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01:33 Nov 30 2019
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My boo had tears in his eyes. Never seen that. He said, that he quit his job a week ago. Now I must pay him back, too. Didn't know that he changed his number. I just text'd kisses. And, he never spends holidays w me anyway. So, I skipped over.

(LOL. I had a headache all day, from salt again, on Thanksgiving. So tried to be good today. And, I have to give up Tony chatchers, if the spelling is correct. . . , gave me a sore throat and other problems.)

Think boo is just too tired. He never takes a vacation. The first time I quit a steady french quarter job, it was cuz I did double shifts w no vacation.

Truthfully, I don,t think paint sniffing is good for him. But, he has a lot of experience now.

Did a link w Stonehenge and an other to get the weather back, in this state w the sun. Think it is low thrust from moon. Will try again, later.





14:30 Nov 28 2019
Times Read: 917

My job gave a ten dollar Walmart Card. And, when I went to Walmart, they replenished the farmer dry. Thanks




Taylor Swift - I Forgot That You Existed (Lyric Video)

23:34 Nov 26 2019
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Call me stupid. Damn! ooops....

I thought it was some kind of Cath. Org, not a Ministerie. LOL

Don't laugh!!!! I knew that.... LOL

I had to go to a gov. dept. Cuz, I lost an ID. She was so helpful. And, got me on the system. Wow!

Lost ID, CUZ nobody said that I could use a locker, till almost a month. And, carrying everything in my pockets was futile.

Anyway, have something that might help w Stonehenge.

And, lastly, the Hard Rock Hotel is a very messy situation still. I guess my favorite chinese beauty store will never open again. Poor people.

New moon at 1 percent tom...




17:46 Nov 25 2019
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I forgot to mention, an Astral.

Jafar, what? LOL

A beer PARTY, what did you call it. BEER BARREL.


Was there a hangover, at the college.
Holiday break?





02:28 Nov 25 2019
Times Read: 971

Gave doggie do do, a quick shower w me. And just got him one of those doggie woolly blankets. Had to get him some more can food anyway. Todays treat is small bag of beef for all. And a mouse toy.

I should do a spell for a new job. But, waning. Maybe I can go around the obstacles.

Can't believe that I found that peach color at the dollar store for my hair. Usually goes for ten. Was goin to fix it for new job search. Haven't done streaks since Magnolia.




14:40 Nov 24 2019
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Another job search. CATHY BATES and I are not correlating. She said she had a confirmation on direct deposit. But, no deposit. Don't want to end up as the writer, in one of her movies. LOL. So cutting off. And moving on.

Really need to clean in this place first. Did spraying. Which, I havent done in a while, due to Raven. And, there has been no hot water, in this gutter throw Oh bother! Bought something to remedy that. Those heating candles. But, dog bath a problem.

Pets looking for special food. Giving still. But, Walmart ran out of that farmer stuff. After this? Again.

So far my link w Stonehenge threw an anonymous source is still holding. For heat.




Taylor Swift - Beautiful Ghosts (From The Motion Picture "Cats" / Lyric Video)

22:12 Nov 19 2019
Times Read: 1,005

A week ago, my oldest , Raven, passed away. It was a very sad week, being that she has been with me for so long. She initially was adopted a few months before Katrina. She was Arthur's, wife. She out lived him and became Pye's wife. She also, out lived Pye.

She was special, in the way, that she liked to talk like a raven. And, she often perched. Mainly, because, she had a tree outside with birds, at the first apt.: where she learnt how to talk bird.

I noticed her age recently, and started to talk about it to ease my mind. But, she started to gradually look weaker. So, a week and a half ago, I started to feed, chicken, tuna, yogurt, ham, turkey. She ate so much that she put on a lot of weight in 4 days. But, her strength was waning. And, on the 5th day, still she wasn't jumping on the counter, I was lifting her up, and giving her a special food place of her own. But, everytime I got up for the bathroom, I was asking her if she wanted more food, and she always got up and walked to the counter. On the 5th day, she started eating, but, this time she ate a little and laid down. It was the coldest day of the year.

By early morning, the next day she passed away. I think she wanted to die in the apartment, in a hidden place and stay there. But, it is an awful place to pass. So I laid her with me all night, till the warmth left. At, one time, she was moving her legs again. and purring. So, cute. But, passed anyway. And, I think the sky cried with me.

Because, she was special, I asked my friend to take me to a special place, that we had gone to many years ago, when we lived together. A very nice preserve, that has gators and such. I hope she is happy. Although, I see her spirit often.

While waiting to leave work, I had her nicely rapped in a fresh sheet, inside the carrier. And, then I laid a sheet over it and a note. Loved her! My only female cat.

The last three days, I have been trying to connect with The Henge Again. I know it is the waning moon. But, I am trying a different media.

When I first went to see Hecate, the sign that is part of the journey was going back and forth turning. I asked her for strength for me and my cat when she was dying.

After, I tried a connection, for the Henge: I saw the wires coming from the top of the sign and a circle mounted below, where I laid. So, I think it worked. Really, have had no time during the waxing moon to do the heat ritual. But, this will have to do.




01:44 Nov 06 2019
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A lot has happened. Need to do a Stonehenge Spell. Can't talk now, working for a Catholic org.



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