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Additional Profile

07:20 Jan 31 2006
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I had so much fun on here tonight. Daire made it possible for Assistant House Masters to create a personal house profile. I was busy all night thinking about what to put on it and how to lay it out. It has to be house related though.

So yeah, I decided to write about my role within the house and my expectations. I am quite happy with the way it turned out so far.

Members of other houses and covens can access the profile as well because I chose to go for the public option. So if you want to have a look just click here and feel free to tell me what you think.

Thankies :)




Most Pointless Forum Post of the Month

06:07 Jan 31 2006
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And the winner is:


Destroyer (25)

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Re: VR Crushes 2

Posted: 18:56:26 - Jan 30 2006

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Hmm that would be telling but they know who they are....

Only one saying pops to mind: "Dont say anything at all if you cant improve the silence."




The Peak of Cheek

07:27 Jan 29 2006
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On my daily browsing through profiles and portfolios I have noticed something again. As I wrote in a previous entry it has become a very sad trend that people beg to be added to several lists when rating profiles. I already said what I think about it but I also think that the amount of people doing it now must be pretty intimidating for a whelp. I am actually beginning to wonder if these people walk on the streets in real life and ask strangers “hey do you want to be my friend?” lol

But this is beside the point. What I have noticed is that some of the desperate friend-beggars actually rate the whelps a –5- or lower. This is cheeky to put it mildly but actually its quite hypocritical and fucked up. They do as you beg for your own satisfaction and you repay the “friendship” by fucking them over and start them off badly on VR?

Small wonder that people wouldn’t want to be friends with you if you didn’t beg coz it is quite obvious that nobody would consider you friends otherwise. It's the quality of friends that matters not quantity!

I would rather be lonely than having friends like you.




10:13 Jan 27 2006
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Things seem to go my way recently and I have just received the most amazing news I have ever had.

A band labelled as Screamo and extremely famous in Emo circles has noticed my writings. It’s good to be on myspace as well hehehe

They called my writings “very creative” and consider turning my story into an album.

Personally I don’t think that it is going to happen but to be noticed by a high calibre band, considered and actually talking to people whose music I admire fills me with pride.

And the best thing is that being associated with them should make me very popular in my hometown lol No offence dudes if you are reading this hehehe im not taking advantage of this. Ok, maybe a little lol

Sorry if this entry is shite and not my usual standard but im really really excited nevertheless and find it hard to put it into words. Especially after a bottle of baileys lol




An Act of Honour

04:21 Jan 24 2006
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LunaDragon apologized for her downrating and offensive comments on my profile and amended the rating:


Rating: 7

Comment: sorry was given wrong info i wish i had read ur journal before i rated Date: 07:53:44 - Jan 22 2006

It takes some guts to do that and I have already thanked her for that by sending her a message.

I wanted to set that straight and mention in my journal!




The Truth About the Lies II

04:20 Jan 24 2006
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Yay I managed to go a day without an entry. It’s not that I didn’t have any inspirations but I needed to wait for someone’s reply as to whether I can quote a certain person or whether the person wants to be x-ed.

Here we go then. It has been brought to my attention that my ex is circulating more lies about me. Why am I not surprised? Lol Or as someone put it:

xxxxx says:

sad, sad little girl

xxxxx says:

my god she’s so pathetic, trying to act “mature” when she’s obviously not

The truth is in my entry “the truth about the lies” from 7th January. That is why I can’t be bothered to respond to all the crap she’s been telling but I would like to respond to some and some of them will reveal her lies:

Yes, my punctuation is European and not English. That way smart people and people like her can understand the complexity of my sentences alike because at school I learned that you make a mental break at every form of punctuation. That makes her read slowly and gives her a chance to understand. She has failed so far. The smart people are able to overlook the punctuation.

She however wouldn’t need any punctuation for her sentences that usually consist of “meep, woot woot, huggles” I can post conversations we used to have on MSN and you can see for yourself how limited her communication skills are. SPO-sentences are non-existent and her sentences hardly ever go over 3 words.

Yes, English is not my mother language yet I speak it better than her. That would bother me. Her French sucks as well. At least I speak 5 languages. She doesn’t speak a single one properly.

I do not have an army as she calls it and I take it that the people who apparently send her messages about me are the same people who send me messages that they are sick of her pathetic victimizing act she puts on here.

My friends on here don’t need any manipulating. They are genuine and mature and can make up their own mind. They also don’t need any messages from her asking to be friends again coz she misses them and VR isn’t the same without them. She should have thought about that before bullshitting them just like she bullshitted me. They don’t fall for her lies anymore and have made their minds up based on the truth.

She however sends her army of puppets on a string to my profile every day to either downrate me insult me etc etc. Like lapdogs they are just waiting for her to whistle.

