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02:57 Apr 29 2006
Times Read: 760

How can a portfolio full of contrabands be the highest rated even if it's only for a few moments?????

Fucking retards!!!!! There goes my mood already!





05:03 Apr 22 2006
Times Read: 793

I just found this comment in the Vampire Database:


~You have been rated by XXXXX~

Please visit me and tell me what you think!

Can anyone tell me how the database item can visit a profile and tell what it thinks?




Household Tip

03:17 Apr 22 2006
Times Read: 796

And here is my household tip for today:

If you dispose of your cat litter do NOT, I repeat do NOT do it over the toilet. You might not be skilled enough and the entire contents might fall into the toilet. And this is more than the pipe can handle trust me.

So, unless of course you care to wash your hands in freezing cat shit stinking toilet water for over an hour to clean the pipe, and I certainly have much better things to do at 9pm if I may add so then follow my recommendation and find better ways to get rid of the cat litter.

Oh, and if you do not follow my household tip for today then pray that you were using cat litter that does not clump!




A N A L P H A B E T i C S! ! ! ! !

22:12 Apr 20 2006
Times Read: 807

Every day I am rating approximately 25 new portfolios. This is not one of my favourite activities on here because many portfolios contain contrabands. But today was just a bit too much even for me. Only 5 of the new portfolios I rated (which would be approximately 20%) did not violate the rules. Well, when you edit your portfolio the first thing you see is:

· No copyrighted work unless you own the copyright.

· You may post pictures where you are the model or where you are the photographer.

· Currently there is no limit to the number of pictures you can upload. Please do not abuse this or a limit will be imposed.

· Nudity policy:

What is allowed:

· Side nude shots.

· Female breasts shots that do not include the nipple.

· Butt shots that do not include the anus or genitals.

What is not allowed:

· Pictures of genitals.

· Pictures of sex acts.

· Everything not listed in What is allowed.

Portfolio's not meeting the above criteria may be deleted without warning by the administration.

I do wonder what people are being taught at school these days because it certainly can’t be reading and writing!




Bank Dealings

21:08 Apr 19 2006
Times Read: 816

I guess I was causing a bit of an embarrassment at the bank today. I wanted to pay a statement. So the clerk said that I could do it online. I replied that I do not want to do it online. The clerk responded to it by mentioning that I could do it via the phone if I liked that better and I replied again that I do not want to do it on the phone either. The clerk tried to talk me into it so I replied that I can have sex online but I prefer doing it with real people, I could have sex on the phone but again I prefer the real thing. And just as I have my sexual preferences I have my preferences as to how I do my bank dealings. I added that they could charge me an administrative fee if they wished but that would make them kinda prostitutes if they charged me for services provided.

The clerk blushed and proceeded with my request speechlessly.

Yep, it does have its perks if you are one the bank's top private customers hehehe But it pisses me off that they do not value people to people service anymore. I mean I am human and I want to interact with humans. Is that so hard to understand?





03:37 Apr 16 2006
Times Read: 839

Every Year it’s the same at Easter. You run across idiots and wannabe pagans who throw around big words but know shite about it. Most commonly these retards mistakenly associate Easter with Beltane. Well, I thought I would put this right this year and make an educational entry for a change.

The following was found on http://www.circlesanctuary.org/pholidays/Beltane.html :


Also known as May Eve, May Day, and Walpurgis Night, happens at the beginning of May. It celebrates the height of Spring and the flowering of life. The Goddess manifests as the May Queen and Flora. The God emerges as the May King and Jack in the Green. The danced Maypole represents Their unity, with the pole itself being the God and the ribbons that encompass it, the Goddess. Colors are the Rainbow spectrum. Beltane is a festival of flowers, fertility, sensuality, and delight. Prepare a May basket by filling it with flowers and goodwill and then give it to someone in need of healing and caring, such as a shut-in or elderly friend. Form a wreath of freshly picked flowers, wear it in your hair, and feel yourself radiating joy and beauty. Dress in bright colors. Dance the Maypole and feel yourself balancing the Divine Female and Male within. On May Eve, bless your garden in the old way by making love with your lover in it. Make a wish as you jump a bonfire or candle flame for good luck. Welcome in the May at dawn with singing and dancing.




