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WARBRINGER-Waking Into Nightmares

16:17 May 26 2009
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Warbringer is everything their name implies. They mean business and they have brought war to the world of extreme music. If you don't know who they are, you should. They're modern thrash so good you will put on your best denim outfit and go out and cause trouble. And if you do know them, you know what I mean when I say these guys are the front runners in the revival of thrash metal.

With their debut CD "War Without End", Warbringer truly showed that even at a young age, they have some killer playing chops. And not only that, they write memorable music and play it with expertise, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Now, with their second outing from CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS, Warbringer have picked up where they've left off and have written another true masterpiece in the genre of Thrash. Unlike most new bands who play this style of music, Warbringer don't just play the tried and true formula of Thrash, but include their own modern twist that truly helps them stand out in the growing sea of Thrash music. All of this can be found in songs like "Living in a Whirlwind", "Severed Reality" and "Abandoned by Time."

The duel guitar harmonies of Adam Carroll and John Laux on this release are more tight, more textured and more layered throughout the CD compared to their first. Unlike most Thrash, they have learned to harness their playing skills and have molded them into a ordered force of utter chaos and mayhem. Some songs even remind you of Thrash greats Slayer (Shadows from the Tomb) and Metallica (Nightmare Anatomy). Their playing sometimes may seem to flirt on the heavier side of Metal such as Death Metal, but they never stray completely over to it, making this bands sound truly unique.

The rhythm section on this release is very very impressive. Ben Bennett (Bass) and Nic Ritter (Drums) bang out some amazing beats and time signatures that will have you racking your brains trying to figure it all out. The playing on every song is downright good, but the best way to get a true understanding of this area of the music is "Nightmare Anatomy", an instrumental that's similar some of Metallica's.

And last but not least, the vocals. Wow. This guy really studied under the watchful eyes of Exodus, Slayer and Testament. The vocals are fast, aggressive and sound like a snake spitting venom into its preys eyes. His controlled screams and mid-range vocals are nothing short of amazing. Tracks such "Jackal" and "Living in a Whirlwind" are great examples of his vocal capabilities. And not only can he sing the songs well, he is also an amazing lyricist, writing catchy but brutal lyrics that all of us swivel heads can sing along too.

Overall, this CD is great. Tight music, good lyrics and great songs. A true light in the revival of this beautiful musical art. Keep your eyes peeled for them, these guys are true touring machines and will most likely be hitting a city near you. If you like Thrash, these guys will surely peek your interests.






23:14 May 23 2009
Times Read: 655

First and foremost, I have to say that Aiden is back to form...and when I say this, I truly mean back to form. Their new CD "Knives" is nothing short of brilliantly dark and devilishly addictive.

But, lets start with what Aiden left us with a few short years ago. Their last CD "Conviction" was supposed to be a step up in the evolution of the band, but instead it was down right awful. It was poppy, mainstream and dare I say...hopeful and happy??? It didn't work and was a complete and total failure for the band, so buying their new CD, I was a bit skeptical. Boy, was I wrong to be skeptical.

The opening track "Killing Machine" is a fast Gothic Beauty that is filled with what made me fall in love with them in the first place: passion. It's angry, aggressive and lets you know early that this isn't "Conviction", this is "Knives."

Each of the 10 tracks are beautifully well written and orchestrated and WiL, the lead singer sounds better than ever. His vocals, although changed from their earlier material truly shine and show that with age, he has become darker, meaner and overall a better vocalist. You can hear the pain and disdain he feels towards this world we live in.

The guitars are on point as well. Fast, dark and well tweaked on this CD. Although they still contain the hooks and melodies from their newer material, they have incorporated their earlier and more darker playing chops to form a uniquely dark yet catchy vibe that you don't feel guilty about liking. "Crusifiction" is a prime example of this along with "Excommunicate."

The drums and bass are also note worthy. They do an amazing job keeping the CD running and holding the songs together. They give some songs a punk feel, some a Gothic feel and others just fast hard rock that will sure have you banging your head to the laced in pop beats found in songs like "Scavengers of the Damned", "Let the Right One In", and "King on Holiday."

Overall, the CD is well crafted. You can hear all the instruments and each song flows well throughout the CD. The Vocals aren't out in front, but mixed with the rest of the band, which is nice to hear in a sea of "How loud can we make the lead singer sound?" Each song is well put together and forms a dark portrait that anyone with a dark side should love. "Elizabeth" and "Black Market Hell" are standout tracks that are both dark as hell itself and are beautiful. Both are a good idea of what Aiden is all about. Making dark, fast and aggressive Gothic/punk that actually tells a story worth hearing.




03:07 May 24 2009

*laughs* how did i know you were gonna put something on here like this???? HAHA

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