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Dracula's Soil

15:07 Jun 23 2024
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Just curious if anyone else has seen this and bought some? :D



15:47 Jun 23 2024

No and Id be careful if you're thinking about purchasing some. There's no telling what you get and where it was dug up.

15:51 Jun 23 2024

Based on customer reviews and an analysis of their business model, Mini Museum appears to be a legitimate company that sends real miniature museum exhibits to subscribers. I need video proof of this. LOL

16:29 Jun 23 2024

Never seen that before

20:58 Jun 23 2024

Cool I if it's really the soil from there

21:16 Jun 23 2024

As long as it's a secure site and it's not to expensive then what's the harm?

12:21 Jun 24 2024

According to the picture provided Mini Museum guarantees authenticity.

Checked the site & the soil with Dracula picture is merely $23.00 or you can go with a vial on a silver chain for $69.00.



Work Drama - Bring the Tea

16:32 Jun 21 2024
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This is how it started at work. I wrote a note on the box, on the left side, to remind the co-worker boys who does stock, not to forget what we need.

The 2nd shift supervisor Jessica, being a narcissistic bitch that she is, decided to write the note on the right, beside mine.
The note wasn't for HER to begin with.

We are talking about a +30-year-old from NY, who is a control freak and takes all the wet/dry markers so that no one can write on a board BUT her type of biatch, OK? lol

So I showed a co-worker that I've known since I've been working there what Psycho wrote. Her reply:

And so, I told my daughter, which used to work around Jessica and doesn't like her either. Actually nobody likes her because she's a terrorist. LOL

The Shit Talk was on....

Needless to say, my co-worker laughed and said it was spot on and that yes, Jessica IS a terrible person.

We are talking about a person who managed to get 20+ people to quit or get fired, and BRAGS about it.
We are talking about a girl that once she's fixated on something someone else has that they claim, like a table, she will take it and TRY to make it hers. Actually, my son took the table and hid it from her.
Her shift doesn't even do their job like they are supposed to either.

Yet somehow, the company doesn't see the problem, or doesn't want to.
None of us understand WHY because she obviously doesn't make the company look good ya know?

She literally cursed out a little Mexican lady and made her cry because Jessica yelled at her.

There's a white board in the office, and when the month changes and she doesn't fix it, I do.
One time I did the board, and she erased the entire thing to do it in HER handwriting.

All I can say is....this bitch.



17:35 Jun 21 2024

Had a similar co worker I would take a dry erase marker leave the top off till it was completely dry then replace his with it. .....Great fun watching him try to write with a dry marker. My motto always make the punishment fit the crime lol.

20:25 Jun 21 2024

I see that pattern here on vampire rave with people expressing their opinions totally out of context yet displays a lot about their character.

20:56 Jun 21 2024

Ooo that's a good one Eolach! & You're correct OccultRanger! :D


Dee's Nuts

15:40 Jun 21 2024
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Found at Walmart. No shocker there huh? lol



16:32 Jun 21 2024




13:06 Jun 15 2024
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Today is my daughter's 29th Birthday.

~Happy Birthday Katelyn~

She was born June 15, 1995
A Gemini
She weighed 9lb and 6oz.
This was her favorite cat. It was either Marilyn or Heather in this picture (the cat).

One of my favorite pictures of her. She's 3 here.

This was how we started. Me, her father, and Katelyn.

The one we both like

The bird she had named Cirri that she misses a lot.

Then my daughter graduated high school and went to ASU and graduated with a bachelor's degree

She even had some fun there. Her costume moments.
"Squall Leonhart" from Final Fantasy 8 & a Witch

She was with someone out of high school for 9 years but was very unhappy and made the hard decision to leave.

Then while gaming on FF14 online, she met...this guy. Kyle.
And moved to Arizona to be with him, and is VERY happy.

They even adopted a new kid named Obi, which has a form of cat aids, but he is living his best life with the 2 of them.



22:10 Jun 15 2024

Happy Birthday to your daughter

23:33 Jun 15 2024

Thank you :)

16:33 Jun 21 2024

beautiful family :)))

16:37 Jun 21 2024

Thanks Ravefox :D


Don't be so certain

16:59 Jun 10 2024
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What I've seen so far about society is that people only know as much as they are WILLING to learn.
How does one learn? You have been taught from the very beginning to "listen", and not talk.
People here do a LOT of talking, and not enough of listening to people who may have some valuable information, and what I mean by valuable information, are people that have facts.

It's like my ex-bf PsyRay said, he can see why people would have issues with the Christian Religion because it teaches you stories and characters that Judaism doesn't even recognize. There is a difference in teachings, but yet you see people blabbering on and on about things they hate, things that doesn't make sense, and that's true. There are many flaws taught in churches because people take parts of truth and twist into their OWN acceptable viewpoints. You can't learn the truth from that can you?

Ask yourself. Why do churches have different branches? Why take apart the old traditions just because you don't like them?

Being that I grew up in the Bible Belt, most people here are Christian.
Most of the world is, because people were taught to fear believing differently.
That's our history for you. You can't cover that up. That's fact.
People have destroyed and rewrote history to suit their own agendas.

