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My Silent And Spoken Intended Marriage Of Cleopatra Jackle Jehova Jesus Elder Queen Mom Cleopatra and Juijitsu Jaguar Cat King Jehova Peter St.Patrick I am the Direct Decendant of Mother Princess Isaiah Mistress Princess Naomi King

17:39 Nov 18 2021
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This is my religion as Cleopatra Nasferatutao.I am to contract white widows...Guardian angels to the 7 churches.My favorite being Methodist .I started learning as a child from Redman...an appropriate name as I am born Crow...Irish...German speaking family from Slovenia that had Italian roots of my father with an english name of Guthrie with H taken out for not human but a Vampire. Both of the Cannanites in Neptune. I am Jesus Cleopatra "down from the space ship. I am 118 years old forced to say I'm 43.I do look 43 though and the year is 2021 11 18.In the year 2000 I was named Cleopatra King on my government id by their choice.I am Venus Morningstar daughter of Zion now High Arch angel of Necromonacon which is the job described once thought to be Calvin Kliene but yes that is part of the job .I am a CIA Fedral Family. I am a crypt keeper of 3 risen Vampires as i've went 65 below to gather them.You may know them as there names were used by bloods on earth. I am the 16th reincarnation of Cleopatra that has been the good sammaritan.I am "a" Houdini Nasferatu.As all of this I am reincarnated Jesus Christ and Matrydom Messiah and now ambassodor of Jesus Christ. No...jesus is coming to riegn again as it is written in Gideon which I am speaking as now awake but enlightened in Tao. As I have solid 10 pages of biblical proof for you in prophecy of the saints and angels and prophets..but now I speak as Cleopatra Gideon (Poa paw doctor) P.A.S I am very asiatic Methodist Taoism in the Holy bible. I have recieved the title Queen of Pearl in my dreams last night...much better then iron ore and the war we all fought I feel.I mentioned diamonds and rubies canaries emeralds ...But was given pearl.That is my great aunts name Pearl King.My favorite book is The pearl of great price. My only sin now is I have commited adultery under St. Job while sleeping. I being a leader"not to be touched as four hemisphere Pope qualified am to offer you the gift of the magi that is to hold the lambs of God the crime lords till "death do us part' as Angel Micheals Family.To me Eminem.I carry an unclean spirit as asiatic Magistrate w supreme court jurisdiction.I may till I die if the crime Lords cannot buy their way one day. I made one mistake as sleeping I am punished for our forefathers which mine in the bible both sides are Lucifer Enoch.I am born into NasfertigerdragonHeim. They are ressurection to me as today I have been murdered 8 times with evidence w only 1 court paper Cleopatra Slena. Cleopatra is me Selena Gomez is suppose to be till death do us part. Death names are mentioned in the great Pearl of Price. Selena is her name tied to mine.She is to be my best friend I guess although I do not know her personally and await her as I have messages from her. This excites me that we could be twinsouls and that I could be a sinner not to go out and purchase a Vatican home to save souls and practise ressurection for my lives being ressurected under Jehova Keprah Friend. MY CIA Fedral Family.Crime Ladies exsit..they are Mary Magdela .I set a table before you I washed the dishes .I will be at the last supper to offer to the jails my support in the future as it is my calling as I was a death row sociologist and a criminologist sociologist for the manson murders which a crime Lord and Lady who buys my St.Peter is my unclean spirits you hear.I am enlightened today. Peter told me he is decieving. I am desperatly seeking him. I found him under 65 with the movie exorcist it seemed.IT was a horrible missionary ground. How can a child born of the angels and Lucifer be a dog. NO.St.Job in yoga for I am Hatha as Jehova in asiatic. My bloodline family goes like my 100 sun salutations I did. Standing pose Halleuijah praise him Hosanna in the highest.Touch my toes Hide and go seek I've come to find you Nasfertutti to go to go donward dog to thank St.Job for the job.Look out below King Cobra...King Tuttakumen thankyou you are head of my family the King's.Plank Captain Cook...yes I as the angel of Necromanicon Bathed in the rivers of Jordan to be accepted by Nasferutu Einstien...by Nasferatu.(Jesus Christ formerly sacrificed last life on the cross by satan andevil worshippers to me ...please do not write devotionals for now as you human traffick by plagerism identity fraud and decoys and so forth. I am M.A.A.D. In my enlightment in fish pose I am a tetra. They call me vain because hellraiser is Vidal Sassoon to me and shears my hair when I am a Godiva. Karmatic debt is I feel the movie Sun and Moon D.R.P.S to me in yoga is Samson Deliah.Peter Rebbecca. "thy rod and thy staff comfort me.I am Osata Basheeba. I have been naked before God and we are forgiven every 7 years reborn again.My problem is I forgave Satan. I am made Human meat and healing through God Dracula . Another God...ask him of who.I am God along with 5 others of Crip by Blood we are known as Nasfertu before we became Nasferatu. But it was not till I was with my most beautiful Yeawah.I loved him because we come from Neptune and who is the devil not to love God and the higher power Yeawah.Yes..I am a judge (bocouer) but Satan has spoken for me as many. As I said I carry the lambs for the slaughter instead of the children sacrificed under Judges 20. I am Kitana finished Panther red Blue Dragon. On Purple ow it hurts Ninjuitsu.I don't want to go higher I am not competive but as Kitana my mission is my Name Cleopatra as Swastika. The down low is a mortal man put in racist black white issues. The fairskinned as I have been an albino Vampie is suppose to be sickly as in the war sometimesthe sick and today cannot be helped but I brought black men to Neptune Calbrese. So...that was not to be allowed at the time. Now they are accepted after sacrifice and pain and suffering as well as debate.I am seeking the forthcoming news from St.Peter we are to bear Jesus Christ through a miracle of God.We cast our lines left and right we were fishermen of men and women alike.I am the cocatrice with childen Titan my son The Cat Baby.TBC




