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13:50 Sep 28 2023
Times Read: 132

I would just like to say again ... that I have never seen so many people looks so well dressed. They looked like silver balls for the ceiling 😯 Sweet

Did full Mon rite. Hope I didn't mess it up. 😂..




02:02 Sep 28 2023
Times Read: 142

Everyone dresses so beautifully for Beyonce...




23:59 Sep 25 2023
Times Read: 165

Well, my x came threw. Got enough for new dry cat food. Didn't want to feed my cat and the kitten the stuff thrown on the street. I can live on cheap cookies, for the week. Forgot to get a can opener.

Told both friends, they are so sweet. The lady from the Taco place, gave me such a nice picture of us.

Told those guys to back off... but, the place I go to is getting too dangerous. I have to find us a private place away from these crazies.
Someone, told me there's. But, it's far.

Oh I forgot about those crap phones. I should have thrown them in the sewer months ago. Neither have a card, and they are cracked. Forgot. Luckily, I only bought one box of packets, so over w done. Might not be able to go to the Taco place, though.

I 🤔 I found my new spot away from here .. too tired today. But...




10:30 Sep 25 2023
Times Read: 181

Someone stole my backpack, and some of the contents. Left some of ithe contents around the church parking lot

I know the black car guy is soliciting. Is a suspect. Cuz, the new white guy, told me he had sex with him, for booze. Which would explain where the thin dude, who sleeps in front, is getting crack money. He's always jumping in that black car , also

The driver of the car could have something to do with it. He tried to park three times, and drove off.

Now the one that sleeps in front could have gotten someone to steal it... he's sang a religious song twice so far, using LSD, ... each time there is a theft. Lousy gay guy.

Also, it could be the white guy, who sold his soul, for booze.... the new black guy who grabbed another guy's backpack earlier. It has smileys on it. Had Huggies, Pepsi, and food in it. This new black guy, fresh out of jail,, could have done it.

So... which of the three is responsible....

Let's not forget the blue haired fat woman, who wants to curse me. Lol. Living on the street, is a curse. What a tub of lard. She said she took pictures of my cat, it was Pepper, running around. And, I know the couple that feeds her

Well missing tuna, which is replaceable. Missing items...The can opener, my cats body harness, w Gps, and medallion. The other stuff was crap. What they think, that I had money. Unbelievable. No money or goodies.

Will look for the Blue Diamond food later.

And, have to ask, if someone could check the street tape. . . . To see who stole it.




02:00 Sep 23 2023
Times Read: 204

Well, Louisiana is about to go into a state of emergency. They are planning to pour many gallons of water into the Mississippi. Could work. Would be a good time to save water.




23:47 Sep 18 2023
Times Read: 224

There was something about solar eclipse, in April, Emergency. But, it has to do w travelers.

I finally bothered, my friend across, for litter. I hate doing it, cuz she pays a lot. She got me litter, cans, and snacks for my cat. 😭. She's so sweet. Awwwwwwwwwww My cat so scores. I scored twice myself, last week. Although, he beats me, hands down.

I feel better today. The lady mentioned she would watch my cat, if I need to go to hospital. I knew she would be perfect if I passed.




15:36 Sep 16 2023
Times Read: 261

I did my chores perfectly. Spread a lil joy. Today.

Wow that meal yesterday w shrimp, and fish... had a stuffed pepper, Mac, and cheese, special mashed, and, peas, w sweet bread. That wonderful sister. Plus, ... the nice lady across, will bring litter. 😺.

Waxing tonight. . . . . 👍.

Uh oh. Crazy Lady has enough of me. Lol. Maybe, I can eat my food now. Gave her the hotdogs that Red turned down. I think she turned it down, cuz I said it was originally meant for crazy lady.

Crazy lady, finally came, I gave her her messages....She started talking about Red, and I said I don't want to to hear it. God. That night, I offered to call the police, and I later talked to Red. That's when I realized that it was Red. Plus, I did all, not even seeing what happened.

So, I told crazy lady, she has to own up. I take the blame for making wrong choices. She needs too.

So, as she is calling me a skunk, in one word or another, I said. . . . No more phone, food, ect. . . . . Seeing the truth be known. 😂.

And, I reminded her, about the time w the white guy, who surely was her buddy, and went after me. He probably byes crack, from her. I heard she got caught by security.

Meanwhile, the crazy she brought over on the side of me, is chanting the three blind mice. And, let's not mention that she gave him one of the hotdogs.

I'm sure she and the thing across is going to try and rob me. Ain't got much though. They missed the Seafood platter.

Truthfully, I have more sympathy for Red. I saw her face scribbled on again. If she was dry, there is not a business that wouldn't hire her. When she dresses, she looks beautiful. But, that only happens when someone is helping her. Usually, she goes about her own business...

