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21:58 Jun 24 2006
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And here is another episode of my not so bright neighbour whom I dislike with a passion lol

Today was a warm but cloudy afternoon. She probably thought that it was time to relax a little and got the garden furniture outside. After 5 mins she had the chair up and was ready to sit down with a book when the rain suddenly started to pour down which would last for hours to come LMAO This must have been a long and relaxing afternoon outside for her hahaha

Well, in my time as long distance runner I could determine quite well when it would start to rain by simply watching the clouds for a while and I hardly ever had to run in the rain.

And there was a young girl seriously posting on the forum today that males don’t have brains, they have a penis? LOL

Well, considering my neighbour, females have neither and I get to see the result of it every day.

And considering some other females they even have to resort to an artificial “brain” to have one at all ;)




21:50 Jun 23 2006
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And here is some more funny shit about the neighbour I dislike with a passion lol

I was about to go downtown this afternoon when I spotted her in front of her open front door. I said hi but she didn’t move a muscle. As if she was frozen lol

30 mins later when I got back she was still there and hadn’t moved an inch or a muscle lol So I asked her what’s up. She pointed at a bumblebee on the wall in her flat and said that she was scared of it. Understandable I said because they are vicious little man-eating predators that can dispose of a human body within seconds lol

Well, let’s see if she’ll still be standing there in the morning since it’s going to be a cool night, unless of course the bumblebee gets her first lol

haha seriously now, I removed the bumblebee but enjoyed every moment of it LMAO

At least my neighbour is good for one thing, she does amuse me occasionally lol





13:08 Jun 22 2006
Times Read: 825

LMAO this is actually getting funny. I was talking to someone the other day and he was telling me that the light blue jewel in the shape of a parrot – or XTROUBLEMAKERX (not to confuse with xtroublex) as I like to call her on occasion - is telling people that I was after her for sex ROTFLMAO Someone seems to be flattering herself there by getting the facts a wee bit confused lol

Well first off, when I am after sex I will go out clubbing because many BritGirls tend to have problems keeping their legs together.

Secondly I would certainly not be after a middle aged spinster for that matter, that lives 8 time zones away from me and has more cyber partners on VR than I have forum posts on there. Keep it real!

Thirdly I remember that I kept declining the invitations to view her on webcam where others have done her all night long.

Fourthly, correct me if I am wrong but which profile is shouting out for cyber sex partners? And don’t tell me that’s meant in a sarcastic way or you are even more retarded than her!

If I was after her for the sex why would she be complaining here:

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 01:47:42): if i can have hot cyber with duc in the chambers..why cant you pinch my ass now and then?

This sounds like a desperate attempt to actually get me to be after her for that matter. Sorry if I haven’t been as easy as all the other men she has encountered.

Also, my inbox is full of explicit messages. When I get the time to go through my entire history I might actually create an extra chapter for the messages I received. But here are already a few examples. And note that I am not even getting an opportunity to reply when she is on a pervy run lol

Since I know that there are a lot of intellectually challenged people on here, I would like to point out that I appear as “I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets” in the conversations.

WARNING: you might not want to read any further if you are under the legal age of consent due to the explicitly gross contents at times.

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:39:16): we atleast have to play the "you cant touch me" game

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (02/03/2006 00:39:34): but then i couldnt cuddle you

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (02/03/2006 00:39:55): ah well, i can touch myself

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:40:16): nope

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:40:20): tied to a bed

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:40:27): naked me gets to tease naked you

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:40:44): if you beg me to release you..you lose

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:40:52): if you thrust when you shouldnt be

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:40:55): you lose

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (02/03/2006 00:41:17): ill just close my eyes

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:41:37): you can do that

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:41:56): but i'm doubting you can ignore fingers and tongues and other stuff

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (02/03/2006 00:42:08): so you can touch me then?

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (02/03/2006 00:42:30): well ill just imagine its my ex

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:44:05): ew

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:44:10): yes..i can touch yo

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:44:11): u

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:44:13): you

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:44:22): and if you imagine that..we're through!

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:44:23): ick

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:44:28): why would you want to?

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (02/03/2006 00:45:03): lol coz i dont want to lose lol

Light Blue Jewel (02/03/2006 00:46:16): nah...and if you did..i'd just kiss other more sensitive places until you came back

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:12:50): if you want to have long distance sex with me..we should try phone sex..although i've never done that

Is she suggesting phone sex like she has done with quite a few on here?

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:22:03): i mean..i have a list of things i obviously do well...but mainly i think its because i put 100% of me into it

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:22:14): its just..i'm really little..i mean very very

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:22:16): and i worry

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:22:20): might hurt you

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (04/03/2006 21:22:41): i like much more about you than the sex that is going to happen so i do not worry the least about it. i know that it will be out of this world!

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:26:28): i'm glad..