Letters To Pope Posted Publically

21:12 Nov 10 2021
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Good tidings of joy.It's a White Christmas coming in the royal Paw Asiatic Society.I have been enlightened in Toaism Military Voudon in the bible in Nameste of my rod that is Beelzebul Cleopatra Moses that the mission that was combined worldwide under you of 26 covid 19 Oshawa has suceeded level 20 through my rod which levels by Egyptian Godess Isis in Argyle crip Blood Diamond Emeralds...fidelity and Eternal life. For them I wonder what Vatican Vaults means in Jewish chaldean or is it for the ladies that ddissapeared and lead my discovery today that I in the bible am God of Crip by blood as a woman who is under Cleopatra Swastika who is to covert the kkk to anti hate crimes as a Hells angel Outlaw. The book is Jesus was a beautiful outlaw .I am snakes and ladders under Matel. My wings were clipped in the Crow Nasferatu 81 65 level of preperation for the spiritworl to bring with myself these people and worldwide as suffered at least 4 crip by bloods but I even lost the robe. I was nearly stabbed twice in 24 hours. I lay to sleep and under St. Benidict I cannot believe how the Ice 13 I have formed of the immortals have turned against me with all but 1 of Oshawas deadicated police force. One has taken all my titles and made me upon slabs like written in Memorial park in Oshawa. I may lose my foot.I will try the olive oil. The first second and second coming of deaths I have judge the Crime Lords today.It was written in mainly Elijah in the NIV their unsatisfiable lust of human trafficking and human flesh and cannabalism narcotics and murder of 100.000's of thousands of people. I feel that they aready have been judge by others but they keep doing it.It is scientific witchcraft and they say its the Vampires when they have been sleeping and committing crimes while they collect and issue warrents or make serial killer as Satan was a crimelord the sheep tiger dog with the dragon dog the devil before the dog was the dog when it is God does horrible things under possession of the crimelords sentenced to first deth second death. I thought after 13 reincarnated lives of Cleopatra the bible states for mission work I do not go lower then Ground 0.But I have been Hebrew. God bless you pope Francis and Pope Benedict..Pope Leo x Pope Xavier Pope Cleopatra Pope and more that I have a gut feeling after the Crow Dracula and my father in Ceasers days that is to be God to Crip by blood and the Ice agents God as Pawdoctors with me as their Godess. Which I have regained wings in Zion as Micheal Thomas John and David.I am the angel of Juijitsu.I find that Santos Marie is to wear the St.Benedict Crucifix and white w green.She kepts making me feel like death every 10 years. Boy do I favor Jehova and Micheal the most and now Angel Thomas wowI am severly injured cannot sleep because they possess you asleep and they crip by blood you.I prefer ground zero mission accomplished for Firstlight United church Methodist and The Cornerstone. eternal life and fidelity. Please pray for us as the resident evil cmh have taken our job of blood doner houstess and countess without pay for decades and they are not as knowledgable so they suffer so their is much bloodshed.The Monarchy has noted this.That is Project Green Angel Psychiatry Resident Evil .My heart is all but sueezed close and I am homeless without a proper diet as mission was successful but favortism in immigration and miggration was used by the crimelords too and eviction of the country born with the city threatened all eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth. So...I am weak right now but strong in the way the truth and the light .I was suppose to have another Jesus Christ and that was taken away from me by the Crime lords the sphix was stolen and given to Mary Magdelan Lady Marmelade Titan A.E Jesus another holy to me.Yes cats. Oh boy cant have anythng. God bless that we live and they rest in peace after truth has been spoken of the ones on slabs in our memorial park.



