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The shock factor about People is me..

18:25 Feb 20 2024
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In the velvet embrace of night, where whispers dance with shadows, I find solace. It's a realm untouched by the day's clamor, a sanctuary for souls like mine, who find kinship with the nocturnal spirits. This isn't about fleeting fascinations with the cinematic portrayals of our kind; it's a pilgrimage to the core of my being, a voyage I embarked on long before the world knew my name.

Growing up, I was an anomaly—a vampire witchling in a society that preached discipleship, a society that sought to mold me into an image that never quite fit. It was a world of constraints, a labyrinth of expectations that I navigated with the grace of a creature of the night, yet it was also a crucible that forged me. I don't look back in disdain, for even in its rigidity, it was a chapter of my odyssey, a testament to the resilience of my spirit.

The journey to self-liberation was akin to walking through a mirror, stepping into a realm where the reflections of who I was and who I could be merged into one. It was a path fraught with challenges, where every step away from the familiar was a step into the unknown. Yet, it was in this uncharted territory that I found my true essence, unbound by the dogmas that once confined me.

The revelation of my own nature, the acceptance of my nocturnal soul, was not without its trials. Life, in its infinite complexity, often felt like a maze with no exit, a series of choices where each turn could lead to enlightenment or ensnarement. It was in these moments of uncertainty that I discovered the true shock of existence—the realization that the most profound journey is the one that leads inward.

I am a tapestry of contradictions, a blend of celestial influences that shape my destiny. The fiery heart of a Leo, tempered by the steadfast calm of Taurus, has crafted a being who thrives in the balance between light and shadow. This duality is my strength, a unique alchemy that allows me to navigate the world with a perspective that is uniquely my own.

As I pen these final words, the revelation that unfolds is not just of the path I've walked but of the person I've become. The shock, the awe, the wonder of existence—it all converges on the self. In the quest for understanding, for belonging, I've discovered that the most enigmatic mystery to unravel is not the world around me, but the universe within.

So, to those who seek to know me, to understand the essence of my being, I offer a smile and a whisper, "Which part of me do you wish to explore?" For I am not just one story, but many, woven together in the tapestry of the night.

VanCora Michaels

"To The Eternal Night"




Its hard to makes friends who fear.. My 13th ArticLe....

15:22 Feb 18 2024
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I've always been deeply in tune with my intuitive instincts, much like the innate warning system a spider possesses to sense danger. My unique aura vibrates at a frequency of 13, often proving to be overwhelming for those unaccustomed to its intensity. This peculiar vibrational state not only sets me apart but also aligns me with the archetypical villains revered in our cultural narratives. Interestingly, the number 13 carries with it an inherently unbalanced energy, reminiscent of characters from dark, gothic tales.

My interests often diverge into realms that many find unsettling, partly due to the various cultural taboos surrounding them. For instance, owls are revered in numerous cultures as harbingers of death and misfortune—a testament to the diverse and rich tapestry of beliefs worldwide.

As a Leo who dresses exclusively in black, I embody a persona that intrigues and mystifies. This choice in apparel, extending even to my undergarments, is a conscious reflection of my journey towards self-discovery—a journey encouraged by a mentor who believed in the importance of self-awareness.

My path has been anything but ordinary, navigating through the mysteries of life from a spectrum of light to shades of grey, and embracing the shadowy path with courage and curiosity. The discovery that I was born under the Leo sign, marked by the number 13, adds a fascinating layer to my identity, likening me to a potent catalyst in an alchemical reaction.

The energy I exude can unsettle those around me, not through my actions or words, but simply by my presence. While I may appear reserved to strangers, friends know me as a thoughtful confidant, ever ready to support them through their darkest times.

I've come to understand that my unique aura, often misunderstood and feared in a superstitious society, is a rare and powerful attribute. It has taught me to embrace my distinct path, akin to the solitary journey of the Grim Reaper, finding solace in change and transformation.

Living in a world that harbors a deep-seated fear of the number 13 has been an intriguing experience, underscoring the arbitrary nature of superstitions and societal fears.

This journey of self-discovery has led me to a profound realization: the darkness within is not a burden but a unique perspective, offering insights into the balance of energies in the universe. Like the Reaper, my existence is not a question of morality but of being.

Until next time,

VanCora Michaels



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