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:27:05): i have this nightmare about being to tight and then orgasming and squeezing the poor thing off

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:27:13): i'm actually being completely serious

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:27:20): i've had nightmares like that

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (04/03/2006 21:28:01): look, the vagina is very very flexible and no matter how small you seem to be you will NOT be able to hurt me. please trust me on that

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:28:22): i have made my middle finger numb before..lol

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:28:29): but ok..trusting you, i am

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:35:29): i will ride you until you beg me to stop

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (04/03/2006 21:35:49): get ready for a long ride cowgirl

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (04/03/2006 21:36:29): i am well aware of what im gettng myself into lol

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:37:37): oh? give me an idea of what you think...

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (04/03/2006 21:37:59): high sex drive but sexually starved

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:38:31): when im with someone...i'm unquenchable..lol..

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:38:39): like a monogamous nympho

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (04/03/2006 21:38:56): we have that in common

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:40:01): i'm really bad about it too

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:40:09): because i'm a spontaneous person

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:40:26): so you could be driving down the road..and if the mood strikes i'm naked in your lap..lol

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:40:34): cant help it

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (04/03/2006 21:40:37): no worries hun coz im sure i am ready for you

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:41:26): i hope so

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:41:36): oh..and i'm a multiple orgasm girl

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:41:40): like alot of them

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:42:00): lol..would probably do it the first time you slid inside me

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:42:09): just because my body is super sensitive

Light Blue Jewel (04/03/2006 21:42:14): oh yikes

And this is my all time favourite, that’s why I knew what day I’d have to look for ;)

Light Blue Jewel (22/03/2006 17:39:40): had sex with you in the shower this morning

Light Blue Jewel (22/03/2006 17:39:43): twice

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (22/03/2006 17:39:56): lol how?

Light Blue Jewel (22/03/2006 17:40:52): easy...picturing you in my head..however diy

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (22/03/2006 17:41:31): wow. was it any good? honest?

Light Blue Jewel (22/03/2006 17:42:17): came twice within a matter of minutes

Light Blue Jewel (22/03/2006 17:42:22): yes...insanely good

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets (22/03/2006 17:42:51): wow. never knew i had that effect lol

Light Blue Jewel (22/03/2006 17:43:15): wants you

Light Blue Jewel (22/03/2006 17:59:52): lovest thou in godly amounts




12:49 Jun 13 2006
Times Read: 872

I had this message in my inbox:



Jun 13 2006


Block User



Move to Saved

Email to Self

Hello sexy, i love what you did to your

profile.........besides I got hooked when i ran across your profile on Vampirerave.com my name is john anderson,i'm an charterd acountant, working in oil company likewise a

contractor engineer i travel alot for projects and i

live in England london i'd love to chat with you and know more about you ..... Ah!!! wait aminute.....Have you being told that you are beautiful,sexy and charming looking.....lol.my yahoo messenger id is (wmathod_03@yahoo.com hope to meet you there soon i

love to chat with you.


what a charming lady you are....john anderson.....

lol last time I checked I was still male and there are actually a few clues on my profile that might indicate that lol




Blah Blah Blah

12:42 Jun 13 2006
Times Read: 874

Some of my entries a few days ago turned out quite well and gave me the results I expected. The entries had three times as many offline hits as online hits.

I received many responses and some people tried hard and succeeded in making real fools out of themselves. I got my proof that many people on here aren’t ready for the truth or can’t face it and lost the last little piece of respect I had for them if I had any at all.

When I joined VR 11 months ago I was hoping to find like-minded people on here. People who are honest, loyal, truthful, and share the same interests. What I have found were many liars, fakes, puppets, manipulators and, what has become the newest trend, people that buy themselves into favours and popularity. Many people I have met on here are losers in real life who pretend to be some sort of big wits. They might think of themselves as gods but this would only mean the world domination of atheism and agnosticism!

I guess I have filtered the few good people pretty well now.

Let’s see, a PERSONAL dispute has been brought to VR. By me? No!

Did I respond? No!

People who have barely exchanged 5 messages with me in 11 months were bitching about me in their journals. How shallow is this? You judge someone by hear say? But it does reflect the house’s true character.

Did I start it? No!

Did I respond? Yes!

And now people say it should stay away from VR? It proves that drugs are little brain-eating aliens. If it should stay away from VR then ask the aggressor why it has been brought to VR in the first place. In fact yous are whining about something yous have created. How pitiful!

Now let me see if I understand the general opinion of the opposition correctly:

Someone is allowed to slag someone off in her journal and promote other bitching journals and is protected from being slagged off? I think not, but look at how much sense yous are making. Seems like some think that rules should not apply to everyone equally. Do I sense favouritism? I am amused indeed.

You can patrol my journal as much as yous like. It is one of the greatest compliments I have ever received when people feel the need to take shifts in turns to keep an eye on my journal lol LMAO if that is your main task in life then you should seriously review your lives right now before it’s too late.

