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15:13 Nov 05 2007
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15:10 Nov 05 2007
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Notes for myself, research and the like.

Marquis of Hell, handled the marching orders of 40 legions of the infernal army. A demon who vomited flame, he had the head of a wolf and the tail of a serpent, and the gift of prophecy and could see the future.




Maat Magick & Chaos Magick

14:46 Nov 05 2007
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Maat Magick & Chaos Magick

Even though I had read Peter Carroll's "Liber Null" and "Psychonaut" many years ago, I had never resonated with Chaos Magick as he had presented it. Since discovering the Internet, however, I have met a number of Chaos Magickians online; one of them, Joseph Max of California, published the text of a lecture he had delivered to a Magickal gathering. In it, he cited Maat Magick as a good example of Chaos Magick. It immediately occurred to me to investigate further, to compare and contrast the two methods.

At this point it would be wise to distinguish between the Magickal methods as they appear in print and the individual Mages who use them. Both Chaos Magickians and Maat Magickians tend to be highly individualistic (as is proper in this Art), and every one I have met thus far has his or her own grasp of the methods employed. The Magickians are more similar in their independent creativity than they are different in their philosophy or terminology. I base my statements on how the two methods appear in print, modified by experience and comments from practitioners.

With the exception of Austin Osman Spare's work, there was little, if any, innovation in the field of Western Magick from the death of Aleister Crowley until the early 1970s. Jack Parson's work is firmly Thelemic, distinguished by his passion for freedom and self-sovereignty and by his devotion to the manifestation of Babalon. Charles Stansfeld Jones declared the beginning of the Aeon of Maat, but failed to develop an initiatory system based on that 'new' frequency of the Magickal Current. Kenneth Grant's explorations of the Nightside of Magick first manifested in print with his "Cults of the Shadow" in 1975 and continues to this day; I see little mention of his work in the literature of Chaos Magick, save as the person who made public the life and works of Spare.

The most obvious similarity between Chaos Magick and Maat Magick is that they are both post-Crowleyan Magicks. Science, technology and global communications have altered the world radically since the end of World War Il. Both methods avail themselves of these sources of new metaphor in their general world-views, terminology, and techniques. Chaos Magick declares itself new, and Maat Magick honours its roots, but as Mr. Max points out:

Yes, CM [Chaos Magick] is a 'new' tradition (isn't that an oxymoron?), but as it is based upon deconstruction of the traditional forms, it definitely owes a debt to the past. So I would say that CM is derived from older traditions by deconstruction, whereas MM [Maat Magick] is derived by extrapolation.

The differences in the similarities between the two Magicks is mirrored by the similarities in the differences, as will become clear in the course of our considerations.

Both Magicks have an Aeonic map. In "Liber Kaos", Mr. Carroll presents a table summarizing his view of the course of past, present and future psychohistory. It uses four Aeons (Shamanic, Religious, Rationalist and Pandemon) divided into two sub-Aeons each (Animist/Spiritist, Pagan/Monotheist, Atheist/Nihilist, and Chaoist/?) These are presented left-to-right, and above them twine three sine-waves representing the Materialistic Paradigm, the Magickal Paradigm and the Transcendental Paradigm. The waveforms show the relative dominance of each paradigm (the consensus-reality or Zeitgeist of a contemporary culture at any given point in history) for each Aeon and sub-Aeon.

It is an elegant schema, and I commend it to your attention. I have no idea whether any other Chaote subscribes to it or not, but for me it has the satisfying 'click' of a complex idea that makes sense. Maat Magick's Aeonic Map consists of.

the Nameless Aeon (prehistory-hunting/gathering: animism, shamanism, Voodoo); the Aeon of Isis (herding, farming, fishing: the Great Mother and pagan pantheons); the Aeon of Osiris (city-states, invasion, war: Judaism, Christianity, Islam); the Aeon of Horus (atomic energy, radio, television: Thelema, atheism, existentialism); the Aeon of Maat (quantum theory, genetic manipulation, the Internet: Chaos Magick, Maat Magick, a growing number of new Magickal methods/schools); and the Wordless Aeon (the near and far manifested future wherein a new species emerges from the human genus).

The Wordless Aeon and the Pandemon Aeon seem to represent the same 'condition'; the Chaos view sees it as a time when Magick prevails as a way of life, and the Maatian view is of a double state of consciousness, individual and collective. Both Magicks see the manifest future as fundamentally different from the present, on a global scale, and both see the development and use of technology as integral to that difference.

