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03:16 Nov 27 2006
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I was watching the movie Ali today and remembered that I have never been able to answer for myself who the greatest boxer of all time is.

There were many great boxers but I have short-listed it to Joe Frazier, Sonny Liston, Ken Norton, George Foreman, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Patterson, Larry Holmes, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, in no particular order

Floyd Patterson: Most famous are the three bouts against the Swede Johansson in the late 50s and early 60s. In 1962 and 1963 Sonny Liston proved too much for him by knocking him out in the first round on both occasions.

Remarkable is that Patterson was no Heavyweight at all but a middleweight and light heavyweight

Sonny Liston: After being denied a shot at the crown against Patterson on several occasions he knocked him out quick in 1962 and did so again in the rematch in 1963. Liston lost his title to Cassius Clay in 1964 what was believed to be a fixed fight. One year later Cassius Clay beat him again in 2 minutes and again many believed the fight was fake.

Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali: He became world champion as Cassius Clay after his controversial win over Sonny Liston. He lost his title after he refused to join the US Army. In 1971 he lost against Joe Frazier in the “Fight of the Century” but beat him in 1973 to gain another shot at the title. In 1974 he beat George Forman in the “Rumble in the Jungle” and regained his title. In 1975 Muhammad Ali beat Joe Frazier in what was known as the “Thrilla in Manila”, but it appeared to be the beginning of the end for Ali. He continued to defend his title a few more times with more than controversial decisions and was dethroned by Leon Spinks in 1978. 6 months later he regained his title again but vacated it in 1979.

Joe Frazier: He won a fight in 1968 to become world champion after Cassius Clay refused to join the Army and the title had become vacant. His three fights against Ali (1 win, 2 loses) were some of the greatest fights in history. In 1973 he lost his title to George Foreman. He never got it back but remaned a contender until he lost badly to George Foreman in 1976.

George Foreman: He became world Champion in 1973 when he literally beat the crap out of Joe Frazier. He defended his title twice just as impressively until he lost to Ali in 1974. He was powerful but didn’t possess the best stamina. He retired in 1977 after suffering a heatstroke after a fight. He came back in 1989 and challenged Evander Holyfield in 1991 but lost in 12. He regained his title in 1994 by knocking out Michale Moorer but lost it again because he refused to fight a mandatory opponent. He retained his title again by beating Axel Schulz and again was stripped off his title when he refused to travel to germany for a rematch.

Ken Norton: He became world champion in 1973 by beating Ali. One year later he lost his title to Ali by a split decision what many believe was a win for Norton. In 1974 he had a quick loss against Foreman and another controversial loss against Ali. In 1978 Leon Spinks refused to fight Norton, was stripped off his title and Norton was announced world champion without having to fight. In the same year he lots his title to Larry Holmes.

Larry Holmes: He became world champion in 1978 after a 15 round slug fest with Ken Norton. All in all he defended his title 20 times until Michael Spinks defeated him in 1985. The rematch in 1986 was lost again and Holmes retired. In 1988 he was lured out of retirement to face Mike Tyson and lost in his only knock out. In 1992 he lost against Evander Holyfield and in 1995 against Oliver McCall.

Mike Tyson: He became world champion in 1986 and was feared for his brute strength. In 1988 he knocked out Michael Spinks in 91 seconds. Influenced by his life style he lost to James “Buster” Douglas in 1990. He spent 1992 to 1995 in jail. In 1997 he fought Evander Holyfield. The fight was most noted for head butting and Tyson bit a piece of Holyfield’s ear off. In 1999 he tried to break Boths’a arm during a fight. In 2002 he instigated a mass brawl with the Lennox Lewis team during a press conference. He later lost to him in 8.