I am absolutely honoured that my journal poses a bigger threat for most than a terrorist attack. How sadder can this actually become for yous? lol

And judging by the amount of people that have been dragged into it I sense that someone is very very scared about the truth to be revealed. This as such is a confession of guilt from a prep.

What is the reward? An extended premium membership? A cyber blowjob? A phone call to listen to masturbation and the sound of a vibrator in the background? A promise of a move closer to you? Or just a bone like you’d give to a dog that has been obedient and done what you told him to do?

You can write in your journals whatever you like. I am not bothered. Most likely I won’t even read them because I have more spare time now and have found better things to do. I have appeared in so many journals, at a certain point you don’t care anymore because at the end of the day yous are nothing but meaningless online things. I have the choice as to which journals I read and which I won’t. If you don’t like my journal why read it then? I sense contradiction!

And on a random note, are yous patrolling my other journals as well? Because that is where the real good stuff is. But with a web better spread than al-Qaeda’s it shouldn’t take yous long to find them ;) Until then let’s enjoy it, shall we :)




22:47 Jun 07 2006
Times Read: 915

Let’s get a couple of facts straight:

I haven’t been writing anything about it for over a week but today started a public bitching about me to which I responded. Nobody can say I started it!!!!! At least I have the guts to say it straight out and not behind someone’s back. And at least I don’t need little helpers for that.

Secondly Jessa has nothing to do with it. I have hardly spoken with her before and not ever since. I have much better sources for that.

Thirdly it is alright for a woman to fuck men over but it is not alright for man to uphold the truth?

Fourthly it was a personal dispute that I have NOT brought to VR. Someone else made it a VR issue obviously.

I am sorry but there are quite a few on here who have made the same experience as me and we have compared messages. Sometimes it takes some digging to get to the truth but I certainly have done that digging.

Surely, the truth might not be a popular thing but I wake up every morning and can still look into the mirror. I couldn’t do that if I was a liar to gain sympathy and attention.

And if someone is in need of an army to fight her personal battle then I consider this a confession of guilt.




Rating Fun

19:04 Jun 07 2006
Times Read: 929



Rating: 1

Comment: SAME 10! ^_^

Date: 13:54:01 - Jun 07 2006

the zero after the one must have gone lost somewhere during the rating lol




15:12 Jun 07 2006
Times Read: 945

This is my second day since I left the house and I feel so much happier.

In these past few days I have been receiving many messages from former house members of mine asking me for advice and telling me that they are very sorry that I left. They are still consulting me for house matters which kind of tells me where the expertise lies. I am very glad to help them as good as I can since they don’t feel that anyone in their house can and could.

I have also received many questions asking for the true reasons why I left. Well, I have written about it in another journal because I do not think that most people on here are ready for the truth. They do not want to hear the truth. They are only interested in lies and therefore I will make the entry accessible to a selected few only, who don’t feel they need to hide in the background like little pussies.

Message me if you think you are ready for the truth and I will link you :)




15:07 Jun 07 2006
Times Read: 949

Joke of the Day

Dawn: does not lie

Lie of the Day

Dawn: I dont try to influence people to fucking do anything

Two-facedness of the Day

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets: what is it i am doing for the house?

Dawn: You do a lot

Dawn: I know you induct...some good members at that

Dawn: I know that people look at you as an authority figure..which helps because they know if they have a question they can ask you

Dawn: and i know that the women see a single guy and want to impress you..so they earn more favor and play nice because of you

Behind my back however, she was scheming and telling people that I didn't do anything.

Well, how can someone judge when she spent next to no time in the house because she has to blow the cyber dicks of her messenger list?

Other's, her close friends agree there:

I brought you my Love, you brought me your Bullets: and i was telling her that i would help and i was telling her that as her partner i should come before the page but she never cared.

xxxxx: She didn't do much really

xxxxx: a person can always make a few minutes here and there to get stuff done




02:41 Jun 04 2006
Times Read: 975

It really takes a lot to make me laugh out loud when browsing through profiles but this tops everything I have seen on here before:


Im Missy, Im 19, I live in Ohio, Im bi have been since i was 9...

I am not even sure I already had pubics at the age of 9 but i certainly wasn't shaving yet. And I certainly didn't have any sexual thoughts or understood the concept of it at the age of 9.




The Difference

04:00 Jun 02 2006
Times Read: 992

At university I learnt that the difference between an academic and a non-academic is, that the academic does some research as to whether something is true or not by using reliable and validated sources combined with knowledge whereas the non-academic often assumes, due to lack of knowledge that the source is trustworthy and reliable and therefore is often mislead.

At VR it is similar. You have genuine people who are reliable and trustworthy. People who would never start shit or believe shit without doing some research into the facts.

And then you have people who are full of shit, stir shit, believe shit and know shit.

Well, shit might be something negative but shit times shit still doesn’t make it positive!

Well, I am rather an honest and truthful but disliked asshole than a dishonest shit stirrer that cowardly shoots poisoned arrows without knowing the facts to jump on the bandwagon in the hope to gain popularity.



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