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19:36 Mar 29 2007
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Unfortunately the intellectual level of some people on here is still below zero. Falling victim to lies and rumours he is quick to judge, yet he has failed ever to exchange words with me.

How easy it is for women to manipulate boys whose life only takes place online. Offer them a cyber sex blowjob and they will believe your every word ;)

I shall not waste more time on this because I actually have a life and need not worry about online affairs. But I have to admit that it makes me feel superior when I encounter people who aren’t as fortunate as me in this department :)

And after a hard days work I would rather interact with stimulating people. In a positively intellectual way that is.

My words of wisdom for the day:

Never argue with an idiot. First they drag you down to their level and then they beat you by experience!!!!!




19:37 Mar 28 2007
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And here is today's linguistic masterpiece from my "favourite" colleague at work:

"This is definitely a surname ..... I think, I'm not sure"

Well, if it's definitely a surname then you dont think, you know. And you are sure!

Let's see: She is definitely dumb as shite ..... I know, I'm sure.

That's more like it ;)




22:16 Mar 23 2007
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Awwww aren't there just some really lovable lassies on here?

On 23:04:44 Mar 23 2007 lordvampirio wrote:

good for you sweety.

I will have to block you though because one of my principles is not to fight with the intellectually challenged. That would just not be a fair fight

On 23:01:21 Mar 23 2007 XXX wrote:

fuck you iam in a fighting mood right now so i dont worru about spelling

On 22:59:09 Mar 23 2007 lordvampirio wrote:

would you mind learning how to spell properly?

or do they not learn that in a trailer park?

On 22:56:21 Mar 23 2007 XXX wrote:

fuck u ill like to see if the guys who say they r lords r but if ur a whelp like the rest chiken

On 22:54:24 Mar 23 2007 lordvampirio wrote:

are you really that dumb or are you just pretending to be dumb?

On 22:49:43 Mar 23 2007 XXX wrote:

r u u a true lord or just a wannabe

u would me able to control a vampiress

*kicks u to the ground *

or u just a lord wannabe




17:36 Mar 17 2007
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It is amazing how much shite someone can talk and not even be aware of it.

There is this girl at work, 21 from Norway. I’m surprised she is like this because I never had anything negative to say about any Scandinavian. Well, except for the Swedish hockey team when they play Finland lol

Well, she has an opinion about everything and is not shy to share it with us – or as I call it to make a complete fool of herself.

Her latest masterpiece was “I so love the Australian accent, it’s a mixture of American and Northern Irish”.

First off, living in the UK for only a year I doubt she can tell the difference between Northern Irish, Irish and Scottish.

Secondly, the English sent their convicts to Australia some 200 years ago where Australia became some sort of colony. When settlement followed, English from the London area were the first to come. The accent then spoken in Australia was Cockney, which is a London accent. And London back then was in England just as it is to this day. Not in Northern Ireland and not in the USA. That means the Australian accent derives from a Cockney that has not developed as fast as the London Cockney. Another group that followed were the Irish, southern Irish that is to be precise. Hence the Australian accent is an old Cockney with traces of Irish.

And now somebody please tell me how this could sound remotely American and Northern Irish?

Unless of course she thinks the island west of England is called Australia instead of Ireland lol

Well, if you have nothing smart to say say nothing at all. The world would be a quiet place then. How I’d love the world :)

Here is a conversation with an Australian I had after I told her about the Norwegian’s words of dumbness:

From: Lord Vampirio

Date: Mar 16, 2007 6:08 PM

i have a colleague at work who says a lot of things that are bullshit. here master piece yesterday:

"I love the australian accent. It's a mixture of northern Irish and American"


From: -Vanessa-

Date: Mar 16, 2007 8:25 AM

lol no its not! its a slowed down version of a cockey accent! they did studies on how it evolved. and its from when the convicts came here, they were all lower class ppl. so its just a lazy version of that! Haha

From: Lord Vampirio

Date: Mar 16, 2007 6:27 PM

I agree, it's a cockney version/southern English with Irish influences.

But she is just a silly child child who thinks she knows everything and has an opinion about everything but knows shit

From: -Vanessa-

Date: Mar 16, 2007 8:33 AM

lol i find it offensive she thinks i sound american! no way do we sound like those yankee's!

Whom should I believe now? An Australian or a know-it-all Norwegian?




16:14 Mar 17 2007
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The English government wants to spend billions on a new nuclear deterrent however, the nuclear fleet is all based in Scotland.

English critics say it is no good idea because Scotland wants independence (so technically the English would hand the weapons over to the Scots) and is not known for their love of peace and goodwill.

Let’s see. Does that mean that the English never marched into Scotland and suppressed them?

And does that also mean that the British created their Commonwealth in a gentlemanly manner without let’s say ruling cruelly over India, which makes Joseph Stalin look like an innocent choirboy? Do they English really think that was goodwill?????

I’m glad to see that the English never blame

anyone for their mistakes because they prefer top forget them lol

I’m surprised that pretty much everyone loves the Scottish and hates the English!

Looks like over 700 years on the English still haven’t gotten over William Wallace ;)




19:02 Mar 09 2007
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It is really amusing what you experience on here. Or as a fellow member put it “…..thats the problem with having so many children on this site, they think its funny or that they’re being cool and do such…..”

This morning I told someone in kind words to fuck off and drop dead. This afternoon I have a reply saying that she has been informed by her friend that I’m not welcome on her VR and that we cannot talk anymore


1) Should I be hurt now since it was actually me who requested to be left alone?

2) Last time I checked I thought it was somebody else’s VR so I assume the drugs have gotten to her a bit ;)

3) Her friend never informed her in all the months we were conversing, fully aware that we were talking. Coincidence????? I think it’s a cheap attempt to hurt my feelings. Tough shit, I read Psychology of Children” at university, hence this was a bit predictable and not really sophisticated.

4) Her friend never talked to me, which makes the “information” a bit dodgy

5) I find it so sad when people do as they are told but apparently slavery hasn’t been abolished yet. More surprisingly this state was on the winning side of the Civil War ;)

I have my reasons why I say it is not cool to drink and take drugs at 14. In this example you have the proof that even though they are physically 19 now they have mentally developed in the other direction and appear to have the intellect of 9 year olds!

But yeah, at least I feel good about myself. I always enjoy when people demonstrate that I’m superior to them :)



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