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21:29 Mar 31 2006
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This was a question on the forum:

“if you had the choice to be in another place right now..where would you choose..and why?"

One reply was:


Necromancer (27)

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Re: place to be right now..

Posted: 16:40:45 - Mar 29 2006

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My bed to be honest.

Well, we cannot thank you enough for your decision to stay and enriching us with your refreshingly intelligent and constructive posts all over the forum instead ;)




Little Sheepling goes Educated

04:27 Mar 30 2006
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Once upon a time there was a Little Sheepling. This Little Sheepling wasn’t like any other Sheepling. It wouldn’t just do what all Sheeplings do, eating grass and walking in its own shite. Not this Little Sheepling because it thought it had much more potential than this and something to offer to this world. Something it should forever be remembered and respected for.

When the Little Sheepling wasn’t out on the fields it would work hard for an education. It was extremely smart and taught itself reading and writing. You could see the Little Sheepling constantly reading. Fellow Sheeplings called it Little Dorkling and made fun of it but the Little Sheepling was determined to become something in this world and get out of the shite it was in on a daily basis.

The Little Sheepling made decent progress and its language and writing skills could soon be considered as some kind of communication skills. Surely, language, grammar and spelling were poor to very poor but what other Sheepling do you actually know that can write and read?

The education of the Little Sheepling went on very well and you could soon consider it a literate Little Sheepling. It read everything there is to read and gained knowledge that has yet to be matched. But what is the point in being knowledgeable about everything if you cannot share it or pass it on?

The Little Sheepling needed to find a medium that would be willing to print its wisdom. Book publishers and TV stations would turn it down. They liked the idea of a Little Sheepling that could read and write but its skills weren’t good enough to be understood. Or was the world not ready for the Little Sheepling yet?

It didn’t take the Little Sheepling long to find out that there is an opportunity where just about anyone could contribute with next to no restrictions, the internet. All it had to do was to find a forum.

Once again it didn’t take the Little Sheepling very long and it found what it was always looking for. A forum so nice and wonderful. It was full of letters and colours and pictures. The Little Sheepling just had to be a part of it. That was the opportunity to show what it has taught itself. The opportunity to pass on its knowledge.

The Little Sheepling started to post on the forum and liked what it saw. Its words were there for eternity. It didn’t really matter that the Little Sheepling couldn't understand anything of what the others wrote and even worse, neither it nor anyone else could understand anything of what the Little Sheepling wrote. Who cares, as long as the Little Sheepling was omnipresent? It became a regular poster and enriched the world with the conciseness of its language and communication skills. Its opinion was always appreciated and had enormous contributing value. Even when you were asked something and had to explain your answer the Little Sheepling still managed to answer in one word. A skill only a Little Sheepling could achieve. Asked if you were proud to be something in particular and if so why, the Little Sheepling wrote a one worded essay. How very informative, constructive and contributing!

The harsh truth is that the Little Sheepling just didn’t have what it takes to be part of a constructive discussion. Its skills are truly amazing for a Little Sheepling but that is actually where they should stay, kept to itself and withheld from the general public.

The Little Sheepling has made its point, it has some sort of communication skills but so have bugs as well. But have you ever seen a bug having a decent conversation with a human? I thought not and if the Little Sheepling was wise it would just go back to the fields where it originated from and stick with its fellow sheeplings.




The Transformation of the Ugly Duckling

21:37 Mar 28 2006
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Once upon a time there was an Ugly Duckling. This duckling was so ugly nobody would talk to it or play with it, let alone touch it. Nobody even wanted to be seen with it. That made the Ugly Duckling very lonely.

Because it was so sad a Fairy appeared.

“Why aren’t you with the other Ducklings?” the Fairy asked.

“Because I don’t want to be a Duckling. Ducklings are ugly, they eat leftovers from humans like old bread and swim in their own shite.”

The Fairy thought that the Ugly Duckling might have a point there and decided to grant the Ugly Duckling one wish, knowing how the story is supposed to end.

“I want to be a Little Sheepling because they are cool”, the Ugly Duckling replied.

Dazzled by this reply the Fairy asked why it would want to be a Little Sheepling and the Little Sheepling replied that Sheeplings are cool, beautiful, social and individual.

The Fairy had no choice and had to grant the wish. The Ugly Duckling became a Little Sheepling however, it didn’t think of one thing. It was still ugly.

The Little Sheepling actually got aware of that quite fast. Had it remained the way it was supposed to be it would have become a totally beautiful and majestic swan. Now all it became was an oversized shitstinking hairball. What could be done to reverse the wish?

“There is nothing we can do”, the Fairy replied. “You had your wish and that is that.”

The Little Sheepling thought about what it could do to escape the ugliness it sheeplified (editors comment: I couldn’t use the word personified). After a while it had the idea to go on the internet. After all you do not have to interact with the people in person and you could tell them anything they would like to hear and show them anything they would like to see. For all you know you could be a 59 yr old gay male pretending to be a 17 yr old girl ;)

The Little Sheepling soon gathered a collection of fake pictures. Some of them only showed the cleavage to attract internet perverts. That way the Little Sheepling found some people who liked it for what it wasn’t. But did it care? No, not a bit because it got the attention it was craving for and felt loved and adored for the first time in its life.

A little while passed and a Beauty Contest took place. The Little Sheepling knew very well that it wouldn’t stand a chance or even get one honest vote. How could it get attention though? How could it avoid humiliation? The Little Sheepling thought if honesty wouldn’t get her anyway it would have to manipulate the contest. So it came up with a cunning plan and targeted two groups to vote for it.

Group 1 were people it was proactively canvassing to vote for it. The Little Sheepling sent messages out to them demanding to write its name down.

