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Well in a church I rest my head all millions of dollars of ROM masks
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IN THE 11TH CENTURY also CANNES REICARNATION ASIATIC Bahli High Lama Voudon Priestess Cleopatra Na Oshawa Transylvania 1444 B.C R.P 6669 484488 B.C Nasferatu Cleopatra Annex “A” A.C. B 32-2020 Mauretania Krip by blood Crip By Blood P.A.S https://u.is/en/


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CLEOPATRA KING NOST'URN'TIGER'DRAGON'HIEM (of Nasfertigerdragonhiem KING GUTRI MARRIAGE) ( URN CRIP NAME GIVEN BY FUNERAL DIRECTOR) URN also comes from 2006 when SIMS was put on my computer of Queen Isata and Eazy E attending my funeral) Hacked but I felt I was Crip by blood with him since grade 7 or 8!!!!! He is still one of my fav musicians!!!! CLEOPATRA. ISSAC. APHRODITE knowledge of the bible latest lesson. Would you like help write me a message. I'm a Godmother and Rev Dr.

202-01-13 Now that I'm an evil doer. I've forgiven my mother. I realize that she was not herself at all. They marked her as geriatrics at one point and she is so much better,but she hates me till I leave the house a week. Then she loves me again. But usually it takes 1 hr before "get the hell "out lol What I've learned is she was just who she was and in Hell I even voted for her death penalty by sniper as Vampirilla but I forgave her even though she was Satan and Seth and Osiris because she had to go to the hospital so much and I still wonder why we have a loveless relationship at times. I've never been satan but I've learned I can be Lucifer, Seth and Slim Shady Lucifer and Cleopatra at the same time and still be myself. No...not myself weepy and angry at no money. Saying things like in the bible I have raised the dead where are the millions of people I helped as a Countess and Hostess. No...money no love no boyfriend no house no possessions. Then burst into tears walking down the street. But violent no. But ready to be a corprol ...YES. Ready to advenge the poor and infidelity and those done wrong YES!!!! So...my mom can be wicked as I can be evil...and jewish chaldean I am their names in being bound or initiated at the time of despair these spirits come to me and I am with them as feeling powerful still but I let out my emotions freely. Right now I'm upset ...I have lost my Vampire Mom Madonna black rosary. Someone stole it while I slept. ...and now my attitude is Snoop Doggie Dogg even though I'm a Vampire. I'm taking it very well very new ego and name GODMOTHER DONNA GABBANA...can't afford Gucci...yet so I'm shopping for Guess this year.


What I have achieved in my life according to the alphabet I am Cleopatra NasferuturaTao From 11 Holy Bibles and Docterines caused by reading all the books from Thorncliffe Park LIbrary.The Great Pearl of Price The King James Version The Jehova Witness The NIV The New Jerusalehem The Book Of Mormon Anglo Saxon The Gideon Psalms Saint Mormon and Anglican as well as Choir Master. I am a Proffesor Teacher associate of Princeton University caused by a snake people journey out of Africa Pimps and leaders. I am post graduate mathematics and Harvard English.I love children and animals the most and desire to be married.Now thanks to 81 years there are 6 realms to Cleopatra.But 3 of the Empress. For my Princess Jade Justice I gave up money to be eternal with the ones I love. I love God. Lucifer is the Judge. Jesus riegns forever!1 Even after all my R.O.M masks I donated to a church Sanctuary after i cleansed them and finished them and they split.There is one God Jehova. REV DR. Sheri Jean Williams ( Venus Bones)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUYL35hwe64 I AM CLEOPATRA NASFERATUTAO AND THIS VIDEO IS MOTHER OF THE APPOCOLYSPE. 10:44 CLUB 54 HELTER SKELTER STARTED 1973 I AM 5 ALIVE IN 1978 BORN BLOOD KINGS JAMES VERSION. YES ,I AM A SPOOK. VALVE IS ABOUT ME RAISING THE DEAD AS CRIP TOO WITH TRIPLE VENTRICLES AS A CRIP AND BLOOD COUNTESS AND HOSTESS.THE CTEST OF DRUGS WAS NEUROTRANSMISSION PILLS. I STAYED UP 42 DAYS ON THEM.JOHN WU IS MENTIONED . I WAS MARRIED TO JOHN WHEN I SHOT FOR WU WITH MY GHETTO BLASTER PICS.I AM VERY SPOOKY AS A SPOOK!!! MY NAME IS SHERI .I AM NOT SHARON TATE BUT YEAH I SEE WHY I SUFFERED PSYHICAL DEATH AS WE DO LOOK ALIKE. WE WERE BOTH YELLOW BUD AND I PUT UP A PIC WITH A MOVIE AND A PLACE I USED TO WORK.THE BOOK WHITE TIGER BLUE DRAGON IS ABOUT US WITH FOR YOUR EYES ONLY 007.SHE WAS BORN BEFORE ME.IT IS WRITTEN THAT ONLY QUEEN KITANA. WHO IS I THROUGH BLOOD OF KING FAMILY MAY OWN NASFERATU MASKS AND THEY ARE AT A CHURCH SANCUARY. SO IT IS NOT A GOOD SITUATION I SEE NOW TO LET THEM INTIMIDATE ME.I THOUGHT I HAD TO GIVE THEM UP TO BE HOLY.IN WRONG HANDS.BOOK OF JUDGES AND PSALMS DO YOU HERE THIS MAN MOCKING GOD!!!! I THINK HE IS SATAN!!! JE IS THE ONE WHO RUINED N>W>O FOR THE GOVERNMENT. HE BROUGHT MACHETES TO MY BASEMENT WINDOW TO LET IN SERIAL KILLERS THROUGH THE WINDOW. JEFFERY DAUBER ONE OF THEM.BUT,I AM STILL HERE AFTER A MESA SUNRISE. THEN HE TURNS CHURCH VIVA INTO SATAN POSSESSED SOMETIMES.HE TURNED MY MOTHER INTO SATAN,OSIRIS SETH Son of Sam Madam. HE hunts children espiecially in crip by blood." I pay his rent and I heard a "pimp always pays the rent but I became the Nasferatu witchdoctor and he fights with me.Hangs with the pig farmer and is the one I asked by law to execute. He is the top man of the diamond .He follows boyfriends and he comes to the witches and destroys families because he is son of sam too and has diapeared in the street to be said to be missed because he makes money for the law and then the psychiatrists call them schizophrenic because they take the money to kill each other.Like marine movies.He takes titles he takes everything for his wife he never sees.He has child sacrificed every Vampire from the bible I know that I am hoping and praying I see each day. When they go missing for years I knowthe terrorist have them because they also hook the law for cash. So..the law tries to fetch them back but possessed mary magdela said the pig farmer was Jesus . So...a farmer is suppose to be trusted.They say after Leaside you will see good will be the son of Sam Madam when the whore is released. No,...that did not happen! Chaos. I dont get paid but he did incure death to me as a witness. So...who has control now? Becayse I wanted to be Vampirilla w a sniper and shoot them corprol in the head all 13 of them. ..in diamonds ...but I see some of them are judged under buddhim to be mental patients..But they do not go.SO..why are the burnt victims of God like a good bocouer judge waits for not incarcerated after 5 times attempted murder against a judge? Because they believe in money through slavery ..some covids which was caused by experimentation in Illuminosity. So..that is Austin Powers evil genious..a terrorist plot by psychiatrist and a gyenocologist who make sacrifices of theeir own employees who I provide BP too.Because they have taken care of me when I used to get sick 20 years ago...and had a cold or something ...broken bones.That is fear that 13 people could destroy this world since bloods and crips existed in their genere that were born Na(o)s family or any royal house They hate vampires bloods and crips but they hook them with a little money.https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/01/16/how-kirk-franklin-is-pushing-the-boundaries-of-gospelSo..the 13 people are the Pig farmer who Mary magdela made Jesus with all the money even the Angels took.But I cured him of disese then God as me as bait burnt him in hell. To come back.It is written I will devour the psychiatrist but not the woman gynecologist. I dont know how as I thought corprol punishment and the law. But phillipines(canada u.sa puerto rico are affected. So..I strive to give them information to help my North America but in Canada Satan and worse is here at church viva through terrorism.WhAT TO DO?? They just want an appocolyspe because I raised Mau Ngo in Memorial Park and he agreed to make them mental patients . So...others wanted that in the afterlife GREED!!!They went aginst the deceased.