As for not being able to hold up a relationship, I think my entry from 7th January “the Truth about the Lies” says differently. I have done everything for her and put up with all her shite. Especially with her teenage tantrums. I complimented her more than she deserves and encouraged her all the time. But she wouldn’t listen or give a fuck. She would just do her own selfish stuff. She hardly ever called me and didn’t even have enough credit on her phone to get in touch with me. I had to instigate it all the time and called her nearly every day. What did she actually contribute to make this relationship work? Nothing. She never said anything nice or lovely to me. Or she wouldn’t tell me when something bothered her. She didn’t seem to have problems to tell others though and slag me off by telling something I haven’t done.

On one occasion she asked me to stay at home so we could chat on MSN. When she got on she would ignore me for hours!!!!! On another occasion she said that on a particular night it would only be her and me online and nobody or nothing else. 5 mins later she would turn her attention to other people and activities and not talk to me for the next few hours. So who can’t hold up a relationship? Even her boss and colleagues said she is useless at what she is doing.

Again, I can post examples of the conversations we had to prove my point. And there are enough people on here who were aware of what was going on in our relationship and they can confirm my words as well.

Our mutual friends detached from her and that says enough about who is and who isn’t able to hold up a relationship.

She cried on the phone and said that she is too stupid to find someone in real and only seems to be able to find someone for an internet relationship? Yeah and I pointed the reasons out in previous entries. But to refresh your memory, her looks and personality in real are very different to her looks on pics and online personality.

And since she mentioned Paul, didn’t he make fun of her that she has been engaged 3 times in 4 months? I can post this conversation as well. Btw, I would guess that it’s time for her to get engaged again lol Now who can’t hold up a relationship? He also warned me that she has serious mental issues and I can see that now.

She also knows that I didn’t cyber with a 14 yr old coz the girl confirmed that the rumor was nothing but a lie. When she once asked me to check her inbox on VR because she had no access to a pc I found a sexually explicit message from a 14 yr old boy and she responded to it the same way. She also had sex with her stepfather while her mother was asleep in her bedroom. Now tell me whether that’s sick or not.

As for her claim she moved on, well I wish you lots of luck for that. She still owes me money and she will pay one way or another. I suggest she lives her life to the full because one can never know what’s around the corner ;) she has the power to get out of the situation she created and end it all. It is not within my powers.




Who needs TV…..

04:28 Jan 22 2006
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…..when you got VR lol

I could really do with a day off or two writing because I have some things to do on this site but I am just getting too many inspirations for entries.

Once again my ex dragged someone to my journal coz she apparently didn’t read one entry right. Surprisingly so did the other person.

The other person then messaged me with insults and threats but I don’t want to go into it purely for the reason because I put it down to a juvenile temporary mental blackout caused in the heat of the moment. Boys of a very young age have the tendency to think with other organs first when a girl is putting enough scheming and manipulating into it.

Hurt in both their pride – whether or not for the wrong reason - they would stage another conversation, an obviously staged conversation. A behaviour you would find in a little kid you have just told off and the kid would respond by purposely repeating previously disapproved behaviour in a pathetically sulking manner.

Again I wouldn’t even have noticed if I hadn’t been messaged that the funniest thing ever has been going on in the vamp box. How right they were coz both have been told off for dragging personal issues into the vamp box. I was laughing so much that I even had to take a bath because I was all sweaty afterwards lol

I would like to state that this entry has no intention to bitch about the chat partner of my ex who AGAIN will remain UNNAMED! But I will paste in another part of one of my previous entries to make one point clearer. A point that has proven right once again tonight:

“Honestly, if you puppets on a string have to follow someone wouldn’t you rather follow someone you could look up to? Someone who actually cares about you and is loyal to you? Someone who isn’t getting you into trouble and isn’t lying to you? Someone who isn’t using you and bitching behind your backs 5 mins later?

You guys actually put yourself below her lol go figure where that would place you in the food chain lol”

People might think she is your friend when all they are is useful tools. The UNNAMED chat partner was on her personal shit list when we were dating btw. She is only using people for her purpose and only likes herself and she is the only person she cares about. And you guys think you are her friends? Like she gives a fuck about any of you lol

The conversations in the box and forum were exactly what I keep preaching all the time namely fake personality. The real deal is nothing like that. She is trying hard to come across popular when most people actually find it very embarrassing. And she actually publicly embarrasses people who allow her to get dragged into it as well.

For me and my friends however, it was funnier than anything ever seen and we were ROTFLOAO




With Friends like this…..

04:23 Jan 21 2006
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…..you don’t need enemies I guess.

4 days ago I rated the portfolio of my ex a –1- Why? Because I know for a fact that she looks nothing like that in real and I know that first hand. Therefore I consider the pictures fake and in my opinion they don’t deserve a high rating. It is as simple as that.

One day later she returned to my profile and portfolio together with the “Australian Connection” Nemisis (ROTFLMAO), madbeau and LunaDragon who all rated my profile and portfolio –1- (which is bombing) and LunaDragon even left two offensive comments.

Well, I was talking about Nemisis in a previous entry and got amazing feedback for my accurate description.

madbeau later upped his rating to a –9- coz he seemed to remember that I once helped him and his friend mistiriousspider to log back on VR when the site changed server.