Group 2 were blind people

The Beauty Contest had a surprising outcome. Would you have guessed it but the Little Sheepling received many votes and deservedly boasted with it. Yeah, it is really great to get staged compliments and attention for fake looks LMAO Honesty really is the best policy, isn’t it?

Even though the Little Sheepling had its orgasmic experience for one day it wouldn’t change the situation in reality. Because it can’t fake its looks there that easily it still is an oversized shitstinking hairball. Unloved and not adored and it stayed like this until the end of its days.

The words of wisdom of this fairy tale are that it is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.




Little Sheepling goes Relationship Counsellor

21:28 Mar 27 2006
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Once upon a time there was a Little Sheepling. This Little Sheepling was the most decent creature you could think of. It was kind, warm-hearted, considering, loving caring and would do anything for its friends. It was loved and adored by everyone.

The Little Sheepling also was a very wise creature and always had the right advice present. Even when people didn’t address something directly to the Little Sheepling it would be kind enough to comment just to be ubiquitous.

Seeing that the Little Sheepling was such a wonderful creature it had many many admirers. There were so many of them that the Little Sheepling couldn’t possibly satisfy everyone. Or was there? There was indeed.

The Little Sheepling was clever enough to figure that if it had a serious relationship it couldn’t satisfy all the other admirers. And that wouldn’t be fair to them now would it? Because they might stop adoring her and that would be unjustified and undeserving towards the Little Sheepling. So it came up with a clever plan. Why not dating a few of them at the same time? There are so many admirers and the Little Sheepling could exchange them at any given opportunity. Yes, this sounded like a decent plan. That way the Little Sheepling became the most loved creature on the planet and made so many admirers feel special without hurting their feelings. It was considerate enough to not mention the other relationships to its respective significant others.

That way the Little Sheepling had many many serious relationships some of them even led to an engagement, and became an expert in relationship matters. It got so experienced and thought why not share its wisdom? Why should the Little Sheepling not be a relationship counsellor?

So someone asked how to make an obsessive girlfriend break up and the advice was to be perfectly honest with the girl and break up with her because honesty is the best policy. Words so significant and concise they could not have come from a better creature. A creature whose image is next to the word “honest” in every single dictionary that’s been printed. A creture that is synonymous for honesty.

Years later the memoires of the Little Sheepling were found. It came as a surprise that the best part of sex for it was masturbation. Come to think of it, maybe the Little Sheepling hasn’t known anything else at all due to a lack of opportunities. Maybe no surprise at all?

Joke of the day:

I have been told that I have no life because I spend too much time on VR. Funny, this remark came from someone that spends nearly 24 hrs a day on VR spread over two accounts. I guess I will have to triple my time on VR then so I can claim to have a life as well ;)




The Little Sheepling and the Old Wolfling

03:26 Mar 27 2006
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Once upon a time there was a Little Sheepling. This Little Sheepling was an attention whoring Little Sheepling and wanted to be loved for being the uber coolest Little Sheepling that has ever roamed the stinking fields of sheeplingshite.

The Little Sheepling had a very big mouth and tried to manipulate and scheme everyone and everything. Some were stupid enough didn’t mind to be manipulated. But there was a fraction that was smart. Those were the ones that didn’t fall for the disgraceful personality of the Little Sheepling. They didn’t bow an inch or whatever measurements there are in the world of Sheeplings.

The Little Sheepling fought hard to make them its puppets but all attempts remained unsuccessful. The fraction decided to remain decent, smart and admirable.

The Little Sheepling became a big mouth. How dare they not see its wonderfulness? Its worshipfulness?

The Little Sheepling started to threaten and intimidate. But they were so hilarious that within hours it had been laughed at all over Europe, America and Australia.

The Little Sheepling got frustrated. Never ever in its life did it face resistance? But what could it do? The fraction became too strong. The Little Sheepling had been trying to fight too many battles on too many different fronts. It followed the war leading strategy of a certain Adolf H. but seemed to forget that he too tried to fight one battle too many, which eventually lead to his slow downfall and suicide. The Little Sheepling also had to face mental capabilities that were beyond its imagination and her own.

In another attempt the Little Sheepling ran to an Old Wolfling for help. Does that mean the Little Sheepling actually is a Wolfling in Sheepling’s clothing? It cried it’s little eyes out “Oh my dear Old Wolfling please help me and continue my battle on my behalf? I have been threatening and intimidating the fraction as good as I could even though I knew it only was the usual shite that comes from me. But they are way too smart. They have easily seen through me. They know that I am the epitome of nothingness. Please please help me, back me up on my threats and maybe they will believe us. You are old and wise and I am young and dumb as ape shite. Maybe they will be scared of you. You are a Wolfling after all and I am only a Little Sheepling that walks in her own shite all day.”

But the Old Wolfling was not wise. Old it was but also the proof that age does not equal wisdom.

So the Old Wolfling had no clue what it actually was on about but was trying to show its teeth and howled. However, air full of the scent of fart has a better quality. The Old Wolfling gave the exact same shite from it and managed to get itself on the “being laughed at list” in wide regions of Europe, America and Australia just like the Little Sheepling.

Whereas the Little Sheepling was actually funny the Old Wolfling became pathetic and honestly it is starting to get old.

Well, had the Little Sheepling eaten the grass as it is supposed to instead of smoking it, it probably wouldn’t have reality issues.

And the Old Wolfling probably had a few too many Sheeplings in its life.

Questions to ponder about:

1) If a Sheepling wanted to sue a Tiger, what would the judge be?

2) If a Zebra (= Africa) wanted to sue a Jaguar (South America) where would the trial be?