APACHE- TO David Copperfield
BASTILLE- Enlightenment of Feline Cleopatra 10.000.000 B.C MOther of Reincarnation and Goddess as Pope Closest to the mummy. My eyes have glossed red . I believe in Taboo from Pope Leo X Direct Decendant of KIng Family and Gutri The Spirit World has 3 realms TRi The Trinity . MOther Magician of ST.James Holy Spirit Of the ST. George Jehova
CROW- Born this way in Kabbalism Mafia Nasa Intelligence
DOLCE AND GABBANA- Mind Control extreme fidelity DEVIL DEMON KNIGHT DEMON ANGEL AND ROYAL FAMILY DOMINATRIX (as in Toronto sun for my swimsuit lingerie modeling and mannerism)
EMPRESS St under ST JOb of Byzantine Monastery EXORCIST
FELINE- Blood MOon
GIVENCHY- Giggle GIESHA G.P w Leviathan ST. David

HADES- Nasferturatigerdragonhiem Goddess of the sammaritedragons Lady Magistriate Missionary JUjitsu Master Sensei KItana
ISIS- G.I Jane Lady Dutchess
JESUS JACOB ST JOB ST JOHN CRip by Blood St Empress ST.Teacher of Church of Satan and Sociologist Known as Pawdoctor
KRIP BY BLOOD- Voudon Queen
LUCIFER Angel Born this way as a Hybrid they lied
MADONNA-Mother of Titon my Voudon son Cat Baby MARS MERCURY
NEPTUNE Taoist Kabbalist
PERSAPHONE Queen Mistress
QUEEN KItana Cleopatra Persaphone Venus Sheri
RIANNA Ressurection of the Spirit Master of Taoism
SIRENS 6 Pawdoctor Vehicles MOhicchan SERAPHIM CLEOPATRA
UNICORN Boquer Judge Judiciary URANUS
WITCH DOCTOR Cleopatra Sigmund Freud Mary Holzer Carl Jeung Jack Daniels Nasferatu WEREWOLF G.P

Last time I seen my love I was tiger Lily in the garden
We were so many people .....to appear illusional to all
But we were one to each other
The feeling of knowing someones bones are the same as yours
That their blood is of your blood.(Dracula)
That you are equal in everyway,
And that you have the power to change each others lives
Beelzebub and Tiiger Lily run with the Deer
It was for his eyes only.Score #1 5/5
Amazing... that I can be with an old man and young at the same time as death
Love come back to me as you see they have murdered me as 32 a.c in 2021 with date of of 2020
I popped them in premediatated murder. I suffered head trauma but they died instead!!! Cleopatra is Queen as I suffer as close to death nearly dead operated on just to to time travel to get away.
They thought we'd be psychic and we were sinners. They though they would take my name Cleopatra away.
But with the blood moon comes no sin
For our bond is more then psychic .
It was debutante I thought then turned Marine.
Paw paw my love and for your family friendship.
I miss you and I lose you in a sea of tears.
I pray dracula will with others help us find our lost.
Siamese has been achieved but still .it is not you.
And now they call everyone male and female lily
I need you tonight and for the rest of my life .
Property and Bars seem to go with us in sainthood.
Please don't forget me as I belong with you ,you belong with me.
I see you everywhere as I understand I was everywhere to you.

Well ,Mom is very intresting. She is what I told the doctor a spiritualist to start. The Black Widow of the May Flower bomber. Wow could she be bossy and hot tempered. Still smart though still in shape. Oh God but Mom did not want to be a prostitute . So...she became a candy Madam and ordered me around . Tried to make me do sexual acts with her and her boyfriend. Led her boyfriennd serial killer Robert Picton to Break my arms and under demonic possession after sleeping have his way. Multiple times for Yellow Bud. Blue Tiger Green Dragon. So...she also thought I could die as Sharon Tate. She stole all my work. She was the Son of Sam Madam. I nursed her everyday for 20 years without pay. She wanted me to be Norman Bates and hate her since birth. She became famous painters Damien Drake and shannon Dorn and Word. She was really smart and would turn into Jeffrey Dahmer. Then she became dead to me and did not exsist as Satan Set and Osiris. Shed snort all detergent to snuff me with the child killing witchdoctor jerking my head.Then she would drink with her congested heart failure Lambs wool as Osiris she would mutti me and bite down to bite it off. I am glad I am free of her. I exorcised the living dead but she goes through this and that's a black widow Madam of the S.S Norway. I asked the law if I could end her life.She is imobile and a threat to all as Tyrant Dictatorship Osama Bin Laden Saddam Huissen and Fidel Castrol. She is crazy to me. Black widows do nothing but steal as my mom and get their way.!!! Does she exist? WW

Your my best friend Beelzebub Nasferatu
I waited for you my whole life just to watch you disapear
We have both been child sacrifices and Nasferatu treated us so bad ....I thought
Till I met him.I see now that we are brother and sister on the cross as a hermathadite I carry your ghost and spirit for exorcism of covids at the vatican. You play me for love then tell me Im your human meat but you prefer me in porn when we are dead sex or are we both dead from egytian masks. How would I ever know you as a person except that ive been to the palace of Nasferutu and to Groove yoga as a snuff victim from my own rom masks. I did not realize... to own masks means you suffer spiritual and psyical death to open the spiritworld if you are allowed them because the world covids with them. I never thought I'd be necromaniconed to Seth through the eye of Horus and held down by 12 people to be changed to a Pandoras box and more all because I healed my HIV with Crip by blood through the book of Mormon. So they said I still have it but wrote down AIDs too when blood results indicated nothing. They becaume so obsessed with mutti at the hospital they paranormally changed my vagina location and sacrificed me 210 times because through diet I cured AIDS then I cured HIv .I have not taken an antibiotic in 20 years . I dont get sick. I even healed 20 broken bones . I love the Lion ..roar.... Crip Jesus. Crip by Blood can be good sometimes.And other times it is satanism.What the hell. New body 210 times...what was the point of being Jesus Christ is you say I have Hiv with a new body.And blood drained for 11 years and heart taken out and lungs. veganism with no sickness and chasity for 20 years. F you doctors for letting others go who you have not practised possession on to experiment. Being your superior you have used your numbers to gang up on me and you are cannabilized everytime and I have to ressurect you. This time enemies get no ressurection as excorcism has completed.Really even still to take a pill that allows you not to get sick for 30 days from this is taken by me everyday. What the hell and no money too. You are terroist blowing up the world using me as pain and suffering..making us have a bad homeless rate of royals.You give me mutti pussy at birth U2...and I still love you as it is subliminal. But why did they make me a boy and then make me an aids baby...then a nun ...then poverty...then isolate and enslave me at Oshawa General Hospital because of your song With or without you and you bought Damien Drakes rod but I am a healer that suffers so badly with nothing from a song connected to the hospital. Blood Red sky ...Blood Money. My blood is crimson in shockwave therapy because I ate meat and they used me to resuurect the dead and them to fullfill bible.Why when last life I was a lonely slave do I have to have noone and live w hiv an no sickness with no money and homeless as a King,as the one to reunite you with your loved ones. tell me how can you say that I am God as Ma and be forsken then kill me as the devil why do I help everyone and they just crip by blood vampires to the grave because of with or without you and a pimp stick.They just want muty pussy. At least I was born a girl.
R.I.P Prince. Yes ..I am Pussy. And I have Pussy Control. Yes I am Black Panther. Yes I am blood I need a red beret. I was born a girl and decided to be a nun. I have pussy control. Then I worked for zLIfe and I was St.Job. I had to heal aids and brain cancer and congested heart failure through my detox system. The water well . The ring of a reverend doctor.Now they want everyone risen and they want them healed and they think they own you. Geezs with or without you . Purple rain of Osata my nun ship at St.Josephs that another girl took who lives life better when I did the work.Geezs they say boy they shear my hair I am Rebecca to beelzebub my mom child sacrifice to U2 too as a child I was thrown down the stairs immediately I came from after life. I am Beelzebubs twin I am a Virginal to have jesus christ as I have noone thanks to mutti pussy and greed. I am a master that is in extreme poverty that is powerful but poor and lonely. I wanted love Venus is my name as nasa intelligence but how could they kill me as Cleopatra Nasferuta when it is above Nasa.They keep on trying and they might succeed. I had the best time with my dracula beelzebob. I have no regrets . I know I am clean and I know I am God on this earth according to the highest religions with Nasferutu. I know I am weak when I am the devil. I know I am strange I know I am evil I know I can not care anymore as the devil But Ive been God for so long that Ive evolved I love you God but I weep as Jesus Christ as Ive been nailed sinced birth. I am a Morningstar I allowed them to slap me more then 1000 times. I am of Zion I am Jesus favorite . His prodicted mother. The Mother of God the mother of the Tao of reincarnation in Neptune born Crow blood to beam in the crow familiar of Neptune. I was the one to have Jesus Christ. I was picked and they hate me for this. The punishment is the shadowworld till my son comes which is fine to most now.I did not do this the bibles did.I wish that this world could be as myself with my soulmate.That is all I wanted...not to rule the world. Why would they crip by blood me as Jesus as a hermaphidite as U2 to take away my birthrights to have the real Jesus Chrsist. I am not a false God, But I am not the most powerful GOd above in heaven. Our father.I am a Pawdoctor.