LunaDragon had to remove her childish comments but left the rating at –1-

Now my sweet little kiddies, I don’t give a shite about my rating coz my profile isn’t that amazing anyway. It’s got a basic background and a basic layout and I honestly can’t blame the people that give me a low rating. Different strokes for different folks. For those who are interested, I would rate my profile a –9- btw.

What I am happy about though is the number of "profile rated" that has been increasing dramatically ever since.

Yesterday however, my ex showed what a good friend she really is. She dragged another lies-follower to my profile, a child called DEACON. I have never ever spoken him before and he has never ever read my journal. He is a member since 5th January meaning that he hasn’t even been a member when my ex and me were still together. That means he was judging me based on tales she told him.

He is rating my profile and portfolio –1- and calls me all sorts of names. What do we call that? Correct, bombing again.

What was the outcome of it all? DEACON has been suspended thanks to my ex. She really cares about people doesn’t she? That is why I say don’t worry about enemies when you follow her because she is actually your worst enemy hahaha Can’t you guys read? Her name isn’t xtroublex for nothing lol

Honestly, if you puppets on a string have to follow someone wouldn’t you rather follow someone you could look up to? Someone who actually cares about you and is loyal to you? Someone who isn’t getting you into trouble and isn’t lying to you? Someone who isn’t using you and bitching behind your backs 5 mins later?

You guys actually put yourself below her lol go figure where that would place you in the food chain lol

To bring my point across I posted her communication skills in a previous thread and I have picked up another good example today:

22:15:15 - Jan 20 2006

Woot woot well done *hugs*

Any questions as to why nobody can understand the gibberish of her? Or if I may quote a friend of mine:

“She's gonna hate real life when she gets out of highschool.:P”

Maybe that is why her lies-followers can’t understand a word she is saying unless they are still in High School lol If that is the level of communication you can reach then i feel pity for yous.




Self-Humiliating Public Display

04:23 Jan 20 2006
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I would like to present a perfect example of a publicly set up conversation:


16:48:50 - Jan 19 2006

hey i gotta go 'my nigga's:P' if xtroublex gets in, tell her she should get her ass on more so i can talk to her, lol


16:49:35 - Jan 19 2006

I'm here

Look how quick she replied. Like she was waiting for it to be posted ;) And two more questions:

1) Why ask for someone in the Vamp Box who rarely ever chats in the Vamp Box?

2) Why not send a private message ;)

The answer to both questions is they wanted me to see it. Well let me tell you, if my inbox hadn’t gone wild with messages telling me what an embarrassing display is going on I wouldn’t even have noticed lol

I will not comment on the rest of the conversation but take it as a perfect example of a badly set up conversation and take it also as an example of a pointless conversation.


16:50:09 - Jan 19 2006

there u are..where u been*clings to u*:P


16:50:40 - Jan 19 2006

I been here and there lol *huggles*


16:51:13 - Jan 19 2006

well ur late..lol


16:51:44 - Jan 19 2006

I've just got in lol


16:52:23 - Jan 19 2006

so how u doin baaaaby?:P


16:53:10 - Jan 19 2006

Meep I'm confused BG as to who your talking to lol

LOL you should jump at the chance anyone would actually want to talk to you lol


16:53:58 - Jan 19 2006

im talkin to u if i dont name names:P so how are u baaaaaaaby?:P


16:54:30 - Jan 19 2006

I'm ok thanks, tired as per usual lol your self?


16:55:53 - Jan 19 2006

bored like always, but 'ats fine, im goina bed after i finish my game:P

xtroublex: 16:56:33 - Jan 19 2006

Well sleep well dear


16:57:45 - Jan 19 2006

thank you, and be on more;) *huggles* *smacks fizbops shoulder* hi mate...bye mate:P


16:58:24 - Jan 19 2006

I'm on loads, just your always off lol


16:59:15 - Jan 19 2006

pff english:P lol just kiddin girl, im not always off, im always lurking:P


16:59:32 - Jan 19 2006

im on 8 hours a day:P


16:59:49 - Jan 19 2006

Ooh no fair *pokes tongue out*


17:00:43 - Jan 19 2006

fine ill be online in the list from now on


17:01:22 - Jan 19 2006

*evil laugh* YAY! *hugs*


17:02:23 - Jan 19 2006

*hugs heidi* bye babes:P


17:03:04 - Jan 19 2006

Bye bye hun *hugs back*

A later attempt to get people talk to her remained without response from other members. Need I say more? lol




Act of Desperation, Vol. 2

19:07 Jan 19 2006
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On my daily browsing through profiles I came across the following stamp:

Welcome to Vampire Rave. May you stay be enjoyable. Please feel free to add me to your friends list.

xtroublex21:54:13Jan 18 2006

I wont go into the spelling mistake but for the rest…..

Do we need to persuade innocent and unsuspecting whelplings we have never spoken with to add us to a friend list? Wouldn’t people add us otherwise? lol Do we not have any friends or can’t we find friends the conventional way? Do we have to fall so low and lose the last piece of dignity we might not even have had?