3) If something takes place in dimension 4 can you be sued for it in any of the dimensions 1, 2 or 3?

4) Can you have a job and work from home, a Home Office so to say?




Little Sheepling goes Comedian

21:32 Mar 25 2006
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Once upon a time there was a Little Sheepling. This Little Sheepling created a fake image about itself. It would not interact with creatures in real for it would have to reveal its true identity. So the Little Sheepling learned how to misuse the internet as perfect medium. It faked its looks and personality and made people believe what an amazing Little Sheepling it was.

It didn’t take long and the Little Sheepling got too full of itself. It thought that the world evolved around it and it was the centre of the universe.

The Little Sheepling left its traces of shite everywhere it went because she wanted to see itself, hear itself, read about itself and wanted to be adored by everyone. Attention is what it wanted and its followers needed to tell it every time what a truly amazing Little Sheepling it was.

Being the centre of the universe, the Little Sheepling thought that everything that has ever been written is about her. It just cannot be otherwise. The media might have reported that the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl but the truth is The Little Sheepling won it all by itself. Tim Duncan was the MVP of last years Finals against the Pistons? What a load of bullshit, it was The Little Sheepling.

Displeased with it the Little Sheepling decided to randomly sue. Why? Because this nonsense and undervaluing had to stop.

Someone wrote something about an ex. Of course it must be the Little Sheepling this someone is writing about. Of course this someone only has ever had one ex in his life and seeing that every single written piece of work must be about the Little Sheepling it had to exclude this someone’s approximately 30 other ex’s.

Someone else is writing about someone referring to as “she”. Of course the Little Sheepling thought that the world is about it so it must be about the Little Sheepling and decided to sue as well.

The funny part is that this all takes place online and affects 3 parties in 3 different countries ROTFLMAO Is this going to be like in the UEFA Cup where you play two legs and the winner is who scored more goals on aggregate? lol

Solicitors everywhere are applying to represent the defendants for free because it is the most certain win in history. The final ruling in this case is being speculated to come from Judge Judy.

Whom is the Little Sheepling going to sue next? The author of Sleeping Beauty? I am sure it can see itself as Sleeping Beauty and since the prince kissed her while she was asleep it’s technically attempted rape (you cannot consent to any sexual activity while you are asleep => rape).

The makers of Wheatus’ song “Teenage Dirtbag” will face court action too. Surely the Little Sheepling must assume they are singing about it.

Suddenly many people realized how much the Little Sheepling has lost it. The Little Sheepling became the laughing stock on most online messenger lists within hours.

The fairy tale has no ending yet but it is a fact that no law has yet been broken against the Little Sheepling. On the other hand there exists a large amount of evidence against it that will be enough for several successful trials. Like an avalanche it would roll all over it and force it to gain working skills so it earns money to compensate several parties.

The moral of the fairy tale is that if you are a Little Sheepling stay among your fellow sheeplets and do the only things you are supposed to do, eat grass and walk in your own shite.

I would also like to use this opportunity to shout out a big thanks to Becky, an ex of mine who modestly never assumed and consequently never took any offence by any of my writings ;) You’re a canny lass ;)




21:12 Mar 25 2006
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Impressively interesting and informative responding to a forum thread:


Marplot (4)

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New York People

Posted: 20:07:36 - Mar 24 2006

Times viewed: 13

So how do you all like NewYork??? What is your favorite part?


Necromancer (27)

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Re: New York People

Posted: 09:45:14 - Mar 25 2006

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As I've never been there I wouldn't know

Can anyone give me a valid reason why someone would reply to that thread if s/he has never been to Big Apple?




How to fake the truth

21:24 Mar 23 2006
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On my daily browsing through the journals I came across the following entry that I deem to be incomplete:

18:04:07 - Mar 22 2006

Times Read: 13


Rating: 1

Comment: Yes, I realize I'm not at the right level to be in the house. The house simply deemed my intelligence and personality at a high enough level to be an honorary member until I reach proper level. Having said that, thank god for YOUR level, eh? Just think what would happen if they were basing induction solely on brains and personality!! Let me know when you update your attitude and I'll rerate. Have a nice day:-)

Date: 18:48:22 - Mar 22 2006

You know the website is getting bad when the whelps rebel.

The complete version should read like that:

18:04:07 - Mar 22 2006

Times Read: 2

I was rating new members and welcomed the profile of the whelp AndyPlatypus unprovoked as follows:


Rating: 1

Comment: Your not even at the right level to be in a house.

AndyPlatypus returned the rating and commented my profile as follows:


Rating: 1

Comment: Yes, I realize I'm not at the right level to be in the house. The house simply deemed my intelligence and personality at a high enough level to be an honorary member until I reach proper level. Having said that, thank god for YOUR level, eh? Just think what would happen if they were basing induction solely on brains and personality!! Let me know when you update your attitude and I'll rerate. Have a nice day:-)

Date: 18:48:22 - Mar 22 2006

How dare a whelp talk to me, a necromancer?

So I went back to AndyPlatypus’ profile and left the following comment:


Rating: 1

Comment: I don't even have the time for you.

Date: 18: 58: 37 – Mar 22 2006

End of how the entry should have read!

What a difference that makes, eh? The original incomplete version with withheld information makes xtroublex out to be the victim and AndyPlatypus the culprit. The amended complete version with all the facts however shows the truth, an unjustified provocation by xtroublex.