This is my poetry of Haiku in 1 syllabus. It shows a Dutchess Queen towards Beelzebob after wasp queen Bee.It goes with his tattoo of when he was younger. I am a Blood Vampire who was given crip status too since birth. I finished Pope at the pawdoctor level and have graduated once again after Bones and rose to Godess Master Cleopatra. Venus Morningstar Empress in the holy Bible. God am I in love with Dracula Beelzebob.I think their one and the same but boy am I timid even though now I know we have been communicating at the same time as bones and skull.:) :) You know when you match the voice and the love to the earlier telepathy. I think he is Dracula family like me. Very young very old spirt soul.Very happy. I thought he was nasferutu but he may be too. I look forward to him every morning when I see him briefly. I can't help but admire him and gaze at him. His voice to me makes me quiver it is sweet like honey with tea but raspy like coffee. We both retire when the sun gets too hot.It is mutual.When I heard 100 voices throughout my first few months of telepathic psi vamperism decades ago I know I am however with the Beelzebob through wasp bee I want to be with.It's just I came from the afterlife to 30 below middle earth. Yesterday I was level 4 middle earth and people earth. Always on a mission. Going back to afterlife after level 9 enlightenment i am in cainanite. Going to Shady Ville Nasferee land. I am a trainspotting transporter m.d as a missionary w vatican home. Oh yes please HELP.THEY STOLE MY NASTIGERDRAGONHIEM ROBE!!!!! :) Any info appriected. I said Id would destroy them and I am a Pope.:) I am that mad after giving all my egytian art to a church sanctuary. I've lost so much to lose my royal robe to a break in. That is all my CAT clothing and crip by blood clothing too is missing.

Angels Of Magic Cleopatra
The master vampire lays in bed while attacked by gang force
Her favorite is the demon child with red eyes
Force is used till astral projection is achieved
Third eye is used to take possession of the alien
Games are played by lovers as succubi succubus
He says I can't take full possession which ends in triple ventricles
Still a shama who is God can walk on water
Like chocolate orgasms and a flight landed New York
The angel of magic becomes a giesha
She sails out to groove on foriegn islands of Oz Giesha
The Bones and skull is given in recognicion
The saga continues forty years later still
Then you become the witchdoctor angel Cleopatra
Then what is great is you get your own workIts remnants of 40 years ago and is stolen again

WASP Angels of Necromanacon

Dark wings of the bat are the sparrows in flight in the morning
Like the sparrow wings our fingers turn to blood spores
We are the clergy of Yeawah possessed by Satan
We are wasp we are strong we are nerotransmitting
Till we see proof the child was sacrificed by Satan
The child is dear to us. He is Jesus Christ to WASP
The child is older he learns to levitate above the bathtub
While a mother yearns for her child in devotional
Green Dragon...Blue Tiger Yellow Bud Picassos Blunt Tazo Tea
Pregnacy in yellow bud is a sacrifice to mother
Mothers who are witches choose to sacrifice hentei Yenti
The children grow inside the the witches collect
That is the life of the Angel of Necromanacon
A true Gieshas practicioners life is human trafficking
WASP is the Giesha, Tiger is the Giesha, Dragon is the Giesha

Guardian Angels
From being Hentei Yenti as a Giesha Lady Beelzebul appears
From Master Vampire to taking alien body dreams
You begin to guide people through possession of bad karma
We are known now as Queen Kitana of Paw Asiatic Society
We are told we are hieress while money is pirated
That is the truth in Bones and Skull That is the truth
We try to pretend we are psychics . No we are Ice
Then we call ourselves crip by blood Krip by blood yes
Why does this happen? Because a mother sells
She sells her child without cause because she is criminally insane
Then with good honor we seek to take our mothers life
Then we forgive her and she puts us in a crip
Because people injoy a show of people murdered.

I found Beelzebub a few days ago in person ...he is the one through telepathy I was suppose to be with years ago. I am stiff as a board and a little astounded by him but otherwise a pleasure to meet him.
Oh gosh Vexer is next. I thought as women we were are vexed ...but I remember Vex being the Devil ...gosh and the rythum goes "i thought all women were the devil" No...but seriously men sure vex too. I think we are created equal which reminds me of a bible lesson. I talked to Neptune the God in. I found in the bible that there were wicked men and it was wrong to batter a wife but I learned to honor a husband but we are created equally...but in the garden women are Godess then the Gods are. So..its just most women enjoy a man to assist them in things like cashflow and home building and going out. I'm dependant on a man that way because I expect it. That's how I made Dutchess.

