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Merry Fucking Shitemas

06:19 Dec 27 2005
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What a Merry Christmas it was this year. In the night from the 24th to 25th all seemed fine between Siobhan and myself and we were discussing ways to spend New Year’s Eve together. Then at 2.17am I got a text saying she can’t do that anymore. I didn’t know exactly what she meant but it took me an hour until I got her to answer the phone. We talked until 5am and had to break up the conversation but I was dumped as it seemed. The reason(s)? I have no idea. We agreed to resume the conversation later that day.

That day I went to the location Siobhan and me were planning to move on to for sentimental reasons. I wanted to say farewell to the location that was my dream to live at with her. I usually return to the places where my dreams don’t come true to give it a sentimental farewell. I wanted to think things through and didn’t take my phone with me coz I was supposed to be back home at night. Tough, coz I missed the last train home and had to spend the night at the station to at least catch the first train home.

Back home I had many voicemail messages, missed calls and text messages from Siobhan. She sounded very worried and wanted me to get back in touch with her so I sent her a text. She called me later and directed me to her newest journal entry. It was a masterpiece of a love declaration and I was so happy that she has changed her mind and wanted to be back with me. 5 mins later she told me that it’s not going to work and hung up on me. Phone calls and texts remained unanswered.

In the meantime I caught up with people on VR and two of them (you know who you are and so does Siobhan) told me that they have spoken with an extremely worried Siobhan last night. Both told me that she had realized dumping me was a big mistake and all she wanted was to be with me again. They were surprised when I told them that I was dumped again.

In the afternoon Siobhan got back in touch with me and we talked things through again but got disconnected.

In the evening I went out for a few drinks and Siobhan has been getting in touch with me again. I texted back that I was out clubbing and would get in touch with her when I got back home.

Back at home we started off texting and ended up talking on the fone. The conversation was very constructive. We agreed that we still love each other and want to be with each other. We figured that the problems that might be a factor in our relationship are all to possible to overcome and we are sure that we can make it a working and lasting relationship.

I am very glad we got this sorted coz Siobhan means a lot to me. I don’t know what I would do without her. I love her a lot and want to be with her forever.

As bad as Christmas started it had a happy ending.

I love you Siobhan.




Bigmouthed Asshole

06:05 Dec 22 2005
Times Read: 798

after figuring that MaidenUnderworld wasnt my fiancee I was talking about it took the pussy another day to find the fiancee i was talking about. He must have tried it on with so many taken girls that night that he lost the overview lol what a pathetic online wanker lol

Again, he wasnt man enough to face me because he is shitescared of me for a good reason but he showed his big mouth of empty words once again.

I'm so proud of my fiancee because she handled him perfectly:

On 19:24:06 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

take the dick out of ur ass and put it in ur mouth gimp

On 19:22:20 Dec 20 2005 vampyric666 wrote:

Stop trying to be hard. I deal with shit everyday you can only dream of. Now leave myself and my fiance be.

On 19:21:07 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

u cant talk untill u can walk down through the projects being' the only white person in town, chick u dont got shit on me

On 19:18:44 Dec 20 2005 vampyric666 wrote:

Don't go there mate, you've bitten off more than you can chew.

On 19:16:01 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

dontcha think if i had wings i wouldve flown that cell block

u must b on the rag

On 19:12:28 Dec 20 2005 vampyric666 wrote:

Ok you make no sense so just fly away little boy.

On 19:11:18 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

4 1 i dont like him threaten him yes

4 2 like ya yes u threaten not my style

On 19:07:04 Dec 20 2005 vampyric666 wrote:

You threaten him, and you threaten me. Is that clear?

On 19:05:47 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

i dont only like playin with knives but guns as well no1 threatens me especially childish fucks like him, 2bad he cant go 2 jail with me

On 19:04:12 Dec 20 2005 vampyric666 wrote:

Or what?