The Little Sheepling

21:27 Mar 22 2006
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Once upon a time there was a little girl. This little girl lived somewhere in the southwest of a country on an island. A place that was without a single decent being. The little girl has never been able to leave this place and therefore didn’t know what decency is. She grew up with people like herself who can be considered as family. The family showed her love by beating her up whenever it suited them. It didn’t leave any permanent damage though. If it left any at all then they were more of an enjoyable nature to her. The little girl became older and very soon developed the pleasures of physical interaction. Due to a lack of anything but family the little girl had no other options than having incestuous relationships. Those relationships can have serious consequences as the little girl realized very soon. She mutated and became a shitstinking hairball. A little Sheepling.

The southwest is a very rural region. Bored shiteless because there was nothing to do The Little Sheepling developed a new skill. Eating grass all day and leaving traces of shite everywhere she went.

After stirring shit all over the region it was time to develop another skill, communication. Filled with pride it was the birth of revolutionary words such as “meep” and “huggles”. Those words were soon followed by posh and sophisticated words such as “fucking”, “Prick”, “Bastard”, “Wanker” etc. etc. She became so good at it that a nearly 400 words rant entailed over 50 swear words.

It didn’t take long and a new development took place. A very logical one. If you have a lot of words of wisdom to say you need to document them. So The Little Sheepling learnt how to write. The world held its breath. The spelling was ground breaking, unknown to the civilized word. Scientists are still trying to decipher and to learn this new language.

All these developments took its toll though. Soon the pea-sized brain of The Little Sheepling got exhausted of its mental capacity and The Little Sheepling had to be put on medication. She was absolutely losing it. Unfortunately The Little Sheepling got addicted to drugs and sold her body to afford her addiction. She fell deeper and deeper into it and sadly lost all sense for reality whatever that means for her. She began to live in her own little world where only she was cool and important and everyone else could rot in hell.

Time passed and it got quiet around The Little Sheepling. Then she was spotted doing what she is famed for:

Image hosting by Photobucket

And that is how the fairy tale ends :D




Once upon a time…..

21:32 Mar 21 2006
Times Read: 906

…..there was a little girl who was a whiney and a cry baby. She would whinge all day if something displeased her to get attention and the image of a constant victim.

Someone once dared to have the same journal entry as her usual stolen, copied and pasted vampyre facts. Like a little girl she went to an executive and cried her eyes out. “Someone stole my thoughts and is selling them as his.” The entry had to be removed.

Shortly after that a post on the forum appeared that was similar to one of the stolen, copied and pasted vampyre facts in her journal. What happened? You guessed right, the little girl went to an executive and cried her eyes out again. “Someone stole my thoughts and is posting them as if they were his.” The post got deleted.

Of course, if you put something in your journal that isn’t yours then you should have the courtesy to give credits to the owner of the thoughts. In my opinion that applies as well if you use excerpts (it’s with a fucking “p” you fucking dyslexic dip shit because excerts do not fucking exist!) for whatever reasons.

After a while the little girl realized that her journal had no use other than helping all the insomniacs in this world to find well needed sleep. So she went to another journal and copied and pasted an old entry into hers without giving the creative author the credit of mentioning. Well, wasn’t that exactly what she was crying about in the beginning?

She can’t be blamed and the author feels flattered that his creative writing is being used to give her journal more style, quality and higher standard. He never proactively advertises his journal but has twice as much publicity now. She can’t be blamed for envying him and trying to decorate herself with admirable writing.

Doesn’t change the fact though, this is theft called plagiarism. But of course she is above standards and is allowed to do what others aren’t allowed to do to her.

Do not be surprised if you will learn very soon that this little girl has originally written the bible because I am sure she will claim it as hers as well. Just give her a bit of time.

Smart as this little girl is she actually stole an entry that clearly shows a déjà-vu, excuse my bad spelling, a déjà-vous. Reflecting both cases she clearly was the culprit and was trying to play the innocent victim. A confession so to speak as she hasn’t changed.

Why do I suddenly have to think of a stinking sack full of shit?




Forum Fun

21:22 Mar 20 2006
Times Read: 922

Some of the conversations you find on the forum just crack me up. I am still rolling on the floor laughing my arse off.


Necromancer (27)

Posts: 3728

Re: Theory about Jesus

Posted: 19:03:16 - Mar 17 2006

Times viewed: 87

Give me solid proof he existed and sure, I'll believe it.


Savant (23)

Posts: 626

Re: Theory about Jesus

Posted: 19:18:58 - Mar 17 2006

Times viewed: 85

What would you like as proof?An autogragh picture? :)




Gimme Lurve

21:17 Mar 20 2006
Times Read: 924

Don’t you just hate it when people keep whining and whining? Well fair enough, to a certain extent I do that too but I don’t do it in public to draw some fading attention back to me.

The world can be a shitty place, deal with it. People can be assholes, deal with it. But to whine about both to get people say to you “please don’t do something you will regret later on. We all love you and you are a great person fun to be with and exciting to talk to. We don’t want you to leave. We want you to stay. You are super cool. You are the epitome of super coolness actually. And this place is nothing without you.”

Yes, you have guessed correctly, my ex is considering leaving here once again. Even in the two-ish months I was dating her, this subject was on the daily menu. Did she ever do it? No! Is she going to? No! This community is her air to breath, a place where she can be accepted for something she is not. She wants to become Sire so bad so she will still stick around for longer and supply us with pointless comments, post and entries.

It is just another attempt to get attention. Another attempt to get people talk her into staying so she can see who worships her for being someone she is not. Another attempt to be the centre of attention and if it’s only for a night. It’s nothing more than her usual empty words. She knows where the delete profile button is if she wanted to leave since she is not inexperienced in deleting profiles. Why not leave silently?