For the record, crazy lady, and crazy man broke u w me. Lol. I just got a call for crazy lady, I said she broke up w me, and I won't be taking any calls. Then, I blocked them.

I have one more week, than cooler weather.

I don't know about blank, without Walls, guy was saying your going to die. Plus, it's like school religion. Before, it was hip. Might take a break Very nice people though.

Oh, I gave one of my hotdogs, and chips to the new girl. Her Father, said she wanted to sleep under the bridge, and not go to detox. Mon dieu. And, my sis, and brother complain about there's. Unbelievable. They don't know how good they had it. He was just too military, not a hugger.

OMG, a brother gave me Chick Fila, fries, and chicken sandwich, w a sprite. Wow...




20:55 Sep 15 2023
Times Read: 271

Yeah, I scored. Wow. I had such a bad food week. Even threw up half of a chicken sub. A lil dry. If I can't burp, I can't swallow. I needed Granny Clampett, to punch me in the stomach. Lol

Actually, someone gave me the best. Fried shrimp and fish dinner. Woe. Plus a five. Awesome. She mentioned my cat, so he scored too.




11:50 Sep 15 2023
Times Read: 281

This is a weird morning. Usually, there is a line already. Plus, the guy, in his car, that uses a parking cone. Dead. Nobody here but a new guy, and the guy I met, during the rain.... weird.

Maybe, it's something they ate. I ate half of lunch, cuz crazy lady grabbe. Left me some street finds, as usual. I should have a lil human food tomorrow. Lol there are three that will be waiting.

6:11 am an still no one Maybe, they went for breakfast.

6:30 One person came... hmmmmmm. Is a good morning, for breakfast. Nice and cool to walk to.




13:47 Sep 14 2023
Times Read: 293

I saw this channel where you can talk to a psychiatrist. On line appointments. Cheap for people with insurance, cheap for people who don't have insurance. Believe it or not, it was on a game app. I'll have to check it out.

Wonder if I need a face line. Maybe my phone has it. It has a great feature at night. I can leave my phone on all night, and it goes into a sleep mode. It doesn't use more than three or four points. Most excellent. Wish I had known that earlier.




05:18 Sep 14 2023
Times Read: 304

A lil guy, I see all the time, is so crazy. Funny, he can't get food. But he certainly can afford crack. Almost, every night there is an episode, I guess he is feeling tough w crack. Just looks crazier.. But, he still doesn't want to leave. He must be getting the drug here. He's sounds like the bridge cryer now. Nonsense talk from drugs.

Well, the cat food was a nice girls cat's dry and some snacks. Said her cat doesn't like it. Mine does, cuz we have been going through four bags of the purple Friskie. Well, seeing that the bag is small, I'll carry. But a lil heavy. I'll just go back from that kind and mine... tuna in the morning, and blue diamond at night.

Need to go shopping. But, carrying a lot of weight.

Was waiting for rain... was nothing.

Was hot again today.

Infection still there. But, I used a different ointment, and pants.

And, Mexico, has a picture of a dead alien. Looks like the photo taken at a house, in Las Vegas. I mean the corpse looks similar.

New moon starting, I think. Yup it is.




22:22 Sep 12 2023
Times Read: 323

I am in such a vile mood. . . . Maybe, it's from an infection, a lot of red spreading. Got some stuff from the medical, give er outas. But, first attempt, didn't work. The security at the laundry told me to go to the hospital quick, bad infection. But, I have another packet of that white stuff. Actually, looks better... since I sprayed it w Zest.

Still, have a welt, though. If I die, the cat goes to the Mexican lady who feeds the cats. Or, Viv who works across the street...

Baby scored again. Someone else asked, if I wanted cat food... she has. Just..... Hope it's not dry.




13:36 Sep 11 2023
Times Read: 338

Saints won by one. 😂. Everyone was happy. Baby scored a ten . . . . So I just went to get him some Blue cat food, to go w the tuna.

I have a bag of Friskie, and scoopable litter in my back bag. Plus, someone gave me a big bag of complete, I have in the bucket. Don't leave much room for me 😂. So, The lightest thing is peanut butter, and bread. What a corporal, I have.




02:36 Sep 08 2023
Times Read: 355

I didn't see something on the camera. So, I went to check the time w the police. Lol. It wasn't on my phone calls. Lol. It looks like it didn't happen. But, then my friend told me, when I hang up, they send a text. Lol. Yup. . . . It's there. Cuz, I kept seeing me w out the knife hmmmmmm. Lol. I learn something knew every day.