I guess older members do not want to be friends and that is why we have to be so desperate and target the newest members. Ah well, most of them wont last beyond the first month anyway lol And being on their list would be as fake as personality and in some cases even looks of the person who is begging to appear somewhat popular.

I for myself can say that I am proud to be on so many friend lists and I didn’t even need to resort to such methods to be on a single member’s list. Some people are naturally popular others aren’t so they need to fake it ;) why am I not surprised?

Or are we secretly aiming for a top 3 spot? Well if achievement through canvassing (I remotely remember the way we got into the top 3 for most stalkers) makes us happy so be it. I wouldn’t be proud of it but I am proud of my honest achievements on this site.




Isn’t it ironic?

04:33 Jan 19 2006
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When I was with my ex she wouldn’t read my journal for days even when I told her something lovely about her is in it.

Now she reads it several times a day.

When I was with my ex she couldn’t care less about my journal.

Now she tells people about it and virtually advertises it for me :) people even add it to their favourites now :)

When I was with my ex she wouldn’t give a shit whether or not I was online, VR and online buddies always came first.

Now she comes to my profile as soon as she is online.

I always told her that people could change, didn’t I? I have finally become an important part of her life :p




Forum Whoredom

20:30 Jan 18 2006
Times Read: 1,019

This is a perfect example of someone posting unnecessarily to get the number of posts up. 2 messages are used for what could have been said in one.

Also, look at the time between the posts and tell me if you think the person really looked ;)

Incendiary (24)

Posts: 3308

Re: Can we say animation!!

Posted: 09:33:07 - Jan 17 2006

Times viewed: 60

Going to look now!

Incendiary (24)

Posts: 3308

Re: Can we say animation!!

Posted: 09:34:59 - Jan 17 2006

Times viewed: 57

My comment says it all and I had not rated you before. Lovely

In less than 2 minutes you manage to post, go to a profile, look for the update, re-rate and leave a comment, go back to the thread and post again?

Don't make yourself more of a laughing stock than you already are. We know that you were after the 2 posts and not the appreciation this work really deserves.




Quote of the Day

04:10 Jan 18 2006
Times Read: 1,041

i actually picked it up on sunday

"there are members in our house that haven't logged on in weeks"

the quote comes from a person that logs on every day but hasn't done anything in or for the house for over a month lol




Proof that my previous entry was right

03:57 Jan 18 2006
Times Read: 1,043

Well, the person I wrote about last time sent me a message:


30Jan 17 2006


Block User



Move to Saved

Email to Self

*claps* .... congratulations cockbite, for one, how the fuck dare you put shit about me in your journal.and what the fuck, wake up to your self moron and leave xtroublex alone, my god. you get your little lackys to bomb her, fuck you have to be like what ... 2yrs old?and if your going to bomb be go for your life, i couldent care less, your nothing but a moron, and i cant beleive you are one of the high ranking here on VR that people are apprently supposed to look up to, grow a brain child.

I shall respond to it step by step:

“*claps* .... congratulations cockbite, for one, how the fuck dare you put shit about me in your journal.”

It is NOT shit about you it is shit you were talking yesterday ;)

“leave xtroublex alone, my god. you get your little lackys to bomb her, fuck you have to be like what ... 2yrs old?”

first of all only I rated her and I rated her according to the quality of her work as I see it. You however came in groups and bombed my profile. Aren’t we little hypocrites, eh?

And something else, you might believe her lies but it still wont get you in her panties hehehe

And for the record, while we were an item she rated you low and slagged you off like shite in conversations with me and others. And you fall for her bullshit now when most of the others have realized what she is like? It can’t get any better lol

“and if your going to bomb be go for your life, i couldent care less, your nothing but a moron, and i cant beleive you are one of the high ranking here on VR that people are apprently supposed to look up to, grow a brain child.”

Likewise but if I recall it I have already rated you ages ago. Again, according to what I think it’s worth.

Yeah, I’m sire coz I can look down on people like you.

So yeah, if you want to talk brain get one first lol

You proved my point in the previous thread and now again. Thank you ever so much




The Art of Contradiction

08:32 Jan 16 2006
Times Read: 1,066

…..or whatever you want to call the following example

Note: compare the time between both posts:

btw, thread one asks if you ever had a crush on someone on here

NemisisVampire (16)

Posts: 153

Re: Have you ever...

Posted: 00:50:52 - Jan 16 2006

Times viewed: 63

ROFL ..... perhaps ive been intruigued by alot of people here on VR, but generally nothing more comes of it for the pure fact ive been badly crushed in an old "net to real life" relationship

NemisisVampire (16)

Posts: 154

Re: Post Your Secret Crush!

Posted: 02:47:52 - Jan 16 2006

Times viewed: 41oh my ... to many to list*whispers* XtroubleX ;) but she already knows i like her :P she probaly wont see this so ill just tell her on MSN :Poh and of course VampireSiren *huggles VS* ^_^ eeeheheand many othersoh and because there is more then one doesent make me a whore, these are just the people that highly intrigue me :D

This is getting better and better by the day lol

I leave this pretty uncommented coz I think it speaks very much for itself lol




Impressions of an Observer

07:28 Jan 16 2006
Times Read: 1,071

Isn’t in ironic how hypocritical someone can be? Not long ago someone kept slagging particular people off like person A is an asshole and person B is a bitch? Like how pathetic these people are?