(Note: In the course of developing and using Maat Magick, I have met the 'personality' of our double-consciousnessed future self, who called itself N'Aton. I recognize in the Internet the skeleton and nervous system of N'Aton, 'fleshing-up' even as we speak.)

A sub-similarity exists between the Magicks, in that the Magickal formulae of all Aeons are currently available for competent and appropriate use. I encountered this realization in the course of working with Maat Magick, and called it PanAeonic Magick. Somewhere in the world today there are people practising and living under the influence of each of the Aeons. Instead of the linear, or even the cumulative, model of the development of Magickal vision and practice, I think the timeless/eternal model most closely approximates 'reality'. The writings I have seen on Chaos Magick encourage the open and free use of metaphors and techniques of all cultures and ages.

Chaos and Maat Magicks both make use of A.O.Spare's sigil Magick, the process where one's intention is written, reduced, and rearranged into an abstraction on paper (or other suitable material), forgotten, then recalled at a moment of high passion and released into the universe to manifest. The sigilization process moves the intention from conscious awareness to the Unconscious - or, more accurately in my opinion, to the Deep Mind, a phrase used by Jan Fries ("Visual Magick", Helrunar). This is done in the act of forgetting. The Deep Mind, consisting as it does of the powers accumulated in the course of our evolution from single cells, as well as the underlying connection of all things, can and does act without the restrictions imposed by consciousness and ego. Turning a coherent written sentence into an incomprehensible abstract design removes the intent from the grasp of ordinary consciousness and delivers it to the pre/post-verbal realm of the Deep Mind.

Chaos Magick and Maat Magick also share Spare's use of belief as a tool. Humans tend to be restricted by belief, kept to a specific doctrine or set of dogmas, and provided with a pseudo-security in that restriction. There's a slogan sometimes seen on American bumper-stickers that reads: "The Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it!". Wars have been fought over differing religious beliefs (Crusades, Jihads and pogroms) as well as over differing philosophies of ethics and/or biology (as in the American Civil War over slavery).

I see belief as an extension of our survival urge of fight or flight, a reflex of grasping tightly the nearest bough when wind disturbs the treetops. Belief must be emptied of content to be an effective Magickal tool, however. One must believe intensely and passionately in the godform one is invoking, for instance, or the transformation of the Magickian into the god will not occur. It is necessary to be able to return to your usual self after the ritual, without that god residing permanently in your belief, so that when you need to believe in something else on another occasion, you will have a clean, receptive tool available.

The number eight plays a prominent part in both Chaos Magick and Maat Magick. Eight arrows radiating from a central point is the primary symbol of Chaos, and it is used in "Liber Kaos" as the schema for eight types of Magick that are ascribed to various colours:

Black: Death Magick, for experiencing the nature of death personally, or for sending death-spells. (I refrain from comment.) It seems to resonate with Saturn. Blue: Wealth Magick is Jupiterian. Green: Love Magick reflects the nature of Venus. Yellow: Ego Magick fits with Solar energy. A sub-similarity exists here with Maat Magick's Dance of the Masks. Purple or Silver: Sex Magick. Purple is for passion, and silver is for the moon. Orange: Thinking Magick is Mercurial in nature. Red: War Magick Octarine: Pure Magick, with octarine being the colour which the individual associates with the essence of Magick.

It is interesting to note that although Chaos Magick doesn't use the Tree of Life as a structure template, the colours listed above with their particular Magicks correspond with the Queen Scale colours of the Sephiroth which share the same attributes. For me, Octarine evokes a spinning triad of white, gray and black, the Queen Scale colours of Kether, Chokmah and Binah.

Maat Magick has an eight-fold banishment, and the Forgotten Ones, or survival-urges, are linked to the seven-Chakras-plus-Bindu in an octet.

Other similarities that bear investigation include the construction of an astral temple in one's private 'vestibule' outside the Astral Commons; the probability worlds and the Akasha; and the human origins of gods and their attainment of independent life through generations of worship and belief There are other similarities which I find each time I read through any of the Chaos literature, and I invite your own investigations.

I found fewer differences than similarities between the two schools, and the first one reflects the 'cussedness' of human nature to an amusing degree.

In writing and speaking about Maat Magick, I have taken great pains to emphasize that it doesn't support the founding of any order, coven or 'official' group of practitioners. The reason for this is simple and basic: Maat Magick, like any valid 'system' of Initiation, self-destructs upon successful completion. It works itself out of a job. What does remain is a network of colleagues who share information about current protects and adventures, help each other out with leads for research and recommended reading, and occasionally congregate for ritual. The latter is quite an undertaking, since the network of Maat Magickians is international and spread out over the USA and elsewhere at flying distances.

