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15:50 Oct 28 2023
Times Read: 238

Taking venlafaxine.... Yup, legal drugs. 😎. Truthfully, makes me a lil nauseous. Maybe, Ill lose some fat. Lol. Hum hum hum.....

Things been fine. Do a lil more. But, a lil tired feeling.

Harvest celebration is coming. 😎 Bless the Harvest.

OMG. I went to church, and all was great. But the older women started questioning me like a cop. I had to signal her away. I apologized, she probably means well... But, I'm not under interrogation. Woe

Everyone else was friendly.




22:26 Oct 24 2023
Times Read: 262

I did my first appt. Virtually... So much easier. Going to pick up medicine soon.

Shouldn't have drank coffee, made me weepy. Or, maybe...




17:42 Oct 23 2023
Times Read: 279

I finished, I finished... 🎶 🎶.... Oh yes I'm really finished.... 🎶 🎶 🎶
My thank you is posted in pictures.




09:41 Oct 23 2023
Times Read: 286

God. The mosquitoes in New Orleans, are horrible. I'm going to have to get some spray off. Awful

Took my cat to pet center. Was a long bus, and storage process. But, when there.... The young girl helped a lot ... Tried the first body harness, and my cat sort of tipped sideways. Then she put on my second choice,.... Was real good. So we went w the bungee, and harness.

Then we did a tag, on a giant heart. Looked great. Then I went for dry food, cuz my cat has been too quiet. Meanwhile, he found a large butterfly to play with, was so cute, I had to buy it.

Lastly, was a small water bowl, besides the food. Cost a little too much. But, he's worth it. I have to thank everyone who gave to him... It was so nice.

Me.... I went to Goodwill...😂. Got some discount flip flops from jazz fest.. discounted. Shirt was discounted. A cheap bag... Pants... Candy.... They were mostly selling for Halloween 🎃.

God, the friggin mosquitoes.




21:25 Oct 20 2023
Times Read: 306

Baby hit the Friskie jackpot... With that nice dark hair lady...😎
Left picture.

I scored a hot chocolate, and breakfast sandwich from Starbucks.

Pic left

I can't believe that someone gave me something after. Plus, the lady who got my cats drops. .. wouldn't take change back.

Then after dropping off my can food. Had to stop and charge.... a brother came up to me, and said God told him to give me something. I tried to give it back twice....

Then a amigo came gave me two meals, and some ones. Awwwww.
I gave some to the man w a dog. Was going to give some to the homeless security guard. But, she's gone....

Well, I guess that lucky medal is a lil lucky... that someone gave me.

Was looking for a new collar for cat... esa... But, the one I liked from Zazzle is too big... US is charging 12.99 for shipping instead of 7.99. Sooooo. Chewy had one.... and Petco.....




00:03 Oct 20 2023
Times Read: 321

My cat scored again. I went and bought wafers for me, and tuna for my cat, and bread for the birds. Got, back, and a woman w dark hair said she hadn't seen us in three days. She'd like to buy him some dry Friskie. Awwwwwww.

Plus, I have another phone number, in case I need help.

My new thank you, came out sooo cute. Thought of it, last minute. I put a cartoon cat on the stone, and the pumpkin face, I painted as a cat. Sooooo funny. Truthfully, I was going to paint a playful cat on half... But this came out funnier.

It just needs to dry. And, I need to glue some plastic on.

Everything is set up for my virtual doctor. 😎

The storage unit, is not allowing me access. May have to cancel. Lol. I'm sure they don't care... About twenty dollar a month.

Tomorrow is double Friday .. hope they have more cup cakes




06:15 Oct 15 2023
Times Read: 345

I had a good morning. The church across from me gave out 45 degree weather sleeping rolls. Truthfully, I should check out their church next week, and thank them.

But, the night, .... I can't get a crazy away from me. How would he like it... if he told someone often to leave him alone, and that person didn't didn't. He threatened to hit me on top of it. I should have maced him and called the cops.