Marvin Hagler: He got a shot at the Middleweight title in 1979 but had to settle for a draw. Hagler got another shot at the title against Alan Minter in London. Hagler won in 3 and a riot broke out with bottles and glasses hurled at Team Hagler. He was a busy world champion but only Roberto Duran was the first challenger to last all 15 rounds. In 1985 he defeated Thomas Hearns in what became known as “The War”. In 1987 he was dethroned by Sugar Ray Leonard in a decision that remains to be subject of a debate

Sugar Ray Leonard: He was world champion in 5 different weight classes. He lost to Roberto Duran in 1980 but won the rematch. In 1981 he beat the unbeatable Thomas Hearns, when the referee stopped the fight in round 14 after a barrage of punches. At that point all judges had Hearns ahead in points. He retired in 1983 but returned a year later. He retired again after being knocked out by Kevin Howard. In 1986 he announced another comeback to stage a fight with Marvin Hagler. Hagler was a heavy favourite but the decision went to Leonard via split decision. A month later he retired again. He returned again but was past his prime by far.

Taking all this into consideration I come to the conclusion that I am still not able to answer for myself who the greatest boxer of all time is. I am reluctant to say it’s Ali because too many of his wins were highly questionable. I always had a soft spot for Sugar Ray Leonard though.

It’s not gonna make me wiser or change the world if I ever find an answer but I think that I will never be able to decide who the greatest boxer of all time is.




23:02 Nov 24 2006
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Again there is something I don't understand.

I've been watching a movie called From Hell, which is about Jack the Ripper in Victorian (19th century) London.

What I would expect now is that they actually speak English in this movie, right?

There are a lot of British actors in Hollywood and guess who are the main actors starring in this movie? Johnny Depp and Heather Graham.

I like both actors really but Johnny Depp was born in Kentucky and grew up in Florida. I assume that people in both places have a different accent than people in the United Kingdom.

Heather Graham was born and I think raised in Wisconsin as well. I have been to Milwaukee and know for a fact that people there do not sound English.

What I am trying to say is that - no matter how good they are as actors - their attempt to speak an English accent is quite a failure.

Am I really the only one that has an eye for the detail?

I think the movie is awesome but I also think that Hollywood is insulting my intelligence.

Then again, who is governor of California? I rest my case lol




20:10 Nov 24 2006
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Just found that on a profile lol

"i'm 600% vampire 600% juggalo and 66% gothic that would make me an over all of 666"

Strictly spoken a percentage can never be more than 100, but I do not quite get how this adds up to 666 lol 1266 more likely




02:56 Nov 24 2006
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I’m on a roll tonight but again I am wondering about something lol

There was a paid presentation for Victoria Principal’s (probably better known as Pamela Ewing lol) Reclaim, a range of cosmetics on TV. It only caught my attention because it was between two movies lol

She tells how awesome her product range is and how it makes wrinkles and whatnot disappear blah blah blah.

Now what I am wondering is, how much can you believe those words from a woman that had more face lifts than I had warm meals in my life? Why did she not use her own products and opted for face lifts instead?

I would love to meet the women that are stupid enough to order these products lol

And one other thing that will prove that I know nothing about women, why do they have to get rid of wrinkles and can’t age gracefully like men?????




23:38 Nov 23 2006
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I just found that comment from a Premium Member on a Regular Member’s profile:

“Don't know why you gave me an 8 but well, enjoy your rating!


Now this is the typical arrogance of a Premium Member.

Do you expect 10’s just because you are a Premium Member?

Do you think you are something better just because you are a Premium Member?

In fact, if you are the average Premium Member then you have given them a bad name. Sad thing though, you are the average Premium Member!

I suppose you got an 8 because the other person thinks your profile is worth an 8, as simple as that. Which is still good actually.

I guess the other person anticipated your attitude and took that into consideration when rating you. But even then you were still lucky.

And how pathetic is it to retaliate with a downrate for an 8????? The age limit on here might be 13 but some people still have a long way to go to even reach that mentally!!!!!