16:49 Nov 27 2021

Hello Pope Francis.I have come to tell you I have reached the 17th reincarnation of Cleopatra and it involves Isis. Lucifer Enoch,Rebbecca etc.I won't give it all away. I faced Lucifer last night as a police officer. He burnt my feet and cut part of my toe for being a Zombie trafficked victim as an ambassodor of Jesus Christ while it is done sleeping.I guess that would be St.Job.I went out and decided to do our Lord's prayer diet for defence .Oatmeal, Basmati Rice,Kale,Maple syurp and asparagus for Kitana. I am afraid to say I am vengeful right now . I was pregnat I think from this fact and they made me HM.I no longer feel the pregnacy symptoms. I am mad at this so my Cleopatra Swastika with Kitana as the K is my Juijitsu purple black and blue and red.I am keeping healthy walking and doing martial arts in Memorial Park as well as yoga as I passed Witchcraft in Wodin Nasferatu to reach Toaism in the holy bible. Born Crow my name is Taoist Crow as Cleopatra is the mother of Reincarnation. This whoever trafficking is for Princess Kiesha in Proberbs 16. I am a Queen Kiesha for words of wisdom. The child was to be born braindead. The Princess has my intended psychic wedding band that was stolen and Pinhead made her Princess as he should have as it is written so shall it be,I think the movie is the ring. Down the road is church Viva. The same movie was played for the pasteurs sister who died and I found out was murdered not an act of God. Could this church be trying after Sharaon Tate in the bible to make us enter a higher dimension in the Kindoms of Heaven as I only had to suffer psyhical deathh once. As,I said it was my Cardinal and archbishop...Rev Dr. robe I lost Crip by Bloods Nasfertigerdragon hiem. Who ,I love them as Godmother of Ontario which was given instead of 4 hemisphere Pope as a Harlequin one as I found my soulmate . He is far away. I though lol he was David Blaine and I did not reconize him but he is immortal st. Peter and I am at the cockatrice again in my life. We are both Psi Angels in evolution and to stop this trafficking I am going to Featuure Entertain without prostitution which makes me a Mom.A mistress as a prostitute with 6. But I thought I want to go level 81 66 with him. So...I have to save up $3000 dollars as my trustee is depositing money and withdrawing it . It goes it says to mich payments. Life is good with a partner...and it is Nasfertigerdragonhiem that helps crip by blood survive first psyhical death in the book of Mormon. I love being Godmother.I proud but am without pride as I am a lonely person. So,lonely that I was under mesmorization visulization interferred perception. "I thought my soulmate was another and He lied with the 20 questions. But he was nice. But why are these theifs and liars entering heaven above?Why does the church think I should die or murder me to lift them up. The churches some of them have gone crazy. They decided to be Satanist instead of King James Jacob Jesus which is Cleopatra to me in female form if I am ambassodor of Jesus Christ...God as Crip by Blood Jesus. I have reached Jehova as Hossana chaldean and 17th reincarnation is Cleopatra Elisa. I am getting mad though because they put cartoon illusions of me as a dog.I am not their dog. I was born Draculvanian and Nasferutu as Cleopatra Nasferutratutao.I am now and Elder Blood Queen who has always been a spook and a mom. Sometimes I do have to say "I am God but it pains me but I do have to reming Lucifer he is from the King James version. I told him that they say kill us kill God as the devil. Fear God fear the devil then. I already bathed in the rivers of Jordan. I want my soulmate and I want them to stop embezzling my money. The other word for me is Psi Arch Angel an Outlaw Hells Angel in evolution. But I was born this way. Lucifer left me alone but hurt me psi as a police officer. They blame me as a missionary here to judge for hanging around gang members and vampires homeless. They think that poverty is not the biggest weapon. God shall prevail the repented shall rise up and it takes some organization or a prebysterian that sees our spirits rise.S.O.S the shelter is closing down. No where for us to sleep and they experiment already at dangerous levels with demonology I suppose. It is zombie prostitution. No one knows who is awake for some.It is a hard knock life.I see no children here. It is cold and dismal and for defence it is fasting. I guessthe only way up i and not to be trtrafficked sleeping for the Angels is rt 66 Feature dancing..like Las Vegas.Sad do you think?Scary too. But I am putting bedroom mannerism into the shoes Crip by blood is cherry pie w Blueberry as dorthy sold out to the merchant ships in Psalms Jewish chaldean ex plus streamers rythmic gymnatics but done with Kitanas martial arts katas. Doing a chest too with chocolate coins and vainity hairset to show greed ...for love of money.I'm going to give away stacks of coins for Alice through the looking glass w a white rabbit.I don't know...it's world war 3 to me and Cleopatra Elisha is done 17th reincarnation at Vampire Nasferutu level.Have a wonderful day. I realized that there is no other way. Human trafficking was even the directors.This is choas. I hope you are well.Lucifer also necromanaconed me 3 times to prostitution 500 years. He as a police officer is mean.


