May 12 2018
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Still looking for a job.... Nothing as usual.

Was zupping up my other self, and someone came in the door. Of course, it is Nemo.

I hope he knows that this one is not going to be an astral movie. The black slime hmmmmm. Time travel. hmmmmmm

A mantra is a Sphere.... The center of a mantra is the whole personality. The personality is the order.




20:25 May 11 2018
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Last night, got home and saw the sun's light reflecting on my door. The door across was shattered in half. Very impressive, must have been someone looking for drugs. I think that someone said the night before.... what is going on here! Something like that.

Definitely, have to go back to work. Can't find a spot for the pets.....

Switching over.




17:49 May 10 2018
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Well, haven't heard the Airport people astrally, that.... I don't think I know, anyway, lately. Voice control.... Mon Dieu. That only works in the Army, due to M.P.S. They know why! And as much as they are trying to get on my good side with the brutality..... Stop flirting. Really hate ass kissers.

Switching over, changing things.

I have to eat out a lot, do to no electricity. Today, McDonalds. Man, just give me a gun. I can't believe the prices went up, and.... I had to type my own order in, than.... wait for register.... Just let me shoot my brain out. Mon Dieu!

Went back to taking Men's Vitamins, Mon dieu.... feel a lot better.... lol .... just get big arm muscles.... lol

Pendulum - Slam (Music Video)




19:36 May 09 2018
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Today, I rate myself: on the verge of insanity, not insane. Before, did a lot of things that I don't do, but, need, to clear my mind of this awful place. Sort of helper, (cuz he does nothing but nasty astrally) had cried, so I left him out of it. Trying so hard to refocus.
Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty (Official Music Video)
Ok, I really, need to get out of the awful place, and actually make money. Before, I would just jump in the car, and pack up, and drive. That is how I got from Rhode Island, to Florida, To Mississippi, to hear. Truthfully, would have went to California. There must be a way to do it! At least it is bigger, with more jobs. Although, the rest of what is going on is similar. Thought of buying a bicycle with a baby hatch for the bike for the pets. LOL. Cute. But, I think I will have problems, car would be better. Need to think of something, not much time left.

The Shelters here, do not include animals, although there are some camps, I could put them in.

Really, I have to stop being the victim. Right now Foraging. I am stuck financially, nobody wants to pay, and I am sick of having to threaten, or call lawyer, or do labor dept.

Last Jobs, last one, I know are Satanists, and trouble, but finally got check, although it was my leg problem. The one before, held check back, and actually yelled about a lie that they did, one before that, changed the schedule, cant go in at 3am, and can't go home at 11pm. One before, only below minimum, before that, made up lie about money and safe, one before that, paid min, not what was promised (although, other things.) one before that changed draw policy..... so, on and so on.

More relaxed to day. Should check out what is going on the earth, in between trying to find a way, to make it and to pay off debts accrued.

Need to find the next move.




18:21 May 07 2018
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Mon Dieu, what I am doing, I keep getting jobs that are either going to rip me off, or not pay me at all. Yup, I have to pay them to work like a slave, mondieu, Satanism. Let's just spread the hate!!!!!

What finally, did it: told landlord That I was going to relieve his stress, got to go. Now you would think that he would leave me alone so I can at least look for a shelter, for me and mine. But, no, kept saying when, when when. And yup, he blew off an important call from the labor dept., because of it. Snapped. They (*&^&*( win. I not going to live the right way anymore, I give up, )((*&&&** this. Maybe from a backpack soon, maybe I can hitch to California soon. This is shit. I really went nuts for 2 days been in a daze. Shut phone off. So I can isolate and start up, on the change in my life. Sick of trying to do it right.

Carrie Underwood - Cry Pretty (Official Music Video)

Meanwhile, the people around the airport time is trying to chat with me. atrally, as usual!. Yup, another...... All I can say, give it up, spread the hate around with someone else.

Well, got to look for my new life. Going to hit the road soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(oh, for those who think I am making up the prostitute, she is the one who told me, saw her at the restaurant with a john or two, her way that is all.)

Please, no more astral buddies, or friends who have to act nice and astrally, knock me down. Mon Dieu. Dis clude ME

OK, getting warmer.... Only found California, Orange County, don't think I can get there, can I??????
No Shelter, with pets where I live.
Getting warmer though....