Yet save for some traditions that have not been destroyed or changed since the beginning of their existence.

If God says, "Thou shalt not kill." and you see people doing it in the name of religion, it's a contradiction.

If you ask a Rabbi or someone Jewish about that, they will tell you that no life is to be killed, punishments are in place for different scenarios, but killing is a rarity in THEIR teachings.

Just to set some records straight here, let's look at some differences.

Christians have missionaries. They travel the world to try and a convert people to Christianity.
They have even spoke on TV about trying to find all 12 Tribes of Jews to convert them.
Jews say that's a no no. I even think it's the same for Muslims? If you want to know God, you seek it yourself.

Jews & Muslims are more alike. Why?
Jewish tradition says, when the commandment states, "Thou shall have no other Gods before me." That means you worship NO ONE else, not even Jesus because Jesus is a Man (Not God), and that's why you will never see true Jews or Muslims doing it. You don't worship prophets or claim a Man to be God because that is blasphemy. It is a sin every time you do it. Every time you pray to Jesus and not God alone, you are shooting yourself in the foot basically. Same with Muslims.

My own mother didn't realize just how much her religion has changed. Back in our day, they didn't teach that Jesus is God. Now they wanna make Jesus, God. I said mom, Jesus isn't God. Read your own Bible. What does it say? When Jesus said, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” I said, is he talking to himself there? Does God have amnesia now? Is God so old that he doesn't remember being God anymore because even if that happened, we'd all be screwed. My grandmother laughed about that one and she was a preacher's wife. My mother's generation have stopped thinking for themselves, and listen to too many false preachers on YouTube it seems. My, how things get twisted.

You don't see Jews or Muslims slipping their Bibles into every school, or every prison cell or going door-to-door like an Avon salesman. You won't find them shoving it in your faces as Christians do.

Christians have been doing it wrong from the start. Rabbis are constantly fighting against them and trying to correct what they shout in the streets. Rabbis know how to speak truth in a calm way, because when you have truth, you don't have to yell so loud and you don't get angry, you enlighten, but ONLY when you listen. If you don't want to hear it, then don't go around acting like you know everything. You can't further your education when you're walled, or even think you have all the information because I assure you, you don't.

I miss PsyRay because he was very enlightening, and he taught me a lot. I was OPEN to what he showed me.
See, I only knew Christian stories and teachings. I decided to move away from that in my early 20s.
He went to Jewish schools and even he learned the differences in teachings between his and Christianity.

Matter of fact, PsyRay's sister couldn't understand how Christians could possibly understand Genesis without the "other books" that went with it. I'm over here like, "What other books?" So apparently what you think you have, isn't ALL of it. I even purchased the same Torah version that PsyRay had, and it has explanations by a Rabbi to help the reader understand what the verses actually mean. If you don't have that, you will NOT get the full picture. Period.

I even read some verses that angered me sure. Moses even got angry with God at times.

Fact: If you found like, the oldest written version of something out of the Torah thousands of years ago, you would still be able to read it today. That wouldn't be the case for any other religious writings. Other languages have changed. The Hebrew language has remained the same. Why? Because they took every single letter that God told Moses to write, seriously. It mattered. It wasn't to be changed or altered. Why? Because there's sacred numbers and the Bible Code which some people are familiar with.

The Torah is considered to be a proven divine document because of this.

The Torah has words that shouldn't exist and apparently there's a method of YOUR name in the Torah, and things about you. Things that are found using sacred numbers. Other Bibles do not have this ability.

Jews say there's only been 1 testament in all of our history.
There is no "New Testament" because God only made himself known once and decided not to intervene again.
That's messing with Free Will.

As for the "Fallen Angels" story....

This is a long read but worthy of the differences here:

The Midrash relates that when the generation of the Flood went astray, G‑d began to regret having created man. Then two angels, Shamchazai and Azael, came before G‑d and said, “Did we not warn You before You created man, saying, ‘What is man, that You should be mindful of him?’” G‑d replied: “Then what shall become of the world?” “We will suffice instead,” they replied. G‑d answered, “I know that would you live on that world, the evil inclination would rule you just as much as it controls man, but you would be even worse.” But the angels persisted, saying: “Let us descend to the world of men, and we will show You how we will sanctify your name.” And G‑d said: “Go down and dwell among them.”

Sure enough, as soon as the angels descended, their evil inclination overpowered them. When they saw the beautiful “daughters of man,” they became corrupted and sinned with them. They and their descendants are the Nephilim, the giants and mighty ones referred to later on in the narrative.

This story is often seen as support for the notion of “fallen angels.” But a careful reading reveals that this is not the case. G‑d sent them down knowing full well—and indeed expecting—that they would end up sinning.

In fact, in Judaism there is no such thing as fallen angels or conflict in heaven. There is only one Creator in charge of it all, with no forces opposing Him. Even “Satan” is merely the name of an angel who's divinely assigned task is to tempt people to sin.

So with a little effort, one can learn so much more.



11:35 Jun 11 2024

In my research I found the devil in archaic Hebrew to be just as you expressed an angel of God acting according to his will. Another principle is letting everything be established by two or three witnesses. May shed some light on why some think the Godhead in a tradition is more than one.

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