So peeps, don’t hold your breath just yet because this pointless existence isn’t going anywhere ;)





14:14 Mar 18 2006
Times Read: 939

this game still manages to make me smile or laugh lol



you got that right, blue dude ;)





21:30 Mar 17 2006
Times Read: 947

There was an interesting question going on here as to what would happen if time stopped. Not even scientists have an answer to that, only theories. This aside, some people reckoned the world might end. To prove them wrong the most intelligent person on this planet – my ex *coughs* - asked a patronizing counter-question to make fun of them namely, so does the world end when your watch runs out of battery and stops?

I would like to ask another question. Do you cease to exist when you are brain dead? Yes, but I know of one exception at least.




Smart Stamp

21:30 Mar 14 2006
Times Read: 976

I found this interesting stamp on the profile of several new members:

Feel rated

If you have any problems feel free to message me.

Please feel free to add me as a friend or if you want, stalk me.


I wonder how many of the whelps will actually be able to stalk her ;)

Would be an interesting question for an acolyte: "I am a whelp so why can't i stalk?"




Only half the Truth

21:41 Mar 13 2006
Times Read: 991

On my daily browsing through the forum I found the following question:

“If you could be a superhero what would your powers be, your costume be and what would be your superhero name?”

One answer I found was:


Iconoclast (26)

Posts: 3566

Re: Superhero

Posted: 15:47:38 - Mar 12 2006

Times viewed: 42

I'd probably be a Villan instead of a super hero. My name really says it all.

Seeing that a villan does not exist, a villain does though I think the name only says it partly. My recommendation would be xdyslexicxtroublex or xcantxspellxforxshitextroublex.

And the power would be pointless comments that make people fall asleep whilst reading.




Déjà-vu (or was it déjà-vous?)

21:35 Mar 08 2006
Times Read: 1,034

Well, so this is how far it has come with the sad little girl? First she recruited an army of puppets to insult me and bomb me and circulated lies about me on VR, MSN etc. What was the success? None at all. More and more people abandoned her and she has made herself more enemies than anyone could handle. Yet she declares war on several of my friends. They however don’t bow and give her the right answer. Things are getting too much for her when she finally realizes that the amount of people who can’t stand her is so much higher than she could have ever imagined. What does she do? In her latest attempt she uses the multiple mother account to send further intimidating messages to my friends.

The girl is getting weak. The girl is about to break. The girl is defeated.

In January she reminded me of a certain person in history, the Adolf H. of 1933, manipulating and scheming. Two months later she still reminds me of the same person in history, the Adolf H. of 1945, weak, sick, defeated, betrayed and abandoned.

History is repeating itself!!!!! Will the remaining similarities occur as well?

My Film Tip of the day goes about another person in history:

Hallmark Channel, 2am, Ford: The Man and the Machine.





21:31 Mar 07 2006
Times Read: 1,064

Am I turning into a weirdo magnet? lol Again only two minutes after this member joined i received the following message:

On 07:59:14 Mar 07 2006 hotbabexxx wrote

hey babe hot sex jus giv me a call

I was happy to tell her my thanks for the offer but I’m fortunate enough to have the real deal. By the way, the number that went with it was 07896 422 145





21:26 Mar 07 2006
Times Read: 1,065

Another anecdote in the life of xtroublex:

Gothpunkstarfighter12, the probably coolest dude on this site was only reading the journal of xtroublex. After he finished reading he went to check his profile ratings and this is what he found:


Rating: 1

Comment: This isn't anything to do with you, it's between myself and lordvampirio, so do yourself a favour and don't get involved.

Date: 16:39:53 - Mar 06 2006

well, correct would have been ….. “it’s between myself, my puppets and lordvampirio”….. but anyway.

A few hours later this entry turned up in xtroublex’s journal. Please don’t pay too much attention to spelling and grammar:


18:44:08 - Mar 06 2006

Times Read: 8

What the hell is this to do with you dude!?

Answer? Nothing!

Just another lemming/puppet of the master.

Your as bad as her! Well, welcome to the club, because now you to, have an involvment.

And I'll do to you what they are doing to me.

Have a happy f****** day

In the entire process Gothpunkstarfighter12 did absolutely nothing.

GPSF12 had to endure the same lies of a certain girl formerly known as vampyric666 like many others. That is how he got involved in the first place because his judgement is based upon that experience ;)

Well don’t we all agree what a wonderful person xtroublex is? And I wonder why nobody on VR likes her.

Oh, and by the way, last time I checked I was still male lol




Diagnosis Murder

21:19 Mar 07 2006
Times Read: 1,067

So I guess and I’m seriously only guessing here that I have been diagnosed from a medical expert, my ex. Such an expert that her patients died as soon as she got in touch with them lol (Senior members will remember that particular forum thread). An expert who according to her boss is the most useless employee he has ever had lol A medical expert that can’t spell for shite. Guess I wont need a second opinion then lol

I do wonder though what affective treatment is. Is it treatment where you get lots of affection as in huggles and meeps? lol

I also do not understand what obessions, counseling and repetative behaviour is. But I guess a medical expert would know. Oh wait, these words actually came from a self-proclaimed medical expert.

I guess my English is just not adequate enough :( I wish I had learned the English that the charvers of today use. Then I might be able to understand. Until then I have to live with the fact that my spelling is superior.




Love and Long Distance Relationship

21:13 Mar 07 2006
Times Read: 1,069

Asked about love and how a long distance relationship can affect it my ex responded that it depends on the 2 people involved and the commitments they are willing to make, and she says this with experience. And awful spelling by the way lol

This time I have to agree with her because she is the expert in that field. She has more long distance relationships going than normal people have meals. She sort of has to because the potential short distance victims wouldn’t want her lol

And the commitment has always been one-sided in her relationships and the effort definitely never came from her side unless it could stay within the sort of family ;)




No No No

21:43 Mar 06 2006
Times Read: 1,092

Sometimes I wonder how certain new members find me lol Two minutes after she joined the site she messaged me and had the following conversation:

On 18:35:54 Mar 06 2006 adamsbaby wrote:

what r u up to today? Anything interesting? I'm only in Computer class! Yea! What r u going to do later on today? I think I'm going to go home and to bed!