Who's laughing now Asshole?

03:13 Apr 14 2006
Times Read: 854

Well, many people aspire to be assholes and challenge me, just to learn that I’m a much better asshole than them ;)

Two days ago one called raven2025 went through the help request option stating that someone hacked into his account and left a nasty comment on amandaalam’s profile which read “you fucking bitch I hate you slutty ass whore your boyfriend (D.S) a bastard and your just a slag fucking bitch go fuck urself why don't you kill yourself now and do us all a favor you hag!!!!”.

The guy wanted to state that he had nothing to do with it. I suggested that he’d remove the comment and change his password.

One day later raven2025 thought he was a clever asshole and sent me a message that said “fucking whore look at you stupid peice of shit ugh go fuck urself u slut hmm yeh this is me raven stuart i lied to you saying it was someone else i dont care suspend me i dare ya i already got amandaalam suspended by using her account and cheating on 5x5x5 to get her suspended she dont know but ha got her suspended and it was all my fault seeing her cry was the best thing ever ruined her reputation hmm just thought you'd like to know u bitch.”

Funny enough he wasn’t even clever enough to figure that lord is a male title or he wouldn’t have thought I was female judging by the name-calling.

Anyhow, I made an administrator aware of this person, which lead to a warning. However, this honourable member must have caught the attention of others as well because when I logged in this morning he was suspended until infinity.

Well, what can I say? Being an asshole can be fun but it lasts longer when you’re a clever asshole. LMAO daring me to get suspended and hours later it’s written in red all over his profile hahaha Who's laughing now sucker? :p

I was also talking to amandaalam whom i have never spoken to before because I was curious about what this was all about. I strongly believe in her innocence. She was shocked about raven2025’s actions. Turns out that he wanted to date her but she turned him down and so he went on a retaliation spree.

Now think about it, raven2025 is 19 or 20, amandaalam is 14! Not only is he a dumbass asshole he’s a sad pathetic perverted paedophile as well, preying on an underage girl.

Well, he got suspended until infinity on VR and I’m sure we’re all glad to be rid of someone like him. But this is nothing compared to what’s going to expect him off the net ;)

At least amandaalam’s reputation is reinstated.




Little Sheepling learns Love

03:06 Apr 10 2006
Times Read: 874

Once upon a time there was a Little Sheepling. This Little Sheepling wasn’t like the others of its kind. It was ugly as fuck, smelly as shite and had a personality that had all the wrong traits. The other Sheeplings wouldn’t want anything to do with it.

The poor Little Sheepling was very lonely. All this loneliness gave the Little Sheepling a lot of opportunities to think about itself. Why was it so unpopular? Why would no other Sheepling like it? Could it be wrong? Would it have to change?

Fuck no! If the others can’t see the Little Sheeplings potential then it shall be their loss. Why change even when every Sheepling thinks badly of it? The Little Sheepling still had its own opinion and that outweighs the rest of the world’s opinion by miles.

All it had to do now was to come up with an idea. With a brain the size of a pea it took the Little Sheepling some time but good things come to those who wait ;)

If you are ugly as fuck fake the looks!

If you smell like shite make sure you can’t be smelled

If you have a bad personality just lie

Where could all that be accomplished? Right, the internet :)

The Little Sheepling soon learned how to fake the looks. It was using certain angles when taking photos and made sure that the lighting was helping the cause as well. That way it appeared less big and looked completely different. It also helped a non-existing cleavage a little and took photos looking desperately and pathetically seductive to attract potential perverts which means potential attention.

Now you need to post these photos somewhere and the fun can begin. The Little Sheepling soon enjoyed the internet because it could not be seen, smelled and could tell others what they wanted to hear.