Well, look how times have changed. Suddenly this someone is left without friends and needs to smooth talk exactly these people into giving her the attention she is craving for so bad. How pathetic is that?

What’s even funnier is the fact that they won’t get anything in return. They give her what she wants and they are still meaningless to her.

Some people are hypocrites others think with the wrong organs or are just dumb beyond belief. They fall for fake pictures and a fake personality.

I have no idea what to put it down to. Inexperience? Curiosity? Fact is that some people won’t listen, others won’t learn. You have been warned so don’t start crying when my words come true lol Shit happens when you only listen to the wrong side of the story. I pity you.




Who will be the First?

09:34 Jan 15 2006
Times Read: 1,095

The amusing thing is that a guy formerly known as Aleks claims to be my ex's boyfriend now (ROTFLMFAO). He thinks every girl that replies to him is a girlfriend lol

A boy who has never seen a girl in reality and a girl that lies to you twice when she says good morning lol A boy who is nothing without his pc and a girl who is nothing without her MSN. That means their so-called relationship will be online and only online. How sweet hehehe

I just had a conversation with a member on here and came up with an idea:

On 08:08:41 Jan 15 2006 xxxxx wrote:

Wow, I just read through your journal again. What a whore! How are you coping today?

On 08:16:09 Jan 15 2006 lordvampirio wrote:

lol you just made my night hahaha

well it has been quiet until a couple of hours ago when i received amusing messages. like her new b/f aleks (ROTFLMFAO) wants to come over and "they" want to kill me lol

she keeps lying that i threatened to kill her, my exact words were slightly but significantly different ;)

On 08:18:35 Jan 15 2006 xxxxx wrote:

She's with Aleks!!?!?! I fuckin' hate that punk kid!! She sounds like she just plays the victim to get a new guy, sucks him dry and then does it again!!

On 08:21:38 Jan 15 2006 lordvampirio wrote:

im not worried about them together coz

1) she is a no-show

2) they are on different continents

3) none of them has money for a vist

4) aleks never has only one online g/f at the same time

that is just a teeneage online infatuation of two people who have the reputation to fuck people over so they deserve each other.

apparently someone followed her home tonight so it seems like the game is on ;)

On 08:29:57 Jan 15 2006 xxxxx wrote:

LOL! I hope they get married, they are retarted for eachother! I don't think I've ever really talked to him, but he's been an ass to xxxxx, and he's just a kid! Those two would have a hell of a time seeing who could scew the other over first! LOL

On 08:35:00 Jan 15 2006 lordvampirio wrote:

i think our conversation will find a place in my journal hahaha

look, they are only online buddies and that is how it will be forever, she is a no-show and he has more online girls on the go at the same time. he doesnt know what a real girl is like, he can only do it over the pc lol

lets open a betting pool who gets sick of whom first lol

On 08:38:01 Jan 15 2006 xxxxx wrote:

I'd be flattered to end up in your journal!LOL

I'll take my bet, and my money is on. . . her! It's a 50/50 chance, but he's probably so eager to get some virtual booty that he'll be a little bit slower to start the mind games!

On 08:44:29 Jan 15 2006 lordvampirio wrote:

lol you have your place in my journal and i will xxxxx your name so you wont get dragged into it lol

well, i dont think that she will be able to find out easily about his other girls. the funny thing is that he cant control her on here and she cant control him on IM so it really is a tough call lol she will drop him first coz she has no conscience whereas his brain is down south at the moment ;)

On 08:45:50 Jan 15 2006 xxxxx wrote:

We both win the bet! Grand prize: knowing we are better than they are!

On 08:51:16 Jan 15 2006 lordvampirio wrote:

who wins if my cash collectors get to her first? lol

Aleks has a reputation of having more than 1 online girlfriend on the go at the same time (based on the belief that every girl that talks to him can be given the label girlfriend lol)

My ex has the reputation to have an online boyfriend, then finds herself another one, leads #1 along and dumps him after a short while.

Who do you think will get sick of whom first?

Feel free to message me your guess and I will keep track of it. And maybe we can come up with something like for example the wrong-guessers have to buy the right-guessers a premium membership or something lol

PS one good thing can be said about the relationship IF it is going to last, there will be no weeins :p

PPS First reactions show that she is 4 times more likely to dump him first




Act of Desperation?

04:04 Jan 12 2006
Times Read: 1,119

I was wondering of late why do people use a close up of their upper body or cleavage as display picture or portfolio picture?

Are they so desperate to get some attention?

Is it because the inner beauty does not exist so they hope someone will find outer beauty in those pictures?

Females on here complain about all the pervy chat up lines they receive from blokes but isn’t an image like this a nonverbal chat up line with exactly the same intention?

Why are people so desperate?

Why are people so pathetic?

Is it to mislead and attract new members coz the old ones don't fall for it anymore?