I'd like today to talk about Oz....oz is a magical place to walk to last night I tried to heal syphillous by going to voudon park. I had to be a mason Pope and I had to have 2 pennies which are out of circulation. Copper is what my Otta Matoase does when he faith heals ...he also use to repair fine watches.He is an engineer from world war two. I was enlightened that my rod from Jamaica in voudon park which is the crucification stick and Nasferutu snuff...as nato director I can freeze it for a short period in escape . But I hate doing it because they practise human meat vampire meat which is nano space technology people who hate Vampires.I've written stuff and smut outline and it was to be a series its about how people steal your whole lifes work ...medical records and spread it around then they take your personal pictures and humiliate you to start snuff. It was for young teenagers. Today with syphillus I'd like to talk about dead sex (human trafficking of magicians to castle where everyone is trafficked and we covid into hentei yenti porno or travel the world.It is wierd when you are faithful.They say pick a pimp. Even as a dr of Sociology. I just got and face over 3000 people at once. Jaws of life were used. I was gone 1 year. My feet are slashed this time. I enjoyed "muty sex one day and they turned my vagina out more then the hospital made me "plastique" So...as a chaste individual for 20 years ...I woke up in the same place and thought no way...nothing happened. So,I cross my legs like Bones and skull and I always have but I just liked it one day and sometimes its annoying. I have the power to fight back. I just hate mutilation of reproductive system . I am prolife...as Argylye Crip. I made it to Malkevienian the other day again. Why are we always tested as master Vampires. And people turn againts their Crip Blood Counts and Countessess . Then we are all lost and everyone is mad. So...that bothers me that people could not respect giving your life to God and the well being of others for no pay sometimes unless you commit crime.But then I see some are homeless or deader then I. Another thing is I died but I rose. So my annex is a recording of my death as Cleopatra but I'm still here. "I'm black I'm tan I'm white". I have some poems I wrote in Voudon Park. That are I am the angel of necromonacon .Angel of Magique and the Guardian angel that is my one Queen figured out with someones tattoo. For rt 66 area 51 world 65 on a veganism diet for afterlife which I have clipped wings .. I fell from Heaven above. I liove it at this level but it is frustrating to find a partner after being so stiff because you cannot remember the pornography you did till you get the underground pictures. Now I want a boyfriend. Screw waiting for sex before marriage. Married in the sheets L.L Cool J is a smart man . Muty and dead sex can turn a virginal person on when they have noone. So before I was trafficked for nothing but I did not have my r.n as needler. So...I like to take my time rising because I am a Blood Blood and now a 6 gps pimp by blood crip by name.My 2 queens are at the priestess and pimp visionary spiritual level in voudon and masonary. I'm just not good yet at being a black Pope ...but I will learn. Eating meat is sacrifice to me and operating on animals with eating kimchi to sacrifice animals paranormally. I just can't preform my Rabbi duties yet.I will someday. As I feel more calm and skilled with the persona of Natural Born Killers instead of Bonnie and Clyde which was Dracula before. I have been fasting on lentils and grapeleaves to feel this way and I stopped eating most of the time because they just make me unapeased compared to what I could have. I had to give blood support and others did but I just am not the same anymore. I'm afraid I love God but I am a Vampire fully now and I just love children and animals but I am ready to punish people and I want a silencer as Vamperilla.I activated my colnel the other day. I thought Kitana is Legaly LIcenced. and I did not but I thought what the hell when do these people ever learn who are shrinking my ribs eating my body fat practising muty. I though death to them I am DEATH through Geanology. My King crest is Father Time ...the Grim Reaper. Lol ever whatch the show death becomes me. George is a soulcollector who tells everyone ...move on "your dead. Then the demons carry them off. I was Nased last night with my back turned and I flipped around and said"excuse me...followed the person and nothing said. I just hate people like that. Lock them up and throw away the key. I felt like Nas Nas Nas her back...the church organs started and they were going to rip her heart out. So...I just thought no but then I thought yes because what the hell I'm losing RESPECT and if youve known my 50 years "I dend respect" I like money but Karma is everything. So...I thought well she will get her debt but I dont do anything except restrain and Im sick of it. Its the fear of losing my job. It is depressing. I want to bounty hunt. I am mad. Then I was going to take someone home needling and I clean up came back. He said "leave me alone" I cant believe my last 12 hours.My feelings are hurt but the push is on my mind as she charged me from behind and she did not answer me after when I faced her.That is all. I dont know if the needler was with her or shes mad at me for being around crack dealers and nursing them after they zone out.I just always been around crack dealers. I have not met anyone who does not live this life without narcotics lately. Are they trafficked or are they just suicidal. Holy crack girls who prostitute then the traffic the Vampires who are Royal blood in groups of thousands. Screw this I modelled I stripped . I lived on the streets. I have street rep. What gives thes people overdosed mind pimps over proffessionals to live in our presense . I'm hiding out . Had enough of being a daywalker. Sad to see so many suicidal people...but I care but what the hell. Never in my life have I seen so much schizophrenia. Sorry I'm a healer. So much NA too do I'm a gps x 6!!!!!!!

2021 08 27 Did a mediational excercise yesterday of Sun and Moon at night I did my Pygmalian Nasferutu Ruwunda yoga wasp wasp wasp after completion of Dogfish. It was done as the pig is the fox which goes with the fox which ends with a mason in a jar as a Tucan who can't pop his head out of feeding trying to be a host. This is a strange life fairytale to me because they want a Tucan out of me and call me a crip by blood hostess but I have not even had more then one boyfriend in over 20 years.R.B.C wanted a Vampire for a hostess that was Vegan so instead I got gang bang whore paranormally when I had been chaste 20 years. They picked me a best Bocoeur Judge for U.N and gave me a Harvard pager that did g.p.s statistics for best finacial advisor that was my crip by blood Countess out of United Nations. So....I know how the spider is the fly and I have to offer manna to Lamanite Lords and Ladies to ascend . You have to eat 10 pieces of Tofu a day and give a gift to a telepath...spread the word of the seed of jesus christ as christ dwells within and it was wrong what they do to middleeastren children they pick out but if we don't eat it we are all sacrifices and we will never be forgiven from murderous parents or suicidal behaviour.So...I need my tofu then I need my daily bread which is cash . I thought Pizza Pizza but no this is war for me, as it says unless you pay your bills you will be stay in the same spot. So...i thought wed go to pizza pizza. Pizza which is nice ....but I will be fasting on tofu ...mixed greens and onions, peppers ,tomatoes, and olives till i can afford for a naan bread and honey celebration manna party. Revenge means war to the gentiles too as they are to be sacrificed after coming out of saint slavery like i but the sainted ones are immortal.So...it is wrong and it told me as the light to hide out in the dark for longer to sacrice myself but I have been through murder over 10 times so I think I passed siamese too and It said to listen to your heart so I am bitten but I walk the light and my blood drains for it but I say screw you because the lords and the ladies are the light as well and if they cant except death i no longer care except for the children and disabled.I am not diabled nor am I a mental patient as a rev dr is above psychic so is nasa and they wish to put me in a mental institution and they get cannabalised everytime then the gentile die and come back. This is bull so i say i think i walk in the light for I am born free I am not a slave and I practise the dark arts of kung fu and tai chi and yoga by sun and moon with masonary as a Master servent Vampire ...so they say I am dead as Cleopatra Selena . Yes I died but I rose through the creator time and time again. So..they say they are possesed and they murder me because of tofu. So why if we are the royals why do you let this middle eatren child hurt you as we are hurt to along with everyone else as long as we dont eat the tofu.My religion is why I am a lady and I am a missionary ...so I am sick of rising people up to have no funds so they can be with them and not I . Yesy I am mad because i am suppose to be one of the leaders surrounded with my friend. The bible says we are suppose to have our royalties and I am sorry but I cannot afford to eat bread so I will starve and pay my taxes bills and have a phone and if a child from Haiti need adopting and food and medicine I will try to provide if chance given but in canda we need a phone even if you are a survivalist and we have health board so we need 60 dollares worth of cleaners a week and vaccums are 300 dollars. So..I think I care and I will starve to do this. I already have a ethopian belly now from starvation and this is canada and we are royal so everyone said F the queen yesterday. So...I will write to her because promise is to have your saturday party without alcohol and eat tofu almond dessert from dusk till dawn to be with your friends as angels with clipped wings from afterlife.When I get my daily bread I will stop fasting and feeding because I have no choice after King Abduhll died with the queen their was no more money. So why should we all die when tofu balances hormones even the fox steals the chickens from the hen house. If the Toucan wants to feed it has just cause as weve been locked up and some us experimented on.So...I know people disapear but everytime places are taken over for royals people die and are risen through blood crip by blood countesses and the occult. WE give them life and are Masters and we serve and protect because we are prolife but life is precious to the innocent and I am sorry but I have watch 10 times people lose their lives for locking up royals and lords and ladies for trafficking and God I hope they never come back but it is the creators will but I know I am the living God so they left crucification screws and nails and they break in but I am not an immortal I am a REAL VAMPIRE so if you think we are human after all ..no I dont comprimise because Ive been nice and I did not get my daily bread ...no murderous parents did...so I devoted my life to caring and healing them as a servent and suffered from no friends for 40 years. If they continue to murder me I will go further then REDPATH SUGAR. I am not a satanist I tell the truth the truth is I am in a human body and they filed my teeth . I hate them for that and I used to love everyone. I want my fasting of veganism reconized I had fangs.They will not ener heaven above because they are sinners and it is written suicides are forgiven through tofu of Lord s and ladies at saturday parties and elevation is recieved. I gave a gift of it and I rise. So...I think for mcdonalds fries my death because of area 51 yoga that is level 49 in the picture put up with a child to crucify me for the second time is bs cause the leaders of O>C>C give the chucrch of satan a bad name and as a sainted teacher of above below St.John I was the one chosen to lead them. Instead a Lady who is Satan and Lazerous named Lady Marmalade shot B.I.G and others who ran the chucrch of satan out of O.C.C because satan lies and decieves and their meant to be with Luciferian religion. No...I am not dead for the last time,I am sorry I was enslaved and did not have your gifts you have know but you went from hating the fear of martial arts to snuff spiritually then getting murderdered. I love you guys and ladies But I have died and risen....maybe one day I won't but maybe you will die because the shadows were only nas and they break and enter as the law so the gifts were cruel but life is more precious. I am supernatural and paranormal I am past Immortal I was sainted decades ago. To be a Saint is a priveledge of us Lords and Ladies. So lets walk in comfortable hours of daylight and take care of our skin. If they drain our blood fast and tell them to fear God fear the devil because they have commited slavery and prevented us from our lovers and chasity is a sin. Then they call us streetwalkers. Screw them. Screw crucification. I am starving and healthy. I am righteous and am raising the dead but dead I wish would stop dying.... eat the tofu and have the party. Stay up from dusk till dawn. God bless you it is the way to heaven because crucification in the middleeast and here is wrong.Trivial fact if you practise any religion spirituality or arts you need $700 in charity to not get hurt and feel fine. I am fasting to give out more then $300 to $500. But I already do as my money is embezzled. Still...i will fast despite what they give me.