On 18:40:34 Mar 06 2006 lordvampirio wrote:

nah, im not up to anything interesting

On 19:01:17 Mar 06 2006 adamsbaby wrote:

well then. I'm really not either. Do you ever call people you meet on here? I only have like 5 mins til the bell rings so here's my number! Give it a shot. *67-276-677-0034. Amanda

ROTFLMAO nice try but this is NOT going to happen lol





21:41 Mar 06 2006
Times Read: 1,094

Well, it's got a bit busy today so I didn’t have the time to come up with something original. That is why I need to do a copy paste today.

When asked what to choose between vampyre and werewolf and why my ex responded Vampirism because werewolves are to hairy.

Besides the fact that I haven’t heard of the verb “to hairy” yet I had the following conversation:

On 16:09:45 Mar 06 2006 Zakash wrote:

OMFG. She is too hilarious . Lol

On 16:13:49 Mar 06 2006 lordvampirio wrote:

says the women with hairy armpits lol

On 16:16:21 Mar 06 2006 Zakash wrote:


By the way, Zakash didn’t want to have her name x’ed!





22:37 Mar 05 2006
Times Read: 1,111

Now this is a rant of a different kind for a change. I am getting sick of people whining about this site and messaging me about it. My inbox is full enough I do not need this shite.

I have been long enough on this site and I know to a certain extend how it works. I will help everyone to find his way around this site but if you ask for my advice then fucking follow it and do not come back whingeing when you did otherwise and it backfired. You will not receive sympathy from me you will receive the “I told you so” like you deserve.

This site is not a democracy so fucking deal with it. The Prince makes the rules and the Master Vampyres make sure that no one is breaking them. It is as simple as that.

If you follow these rules then it’s a brilliant website and a joy to spend your time on.

If you do not like the rules then I suggest you delete your profile instead of whingeing. Nobody forces you to be on this site.

So yeah, I had to get that off my chest and hope that I wont have as many time wasters in my inbox anymore. I have enough stuff to deal with.




My first English Lesson

21:32 Mar 05 2006
Times Read: 1,114

In recent days I have been receiving criticism for my punctuation and grammar skills of the English language. That's probably justified even though it is not my mother tongue. So I decided to take a lesson from the main critic and master herself:


11:21:44 - Mar 05 2006

Where you been? Missed you :(

Feel English of my is become now gooder as before :)





21:30 Mar 05 2006
Times Read: 1,115

While going through profiles to rate I came across the new stamp of my ex:

Feel rated

If you have any problems feel free to message me.

I'm here as a friend is you wish to add me to your friends list.

Shouldn’t the last sentence actually read “I’m here as the most manipulating lying and scheming attention whore and want to keep my image in the top 3 list of members on most friend lists. Add me or myself and my puppets will bomb your profile and send you bitchy messages. If you add me though do not expect me to give a shite about you coz I am the only person that matters in this whole wide universe and you can rot in hell.”





21:46 Mar 04 2006
Times Read: 1,129

Yesterday I mentioned that in my ex’s accusations about me or the lovely Bloodrose a.k.a. Blood Bitch lol you can actually find a description of my ex herself. She called me a manipulative bastard, yet I keep saying that I am not. My friends already know this. But here is an example of what I mean:

In her latest stunt she asked a member to send a message about me to randomly chosen females (read from bottom to top):

On 10:00:29 Mar 04 2006 Bloodedroses wrote:

when you have a online relationship but no intention to make it

real,are you taken?

when you make someone love you wich gives you the attention you always

wanted but you dont love back are you taken? i guess it depends on the

indivuidual. how to define taken.

On 09:49:57 Mar 04 2006 xxxxx wrote:

I dont belive you.

On 09:48:45 Mar 04 2006 BloodedRoses wrote:

because he is a player..... and trouble told me so.

On 09:47:44 Mar 04 2006 xxxxx wrote:

Why do you say that?

On 09:41:48 Mar 04 2006 BloodedRoses wrote:

he dosent want you..........

How do I know that they were talking about me? BloodedRoses messaged me as well (read from bottom to top):

On 11:39:05 Mar 04 2006 lordvampirio wrote

wise move lol

On 11:36:14 Mar 04 2006 BloodedRoses wrote:

From now on I stay out. Sorry man.

Truly I am.

On 11:33:14 Mar 04 2006 lordvampirio wrote:

you guys on VR have 3 options. either to read my journal and believe me

or to get involved which drags you down to her level or just to stay

out of it altogether.

On 11:29:36 Mar 04 2006 BloodedRoses wrote:

I will be telling that bitch what I think of her little games. Dude,

I am so sorry. I was an idiot.

On 11:12:16 Mar 04 2006 lordvampirio wrote:

you could have asked xtroublex why she wants you to pass it on or get

the confirmation from the other person that they really are friends.

i see that you have read my journal and should know how manupulating

she is and how she uses her puppets for the cowardly work she isnt man

enough for.

On 11:08:17 Mar 04 2006 BloodedRoses wrote:


It seems that xxxxx recieved a message from me, which was later

passed on to you. Now in all truth, i know nothing of this message. I

was aproached by trouble, and asked to send a message to a freiend of

hers. Now admitedly, i thought this was odd, as we had only spoke like

once before. So anyway, I cut and paste it, without even reading it

or knowing what is going on. If i had known, rest assured it

wouldnever have been sent. I am very sorry for all of this and can only hope

that you forgive and that things sort out.