18:51 May 04 2018
Times Read: 1,251

Landlord wants to get paid. No job, No prospects, no Ra. Need to relieve him of his stress. Really, think I was given a hard lesson in April Fools. Looking for the web site to file for the zoo. thought it was on Labor Dept. Will have to call. Landlord keeps saying when you leaving! Guess I got the message. Really, working on it. He keeps paging.... I give up.... he wins! At least I won't have anyone flip hair in my face.(Don't ask, it was a joke to start. Just meant they don't like me.) Won't have that you gatta have a pimp scene, like I've been getting. Need to find loving guy/place, who loves pets fast....

Meanwhile, Two cats are bad, thought was fleas, was thinking collar, on top of the drops two weeks ago, but might get infected. Cuz of scratching. Then thought of flea traps, didn't find yesterday. Someone said moth balls, but that is new.

I looked up, on web and it says that it is an allergy. I did switch back from the friskies soft last night. Back to 9 lives. hmmmmm Washed babies butt. Gave dog a bath. Gave Pye his own can of 9 lives. Pye was perky last night. But.... Let me read on.

My new status: is Interloper, Something that I have always been, actually!

Lawyer, asked if she could help me with Unemployment. But, I got only 100 from it here. Although, The Government, I guess is the next option.




18:40 May 03 2018
Times Read: 1,264

I saw something in the library to listen to a recording, first time I use Hoopla. Of course, it was Carl Jung recording. He talks about coming out of the fog, becoming I. And who he is. Sweet. It is probably why he was mad, at the Arab, and talking the way he was. Of course, he was talking sweet, atrally, just stating the fact.

Truthfully, the Arab, had jumped into something that I was working on. Why, I don't know, I am sure that he has that ability to do on own. Maybe he wanted to do a polite takeover, actually the Carl energy, pretty much stated that fact.

I finished A Carl Jung book. Started linking he asked question, I answered, then he would explain what he would do.

Like: if I walked by a person, that I didn't know that wanted to talk to me, I would do what: He would walk by. My answer at first was that I would stop, and be courteous, just to say hello, and immediately walk on.

I should have wrote down the rest of the question and answers: was thinking of it, but, would have had to get a pen and stop. I was to alighted by the conversation.

I hope the physicists understand, that I am no longer talking to them in any way or form, in my journal, there is no reason to carry on. Not trying to put them down but, I need to advance, not go behind. My writing now: the journal is for fun and experimentation.

But, to put in a comment for a young police officer: I saw him bring down the Arabs jacket over his head, astral, when Jung started to hypnotize. Mon Dieu Sweet for you: Fitz And The Tantrums - The Walker [Official Music Video] Says he was takin him over! LOL




20:33 May 02 2018
Times Read: 1,281

Jobs jobs jobs, always looking. If I could leave this hell, lol, How I would. (when in the lawyer office, was talking to a African woman who felt the same, said it was because we are women.) Will have to do gov't think for zoo. Just stalling. Plus, it will tie up computer. I told my lawyer that I would handle this one. But, HMMMMM

Meanwhile, the back and forth and the wind. The wind felt odd yesterday, as if there was something in it. As if it was trying to talk, for Beltane. Maybe my imagination.

Although, on a video of Carl Jung, talks about a patient who took him to the window about the sun, the origin of the wind. moves as you move your head from one side of the other....

Dieteresch, or something like that, source of papyrus, talks of, thou will see the disk of the sun unfolds, will see the tube the origin of the wind, will follow how it moves.... talking about a hint of the unconscious.


Although, he see's most of the unconscious, for responsibility of evil, conscious is good.

Face To Face | Carl Gustav Jung (1959) HQ

When I lost my electric, I thought it might be good. Although, I wish it wouldn't have happened. C. G. Jung, himself.... went to a place, where he did not want electric. But, everyone around me has it, so that, I guess, is stupid.

Carl Jung: "The world hangs on a thin thread...."

Infection above my ankle is gone, just a lil scab left. Yeah! And can wear shoes....




What a wonderful BELTANE!

19:31 May 01 2018
Times Read: 1,286

Although, not much on internet for a job.

Had to check out cows in CGJ's literary. Saw a mention of Adam and Eve, where there child wasn't a cow, was human. Hmmmmm Odd. Cows mooing, hmmmmm I looked through a wooden door, there were cows housed in there, mooing. lol Could represent the souls.

Truthfully, of his, I like the whole Termite situation. Queen and Husbands.

Anyway, my baby slept with me a little. Think problem is that I put futon on the floor, and the dog jumps on.

Lol, still not hearing from the zoo about pay. What to do! Not goin to stress. Will do what should do.



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