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~A Mirror's Reflection~

18:42 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 599

Many people look into mirrors

simply to find answers

and the only answer a mirror can answer is

"how do I look today?"

Then people try to look deeper

deeper into an object with only a surface

and that’s all they begin to care about

taken in by vanity

Most people become obsessed with their looks

become self centered

but not one girl

She got tired of seeing only the surface

She got so tired of it

so angry

that the mirror shattered when she snapped

the red warmth of freedom flowing from her hand

She closed her eyes

ignoring the world

taking in the pain

realizing who she really was




~I Wish~

18:39 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 601

I wish

for so much

and without a doubt

I'll get none of it

I wish for supernatural powers

I wish for money

I wish for love

and over time I've found these to be sad

I've forgotten

my wishes of the past

and found

what I truly wish for

You could say it falls under the wish for love

you could call me sad

but I don't care

cause he's what I want with all my heart

I wish for his face

I wish for his heart

I wish for his touch

I wish for him

I want her close

I want nothing more in life

but to be able to hold him

and be able to love him

This all may sound selfish

to wish for something

that only I would enjoy

but I have to wish for why my heart aches

For his love

for his touch

for his heart

for him

I wish




~My Love~

18:38 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 602

I want you

I need you

I crave you

I love you

You are my first thought when I wake

my final thought when I drift from this world

the object of my dreams

the center of my fantasies

I would worship at your feet

give you the world

take away your fears

and be your fantasy man

I would

if that’s what you really wanted

but I know what you really want is love

so I will give you my heart

My heart that beats to be near you

no matter if it’s in you bed

or at the side of your bed when you’re sick

‘cause you truly are....

My love




~Missing Pieces~

18:37 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 603



for what you have

my missing pieces

My soul is fractured

yearning for your healing touch

my heart broken

bleeding for its missing half

My soul's windows

fogged from rain

dark clouds above

drowning me in your absence

When will you come back

to fix what you left broken

with the pieces I gave you

the pieces only you posses

My missing pieces!




~Memories That Don't Fade~

18:37 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 604

Your lips on mine

your hands on my breast

your hair in my face

memories that don't fade

You left

my heart in your hand

my soul in your pocket

leaving me in the dark

Your face

always on my mind

your name

always on my lips

I was nothing before you

I was born the day I met you

I died the day you left

when will we meet again?




~Right Next To You~

18:36 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 605

You thought I was dead

you dug my grave

you carved my stone

you made my casket

You mourned

you cried

you wined


for I am not gone

dead yes

but very much alive

I may be different

but I'm still me

I'm beyond humanity

but still of this earth

So refill my grave

break my stone

burn my casket

because I am and always will be

Right next to you




~Ride The Bullet~

18:35 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 606

The spinning world

not stopping for anyone

thinking only about tomorrow

and what it will bring

The cycle of life

a cruel



You’re born

only so you can

grow old

and die

So death is natural

well fuck nature

I control my destiny

I'll decide when I die

Ride the bullet

live life to the fullest

enjoy life's luxuries

and die fucking happy




~Reflected In A Mirror~

18:35 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 607


pupils dilated

still blind

pitch black

A face

flashed forward

a supernatural look

with a twist of evil

Eyes solid black

fangs dripping blood

horns stretching beyond sight

a blood chilling smile

A switch is flipped

light filling the room

staring back at me

fear stricken eyes

Reflected in a mirror




~Ready! Aim! Fire!~

18:34 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 608


people are on the streets

fighting for our lives

ready! aim! fire!


they put their lives on the line

for us

ready! aim! fire!


kids make more jokes

and are taught to hate them

ready! aim! fire!


we overpay superstars

and underpay the ones that keep us save

ready! aim! fire!


more kids are raised wrong

and make the next patrol more dangerous

ready! aim! fire!

One day

we will fuck up so bad

none of them will save us

ready! aim! fire!

On that day

the ones that still try

won't stand a chance

and we will realize how good we had it

Ready! Aim! Fire!