So, who is manipulating now? The manipulating bastard lordvampirio or the sweet innocent little angel xtroublex?

The sad thing is that BloodedRoses received so many angry messages from the girls that he saw himself forced to delete his profile.

The funny thing is that most girls he messaged have never been chatting with me. Another well thought through manipulating and scheming plan of my ex lol

A player, eh? Well I have been called much worse but I take it as a compliment from my ex because it takes one to know one. She was seeing her stepfather and someone else while dating me. She was still with her ex ex ex when dating her ex ex and so on. Which proves again that her accusations about me actually are a reflection of herself. She is aware of her bad personality yet is not able to admit it to herself that it is herself and tries to project it on someone else. This is a fascinating psychological phenomenon called Psychopath (Sociopath, Anti-social Personality Disorder).

I got the following from http://www.geoffmetcalf.com/psychopath.html:

Characteristics of Psychopath

(Sociopath, Anti-social Personality Disorder)

This is a fascinating clinical list. I leave it to you to apply these elements to any politician or talk show host you choose.

1. Glibness/superficial charm.

2. Grandiose sense of self-worth.

3. Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom

4. Pathological lying

5. Conning/manipulative

6. Lack of remorse or guilt

7. Shallow affect

8. Callous/lack of empathy

9. Parasitic lifestyle

10. Poor behavioral controls

11. Promiscuous sexual behavior

12. Early behavior problems

13. Lack of realistic, long-term plans

14. Impulsivity

15. Irresponsibility

16. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

17. Many short-term marital relationships

18. Juvenile delinquency

19. Revocation of conditional release

20. Criminal versatility (Hare, 1986)

(Narcissism also a characteristic)

"It must be remembered that even the most severely and obviously disabled psychopath presents a technical appearance of sanity, often with high intellectual capacities and not infrequently succeeds in business or professional activities for short periods, some for considerable periods .Although they occasionally appear on casual inspection as successful members of the community, as able lawyers, executive or physicians, they do not, it seems, succeed in the sense of finding satisfaction of fulfillment in their own accomplishments. Nor do they, when the full story is known, appear to find this in an ordinary activity."

--H.Cleckley, "The Mask of Sanity"

"Psychiatrists are often helplessly manipulated by the psychopath; just as are the psychopaths other victims."

--Dr. Ken Magid, "High Risk, Children Without a Conscience."

Anyone who ever had to deal with my ex will doubtlessly recognize her in this description.

I know one more thing for sure now though. She is still in love with me and doesn’t want anyone else to have me. I am really flattered and feel very special right now however, I have moved on and my heart beats for someone else now. My ex can continue her quest to find out who it is but maybe she isn’t even on VR. Or is she? Could be. But doesn’t have to be. Good luck!




French Lesson #3

21:44 Mar 03 2006
Times Read: 1,164

The French lessons are back by popular demand. The words for today are:

plein = full

de = of

merde = shite

My ex manages to produce more shite any sewer system could deal with in a few lines yet she overestimates herself again and writes quite a few lines this time. This should lead to a break down of all sewer systems in the United Kingdom.

I find it quite funny how she always goes on about my punctuation and grammar even though I explained that in an earlier entry. I do not actually care even if I had the 2nd worst English in the world because mine will always be better than hers. And that is for vocabulary, punctuation and grammar. Most people think I am British and I am not even native to that language so what might her excuse be? Yet she needed me to word her messages to administrators because she was well aware that hers is not sufficient enough.

But seeing that English is not my first language lets compare my not native English with her not native French. Here is an example of her skills:

“Pourquoi ne peuvent pas les choses être exactes pour une fois, ne peut pas des choses navigue sans à-coup, pourquoi la mer agitée que toute l'heure, je t'aime, l'acceptent, ne discute pas avec lui, cesse de m'aider de sélectionner des combats. Svp, laisse juste obtenir le long.”

In my entire life I haven’t made as many mistakes in English as she has in these few French lines ROTFLMAO maybe that’s some sort of original Devon-ish im not aware of and mistakenly took it for French?

I never said that I don’t care about her. I still do. But she has to live with the fact that I care more about the bugs I squash. Sorry if I hurt her feelings but she isn’t my #1. She dropped a little on my care-scale.

And yeah, she is the general entertainment and inspiration for many on this site. That in fact is something I care about and wouldn’t want it to stop.

Surely words don’t hurt. That is not my intention anyway but why did she whinge at everyone when I revealed what she is up to with her stepfather? Surely not because she was hurt by it, right? After all they were only words and they don’t hurt.

Yeah, of course my words don’t hurt because I am telling lies? Does she actually believe that her lies are the truth? Bloody hell her brain tumour has quite developed! Now I feel pity for the poor girl. Then again, what would there be for the tumour to grow on? Hardly anything grows in a wasteland.

Her true friends know her? Well yeah, lets make a shortlist.

Me (as a former friend): I know her and my opinion is well known

Stepfather: I rest my case

Mother: threw her out and didn’t let her come back for days

Siblings: Beat her up whenever possible and weren’t there for her when she became homeless.

True friends in Devon: Each of them either refused to let her stay or passed her on after one night when she was homeless. She must have felt so loved!

Radu (to a certain extend and former friend): detached from her

Bloodrose (to a certain extend and former friend): detached from her

And a few more who I provided with our messages and conversations when we were dating or they wouldn’t have believed me back then what she is really like. I cant name them though or my and her puppets (who according to her can all rot in hell) would strike again with bitchy messages and profile bombings.

