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Game of Love-cadrewolf

00:47 Sep 29 2023
Times Read: 135

A game of love
Two pieces that move,
Two opposite sexes
Warm bodies that soothe.

Three little words
That express their love.
A dance that comes
From heavens above

Two bodies that feel
Warmth of their touch
Hand that caress
Expressions that much.

Sweet young emotions
Gentle and free
The sound of their love
The sound of ecstasy

Moans and passions
Screams of lust
Nectar so sweet
So firm her bust.

Sweet is their passion,
Strong and free.
Under the moon and stars
For all the world to see.




Lovers Moon

22:00 Sep 19 2023
Times Read: 160

A warm summer night,
Not to long ago;
The moon the stars,
The night did glow.

A small breeze sang,
Of an uncertain love;
A lone wolf did sing,
Caring to heaven above.

A look from her eyes,
Told him it was right;
Their hearts did race,
Filled with delight.

Hands did caress,
Bodies so warm;
The scent of skin,
Emotions that swarm.

A sweet gentle kiss,
On lips so fair;
Vibrant and red,
That matched her hair.

Their mouths explored,
Every inch of their skin,
From top to bottom,
Without any end.

A nectar so sweet,
A taste so true,
Bodies entangled,
Love on the move.

Moans of passion,
Fill the night air;
The moon and stars,
An unrelentless stare.

He looks up at her,
For she’s on top;
Dance of her body,
As it sways and rocks.

A feeling deep down,
Something starts to stir;
An explosion within,
Warm, cascading surge.

A sigh of love,
She falls into his arms;
For on this night.
They did you no harm.

A lovers moon,
Fair and gold;
For on this night,
Their love is told.

The love of a century,
Two bodies in the night;
For they will vanish,
Come morning light.

Is this a fable,
Of an undying passion;
Or a ghost story,
Without any ration





Autumn Night

02:21 Sep 19 2023
Times Read: 180

On a darkened night,
With a cool crisp wind
By autumns moonlight
Did the story begin

Was it a dream
Or did it take place
No one really knows
Whatever the fate.

Pumpkins all in line
Within candles did burn
Warding off monsters
At every dark turn

houses was engulfed
With scenes of screams
Skeltons and spiders
Witches and dark things

Screams of Trick or treat
Words upon the wind
Flowing thru the shadows
Their voices did send.

One solemn place
that never was a glow
filled with stones
monuments of lives told
amongst the statues
and marble stones
a sound of crying
on the wind did flow

a figure sat weeping
with hands across her face
nobody no why
she sat in this place

her body glowing
that shimmered in delight
and then faded
with the moons light

she arose from the marble
and floated in the air
and took of running
without no care

she ran to the house
at the end of the place
looked in the window
with tears on her face.

Two bodies inside
One young and old
Holding a picture
Of a life that was stole.
The child wiped
The Tear on his face
I Miss you mom
Is all he say

The lady did smile
And without a trace
Slowly Turned around
headed away from the place

The only trace that night
Left on the window sill
Was the hand imprint
as the mist air chilled

to all on this night
as you wander around
its not just goblins and witches
and vampires abound

watch for your loved ones.
that you hold in your heart
for once they were in life
and now no longer apart




The Lightning

23:03 Sep 12 2023
Times Read: 201

Upon a starless night

Amongst the cool summer rain

The lightning flashed

Yet soothing and tame

A figure sits ever so quietly

Head bowed and pained

Watching the blood wash off

And the grass red with its stain

My pained life slowly bleeds out

From the deep cuts in my wrist

I watch the lightning flash

Think "would I be missed"

The sound of thunder above

Like heavens trumpets I hear

I gently close my crying eyes

As the end draws so ever near

My whole body shivers from cold

Which doesn't come from the rain

For what feelings lay inside

Slowly Slips away with the pain

I see the visions of ghosts

Of family members that past

A small smile forms from my lips

We will be together at last

Flash of the Lightning

Send my mind drifting away

To the years that have past

And friends that didn't stay

The cool wind calls to me

Like angels singing a song

I lay amongst the blood and rain

For in this life I do not belong

I close my watery eyes

As the blackness covers me

A lifeless figure you make out

Only when the Lightning speaks



20:55 Sep 18 2023

You have a gift, thank you for sharing your work

01:14 Sep 19 2023

Thank you


Take me Back

00:46 Sep 07 2023
Times Read: 226

Take me back

To a place I call home

The place of unrest

In which I did roam

A time so easy

Not like this place

A shattered Life

A child with no face

Emotions of my mind

Thoughts so unclear

Is it life or death

In which I do bare

Passion of youth

So free and uncertain

And what the future held

And not the final curtain

My mind Travels back

To the days of bliss

Forgetting the times

I wish not to miss




Light of moon

00:08 Sep 06 2023
Times Read: 238

In the light of the moon

On this clear clear night

My mind seems to change

And my soul takes flight

The blanket of earth

Which I do call home

Fails to comfort me

As my body seems to roam

A hunger deep inside of me

Takes over my emotional state

Looking for inner peace

To quench a dark flame

Peace will come

When the hunger is done

But who on this night

When all sense seems to bond

Passion or emotion

Which feeling is right

For when the light comes

Will tell my story of the night

Death does come

On the wings of night

To cause mortals fear

With a single bite

To feed and feel

The passion that’s drained

A lifeless soul

Which another I have claimed



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