~Perfect World~

18:34 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 609

In a perfect world

I wouldn't have to fantasize

you would be more than text on a computer

but the world is broken

In a perfect world

you would feel my love

you would feel my warmth

but the world is broken

In a perfect world

I wouldn't have to wait

you wouldn't have to hide me

but the world isn't perfect

In a perfect world

I would already have you

but the world is far from perfect

and I have to wait

In a close to perfect world

I could wait forever

but the world is very far from perfect


I can't wait forever




~Pen And Paper~

18:33 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 610

The room spins

hands over my face

the screaming in my head

just getting louder

Why won't it stop

what does it want

my ears start to hurt

pressure in my head building

I open my mouth to scream


the voice stops

and laughs

"No one can hear you"

"your mine"

"my puppet"

"my toy"

I drop to my knees

pain shoots through me

not a sound escapes me

what's happening!?

Then I find pen


I start writing

the voice unable to stop me

I write with passion!!!

I write in bold

I write with lines

he can't stop me

Apathy blocks my voice

the guard on my heart keeping all inside

but the pen breaks through

and tells the whole story




~Open Wound~

18:33 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 611

So cold

why so cold

where is the warmth

why did it leave

I feel it

it's on the outside

running down my body

running away

How can I be so cold

if I'm surrounded by warmth

even as it covers my body

I feel so cold

It's so dark

first the warmth

now the light

why me

I can't move

help me

save me

heal me

Be my angel

be my wings

be my warmth

be my light

Be my soul





18:32 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 612

The vampire in the alley

the monster under your bed

the shadow in your closet

the demon in your nightmares

The thought that shakes you at night

the form that haunts your dreams

violates your body

with a laugh that chills your soul

Your heart will race

your mind will scream

your soul will squirm

but your body won't move

Frozen in fear

staring at your nightmare

born into reality



from something that only you can see

everyone laughing as you run by

not knowing what’s really chasing you

They will know

when your mangled body

found in the alley

is left with

No heart

no mind

and worst of all

no soul

So run



like nothing else matters

Cause if it catches you

nothing else will

it will all be over

nothing left but flesh and blood

Unable to love others

unable to think for yourself

and worse





~Under The Moon~

18:31 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 613

The world

seen through two sets of eyes



With the sun in the sky

I walked the city streets

hiding what I am

from the humans around me

With the moon in the sky

I ran through the city

hiding what I am

from the wolves around me

When I was human

surrounded by humans

I felt so


Now a wolf

surrounded by humans and wolves

I still feel


Only when I'm truly alone

somewhere high

howling my tune to the sky

do I feel accepted

Under the moon.




~The Living Dead~

18:29 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 614

I wonder

am I living


am I dead

I walk this earth

my mind still races

I can still taste what's on my tongue

still smell what’s in the air


my heart no longer beats

my lungs no longer crave air

my hunger is no longer for food

When I walk

I make no sound

when I run

I'm a blur

When I jump

I reach new height

when I listen

all I hear are heartbeats

I wonder

am I living


am I dead

I'm to unnatural

to be living

but to alive

to be dead

Can it be

am I what I've dreamed of

can I really be one of them

can I really be....

The living dead




~The Beat Of A Lovers Heart~

18:29 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 615

A loud explosion rippled through the air

filling the dark alley with the scent of gunpowder

the eyes just moments ago filled with fear

now stripped of color by the choking grip of death

A man across from the body

trembling as he realizes the horrid act he committed

and then a new fear fills his heart

the image of the one he loves flashes in his mind’s eye

Standing there frozen

only a few words able to escape

like a whisper of the wind

"What have I done?"

The fear in his heart growing

the sound of police sirens slicing through the air

cars coming to a screeching halt

the clicking of the shackles sealing his fate

Kneeling in a courtyard

trapped by the silence of death

with the darkness of depression

facing a firing squad

Even facing death

his heart beats wild

racing to find its obsession

his love


his head rising only to see his blindfold


his heart racing faster

The image of his lover showing through to his last blinded moments

the last beat of his heart hurting more than the rest

his last breath giving birth to two final words

"Forgive me"





~Soul Mates~

18:28 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 616

Some search forever

some find them early in life

some fear them

and some worship them

How do you know

when you've found that one person

when that one person has found you

that one moment when the connection is so strong

With a look

an accidental bump

a blind date

or even a life long friendship

You never know when yours will show

when you'll have that incredible meeting

unexpected realization

that one moment of pure awe

I can't tell you when you'll find yours

or if yours will find you

I hope you do find that one person

I'm sure I have

My heart races

my body quivers

my soul screams

my mind fogs

Will he feel the same

will he accept my feelings

will he embrace me

will he love me

I can answer none of these questions

but I can promise

when you find yours

there's no mistaking your loved one

Your soul mate





18:28 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 617

When I close my eyes

I see so many things

countless images

so many that it's a different one everyday

Your smile gleaming in the distance

your face lighting up my mind

your eyes piercing my soul

and when my heart really aches for you...