Working on Krip By Blood Royal Naval HA Gallantry of Camelot St.Michael St. George Calbrese Socialite Gatherings
You would not believe what has driven and motivated me to proceed into heart operations and gynecology at the faithhealing level....such as T.V.O and MP and MD.I have had my home broken into 3 times in the last week because 2.5 weeks ago I had some Bacardi. I am allowed 4 drinks a day because I don't usually feed but when it comes to not being paid for 116 years and not being safe in my own home a fast is in order starting on the 1st. I will be staying inside during the day. I am sorry but if youd like to hang out I will be at the pizza pizza every night for the mount of olives since I was crucified as Jesus Christ the lord is very much a lady and through the grace of God I recieved my period yesterday. I cannot believe it as I thought after they gave me formaldehyde at the hospital when I was sleeping and did what I thought to be more then a hysterectomy I could not bleed ...but what a joy it would be to have a child. I am afraid I will be eating after eight till twelve in the afternoon. I won't be out during the day because extreme measures after someone breaking into my home these measures have too be taken with diet for protection after swearing in of bocoeur judge was finished and first is the law second is t.v.o third is mp and md fifth is burn in hell as a warning. I have been to nice and now know as the Godess of Sammarite Dragons ...I am the Godmother of Nasdragontigerhiem and I am very happy that the book Cry Wolf had the Godfather using some of the same philosiphies I say. I can't wait to meet them all as it was some members of crip by blood I had problems with. The ones that live right by me with the hospital that embezzles my money as st.Job empress of the bizantine monAstery and now Queen once angain Castlevania and princess which I guess they changed to Queen of Qubec as of crip by blood. Crip by blood means to me we are blood ...we are family. It means we are always there for each other it means we are tough on each other and lift each other up. It means we stand strong and have control over our minds and don't practise murdering each other because thats a black widow enemy who would not be for christianity.The colours of the Lord I love my Lord Jesus Jehova as I was Cleopatra Jehova and Hosanae Jesus healed me along with my friend Jehova as the devil. We are strong as Jehova jesus Jehova jesus Hosanea in the highest fear God fear the devil. We are Nasdragontigerhiem of St. David. These people who do this should fear God fear the devil because we switch positions and the pope called me the all forgiving God. No...not anymore my head is injured from full possession and human trafficking from break and enter and my royal subject as one black widow who claims to be crip by blood drops his wallet in front of me. Are these my friends . NO...Did I ask for it no. We just been too charitable and forgiving with our vatican homes saving souls of 5 time or more attempted murders against us. Us as I speak through knowing of Jesus and the creator by face as I am an ANGEL with clipped wings. I am Mad.So....I will be pleased to offer redemption to those who wish to gain love and eternal life through Jesus Christ but to those who steal from me and hurt me in a murderous way...I will take you down by force. Ive been nice 116 years. I love you Crip by blood but there are a few that have joined in jealousy against Beelzebob and I with the dirty ones that are few mean covids god save their souls I will never forgive them for trafficking their Queen under full possession from greed when I offered them a place when down on luck.That is the needler in me Mormonism said to pull out my records so I did time to pick up the needle time to stop these crack addicts from breaking in.
Meeting at the Rainbow Diner every Friday for GMC breakfast. Will be taking another person to chat with between 11:00 and 1:00 depending upon seating. I am feeling very German. Nasferutu Russian. I am going to be attending AA to become a sponsor. I will post meeting times. Coffee at the Cork and Bean to Purchase Antigua at 11 am Saturday tommorow. Will probaly stick around for a rose hibiscus tea. 9 pm Sunday Vegetarian Bento Boxes at Osaka. Grab your white resse peanut butter cups and new Pina Coloda Tic Tacs. If you smoke try the Match cigarettes 23 King St is the place to grab everything . right off of Simcoe where all three Locations are. Saturday Night Pizza Pizza 10pm Vegetarian Slice. Tuesdays Taco Bell Chimi Changa vegeterian Taco bell time I will post latter. Atria on Thursdays at 12 noon for french onion soup and cabbage soup with an appetizer. I'll be taking someone to all these places. My treat if I like you..of course I will.:) One at a time.I think the Atria I will bring someone who would like to eat in the park or we could eat on the deck...but the library after these places to work on a project to make money would be great.:) I am very strick and buisness like I am sorry to tell you. So, everything is done in friendship and sociology for" 2 heads are better then one"

2021 08 17 L FLE 5DG J 94 15 66 6 411 38 "Redemption Is Blessed " Venus gives the manna Blood Pudding" fear God Fear the devil" Last bread was birdie in a nest for " Jesus wept according to Byzantine Monestery Rituals.It is done for the repentance of chickens that die in the egg box.
I Practice Tenjuitsu.I will do 10 things a day for an hour.Tommorow. I am going to be doing this.
1st Hour Dreamwork Chaldean
2 nd Yoga Meditation 30 second stretches
3rd Get ready Bathe etc

4th Breakfast Out for a walk

5th Library Computer
6th Read Books Cry Wolf The Icarus Deception Are you Indispensiable? B.I.B.L.E
7th Martial arts Staff training
8th Budget Plans Accounting
9th Clean House
10th Laundry
Sometimes I do 12 things . Rest of the day and night( Sociology Death row) Hospice for Mother
My favorite Fan 590 music is by Brennen Taylor. I have to get the underground remix on cd .I hope I can find it in a store near by. It has the most beautiful words about the Ndrangheta and my love for Beelzebob is the way I feel too towards my Beelzebob as Crip Jesus who is my Lord Job of Nasferutu. So. He is Lord Beelzebob Jesus Hosanea Job. Good job I say as his Lady Isis.Isis is with Lord Job. My staff has become a basillico today as a Royal Paw Asiatic Society now. That is the point it is at. I am so in tune with wood. Today I decided to collect some sphinx art too.I want to paint a crow on a downward 35 degree angle with beak...wings expanded Neptune in animal form with a red ribbon hanging down. With black ,Gold and cream frame. I am feeling artistic again. The crow that lay with me the other day was Bastille. I am inspired. I am into wedding planning again. I hope this time it will happen. I feel like a Debutante Breakfast Buffet in Bed without him in my presence a smorgousbord . Always on my mind .I tell my cat babies and I told him that. The ones I care for seem to follow me to the bedroom through synergy. Wow! I am getting used to it. Bonjour !! Bonjour !!Bonjour!! That's just what it feels like. I do have one thing I am sad over ...people I hear read me as my mother.:( :) The relic in the basment was my first and second death in the bible of the Prebysterian church that is now a church of Satan.It hurts when you wake up only for a few weeks.So,it said that at the level of God within we do not die anymore with veganism andit still sacrifices Christ.Really scary.Down Down."Look way up way up!!!!!!" The friendly Giant!!! Oh Isiah with your storehouse for the Basillico.I met you and you said you would help me with the baskets for all saints day.What Nasferutu we are.I love you all.But I practice Fidelity...or try to as best as I can with the way one thing wrong can turn into a tradgedy of how did this happen to me.I was murdered with a wedding axe twice through black magic.A relic of a dagger excist in my basement with a crip .So...I found Second Life decades ago....thank God and recently through the bible I am enlightened .Fortunately most people won't suffer this way.They die in dreams or other ways ...not so sadistic who seek to join the Gideon bible of the prebysterian faith. The afterlife was incredible and I have come back to middle earth as a angel at first to become a living God once again to pass Siamese thank God.It is hard to do and tommorow I will talk about going through Sharon Tates Murder as she is alive in my dreams Cat girl.II did not die just because I have been christian and went through first and second death to rise from Lamenites to Gentiles.My sin was I had a smoke in the bedroom and also not allowed to touch myself. I was in a nunship of St.Joseph too long that I am judged hard.I hope you do not have to all go through this.It is a hard religion in Prebysterian readings.I am a Methodist p.h.d