It cooled off, so I decided to get cat food. Would have been out of soft. Plus, I finally, got my store card straightened out, So, I could get the deals. When I did that.., I realized, that I gave the ending to an old number, to the police. At least I corrected myself.

My art teacher gave perfume. And, A nice shirt. And, earings , bracelet, and necklace. I'm trying not to take too much... So, that others could grab.

Well, still didn't see any aliens. . . . . 😂.

Come out come out where ever you are. . . .

Saw a lot on a news programs.




13:08 Sep 06 2023
Times Read: 382

What is it with last month, and this month. Not only did I have a fight w a guy, I don't even know. But, later on, I caught a guy playing w himself, across the street. And, this guy who wouldn't even get the cold water bottles, for his dog, the other day. . . . Asked me how much I would sell my thermos for. Him I know. He didn't have a thermos like mine, that someone stole.



15:39 Sep 06 2023

It's an interesting time.... :-/

18:36 Sep 06 2023

Things are getting out of hand in the world…


16:11 Sep 05 2023
Times Read: 404

We had so much rain, it was like an Oasis, for a while. I guess the draught is over.

Lol. I spent the five on cat food, and got seven back, during the rain. Good. Cat bank. Trying Blue, he loved the first dose. Yum. Tuna today.

The massive rain killed most of the crickets. Saw a few rats swimming down the street, also.

Oh, I had great news. Sorry for him though. The guy that was screaming, threatening, and throwing cloths in the port a John toilet, is dead. Odd. I was thinking of him Friday, and Saturday. Sunday, this guy was talking to me, and he brought him up. He had threatened him also. But someone got pissed, grabbed his machete, and stabbed him w it. Woe. I really don't feel bad for this one. Surprising.

I'm eating lunch, after doing chores. And, drug bust. Lol. Guy couldn't catch one of them, just the elder. Next thing you know, five cop cars. Still only one guy. I think the other had the stash. Cuz when the cops said put your hands up, there was something. The cop said see what I mean. He ran.




15:56 Sep 04 2023
Times Read: 424

We made it. . . . Yes indeed, me, and the cat made it. . . . . La tee da tee da. . . 🎵🎶🎹

Had to go two places to shop. But, ok. I go to ones that except service animals. So, my cat is always included. This week, he has cat food, Blue, and tuna. He was mowing, cuz his dry food spilled. But, couldn't fix till our of store. They would have thought I was shop lifting. So, he kept meowing, till our, and I fixed. Today, is tuna. He hated science diet, yesterday.

I have cheap health snacks, and packets. But, I wish some I give to, wouldn't drop the empties on the ground.

Yesterday, for some reason, I started to think of the family house. . . . Truthfully, when I left, I forgot about everything. And, old x friend, jolted that a long time ago. But, she turned evil. Tried to be understanding.

But yesterday, I thought of the china cabinet, I even smelled it. The big table, frig, buffet, , old sewing machine. Pantry, palors, beds, porch, yard, pool,. Basement, stairway, cloths wooden closet. Bathrooms. . . .

And, I thought of my grandparents house. Basement, w door outside, kitchen, frig, pantry, can closet too big rooms, a store, that was closed, a large metal soda holder. The stairway, and bed rooms were too small though. More land though.




11:56 Sep 03 2023
Times Read: 447

Yesterday, I ended w a shrimp poboy, and fries. Had a lil jambalaya, before that. Yesterday, was a fantastic food day.

Back to peanut butter today!

Had two perverts , yesterday. The first one I diswayed. The second, I new. He stood in front facing the other way. I grabbed the mace, and kept reading. He sat down close said a few words, I answered. Kept reading. Next thing I know, he's playing with himself. . . . I said, What the hell,, he left saying, I'm sure I'm not the only one. Sick.

Today, another day. . . .




15:08 Sep 02 2023
Times Read: 470

Well, I was walking to get my 13 dollar groceries. And, a brother stops me, asks if I need a drink. I said no, going to store. He said he's unloading his hotel room, taking plane, can't bring. He Asked, if I want the bags.

Yum. Had seafood boil, w grapes, and peach juice. Sooooo yummy.
Great 👍 breakfast. OMG. Noticed chicken fajitas,, cheese, chips. Gave away the beer. Lol.

Good Day!

I gave away the guacamole w salsa, and chips. Lol. What a food friendly day. Still have 3 something on food, and emergency money.
Speaking of emergency, one of the old guys, that I talked to clobbered someone w a machete. Not something I would think he would do. He never talked about harming someone. Again, another quiet one. They took him out in handcuffs. He sliced to the bone on the guys upper arm. Hmmmmmm. . . . The guy he sliced, he did think he was the one stealing his stuff. But wow, a machete.....



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