On 19:03:29 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

ur b/f is lucky i dont know him and he is lucky we dont live in the same state

like im scared of a little pussy hahaha

but he has given us a lot to laugh the past few days lol




Dyslexic Asshole

20:47 Dec 20 2005
Times Read: 803

well, the mentioned person in my previous entry actually turned out to be dyslexic and mentally disadvantaged:

On 14:26:59 Dec 20 2005 MaidenUnderworld wrote:

well then whats his name on here so I can fix that problem?

On 14:24:38 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

well some fucker on this vampirerave site is obsessed with u,was talking stupid shit 2 me

On 14:22:18 Dec 20 2005 MaidenUnderworld wrote:

thats really funny because My boyfriend NEVER gets online. He's always here WITH me next to me, always playing PS2. He never has a chance to use the computer.

so please...do tell me how you know it was "REALLY" my ole man who sent you that shit?

On 14:20:06 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

b/c he started emailing me 'bout me asking u 2 call me, then started runnin' his mouth 'bout me

On 14:17:59 Dec 20 2005 MaidenUnderworld wrote:

yeah. but he has nothing to do with my conversations online for one. For two, he's done nothing to you, why on earth would you just pop up out of the blue like that and say shit like that? and for 3, I hate to bust your bubble, but none of us are afraid of guns.

On 14:15:30 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

u have a b/f right?

On 14:14:27 Dec 20 2005 MaidenUnderworld wrote:

where did that come from?

On 14:12:29 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

u seriously think ur boi scares me y rnt u just honest and tell me 2 stop saying shit like that, tell ur boi 2 chill b/c i love playin' with guns

turns out he actually hit on another taken girl hahaha fucking hell he must be desperate. what a sad tosser.

and if he was as man as big mouthed why did he block me? coz he is scared to shite and has no balls hahaha

poor pathtic soul ;)





17:56 Dec 20 2005
Times Read: 808

I was having a nice little chat with Siobhan on here last night when a guy hit on her. he asked her if she had a boyfriend and she replied "read my profile. he claimed he had and went for the kill:

On 19:58:21 Dec 19 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

im leaving be back 2-morrow at 10am

call me ask them 2 page robert stowater

call after 10pm tonight


so i took over ;)

On 11:21:51 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

u think 6 in the past month bra that i done taxed so dont talk shit that ur clueless bout' aight

On 11:18:06 Dec 20 2005 lordvampirio wrote:

luckily i dont have to, you apparently do ;) hehehe

On 11:16:51 Dec 20 2005 anarchy69 wrote:

fuck urself bud u sheltered little bitch

On 20:07:08 Dec 19 2005 lordvampirio wrote:

listen buzzo, my fiancee will neither call you nor shag you nor anything else so go fuck yourself.

On 20:02:59 Dec 19 2005 vampyric666 wrote:


oh well, he can hit on happily taken girls alright but is not man enough to face me? what a pussy!!!!! and his english is so bad i dont even think it deserves to be called "english".

need to find a good use for his phone number though ;) hehehe




The Results of my Forum Poll

06:47 Dec 18 2005
Times Read: 830

I had recently started this poll and the results don’t surprise me:

Yourself excluded, why do you think most people post on the forum?

To contribute to a Discussion 24.25%

To appreciate someone else's Work 3.65%

Courtesy 1.74%

To level up 26.78%

To move up in the Ranking 14.1%

Hard to say 29.48%

If you take away the “hard to say voters” the result would be:

To contribute to a Discussion: 34.38%

To appreciate someone else's Work: 5.16%

Courtesy: 2.47%

To level up: 37.97%

To move up in the Ranking: 20.00%

If you put To level up and To move up in the rankings together you have 57.97%. I regard them as related because after 700 posts you can’t level up any more but you can move up in the ranking which seems to be inspiring.

The contributors to a discussion are mainly found in section 1 of the forum, where you discuss the site, vampyres or related topics, or section 4 if the subject is non-vampyre related. I find 34.38% a high percentage but I have to admit that a fair share of members do contribute to the original idea of this site which is the collection of all knowledge there is.