20210812 I had my 2 year assessment writing into CIA North America today. Down to earth pyshics 11 year intelligence my forte is mathematics and science Control my ship lol Size 5 Joy Judiciary Licefa Clean and in fa. Wellness italia. Meetable just for coffee in 2 groups....k4 x56 71 2 7CS HH 5K 8 https://www.ic.gc.ca/opic-cipo/cpd/eng/patent/2815082/summary.html?query=Conversion+of+glycerol+to+naphtha+range+oxygenates&type=basic_search&pedisable=true MAN XZ VST Tracking Destination 91 24 38 https://www.royalihc.com/en/products/motion-control-and-automation/dynamic-positioning-and-dynamic-trac

I've Done a Psychiatric evaluation on myself in writing a letter. As a crip by blood Queen (Cleopatra Kitana Venus Morningstar) I was talking about being born from dogs or jackals and this is so for a lot of people in evolution. It turns out we or some of us were born pureblood vampires . Myself from the King and Gutri family were given as babies artificial intelligence programs that were Gerald .Inxs said it best "everyone has the devil inside as the L stands for Lucifer. When I started out with Lucifer he was synergy. It was "The lords path is the only way" And the path I thought was "the way the truth and the light which is the life which made me with my Cleopatra Beezlebob Rod tied together as children Rebecca .Noah two children in Bahls Religion.... God of Nasferutu (Nasferutu as God). It started with boogie monster dreams. Oh boy I was being trained. We were 2 children torn on the cross. Very fit and active... we are both very Armani to Oshawa people ,which means strong. But we have been connected since children through dreams so very D&G. I used to think of D.G as Depeche Mode Catching Up With. So I am I see a Shadow Singlet Needler Personality most my life if not all of the life I've lived and before me. Nothing much changes me. Before I was Crip by blood I went through all the Royal Vampire Houses. Crip by Blood now to me means the spilling of Jesus Blood. The Blue and the red ...while remaining pure. But ,I have began to be Krip as green and went through the Henti Yenti of yellow as well as have been black in my code .I am 23 years old again and tested my fitness body wieght and mentality as well as health.I thought wow how can I be a shadow of my former past when I am doing so well again.To be a shadow is fantastic.I've always been surrounded by shadow magician since I was a child.I do have a faint tattoo hidden ...It is the Playboy Bunny. I will be getting this new art piece that is a white rabbit with a gothic girl. More egyptian art with sacrificial bowls...nudity..royals. Native art hopefully crow as well as a military room .This is to be my new decor. I would like a few beautiful intruments as well. That is what I am thinking after Byzantine art. Lots of flowers and gold tones.However this is one letter that I wrote last night that said I was in a shadow singlet needler frame of mind, as I feel I have seen alot in life but I was placed with crip by blood which makes me a mother.:) I just realized with moving and wearing cheetah today I am a SCAMP frame of mind as I am scrounging up funds .I am medically motivated as a needler and working on success as a Shadow...while one of the two kittens I watched for a few weeks ones name was SCAMP and he was Golden and I desire gold tones. I really need a pet. Pets on sets outdoors are ok but they don't cuddle yet and I have to move. Lots of things planned .New Jobs new horizons but it is the scrounging and the little kitten Scamp I miss so much. That my neighbor gave me decades ago.:)

I am Vampiriella in some of the issues since 2002 when I was asked to be her. Its my nightclub name to go out and party. My aunts name is ella my gandmothers is Elva.I was just a vamp I guess more like a vixen always a foxy lady. Going to be baking and buying lots of farmer fresh products.Its Pizza Nova meetings at 8 pm and coffees near by at Tim Hortons. I plan on doing some things for intervention like bringing people with CAT iq to library book club or buying some O.P.I nailpolish ,paints and other artist brushes.I have picked up my needler supplies .Orange 81 mg asprin, benzoyle peroxide , bandaids, I still need to get more overdose needles and serum and have to pick up allergy pills. I will be doing some serious housecleaning as well. Life is expensive but it is great to be a Sociologist. I really miss having an animal. A black rat moved in after playing cat and mouse. Geez, what am I going to do I love it??????????? Now I have the seagulls flying with the crow ...they found soulmates and the sparrows are in morse code as candy md's. Then theirs the pygmalian pets on set...I am 3 after finishing Dog fish in Yoga which is 3 Pygmalian WASP WASP WASP otheside on the concrete.That's how my eyes are hypnotheric and swirl coulours of earth .They all including pygmalian people bring joy to my lonliness but I am urged to quit smoking because we are very active.:) What's happening in the shadow world is I have seen a coven across the road in shadow form.I am working on my singing .I just cleared all octaves. Recently was mi ti. O Canada I sing very well. Track report walked Carlito way had a Lucky personality as always made it as the sociologist for over CAT intelligence.:) Felt very good very Nasfurtura very WASP Pygmalian Nasferutu as Nasferuta!!!! to all the dogs they bark it lol. 2021 0810 Hoping to move in some people for Ninjuitsu as Kungfu Juijitsu Yoga Karate Mental Genoius. Was suppose to go for my birthday to Manderin Land, air ,sea but with taking care of people.I cant see myself being able to seat 9 people entrance even though its for Morningstar and I am Princess Venus. They won't pay me.So...I declared a 4 person war :) or :( Today I went through shockwaves in my home.I made lieutenant general level.That's positive have to remain strong. What is a shadow to me? A shadow begins with a kingdom a shadow stalks you and becomes a magician a shadow guides you a shadow lives behind a closed window as a convict a shadow you always think about. A shadow is terrifying but when it guides you and the brick of the wall opens and he serenades you ,you cant help but to become a singlet and remember that you were also a shadow to them that might have fogotten a few things.They say a shadow fogets about its past or a shadow is a former image of itself.No not quite two shadows together is an art and entertainment festival filled with genious and intellilect and furtherment in advancements in life.A shadow was and hope is my best friend from Nasferutu.To be a shadow is exciting to me as I took a break from the internet but I accomplished so much ...but I here what happened to the fitness model.I say well I have 23 md phd psw and they say when are you going to work again.It is hard to escape the shadow or not want to be in front of the camera again.But I love the night now and frankly the sun melts me.The dawn and the dusk are nice.But I prefer the night.:) Perhaps some palm trees for shade.2021-08-12 Speaking of the shade never felt so in lightened but by doing Kabbalism meditation in Tai Chi to Salvador Dalis Clock Explosion in Neptune.I went trough mating rituals how an aids patient meets an normal person gives them hiv .The hiv patient is risen the Aids patient knocked down.They eventually meet again through parasite .Then they are in the shadow world.Children are discussed.Gay Issues and it ends with shutukan Samari I achieve in Pgymalian I am guardian Of the foresst people.That means Bush and forrestry.I learned after how to bring the North star to Venus last night with palmistry signs.:) The shadow world was fun yesterday.:)