It is like these talentless singers/bands who need to wear next to nothing to be noticed and it certainly isn’t for their skills.

Look at a British Pop band called Girls Aloud. They are the best selling girl band in the UK. None of them can sing but they wear skimpy clothes and show their knickers. Basically they don’t sell their music they sell their bodies. What was the word again for people like that?

It might make high testosteroned go wild but to the mature people it is just a cheap attempt.

And in all honesty we all have seen more impressive, haven’t we? And we all know some pieces of clothing can make something unimpressive look a wee bit less unimpressive. Which makes it kind of fake, doesn’t it?

It’s like when you buy something nicely wrapped up and as soon as it’s off you are disappointed.

I actually know first hand that the reality doesnt look like it appears on pictures. The internet is an ideal medium to give someone the wrong picture about one self's personality as well as looks.

If anyone has the answers to my questions please let me know because I am willing to learn and to understand.




Drama Queen

05:02 Jan 10 2006
Times Read: 1,145

Drama Queen

I was spending a night on VR like so many times before and was chatting with my mates, rating etc when I have been made aware that my ex was trying to manipulate people again. She was telling people that I have threatened to kill her. The lies continue obviously coz she has said that about every other ex as well lol

Fact is that I never threatened to kill her and if she had listened to our conversations for once in her life then she would know that. I am pretty sure that she actually knows that but a notorious liar just has to come up with a lie, am I right? The people she was trying to manipulate didn’t fall for her lies anymore.

A bit later me and some other members received a warning for flaming which, caught me by surprise coz I haven’t done anything like that. So I asked what the warning was based upon? Apparently I was harassing my ex even though she has changed her username. Well, me and others have rated her and commented because she appeared as an unrated profile. That is for one. And for two nobody rated on anyone’s orders and nobody left any threatening comments. They only rated and commented based on the truth that has finally come out through my journal entries. So I asked if it is ok to send me death threats through private messages and forwarded them to the administrator. That led to a warning for my ex as well.

I stressed that I have never reported the death threats to any administrator because of FAQ #18, which says:

18. So-and-So was mean to me! I want you to delete their account!

Administrators will not become involved in member disputes. If you find a member offensive, use your block button. All messages from the blocked user will be blocked, along with any comments they may leave on your Profile or Portfolio. Do not ask for a member to be deleted or reprimanded. You will be ignored if you ask.

So yeah, I abided by the rules whereas my ex had another pathetic attempt to set up a drama. I even read the FAQ, you should do that too you’re an acolyte still ;)

My ex also tried to complain about my journal entries, especially as her name appears in them but sorry my dear, the journal is my own private space on here and I use it for truthful purposes. Can you claim that too?

So yeah, again you tried to manipulate people and it backfired. You make it really easy for people to see your real “you” now. You worked hard for your reputation as sweet little innocent girl but the more days pass the more people get to know the real her and she is far from sweet and innocent ;)




Siobhan's pathetic Friends

07:51 Jan 09 2006
Times Read: 1,159

The truth hurts, doesnt it? That is why the lies continue. And those who want to get into her panties (nothing special by the way) keep sending me threats. here are a few examples of pre puber people:

From:SilentStep02:29:54Jan 09 2006


Block User



Move to Saved

Email to Self

Leave Siobhan alone or we will hunt you down , sodomize and kill you . Have a nice day :)

From:vampirewithattitude19:28:37Jan 06 2006 Reply

Block User



Move to Saved

Email to Self

Oi I've been hearing what you've been saying to my fucking sister you twat, you better leave her the fuck alone or i'll give you vampire you'll be hanging off my wall with all the fucking blood sucked out of you but knowing you, you'll like it you sick fuck. Your fucking old enough to grow up so why don't you. You threaten my sister one more fucking time your head will be on my front lawn and trust me about that one, my friend works for alot of companies on the internet and i can find out exactly where you are, so id fucking watch it, leave innocent little girls alone dick face.

Please bring it on kids coz you are the laughing stock of VR hahaha

they only sign up on behalf of my ex's truste who is well known to me to send me threats and to wank off over it. if they saw me eye to eye they would pee themselves off their 1/2 inches lol




The Truth about the Lies

07:55 Jan 07 2006
Times Read: 1,186

The what seemed to be sweetest couple on VR does not exist anymore. Siobhan told one lie too many and got under too much pressure. I have forgiven her many mistakes and lies because I foolishly believed in the good in her. But I am not going to hold back anymore and will reveal what it all was about and what she is like:

I met her as reserved person that suffered from her previous relationship she had at that time. She was being controlled and manipulated. She confided in me and we became close friends. I gave her confidence and strength to end her relationship.

Shortly afterwards we got together. I told her about my plans and she assured me that she wants to be part of it and fulfil them with me.

Her ex and his friends hurled abuse at her and it got to her. So I fought her battles and made sure that they aren’t going to contact her anymore. So she had her peace and we could focus on our relationship.

