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14:38 Dec 29 2006
Times Read: 814

I found that on the profile of a 19 yr old girl

.....I'm 19.

I live in xxxxx with my boyfriend and son.I like to drink a lot almost every day and always on weekends. Thats all there is to do in that town. I want to move to xxxxx there's better parties there.....

Yeah, this son surely has the bestest mother in the world and a role model to look up to for all eternity!!!!!

How inconsiderate was my generation when they stopped partying and living wild as soon as they had children and believed that raising a child was a responsibility that required changes. Back then it was either being single and living wild or having a child a being responsible, hence people lived a life first before they decided to settle. But hardly anyone figured that you can still have both lives, being a parent AND an alcoholic.

Yeah, evolution is a miracle. And who knows, one-day humans might even become the intellectually dominating species on this planet. You never know ;)




19:23 Dec 28 2006
Times Read: 822

This is what I found on the profile of a 13 yr old girl:

“hi my names gina im 13 i live in leeds

i have brown eyes black and red hair.

im a bisexual and im not ashamed to be what i am proud and loving it…..”



getting drunk

drugs [sometimes]”

Totally stupid retarded and immature. Those people should never be unsupervised! In fact they should be incarcerated in a 24/7 educational facility.

The only thing you should know about sex at 13 is how to spell it and that’s about it!!!!! But at 13 you certainly know shit about your sexuality yet!!!!!

And I won’t even go into drugs and alcohol here.

And yeah, people like this are the reason why the death penalty should never entirely be abolished. And that does include the parents as well!




16:47 Dec 24 2006
Times Read: 834

Christmas time is when TV programme planners show their true intelligence and prudence!

Three different versions of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. As much is I love it, especially the Muppets version of it, I sincerely doubt that the story line changes much within a day. In other words Pizza is great but Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner gets old fast!

But this geniality is even topped by Sky One. Weeks ago they started bragging about an own production called “The Hogfather”. A highly creative storyline, the bringer of gifts disappears and without him there can be no Hogwatch hence he has to be found. How about something new for a change?

Anyhow, since it is a Christmas story it was shown at prime time…..one week before Christmas!!!!! Now they are desperate to advertise the repeat at Christmas Day 1pm. And just because that is not one time, not two times but three times retarded (if you include the highly familiar storyline) they do not deserve a single viewer!!!!!

Let’s just hope that some people get something special this Christmas. Brains and Talents that is because in these days that’s a rarity if not even a near impossibility!!!!!




16:21 Dec 24 2006
Times Read: 836

That's all I found on the profile of a 24 yr old bloke:


Way too deep for me dude. I'm not that smart you know!




04:00 Dec 21 2006
Times Read: 848

I found this on the profile of a 14 yr old girl:

My name is Bekka im 14...I love to fuck around with my friends and get drunk.

I Love being with my daughter,

and taking her places.

Im a lil whore and proud of it so whatever.

This got to be a joke, right?

14 yrs old, already a mother, getting drunk and being a whore and proud of it!!!!!

Again a case where the parents have more than failed and the child proved how mature she is to be a parent herself!!!!!

In cases like this I think it should be considered that one has to earn the right to become a parent. I already believe that there are 98% idiots in this world and the number is still rising!!!!!

And something else, I think parents of children who have sex under the legal age of consent should be punished just as severely as paedophiles!!!!!




01:59 Dec 20 2006
Times Read: 852

I just found that on a profile which made me think:


The term "kids" as recipient of the message makes me think it is addressed to girls as well as boys. Now, I am not a female masturbation expert but 2 questions come to mind:

1) How does it kill our future children when a girl is masturbating?

2) Where does the sperm come from when a girl is masturbating?

It is amazing how little sense a sentence makes when your choice of one word is inaccurate.

Trust me, wording is everything.




13:45 Dec 18 2006
Times Read: 859

Recently I came across a new and unrated portfolio of a Savant (= level 23 I believe).

There was just one image and that was contraband. As a member of higher level one should have come across the portfolio rules once or twice so I am assuming he has not mastered the alphabet yet or is willingly ignoring them.

Another thing that caught my eye was the dull comment like “I’ll rate you what you rate me” in his portfolio. Too uncreative to come up with ratings of his own he lets others dictate what to do. That makes for a nice slave and does point out the mental limitations ;)

Of course I gave a lower rating and in return received the same rating. I do feel sorry for those who really have a good portfolio, rate deservedly low and receive an unjustified retaliation rating. That is not fair towards those who really follow the rules if a retard rates based on his incompetence.

Well, what can I say? At least my portfolio is still there. So yeah, being able to read does make life easier on occasion ;)

Let the game continue as soon as he creates another new portfolio with contraband lol




13:20 Dec 17 2006
Times Read: 865

Wow, the competitions on TV get more and more difficult:

Which of these is no music instrument?

a) guitar

b) banjo

c) dragon

That's gonna take me the entire afternoon to look up the answer on the internet!




23:08 Dec 13 2006
Times Read: 878

I found this on the profile of a 17 yr old girl:

-im Bisexual... FOR REAL! not part of this stupid trend, i have known i was since i was about 13 or so...

sure, and i have known everything about rocket science since I was about 13 or so.....Or is it possible that we are both talking bollocks?

When do girls understand that walking to the toilet hand in hand does not mean they are bisexual?????




18:20 Dec 11 2006
Times Read: 888

I just found this on a profile of a 15 yr old girl:

-Have You Ever- ...been drunk?: fuck yeah what do you think i am ....boring?

Well, for one you break the law and you obviously are a sheep out to impress your friends by being just as irresponsible.

You might want to read the scientific thesis on the effects of alcohol on athletes I wrote 8 yrs ago and that didn’t even include the long-term effects.