Through Blood Moon Bloodline Dracula Nasferutu Nasferutura Royal Countess and Princess Crip By Blood Chef Mother Venus Morningstar. Very Happy 7181921177377116912411.As...2 princess my eyes had turned tangerine orange then red before the blood moon.Now they are elemental. 3 44 0 18 36 45 0 3 12 12 24 51 36 93 12 6 49 81 74 11 87 So...I found this cool home for my Lord and I to move into as a Harlequin Pope which religiously means I am with the Isrealites,Jewish Hebrew Gentiles and grieve for my CAT family the Lamanites.They all have become family the ones I speak too or come to see me at my home.Unfortunatly the laminites have a hard time fiting in to Oz Oshawa and Cumin Oshawa. I have to practisce intervention now. I have to keep the drugs to cigarettes alcohol 2 drinks and marijauna. For myself I may have to be completly sober.It is hard not to drink once or twice a month and I am ether enlightened.So...I am a messiah as pope through my Lords spirit.The lord is with me.We are together and its to take the flesh of the antichrist as written ...we have no choice...It is super natural....meeting with alien being Seths today. He is my crip by blood Jesus Christ at the point of Beelzebul ,Hosanea In the highest my Basilico and Roman soldier to help me heal the sick . https://www.zolo.ca/orangeville-real-estate/2a-princess-street 3 44 0 18 36 45 0 3 12 12 24 51 36 93 12 6 49 81 74 11 87 .The 87 is for queen as Kitana for religios F.E.A.R reasons Paw Asiatic Society Princess Seraphim Jehova Cleopatra 2021 08 09 ( JZ 7 N 9L C1) Jstor N.I.N Lion Cleopatra .Will put up 2 diets soon 1 is a invitation and the other the covid 19 diet. According to happenings .I will be practicing veganism
Hello! Bonjour.I finished the fish at the library. I am going to write a paper after I am done reading the books. The featured book was The oolong tea murders from daisy mysterys. I have an Italian cook book at home I want to do for Nasferutu Palace romantic dinner w Beelzebul... I hope one day my Basilbob Hoseana as long as he brings Adam cause I want him to have his Eve and not be alone. But first I have to say!!! I have to say, I have the Isis mask and I am Queen Kitana of PAS...as Hans Holzer wanted me to be in Ghosts. It goes with a book by Pike ....that's the fish , so it has an F on it and the girl fails ...so I wont spoil it to much but it goes with one which is German est where I am now in 500 a.d so it goes to westren then it goes down the alley in art ...we discuss drinking in a store book then Marque de sade frames of mind and wish craft . It is a Dracula book. I'm so excited. I even met the Tea party 50 years ago. Even though I'm turning 43 and like 1 hospital crt Lakerigehealth but really 116 like 17 div. I really feel the U2 rythum ...with or without you. Track 49.I just finished Dogfish in yoga.I have just invented Pgymalian Nasferutu Restaurant Yoga Pas.I t's a draining of phytonutrients to start...while standing in treepose to give the branches force after you paint the branches pink and white like my carousel r.c.m.p photo I took at gay pride. I am a Siren Pygmalian Nasferutu not just bloodline anymore for doing it.:) I am very happy then I'm writing a great master plot with you when you come...but try to pitch in ...no please pitch in I am a Pino Grigio chef ..so I shall cook but pitch in. I even had the geisha service set in crystal. I can't believe this diet I'm on .I feel fabulous.I really enjoy veganism. I don't know why I tried fish. I could not even do the hundred sun salutations of my Godess Nasferutu Yoga Pygmalian Pimp yoga before now i am a Wasp Wasp wasp W.d and G.p in it after Dogfish.It comes with a diet to that I did it in Byzantine Jewish chaldean and numbered everything.:)
God Bless,
Cleopatra Kitana Venus Morningstar
I want to have a great feast and write a master plot then a n.a.t.o script. Maybe someone wants to act in it but first we have to read all these books ...have a party then write the master plot.:)

Venus Jade of the Morningstar Empireship St.Empress of the Byzantine Monastery under St. Job Crip by blood above below G.P Dr. Of Sociology Deathrow (Captaian Cook/Bonecollector 9mm personality after Scrooge) Godmother Nasferututiton Vamyre and Vampire born in evualution from the dog. went through Zionism. Just infomed The pope that I am practiced Methodist with a p.h.d level of underderstanding.CAT Kitana MD Psychiatrist CIA Agent Jujutsu Proffesor Boquer Judge best in 2019 United Nations as Venus Morningstar. Now working with youth through N.A but in Sociology as L.C.B.O because I believe communal should be enjoyed at different levels including tobacco ...finally hard liquer on heaven on earth in acorrdence with moderation and food "No drunkeness will get you into heaven". Certain thing like tobacco on heaven on earth are enjoyed .Afterlife is a little more freedom with peace pipe. Right now is the time to behave. I may have a drink once a month. And I partake in tobacco but no marijuana till I reach afterlife again and am asked in a spiritual meeting. First I'd advise you all who cannot control drug and alcohol habits to try a NA or AA program. It took away even my desire to smoke for 15 years .But I have recently decided to smoke a painkillers have failed and it works for me. Ghost Changeling General MD of the Venus Morningstar empire ship. 2021 0804This is a log in I have become the earth St. Angel of Nasferutura ,much like Goldies track. My Otta used to call me " Goldie girl" as a baby. Also I am high Arch angel of Nasferutu as Jehova Heavenly host mother Cleopatra. Mother of hopefully Venus and Kitana a Siemese and a Calico.The lessons are in Psalms Kings Alma Omni Romans and Ezra. I will tell you that the antichrist possessd Yeahwa and myself mildly possesion such as muty and enslavement through 3 forces sent me as low as 18 under as a good samaritian to stay at middle earth at the time because he loves the Great whore and the whore who was stoned to be freed. He is lustful. So...I freed 30 people from below then 200 were inflicted because everyone though he was Yeawah through possession. But I was of sound sober mind.Us 200 suffered blood loss and wounds and we were suppose to go to war against others then sent to deep 6 to be with the rest of us trapped in the hospital. So...I said we don't fight. I called on the Pope .He is my savior to me as the bible said friends are coming in they will choose others because I have no money and my home is destroyed as crip by blood hostess run by the banks and p.d.a also. So...I am saving my money to go out with them.I am excited for my 116 birthday (real age despite calender).They are the ones who gave me a death of 1 pain as it is written as a stepping stone of death to a KIng as I am direct decendant of the King family ...Gutri being my birthname out of Ireland Germany Slovenia and Italy.My roots are Somalian. But as High arch angel the one death was quick because 200 joined in as the great Pope I just feel amonst other royals and friends have blessed me. Over quick.It is written that we are at war and the antichrist is to sacrifice satanist who kidnap babies and light them on fire and torture them instead they are hurting "God's problem the devil" and his people our religion world religion in the bible. So this antichrist at the hostpital is DEl Monte Fruit cocktail to me and I think I was Del Monte peaches and cream corn because I had synergy 40 years ago that started with I am dyslexia.But I did solve a few bible mysteries that way. I want to get all the Steven King books as I love Needful Things the most as I have a nostaligia problem of collecting Egyptian slave trade shaman India tribal dragon tiger art reptilian. Oh yes I am now with stripes I have a sub zero reptilian face.It is exotic. I thought I was of the braillian species and I was. Now I know after afterlife I trancend to astral planes then to the spirit Planes ...not the same as being tested in the spiritual world by vamperism ...we are only well I as a Samairite am level 9 middle earth 26 levels for missionary magistraite and everyone else.Long life noodles and tofu as I am the angel of Necromonacon 1 of 8 so far that are close to me...we are all different.I will explain tofu later and it's pros /cons in personal messages as tofu is KM/phr.2021 08 04 I will put up a diet tommorow for co vid 19 as St.Emperess under St.Job for Byzantine Monastery Vegetarian 1 and 3.I also heal covid 19 but I suffer the flying cockcroach that turns into a wasp then into a host.It became easier though.
What is a red crucifix represents the rubies that are the children and all stones such as jade that is the hood as the canary that is the diamond of the Nasferus and,it is the fine linens and the blood of the family where the blue is the water which is th e dead and the family to come which means the spirt rises.( "So we "whistle while we work as the rise from flanders fields")
What is a red crucifix represents the blood was gained and life for blue cruicifix the waters are cleansed for the children to rise with military fatigue that went on now and before to become Lords and Ladies Krip By Blood "DEliver Us FRom All Evi