She told me that she wanted to be with me within a month so we were working on her move. I paid for a ticket for a set date so she had a week to get things sorted. In the meantime she was kicked out of her home and got homeless. She didn’t get her e-ticket in time but still I managed to get her up within 24hrs to give her a new home.

In the meantime I had walked out at work for her to be there for her to settle in her new environment and to completely focus on our plans to move to another destination to live.

She arrived ill and with all my love and care I was looking after her to get her back healthy. She told me that she had received phone calls that her aunt died and she needs to go back to devon as soon as possible and her mother wants to make up with her as well. Again I paid for another ticket to get her to her family as soon as possible. She told me that she would be back with me straight after the funeral. I offered her to keep the dirty laundry and wash it but she was adamant to take it with her. She knew already that she would never come back.

It took more than a week for the funeral to take place. Asked when she would return she said when she had the money. I told her that I could pay for it but she insisted on paying for it herself. At the end we came to the agreement that she tries for a week and then I will pay if she didn’t manage.

Based on this promise we decided to step our relationship up to another level and decided to get engaged. The week passed and I called her every night. Asked when she would return she said that it makes no sense to come before Christmas coz this is going to be her last Christmas with her family ever. She told me that once she left devon she would never return. I didn’t agree but what could I do? 4 more weeks without her and she didn’t even want me down in Devon for a few weeks. Reason? She was ashamed of her family and friends and didn’t want me to see that.

Surely it didn’t do the relationship any good. She gave me several reasons for her hesitation like the relationship moved to fast for her. She could have told me before and we could have talked about it instead of giving me hope for a speedy return. The agreement was still that she would be back after Christmas. The daily phone calls continued and my phone bill reached horrendous heights.

When we were online at the same time you would have thought that I would get a fair share of her attention. Think again coz she was too busy with VR and her online buddies to look after her real life lover.

Christmas arrived and I had already mentioned it in my journal:

What a Merry Christmas it was this year. In the night from the 24th to 25th all seemed fine between Siobhan and myself and we were discussing ways to spend New Year’s Eve together. Then at 2.17am I got a text saying she can’t do that anymore. I didn’t know exactly what she meant but it took me an hour until I got her to answer the phone. We talked until 5am and had to break up the conversation but I was dumped as it seemed. The reason(s)? I have no idea. We agreed to resume the conversation later that day.

That day I went to the location Siobhan and me were planning to move on to for sentimental reasons. I wanted to say farewell to the location that was my dream to live at with her. I usually return to the places where my dreams don’t come true to give it a sentimental farewell. I wanted to think things through and didn’t take my phone with me coz I was supposed to be back home at night. Tough, coz I missed the last train home and had to spend the night at the station to at least catch the first train home.

Back home I had many voicemail messages, missed calls and text messages from Siobhan. She sounded very worried and wanted me to get back in touch with her so I sent her a text. She called me later and directed me to her newest journal entry. It was a masterpiece of a love declaration and I was so happy that she has changed her mind and wanted to be back with me. 5 mins later she told me that it’s not going to work and hung up on me. Phone calls and texts remained unanswered.

In the meantime I caught up with people on VR and two of them (you know who you are and so does Siobhan) told me that they have spoken with an extremely worried Siobhan last night. Both told me that she had realized dumping me was a big mistake and all she wanted was to be with me again. They were surprised when I told them that I was dumped again.

In the afternoon Siobhan got back in touch with me and we talked things through again but got disconnected.

In the evening I went out for a few drinks and Siobhan has been getting in touch with me again. I texted back that I was out clubbing and would get in touch with her when I got back home.

Back at home we started off texting and ended up talking on the fone. The conversation was very constructive. We agreed that we still love each other and want to be with each other. We figured that the problems that might be a factor in our relationship are all to possible to overcome and we are sure that we can make it a working and lasting relationship.

Reasons for dumping me were that she didn’t want to leave the south coz her friends are her family and the fact that she cant have any children. Well, how stupid of her coz instead of assuming that is a problem that cant be resolved she draw conclusions. I assured her that we can reconsider the location where we want to live together and that her inability of bearing children is not a problem for the relationship at all. So many times she told me how much she loved me and that I am the best.

A few days later, on the 29th december a friend on VR told me that Siobhan had been in a car accident and she wants me to call her back on a new number. She seemed unhurt but told me that she wont travel for a while so meeting up for new year’s eve were off the table. I did have a feeling that there wasn’t even an accident. She had a new phone and told me that she is going to get some credit tomorrow. She told me not to text her in the meantime coz the texts would go on her mothers phone. She needs to switch sim cards over first. I told her that texts go on sim card not phone but she insisted that she was right.

To make her days on VR happier I had a good conversation with my house master and gave him millions good reasons why Siobhan deserves a mark. She got it and was so excited about it. She skipped one level.

The next day when we were talking on the phone it slipped that she was in a car again. So I said if you don’t mind going by car anymore than you can go by coach as well. Of course she told me that she had an invitation now to a mate’s party. Quite good organizational skills if you can do that within one day, eh?