So, to answer your question, assuming that at your age you spend more time sober than being drunk, you have already admitted to being boring, because apparently you need to be drunk to not be boring ;)

And on a random note, attempting to become intelligent is more impressive and less boring than attempting to become a law breaking juvenile alcoholic. The English synonym for that is Charver ;)




19:57 Dec 08 2006
Times Read: 895

Again I have to wonder what kinds of people are given decision-making positions in jobs!

I went to a group assessment yesterday to determine my sales skills. In my previous jobs I was the Sales Person the customers preferred to speak to when I was with Nike and the only one that got the highly unrealistic targets at American Express when several European markets had a recession and did not spend at all.

So I travelled through a freezing and wet North East to be assessed.

Several tests were positive including a maths exercise where I was the first and only one in their 5 yr history to solve it.

Then however I was assessed on objection handling. And guess what I had to sell? Fucking nappies. All my life I have been fortunate enough not to deal with them except for when I wore them but I can’t remember that far back. Needless to mention that both assessors were mothers who currently have toddlers. How am I supposed to objection handle something I have no clue about? And despite all the other positive results I got a dissatisfying assessment.

Now my questions:

1) Why all the other tests when only one matters?

2) How can you assess someone on objection handling when they have no knowledge about a product?

Objection handling comes with product knowledge and experience, that is a given!!!!! In my other job I was reading Sports Illustrated while doing objection handling because I knew my product very well and I knew all the objections a customer might have.

Now, I believe that the assessors had an extensive sales experience but I would love to see them sell me baseball or a holiday in germany. Just like me yesterday they wouldn’t last a minute. Does that make them a bad sales person? Personally I think not because I am sure that they are good at what they are selling. But if they assess me badly on something I am not selling and know nothing about then – taking my example of selling me baseball or a holiday in germany into consideration – they should not be sales persons either.

Welcome to the United Kingdom where incompetence is allowed to make decisions ;)




00:25 Dec 03 2006
Times Read: 914

Words on the profile of a 14 year old girl:

"-Im not bisexual, Im a cock sucking vagina licker-"

As a parent you know now that you have failed, shouldn't have children in the first place and shouldn't be allowed to raise children anymore!

And this is what I found on another profile:

Gender: Female

Birthdate: 2/16/90

"i am 16, I have a 3 motn son named Xavier, he'll be 4 months december 7.. I love him. I have a girl friend named robin and a boyfriend named Emmanual he rox! they're both so hot!!....."

If you do the maths you will come to the result that the boy was conceived when the mother was 15 3/4.

Again, the parents have failed, shouldn't have children in the first place and shouldn't be allowed to raise children anymore.

And somehow I'm not optimistic for the son either.




19:36 Dec 02 2006
Times Read: 917

Ok, I am getting sick and tired of the idiocy of this country and what they put on TV.

From ASBO Teen to Beauty Queen. Let’s see, an ASBO Teen is a pointless existence and a Beauty Contest is a pointless competition. So what is the point of it all? Oh yeah, the participants get a shitload of money and will appear in every imaginable tabloid where they are being kept famous for their embarrassing exploits. I’m sorry but you can’t make a pie with shite!

Now there is something else in the making where they take troubled teens from the streets and teach them ballet. Again, what is the point? The winner gets a shiteload of money and will be rewarded for being troublesome!

What is this telling me? The way to get to money in this country is to get an ASBO or into some other sort of conflict with the law because someone will certainly recruit you for a staged so-called reality show and make you rich and famous.

Have you ever wondered why people have never heard of 99% of the so-called British celebrities? Well, if idiots are allowed to make TV then you mustn’t be surprised when you create idiots as followers and celebrities. TV and other media are so very educational!!!!!

There are enough Brits who are decent people and have never been in conflict with the law. Should they not be role models? Should you not make them prominent instead? Should you not reward them instead?

Think about it, ASBOs and troubled teenager cost the tax payer. They don’t even pay taxes and usually live on benefits. The decent Brits actually pay taxes.

I don’t think that ASBO people should even be considered for fame. They should only be considered for paying back their debt to the country because that alone will take them more than a life time!!!!!

How about "ASBO Teen to Straight A Student", seeing that most ASBO people can't even speak English anymore. That would keep them off the street, out of trouble and would actually have a point to it.




19:12 Dec 01 2006
Times Read: 924

Recently I found an article in a British tabloid saying that teenage soap stars lack ambition. They all end up in dead end jobs in their roles (street cleaning, market trading, bar work) and give out the wrong message to teenagers who see them as role models.

Those words came from the Learning and Skills Council. Makes it hard to believe there are skilled people in this council since that was a public statement lol

Well, seeing that acting is an art in my opinion, and so-called soap stars certainly can’t act for shite, I find it sad and retarded if anyone considers them role models. And I am not even mentioning that soap operas are as far away from reality as the Phoenix Cardinals from a Super Bowl.

Sadly this is what the UK has come to, dumb admires dumber. Even sadder, I can’t see a single decent role model in the UK that could change that in the foreseeable future.

Where are the times when soap operas where just easy entertainment? You could just sit back and laugh your ass off about the Ewings and Carringtons. Back then everybody knew they weren’t real and did not show real life nor did they attempt to.

Amazing to see how much dumber society can get in over 20 yrs, eh? Give it 20 more years and people will try to convince you that Bender from Futurama is a real person. I would not at all be surprised ;) Why? Because believe it or not, the ones who see soap teens as role models now will raise children one day and pass their intellect and views on to another generation! And that is a scary thought.

On a random note, I am surprised this country even has a Learning and Skills Council. A country where the skill of kissing asses overranks all other skills, even accumulated.



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