I am a 35 year old and young Master Vampire in service through Judges 20. I believe in my Voudon Baby Titen who is a voudon pimp for protecting mom from a black rose where she was a white rose ,,,he sat under her Osiris and Isis Mask and he is a voudon military trained priest as a cat which the others are as well. He believes in Mexican $100 garden salads.Mom makes Red dragon Potatoes and curried basmati rice and rice and beans.I eat a Mars bar a day when I can and always enjoy Oh Henry with a Mr.Big.I try to hand out 22 After 8's.Lots of Pure LIfe for the Nursery.As far as Ice Cream Naturally Drumstick but very rare to have that or Dairy Queen.I mostly have my mars bars.I have been from outerspace since Serbia.MY biblical Restaurant service is that of La Castille through...jJust buy it, Shredded Wheat.I hope to go there one day to La Castille ...it's a female.If someone loves me. I love many ,being the Byzantine Monestary Sociologist.As,I love to dream of people and meet and greet them ...then catch a bite to eat. Biblical name is Godess Cleopatra Kitana Venus in the Empress Morningstar. I am out of nunship St.Joeshephs Basheeba Osata Aphrodite.I have been faithful for 30 years. Believing as a Samarite Dragon Godess that when spirits rise they are tested by people who contain Crip Jesus Above Below as taught by St.John the teacher Being a heavenly host of Houdini Jehova Samarite Dragon God of the mind Hades Hatha Hoseana.I hope to provide missionary services to all as before I was a Zostrian Magi "wise women" w an unclean spirit."hey we all get filthy once in a while still. I'd like to raise these people spiritualy to middle earth Heaven and afterlife spiritplanes astral planes. God Bless everyone "Fear God Fear the Devil" Much love for my heavenly father.Admirer of David Copperfield who I think of as someone to be a fatherly figure above...not wanting to be an assitant :) Love his shows

I have eaten mostly a vegan diet my whole life with my growing up years being with a few jobs at age 14 I would eats "poor mans feed
'which consisted of macoroni and a can of tomatoes...or I would eat a bag of tri couloured pasta w olive oil and fresh herbs. I was very fortunate if I could make homemade chicken soup. When I became a burlesque entertainer in 1996...I would eat meat sparingly and mainly go to fine dining restaurants that serverd clemintine portions of meat .I then began to eat antipasto and only ate procuitto and raw beef carpaccio...I ate meat sparingly.When I began studying medicine and focused on something other then psychiatry ,I came across veganism .Veganism is my favorite. raw fruits and vegtables w walnuts and cranberries although once and a while I would sneak a bag of ruffles regular chips.As long as I had orange juice I was fine.The only problem is that in lower realms you cannot be vegan you have to have a cheese pizza once a weeks and have some yougurt as well as rice beans and potatoes and soy is hated now even though at kabbalist in Neptune you may eat it.That's a byzantine way and worldwide KM.I have been into veganism for about 39 years as I am 42 but 81.I've had an astral travel dream before.I have made a great diet that for 2 people that is veg 2 is only $215.00 a month. Good for co vid 19 and pregnat woman and missionaries magial supernaturalists.
Carrot Ginger Soup 20 cans and Campbells tomatoe Basil prayer hand soup good for 20 cansBag of Potatoes Onion Broth and rosemary to go with Saffron Basmati brown rice and Kahl with red pepper and shallots.Macoroni w Montery Jack,Cheddar and mozzerella get 10 packages of 20 slices to make grilled cheese on calbrese , marble rye.Have taco salads buy $50 veggies makes salsas and tomatoes and onion mixtures as well as mango pepper.So,many ideas.Add Nacho chips. For breakfast Oatmeal Crisp Special K Shredded wheat w Yogurt Tea and coffee Ciabatta and blueberry and strawberry jam..Grab some Iams for the cats and dogs. Then pick up a fruit flan for $50 fruit such as kiwi, mandarin oranges and bannas ..top w coconut whipped cream. Desserts are bear paws Dads cookies and Tollhouse Chips.One case of San Bendetto.ONe case of Perrior and one case of Esperenza. I am going to wat vegan 6 days a week on heaven on earth but eat cheese and yogurt on weekend.I will eat it everyday if dealing w eye of Horus or Seth in lower regions or on a missionary job.

2021 07 29 or is it 2014 with all the lunar moons.
Today,I'd like to touch on some issues that I was anal retentive about in the past regarding veganism. Like I said I used to eat a raw vegan diet then I learned terms like ground zero 6 under 12 under 18 under in my Royal Crip By Blood Vatican underground property which my inheritance I found out through the Johova witness bible Proverbs 16...coming back to native land Oshawa that the Byzantine Monestery is my dwelling place.That coming home is to name Princess Kiesha and to necromanacon the Russian Communal table with her and that is Greek Orthodox which the Catholic Pope was Pope Leo X.I am impressed like a sweet marie with his psychiatry.I have such " peachespiritismo.I like the famous painters of the Byzantine can paint the skys into jawbeakers one night The crow and I through birthright of genes beamed in Neptunes Crow from Cannanite.It startled me as I cheered after rising from the corspe pose with Gods army the black widows of the Phoenix "with smoke on the fresh dewed grass to to crow spread woings.The huge familiar the size of the Raven startled me and caused a little ninjuitsu before a group of Argyle Crip.I was cheering before ra ra Nasferutara Sis boom baa.Last night to my amazement came Basheeba from my squierrl Guargantua.My cats went through the sisterhood of basheba and I named their son Simba...So,the mother told me shed come back as a calico.So...she came her black is the Jackle Her orange is the Caramel and her white is Snow white.So...she told me I drink rooboibas tea.I thought what a healing institue.The cat came back.Then there was a blood moon eclisped I picked the berries freshened the house said From this day hence forth I rid this house of all filth and vermin.Go back where yea have come from ..go back to your master and when yea return come back before the Lord which dwells within us all and you shall be perfection in the eyes of the heavly host of God.For it is the Lords will and truth and light that is the life that I desire most.Cleanliness is closest to God.And I love the Lord the most who has also become a heavenly host so praise him he is the chosen one that I love Hosanea in the highest.There is only one God.So go in peace return another day."Cinderella as Venus Morningstar" What a filthy habit I have and my hair is that of the wasp.What was once blonde is soft black.Snow white I admire most.So what happened was one of the eggs had a shrunken chicken I just was making up crip by blood music tracks that I sing in Kung fu.As I am Toaist Crow in my Wodin Journey with Neptune on earth.So it was a crip by blood chicken I made Blood pudding cake w lots of eggs "birdie in a nest with wcalled NECROMONACON Cleopatra crip by blood mother of reincarnation with King Tutakuman direct decendant of King family.I roast the chesnuts as Diamonds.Then lit a candle for the fornight of cleansing the house "The Exorcist Tubular Bells"And Jesus wept the cock will crow twice" So this is the Byzantine tradition of my family through my reincarnation.My Grandmother ELVA always made birdie in a nest and that is the Amityville Curse.The curse of Ceaser and Hypocrates Chicken butt and nothing but "Her dieseased lungs my soulmate DR.Hans Holzer Sheri Ghosts" So ...I going to say fur is ok for some to use as I belive in eating oils when I go out to eat you have to Necromanacon for the afterlife and partake of the sacrifice .I belive in canvas Nike shows. I wear Puma Champions Adidas and C.A.T. But I love other stores too to shop. So...when it comes to eating products such as soup broths that say chicken Beef Pork or Ham Bacon ...I'll just tell you what a nightmare because it is broth that will shrink you. Fresh baked goods and labels that don't say this restaurants with oils are ok.But not the art labels as you will feel illness."It is a sad sad world." SO...join in and have a cleansing. Buy some Kraft Jam and some Tea today P.C green tea and Demsters or whole grin and cleanse for a fortnight for the Children as I am barren now as result of two of my princes who where to be God through I and to birth my child.Sad but life goes on Have a wonderful day.:)

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