It didn’t take long and the fake pictures served its cause. Pervert Sheeplings as well as innocent mislead Sheeplings were soon contacting the Little Sheepling. They liked the Little Sheepling so much because it had a great personality and matching looks on display. The Little Sheepling was so caring and lovely it just made everyone feel special. Everyone was so lovely. But what do with all the sudden attention?

The Little Sheepling soon realized that love and being sweet-talked are hard to handle and it became its personal weakness. It all just simply overwhelmed it. What could it do? Being such a wonderful Little Sheepling it couldn’t do any harm to anyone or hurt anyone’s feeling. So it decided to fall for everyone who would sweet-talk it because it had never known so much love and attention before. Never before has it even been liked.

Soon it had hot and steamy cybersex with all its Cyber Sheeplings and there were many of them at the same time. Fidelity was not on the menu. You had to use the attention for as long as it lasts.

To give the cyber relationships some stability and additional attention the Little Sheepling decided that it had to get engaged with everyone who was sweet-talking it.

The Little Sheepling lived happily ever after with all its numerous Cyber Sheepling Fiances. Only sad that you cannot pass your genes on with cybersex or there would be millions of new wonderful Little Sheeplings.

Off the internet the Little Sheepling lived unhappily ever after as an unpopular Spinster Sheepling.





21:27 Apr 09 2006
Times Read: 880

It is very interesting what self-confessions you can get.

Things my ex hates are people who don’t get their facts straight before making accusations, liars who manipulate people to their own advantage, people who feed off making others lives hell and immature adults who still act like they are 4 or 5.

Never have I seen so much self-hatred before ;) But she is not alone. Many others hate her…..whoops, I meant that as well ;)




21:27 Apr 08 2006
Times Read: 890

This was the question on the forum:

“You ahve JUST been granted rulership over the whole world...., you have ABSOLUTE power......, what would be you agenda for a world government?”

And this was on one agenda!


Necromancer (27)

Posts: 4310

Re: Ruler of the World

Posted: 04:57:20 - Apr 07 2006

Times viewed: 44

Pfft I'd do so much there isn't enough space to write it all.

Did we really need to know that uninformative information? Yes, because a post is still a post, doesn’t matter if it is a constructive contribution or not!





16:35 Apr 08 2006
Times Read: 896

ROTFLMAO this caused me to laugh for the first time in 3 days:



as much as i hate the blue dude i just love him lol




What is Love?

16:37 Apr 07 2006
Times Read: 914

I am 36 now and thought I knew a bit about love.

I thought love was about caring for each other, affection, making each other happy, fidelity, loyalty, attention, reassurances, listening, being there for someone when needed and I could go on and on and on.

Turns out I know fuck about love.

Love is about being ignored, being low on the priority list, not getting any affection, attention or reassurance, not being listened to, not being there for someone when needed and again I could go on and on.

Guess I have never loved someone then and I am not sure if I ever want to if it means to – as I think to understand it – hurt someone.

Based on my new knowledge, my love tip for today is:

When your cry for affection, attention and reassurance, your begging to be listened to is being ignored for the sake of a website then you know that someone is madly in love with you!




21:40 Apr 06 2006
Times Read: 930

Today has been a very sad day. Another genuine person has been pushed out of a ranking undeservedly. Miss Pinky as I call her. Her contributions and opinions are no longer rewarded with a Top 3 spot in a certain category. She has been replaced with someone whose contributions to this site are as questionable as Osama’s contribution to world peace.

I really miss the times when the rankings were full of honourable people like Emmy, radu to name a couple. People who could be associated with the true original meaning of VR. People who deserved to be where they were. The rankings have lost their meaning to reward people who have achieved something in a particular category. In certain cases they are only about vanity and attention whoredom. How sad since it occurs to be the only goal in life for some. Too bad that some people will never realize that quality is more important than quantity but this is exactly what separates quality from quantity ;)

Speaking of rewards, let’s reward this poster with another unnecessity award:


Necromancer (27)

Posts: 4382

Re: Show your stampPosted:

06:21:44 - Apr 06 2006

Times viewed: 4

Mine is to boring really to show.