Btw, I was still waiting for her text so I could be sure it goes to her phone lol

New years eve came and I still haven’t had a text from her. Before midnight I went to bed coz I wasn’t really up for this day I could have celbrated with Siobhan. But she chose her mates over me once again.

On new year I still haven’t heard of Siobhan so I was still waiting for the text she promised me 3 days ago. My internet provider decided to crash on me that day so I wasn’t online until the following day. I did call Siobhan that night though and she was pissed off. Basically she dumped me for not calling her at midnight lol did she bear in mind that she hadn’t texted me since 4 days even though she was supposed to get credit on her phone? She did say that she loved me and wants it to work and said that she doesn’t want to be with me anymore. That makes no sense really and we tried to talk it through. She still didn’t make any sense. I told her that she can get out of the relationship but since there is no more trust given I need to have the money back she owed me as soon as possible. We are talking about £2,500. I told her I want £500 by the end of the week and the rest by the end of the month. No exchange of bank details and contact details. I wanted a personal handing over and assured her that she can walk away afterwards. I told her that I would have people get my money if she doesn’t turn up. After all she has bullshitted me all along and I need to make sure that I get my money and we can both move on.

She tried to fake a suicide attempt on the phone but I knew she was bluffing. After a while she stopped and asked me why I was doing that. I did it coz I still loved her a lot. I told her that I never considered the money as something I needed back soon. It was an investment in our relationship we both agreed on. She kept telling me how much she loved me and wanted to be with me so we gave it another a go. We did agree that this weekend we would spend a long weekend together.

When I got back online I received a message that siobhan’s profile has been deleted and asked me what happened. I had no clue and checked and it was true. So I tried to find out if it could be restored and did everything I could to get it back. In the afternoon I reached Siobhan and prepared her for a shock. Of course she was upset. At the end of the night she got it back with everything she had before except the rating.

Some people told me that Siobhan had badmouthed me on VR the previous night and there were even conversations she had with people that were obviously faked. The shit stirring was back on.

Every single day we were talking about our long weekend and how good it will be for our relationship. Something I didn’t like though was that when I called her and she was at a mates party she was asked who she was talking to and she replied “it’s eh…..nevermind”

On Thursday afternoon I tried to call her at 6pm but the phone was switched off. 30 mins later it rang twice and then it got pressed on switched off. An hour later I sent her a text “are you avoiding me?” and I got a reply back “I’m sleeping coz I’m travelling tomorrow”. I rang her and it got pressed on switched off again after two rings. I texted her back and said lets talk just a few moments and she responded immediately that she wanted to sleep. I texted back that it is only going to take a few moments and if she was worried that I could hear background noises”. She texted back that she wanted to sleep and I could call later. Fishy, eh?

An hour later she texted me to call her now. we talked through the final arrangements for her weekend at mine. She told me that she would be in Exeter by 6am and text me her time of arrival. She sounded sweet and loving.

At 1pm I haven’t heard from her yet so I sent her a text. No response

At 4pm I sent her another text and again no response.

On VR I noticed that she had been online at 3.30pm. weird, eh? She should have been on the bus at that time. She had a journal entry which was obviously fake. It was only meant to catch my attention. Her mobile was switched off.

At 11.30pm she came on VR and still decided to ignore my messages. The deadline to pay off part of the debt passed at 12pm and I made a phone call.

She has realized that her lies have come to an end and that I am not forgiving anymore. This time I am serious. I even gave her the chance to talk to me to see how we can sort the money issue but she chose to ignore it.

There are still a few people who are naïve enough to believe all her lies but the people who know me and her have all been able to figure, that I am the one who always told the truth. I have had lots of abuse hurled at me tonight but they only reassured me that they have been lied at just as much as me.

Siobhan only lets you know what she wants you to know. Only a few people really know what a bitch she is.

Well, let me tell you this, she is a notorious liar. Even if she says good morning to you she has already told you two lies. The pics make her look much better than she is in real and if you are looking for fun you have to be very patient coz she doesn’t seem to know what she is doing.

I thought it was about time to tell you the truth about Siobhan.

Btw, rumour goes now that she actually is only 16. so the lies started on day one lol

PS if you like girls that dont shave their armpits she is your type of girl ;)




My Lovely Woman

19:37 Jan 06 2006
Times Read: 1,210

I find it quite interesting how fucked up some people can be. They lie you straight into the face and think they can get away with it.

I was talking to Siobhan on the phone last night. We were discussing the last arrangements for her long weekend at mine. She told me that she would be in Exeter at 6am today and text me the time of arrival.

At 1pm still no text so I texted her but I got no reply.

At 4pm I texted again and again I didn’t get a reply.

Apparently she is still in Devon, moving in with a mate today. The phone is switched off.

I hope she is coming up with a good explanation for her lies and fucked up actions or I wont hold back anymore and reveal quite a few things about the girl who only wants you to believe how sweet she is.

I will wait what she has got to say but this time she has gone over the top. She was supposed to meet me either way today, for relationship purposes or to hand me over the £2,500 she owes me.

I will wait what she has got to say but it had better be good because she is walking on very thin ice and has possibly taken on more than she can handle.



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