As for my “Debt-Collectors”, they work independently from me and do not report into me whatsoever. Whatever they do and whenever they do it is beyond my knowledge. I do hope so that it is still going to take some time because I am enjoying the situation as it is now too much and so do others :D

And I find it cute when she says that she and her underaged charver buddies are waiting for them. So childlishly naïve ROTFLMAO they would have these diaper-shites for breakfast hahaha

I am not scared to get it myself but I have a life unlike her and I am actually working on something wonderful to happen and that is taking up my main focus at the moment.

I hope that again my ex won’t be too disappointed to learn that she is not the centre of my life.

And her cheap shots at Bloodrose are too cute lol by the way Bloodrose is another “foreigner” to the English language yet has reached a level that is unreachably high for my ex.

My ex cannot actually lower herself to our level because when you are at the bottom like she is everyone else is above her. But we have no worries because not in a million years will she reach our level. Some goals are just too high to reach.

I do not give her a bit on the side. That is actually my ex’s way of returning favours (stepdad = pocket money, cyber buddies = bitching on her behalf). That is too far below our level.

It is quite funny, if you take a closer look at my ex’s statements about people you will actually find descriptions of herself in it.

The rest is not really worth responding to coz no matter how often I say that none of my friends suck up to me my ex wont believe me. Like I really need to tell people what they should think of her lol I am glad my friends can make up their own mind without manipulation and that is why I love them. They are honest in all their words and actions and have personalities to match!

Some random thought at the end, if all members on here can rot in hell as my ex put it what is she doing on here then? Wouldn’t any normal person spend their time with people they care about? Sorry, I take that back because she would have to spend all her time with herself then.

The people on here are good enough for adding her to their friend lists or to give her the attention she is desperately graving for yet they can rot in hell? Very true coz its all about her. She gives a fuck about anyone else as long as they serve for her purpose.

And now a little thing about British history. During World War II certain parts of the UK had a lack of men yet the civilization was reproducing. That means that in certain areas a significant amount of people can claim to have the same great-grand father, grandfather or even father. You can imagine what that means for the respective offspring when you virtually maid with your “brother” or “sister”.

Everyone can guess now where in the UK this primarily took place.




13:33 Mar 03 2006
Times Read: 1,173

Excerpt from xtroublex's journal:

"I don't give a shit what people on here think, they can rot in hell"

and her puppets look up to her? I told them long ago that she would give a shit about them. Now they know it from her as well ;)




Oh Dear

03:24 Mar 02 2006
Times Read: 1,202

I do realize that there are talented people and less talented people. Not everyone is gifted with a highly efficient brain. there have to be smart people and less smart people.

But how can someone put so much shite in so few lines like my ex manages to do?

She still claims she is a hobby of mine even though I explained it in my last entry that this is just not possible. She still doesn't understand. Maybe I should write my next entry in French because she seems to excel much more in this language as proven on several occasions.

The definition again:


noun [C]

an activity which someone does for pleasure when they are not working:

I stated that I did her once and it was no pleasure. Proof that she is no hobby. Quod erat demonstrandum. Oh, that is no French by the way, it is actually Latin. Sorry that I have to brag again, some can’t even speak one language and others can speak so many. Not fair, eh?

Also, she proved once again how well she could count. Recently she failed to count up to three and five but dared to count up to 67 this time, claiming that all my entries are about her? Well let’s see:


12:25:37 - Nov 29 2005

Times Read: 64


I'm quite surprised with how this one has turned out so far because being lovable is a much stronger term than being lovely:

Is LordVampirio Lovable ?

Started by: NeverUsedAgain

Oct 24 2005

Yes 36.49%

No 6.49%

Who 57.02%

Total Votes: 570

at this point i would like to thank everyone who has voted and for all the others, keep it coming ;)

How is this entry about her?

Lord Vampirio for President?

04:16:25 - Dec 02 2005

Times Read: 156


well, recently i have been dragged into some political discussions so we figured what would it be like if i ran for us president? i personally thought that i wouldnt get many votes coz after all im not even american. but if an austrian who cant even speak english can run california.....

the result was very surprising:


Started by: gothpunkstarfighter12

Nov 28 2005

I'd vote yes 43.43%

I'd vote no 9.16%

I'd rather vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger 10.36%

I don't vote 37.05%

Total Votes: 251

well, maybe i have just found a new career path ;)

And how is this one about her?

02:54:15 - Feb 09 2006

Times Read: 313


Hangman can be so much fun sometimes. look what i got out of it:



I can’t see an association with her in this entry either.

Those are only three (for our counting experts: three follows two and two follows one) randomly picked examples. There are more in my journal.

It is a bit arrogant to claim that even those entries are about her. I have to disappoint her but as highly as she thinks of herself she is not particularly the centre of the universe.

Some people are just too full of themselves. My guess would be full of shite in that particular example ;) that would actually explain her odour.

Can she explain the numbers?

Thought not!





13:01 Mar 01 2006
Times Read: 1,223


noun [C]

an activity which someone does for pleasure when they are not working:

I found that definition in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, the big book where my ex would find 99% of words she has never heard of.

According to her she is an activity which I do for pleasure when I am not working. Well, I have done her once and it was certainly no pleasure. And for the rest she turned out to be a no show if I remember that correctly.

I just think she is overestimating herself and lives in her own little dream world again. She is flattering herself a bit too much. I guess the attention of all the 14 yr olds she is usually getting is finally taking its toll.

She might be her sort of related family’s hobby and cyber hobby of her online puppets but that is as much as she can be considered a hobby.

So it seems unlikely that her latest statement (she is my hobby) was aimed at me.

Attention is what she is craving for yet she complains when she gets it. And she wonders why most people dislike her? I don’t!



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