True, and irrelevant posts get boring, too!




And when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…..

21:43 Apr 03 2006
Times Read: 954

When I woke up this morning I didn’t expect anything bad to happen. Minutes after I logged on to the internet it nearly did though. I spit out the tea I was just drinking and it got all over the screen and keyboard. Then it took me appr. 2 mins to get my breath back from laughing my ass off and realized what I have just done.

Oh well, what caused it? I was rating the profiles of the new members when I spotted a hugely sized image giving me the pathetic attempt of a seductive look. Yeppers, my ex has changed her stamp once again with an oversized image and listing all her ranks and titles and achievements (well that one remained blank lol). ROTFLMAO that is so not vain, I am tempted to say shy, timid and modest even lol

Surely I am using my membership card as stamp as well but that is thought to be a tribute to my house.

When I signed on to messenger I had the convo windows pop up in split seconds. People were telling me how they were pissing themselves last night and how even people I have never been talking to could only shake their heads in disbelief about how someone so sad could manage to even get sadder with every minute. Why does she want everyone to think the worst of her? Because she is achieving exactly that! Would you not think people would at least try to become accepted or tolerated?

Just when I thought I had recovered from all the amusement and believed that it couldn’t become any more pathetic I realized that I had thought wrong.

My ex announced publicly that she hasn’t come out about her sexuality yet fearing to disappoint her mother but at the same time trying to get some public sympathy. I very nearly needed a tissue to wipe away the tears caused by this heartbreaking announcement. What a poor soul she is.

Well, that makes no sense. Why announce it publicly for the mother to find out? Why not either keep it secret from her or tell her as in talking face to face? Yeah, I forgot, it wouldn’t get her the attention she is craving for.

Do we want to create an awwwww-effect? Get some public sympathy? Well it backfired major coz all I have heard so far is more and more apathy and disgust.

I am surprised how much faster people spot these things than I do. Looks like she has managed to build up a widespread reputation and she doesn’t seem to care whether it’s good or bad. But I am surprised that she actually thinks it is a good reputation lol If only she knew but I guess her mental capability will prevent her from ever realizing it.

Here is my recommendation: She should get her image on billboards all over the country. It might help her to get more attention. Why should 60 million English people have to miss out on her?




Forum Effectiveness

21:30 Apr 02 2006
Times Read: 978

Life is full of surprises and you learn something new every day. Today I learnt how fast you can actually check out two profiles.

The following is an example of how effective you can be on the forum if you are just fast enough:


Necromancer (27)

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Re: BOO! Updates BOO!

Posted: 17:33:52 - Apr 01 2006

Times viewed: 23

On my way =)

So I take it the person went to the profile and had a look. 1 min 47 secs, 107 seconds after the post the following occurred:


Necromancer (27)

Posts: 4172

Re: My little profile

Posted: 17:35:39 - Apr 01 2006

Times viewed: 28

I'll sure go look right now =)

I find it highly effective to post, go to the profile of a Premium Member, read the contents in all the scroll boxes, go back to the forum, click on another thread and post just 107 seconds later.

It took me appr. 4 minutes (=240 seconds) to check out and read the profile of the Premium Member and you would have to add a few more seconds until I get back to the forum. Guess I am just a slow reader with little forum posting experience.




Weekend Literature

21:27 Apr 01 2006
Times Read: 986

On Saturdays I am usually taking the time to read several newspapers. Mainly tabloids or local newspapers that is. The articles in those newspapers sometimes are of a highly entertaining value.

What caught my eye this Saturday was the fact that they found a toad with five legs in Newton Abbot, Devon. Of all the places in the United Kingdom why did it have to happen there lol Is there something special about this little town? ;)

What will be next? A bigheaded sheep?



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