He told me he wants a white girl. As if that's a reason to get together. Unbelievable. I'm not his sex anyway. He's gay.... so what's he trying to prove. Maybe, he thinks I have money.

Then this kid wouldn't leave, at almost midnight.... probably was looking to steal. Couldn't get rid of him either. He wants something. Told him how old I was.... but, still not diswayed.... Mon Dieu.

My case manager came by today w blankets. I had left a message Friday. That was before the sleeping rolls. She gave me three... I tried to give them to people who carried stuff. Not to the ones who are just going to leave them. My case manager is so nice. God bless



08:30 Oct 25 2023

Stay safe... There are some bad ones out there...
I wish you the best


22:02 Oct 13 2023
Times Read: 367

OMG. The best weekly Friday food giver, gave us pigs feet. Lol. Interesting. Actually, was a good taste. Although, the pigs feet skin, looks a lil gross. Pigeons wouldn't eat the skin. Had one portion, and part of someone else. But, too filling... it has a rich broth w rice. Plus they gave everyone a platter of cupcakes 🤣.

Last night that nice couple checked in on me.... and brought me a hot chocolate, and breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. Soooooo yummy. It's been a long time since I had that....

Today, Boo, gave me money to give them for flea drops... and she did pass by, again.

I have their art w me, just need some media to finish it.

Oh, and it says that New Orleans is in the clear, for salt water.



00:01 Oct 14 2023

I've heard a few people say pigs feet is good...while I enjoy so many weird foods and love trying new things, I'm if I'd eat it. I suppose would if it was prepared well...
Did you like it?


15:54 Oct 12 2023
Times Read: 385

I had such a wonderful day, yet cold, wet. First security warns me of storm. So, I run for snacks,. Pass out some. Save rest for night. At night, this wonderful woman, which I wish was my sister, asks to get in her car, and she'll take me to a motel, for the storm. Awwwwww. I was in freezing cold at the beginning the year, so I said no, laughing. Wow. Your too nice. I won't let you do that, I said. So she gave me a bag of fleece clothes... thank you... cuz, I can't get my coat from my x. Luckily, there was a fleece sweater. 😁

So she leaves. I now am toasty warm. Next thing I know... her, and her husband came with hot chicken soap, special bread, and a thermos of hot chocolate. I Awwww the sister I never had......




03:42 Oct 06 2023
Times Read: 403

Well, My cat scored again, yesterday. A nice woman gave him a meowy Christmas blanket awwww have to make her something, too ..

Made the lady I can call something.

Need to make the religious lady, and my art teacher something. Maybe a Christmas art.

Baby got caught under building had to break my line. Made it back. But, will have to buy a new one. Actually, the line started to frey, anyway. No biggy. Bought my cat a bunch of stuff. And, the kitten he's been trying to meet. Really, can't afford the extra weight. But, hell. Maybe, if it comes to me, someone with a apt, could take it. Hmmmmm.




23:28 Oct 03 2023
Times Read: 432

My cat scored a twenty. I said, to pretty girl,... she didn't have to do that. But, she said for a vet, than. Actually, I need more drops for him. I think it's just called Advantage.😎 15, at Petco. Just have to figure way to do it.

The show down is coming, w Saints, and Patriots... wonder if we can get Dwayne Johnson there. He says no steroids. Sooooo need him. 😂

Reading Undead, and Unemployed... God, for real. I know the feeling. Not into shoes though. But, I was very channelled while reading.... sliding to different people.




22:22 Oct 01 2023
Times Read: 461

Gawd, the Saints.... heavy sigh....

Maybe they need those Dwayne Johnson's build up drinks.... Maybe, they need to think Scorpion 👑.

If they lost that bad to the buccaneers, I can image what is going to happen w the Patriots.

The score today is mine... someone gave us. Mace, from Ace. Now that's a first. Can never have too much.



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