Do you know what’s funny? The person that rated you an 8 gave out quite a few 10’s so far. I got one hahaha




00:44 Nov 23 2006
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And here we have an example that stupidity knows no age. I found that on the profile of a 21 yr old girl:

".....i like to.....do drugs...have sex....& anything else that relates to that....."

In other words it means ".....i am retarded.....a slut.....and a primitive life form....."

This really isn't anything to be proud of. In fact people like that should be kept away from the public in my opinion!!!!!




03:22 Nov 21 2006
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Just found this on the profile of a 13 yr old girl:

"..... (I'm gay. Lesbian. Whatever). ...."

of course you know what you are talking about at 13, right?

what will you be next week? I recommend bisexual because that is actually the trend among children ;)

or how about not sexual at all, that would be a nice trendsetting for your age!!!!!




23:32 Nov 12 2006
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I just found this on a profile of a 16 yr old girl:

.....currently i am dating...sorry for those of you interested. i wouldnt say i plan on staying with this person forever but i do plan on getting married....so sorry again but my future's already been set out....."

Glad to see that people that young of age already know what marriage is about.

Oh hang on, wasn't marriage supposed to last til death do us part? Guess not. Looks like these days it is about a "special day" that costs a shite load of money and after that it is back to business as usual, shagging everyone that is willing.

Tell me honestly, what is the meaning of marriage nowadays? Except for the tax credits.




02:25 Nov 12 2006
Times Read: 767

I just found that stamp on a profile:

".....I would love to be on your friends list, but please let me know if you add me! It’s only polite....."

Let's put aside that I think this is the most pathetic attempt to reach artificial popularity, begging to be added isn't the most polite thing either ;)




19:40 Nov 10 2006
Times Read: 771

More and more I read "I'm me" on profiles.

I find that a stupid description of oneself:

1) If you are me, who am I? That is identity fraud lol

2) If a million people say "I'm me", doesn't that make a million people the same instead of unique as intended?

Of course that is just stupid toying with the language. Nevertheless I find "I'm me" a stupid expression. And not a very creative one either.




04:20 Nov 06 2006
Times Read: 788

I just spotted this profile. It is interesting to guess how old the creator of it is:

Muahahahaha! I am back!!!! So please don't welcome me just say your hello's haha. I have been here for awhile just needed a change.

For those who never have met me I guess I will have to describe myself to you.

I am 5'6, a sexy bruenette with hazel eyes(yes hazel can be sexy) haha. with the most sexiest tats that will soon be on here again. Patients my little hellions. I will have them up again.

I am in a band called Unknown Soldier! We kick ass! I sing but I love my man's voice the most.

Attention: Men please don't hit on me I already have a man. He's my counter part and my love of my life. I will have pics of us up soon. I love you Chris! Also women Hands off this sexy man of mine or I will hunt you down. hahahaha no serious I will.

I just got started again so bare with me on gettin my tats up, but I can see what I can do.

and the correct answer would be







The sad part is that this is the standard intellect of the people in which country I am residing!




23:10 Nov 04 2006
Times Read: 793

The arithmetic skills of people amaze me sometimes. That is what i found on a profile:

Gender: Female

Birthdate: 1969

Location: somewhere

".....i'm 31, and taken perhaps..."

Now, I was born one year later than her yet I managed to be 5 years older than her. I must have done something wrong lol




18:23 Nov 04 2006
Times Read: 794

Now this is typical for a bulletin on myspace:

Nov 4, 2006 5:18 PM

Subject TALK

Body: comments

picture comments

no messages.

People want to hear how great they are and have it on display as often as can be.

but no messages of course!!!!!

This really comes across as "Worship me but don't talk to me!!!!!"

Sad little puppies if they need to lift their self-esteem with compliments on command.

Sad little lives you must be leading. I pity you




03:51 Nov 02 2006
Times Read: 804

Statement on the profile of a 16 year old girl:

~~i absolutly love sex its one of my fav. things to do (im a nypmho)~~

This is sad. This is so sad!



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