I hear your voice

every sweet tone

making me miss you more

bringing my heart so close to breaking

I've kept my eyes open for as long as I can

it's starting to hurt

but I fear

closing them will hurt more

Your smile gleaming in the distance

your face lighting up my mind

your eyes piercing my soul

leaving a shadow over my heart




~Words Unspoken~

18:27 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 618

A word spoken

is a word shared

a word unspoken

is a secret

A secret shared

is part of a story told

a secret kept

is part of a story never to be heard

A word unspoken

is a secret

a secret kept

is just another thing the one you love will never know.

A word spoken

is a word shared

a secret shared

is another thing the one you love will love about you.

If you tell everything

then everything will be known

and when that someone

tells you that they love you

you will know they are telling you exactly how they feel

A word spoken.





18:26 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 619

Shadows of the abyss

moving in the darkness

of the moonless night

feeding on the defenseless



and viewed as monsters

only if you fear eternity

The masters of seduction

all knowing in the arts of pleasure


and very dark

Yes they stalk you

only to seduce you

hunt you down

only to bless you with immortality

Run if you wish

but I'll stay

take the small pain

for an eternity of pleasure

I don’t fear the darkness

I roam under the moon

the stars are my guide

and you are my prey

Or will you be the one to stay?




~Fear The Dark~

18:25 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 620

It's dark out

it looks like you’re alone

but you still feel that twinge

that feeling

Is there someone behind you

should you run

is that really breath you feel

on the back of your neck

Should you keep walking

and hope for the best

or turn around

and be sure about what's behind you

You start to walk faster

the feeling never going away

you start to run

the fear gripping your heart

Finally you stop and turn

terrified of what you might find

praising yourself

for being brave enough to do it

A face flashed in your mind

maybe a memory

or a picture you've seen

no way to know

What you do know is it was fake

just a flash of fear

only darkness in front of you

the growling still ringing in your ears

....what growling?

you didn't imagine a growl before

so why is it ringing in your ears

and then you turn again

It wasn't a flash

the dark face of a dark creature

not even a foot from your face

only its glowing eyes and teeth visible

What now





would only provoke the beast

filling its need to hunt

and then its stomach


would only strain your voice

bringing you no closer to your solution

waste of energy


maybe god will finally do something for you

maybe he will come to your aid

yeah right


fighting is your only option

but how

it's so big

Reaching into your pocket

you retrieved a flashlight

and with its strong beam of light

proved the beast to be fiction

Lowering your arms in relief

strikes fear into you heart

for the light reviles

paw prints

The light chased the beast away

chased the dark away

it saved your life

now you must save yourself

Now at home

you replay the events of the night

and realize one crucial thing

something that will change your life forever

The dark is something to fear.





18:24 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 621

My world was one blur

blocked off by my apathy

no pain


Now it's all focusing

my apathy fading

the pain hitting me hard

making it hard to breath

My eyes red

face stained with tears

the bare, sharp details stabbing into me

showing me how painful life can be

The world already took my innocence

now my last defense

last thing held dear to me

my apathy

It's fading

as the world stops spinning

and I fear even more

that I to, am...






18:23 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 622

A pounding heart

only moving air

straining lungs

drawing in no air

Tear worthy pain

producing no tears

an intelligent mind

gone blank

Feeling lonely

even among people

feeling hated

even among loved ones

Drained of feeling

wronged by to many

hurt to many times

not worth life in his own eyes





~Ignorance Is Fatal~

18:18 Mar 06 2010
Times Read: 623

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance Is BLISS!



must be

the dumbest thing

I've ever heard


by definition


the lack of knowledge


by definition


supreme happiness

How is it possible

for the lack of knowledge

to lead to

supreme happiness


being ignorant

to some dark facts

can make life more tolerable

But being ignorant to a war

doesn't change the fact people are dying

being ignorant to a virus

doesn't change the fact it could kill you


is nothing more than being mentally unprepared

and if you're not prepared for every twist and turn

the next may be your last

So go ahead

be ignorant to the world around you

find your false bliss

live your life in the dark

Ignorance is fatal



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