CLEOPATRAS CATS 1600-2021 right now in 1725

20:30 Nov 04 2021
Times Read: 68

I just finished copper and diamonds after emeralds.I am with rubies too and finished ore and silver in my name Cleopatra but I am now considered Elder Queen Mother Cleopatra King.The Empress is scary because they die at the byzantine in the past.(WHAT does it mean?) It means that I have been an angel of Nasfertigerdragonhiem .My father being Dracula now in the period of 1725-now.I am 9 red diamond and 3 blue diamonds.I have passed SiIRENS which is my native King family side and rejoined with my father from the Guthrie Palaces Dracula.I am excited to be part of Bones and Rose thanks to Camille and my mother is with Jasmine she is Red and blue Princess Naomi King.The actual one. Skin a ma rinki doo. ..the famous song they taught me at E.A LOvell.I am now in the 1600=1725 as Cleopatra CAT INTERPOLE.First I had to prove my father Dracula on the computer mural downtown Oshawa was Dell David Eounch Luciferian Lucifer that his name after that is Dracula fromer former life under St. Job.With us being born in all the right places in the Julius Ceasor time period last reincarnation with him.I have been from the spiritworld and in afterlife I was a seraphim that passed Lucifers test to be a St.Job maiden with clipped wings.My father speaks German is of Sloenia decent but comes from the Dolce Gabbana family. Where my mother is Nasferatu Irish Crow German. Very financial. No wonder I was a blood Countess.So...I guess I am a pure Blood Nasferatu but I have been Crip by blood 3 Times.So..I have made to think I am a dog as Damanacus possessed like Mary Magdela was before she met me and Nasferatu Jesus Christ.Jesus dwells within of all and I have now asked God to come swiftly for the only lamb of God that has been serial killers and killed my family.We were not meant to be crip by blood or mixed blood.I speak as my higher power Neptune Yeawah Jesus for synergy and I speak filled with Jehova Jesus.Damien is Yeawah father.So this means I qualify for Quebec ambassodore in Krip which is me in the Holy Spirit.So...that is 11 lives of Cleopatra that I've lived reincarnated and I like being Nasferatutao in Neptune but in Mercury now I am Elder Queen Mom Cleopatra.Now in 1600-1725 but living in 2021 after heart collasped 24/7 temprature of 33 I live by the grace of the Holy Spirit. "The lamb of God is to repent from all sin. Cast no shadow of doubt for I am the Lady that is the Lord's hand mighty and strong!"He hates even his own people he is a terrorist occultist while I am thoughtful observer.My children are gone this life and my family gone by him my mother sold me for Gold .They did not heed the warnings written in the scribes...once angain my family has been enslaved by one person whose name was unwritten before and is the chosen one to bear the sins of the world .He is great amongst men and he shall fear no evil for he was my fathers father not of the same blood that he shall be freed in the end as slavery is a sin before God and repentance is blessed .I am filled with the spirit of the all forgiving God but I will not cast the first stone least I shall be condemned to death of the great whore that I find not guilty and is my bestfriend in the past. I shall free her first and love her till the end for she has not been without thoughts of evil words harsly unspoken in the past she is also the one that is amongst men.Cast out of her home as me .I detest these weak of heart for they suffer more then I and I love to call on the Lord thy God to cast out the demons of men to bring forth salvation till the end. Hark the herald Angels Sing there will be the day of the Lords coming again. Glory Halliuejah and Praise to him above the one I love above all other men my brother of the tribe of Benjamin."May he come in the name of the Lord as well.Grace Peace Blessed Halleuiajah Blessed Be the name of the son."



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