The members who appreciate someone else’s work or post out of courtesy are mainly found in section #2 where you advertise your profile, portfolio, journal or something personal like birthday. These are the members that are mainly active in this section of the forum however, courtesy poster often seem to have the levelling up or moving up in the ranking in the back of their mind.

I am totally not surprised that it has been noticed that 57.97% seem to be posting for their own benefit. What are my observations on this?

Some people make double posts in section #2. Well, what contribution to the thread is it to say “I’m going to have a look” and post “nice updates” just two minutes later? Do you really need two posts for that?

People open threads in section #2, sometimes multiple threads at the same time, and respond to every single comment they get. Can’t you at least wait up until you have 2 or 3 comments from different people? 10 collective thank yous have the same effect as 30 single thank yous!

Also, people have started to open threads and start conversations they could also have on private messaging. But why message? It’s not getting you any posts!

I have also noticed that people double post when they could have made one post if they had thought first and written second instead of the other way round.

Well, this is my personal opinion and I’m glad that the result of the poll shows that I am not the only one who has noticed that.




A Wake up Call?

19:07 Dec 09 2005
Times Read: 844

I went out yesterday night as I have done many other nights before. It has become some form of escapism for me. I need things to do to kill the time and escape the daily routine.

I am not out to meet someone because I have already found the girl I dearly love. Siobhan means the world to me and she is all I need. I am out for the reason mentioned above. I want to have a few drinks and talk to my wonderful mates.

So I went to Lucky 13s last night, a big student party and a must for every student who is part of the scene. Well, I’m no student anymore but most of my mates are. So that is a good opportunity to meet those who cannot go out on weekends. I drink in moderation so I didn’t have more than 4 or 5 drinks yesterday.

I walked home at the end of a good night out and must have been at home at appr. 2.30am. I woke up at 5am and must have passed out obviously because I was still fully dressed and only my head was on the bed.

My first thought was actually to go online because usually when I come home I would talk to Siobhan until she goes to bed. But of course she was already gone to bed. So I did my usual stuff on VR when I noticed she had a late forum post at 3-ish which made me think she was waiting up for me. It made me feel bad and I felt so sorry. All I wanted to do was to apologize.

In the afternoon I finally got a hold of her and told her what had happened. She was seriously worried about me and wanted me to stay at home tonight because I mentioned I would be going out again. Of course I said that she has nothing to worry it surely was a one off but she strongly recommended staying at home at least for one night. I told her that I would give it a thought but doubt that I would stay at home.

After I went off the phone I did some thinking and know that not only does Siobhan care about me and is worried about my well being it was also a sign of my body to relax for a bit. I have had a lot of strain and stress pouring down on me lately so it was only a matter of time for it to happen I suppose.

I don’t think I only owe it myself to look after me. I owe it Siobhan as well. You really do care about me, don’t you? So yes, I will stay at home tonight, for you, for me, for us!

I love you




The Forum

20:55 Dec 06 2005
Times Read: 863

I have started a poll today because i have noticed a certain change in the forum posting in recent days. I was wondering if other people have noticed it as well and I am really curious about the outcome.




Lovability II

15:13 Dec 04 2005
Times Read: 873

Well, the poll is closed and the result is final, im more lovable than not :)

Thanks to all who voted, good or bad

Is LordVampirio Lovable ?

Started by: NeverUsedAgain

Oct 24 2005

Yes 36.63%

No 6.81%

Who 56.56%

Total Votes: 617




Lord Vampirio for President?

09:16 Dec 02 2005
Times Read: 890

well, recently i have been dragged into some political discussions so we figured what would it be like if i ran for us president? i personally thought that i wouldnt get many votes coz after all im not even american. but if an austrian who cant even speak english can run california.....

the result was very surprising:


Started by: gothpunkstarfighter12

Nov 28 2005

I'd vote yes 43.43%

I'd vote no 9.16%

I'd rather vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger 10.36%

I don't vote 37.05%

Total Votes: 251

well, maybe i have just found a new career path ;)



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