Maat Magickians are usually steeped in their own styles of Magickal work of varying kinds, and rarely identify themselves primarily as 'Maat Magickians'. I consider this a healthy indication that the mojo is working as it should.

Despite this basic spirit of disestablishmentarianism, there does exist (mainly on the Astral) the Horus-Maat Lodge, whose purpose is to spread the word about the Double Current of Horus and Maat. Since its foundation, the recognition of the existence of PanAeonic Magick seems to have expanded its scope. It was not my idea, but the people who wanted the Lodge to exist won my cooperation in its founding through their collective charisma, energy, and good intentions. The Lodge has no 'official' address, no meetings, no dues, no charter, no tax-free status, no officers, no grades.

Chaos Magick, on the other hand, has the Illuminates of Thanateros (I.O.T). For a complete description, see Mr. Carroll's Liber Kaos, Appendix 4,'Liber Pactionis'.

Mr. Max writes:

Ouch! Them's fightin' words in some circles! There are far more learned and powerful magicians who have been excommunicated from the IOT than there are currently in their membership! IMNSHO [in my not so humble opinion], the IOT gave up all rights and claims to being the avatars of CM when they decided to become a junior-OTO institute invitatioll-only degree systems, place all administrative power in one person's hands and declare 'magical war' on anybody they didn't like. The founders Ray Sherwin and even Peter Carroll long ago left in disgust.

Now there can be made a case for the concept that the IOT is not 'The Pact', but that The Pact is only the'outer order' and the real IOT is itself like the "invisible AA" - to practice Chaos Magic is to be an Illuminate of Thanateros, and 'membership' in any organization is not a requirement. This is how I like to think of it, and it is more in keeping with the original conception of Sherwin and Carroll.

Another distinction I see is that Chaos Magick uses 'servitors' whilst Maat Magick doesn't. Servitors are entities created, summoned, or obtained to carry out the Magickian's intent by proxy as an automatic device. Maat Magick tends to work through direct impression of intent on the Magickal Current, or 'ongoingness of things', through which the intent acquires power to manifest.

Mr. Max:

Indeed, Chaotes generally are very much into using servitors, but there are many workings that fall into the 'enchantment' category as well. I would not extrapolate a general tendency into a strict 'law'. Most of the work I do is not servitor based ...

The only other major distinction between the Magicks that I have found, based only on published material, is that Chaos Magick focuses its attention on the individual practitioner, whilst Maat Magick begins with the individual but extends its concerns to the human race and beyond. To the concept of Chaos Magick's focus on the individual, Mr. Max responds:

True enough on the surface. My experience is that each Chaos Mage finds their own particular emphasis on the 'beyond' but such focus in not 'canonical' so to speak. In my own case, I see the 'greater' effect of my magical practice as bringing forth the Pandaemoneon - the Aeon of Chaos, the new magical age. Such things as artificially enhanced ESP and mind/machine interfaces may be just around the corner, blurring the line between technology and magic (which is already blurred - tell me the computer isn't a magical device!) To me this is the hope and dream of humanity, and our ultimate salvation.

I see the rise of Chaos Magick as a good sign that Magick is alive and thriving at the close of the Twentieth Century. It appears to me that it is heading in the same direction that Maat Magick is, toward an 'Omega Point' of radical individual and species transformation. I anticipate the rise of other Magicks as well, springing from the creativity of those who understand the underlying principles of individuals effecting macrocosmic change by the precision and aptness of their microcosmic Work.

If you are interested in how that process works, I advise you to obtain and read the following books:

Carroll,Peter J.: Liber Null and Psychonaut. Samuel Weiser, York Beach, ME 1987. Liber Kaos. Samuel Weiser, York Beach, ME 1993.

Fries, Jan: Visual Magick: a Manual of Freestyle Shamanism. Mandrake of Oxford, 1992.

Grant, Kenneth: Cults of the Shadow. Frederick Muller Ltd, London 1975. Skoob Books Publishing, London 1993.

Hine, Phil: Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic. New Falcon Publications, Tempe, AZ 1995.

Nema: Maat Magick: a Guide to Self-Initiation. Samuel Weiser, York Beach, ME 1995.

Authors Details: Margarete Ingalls



17:40 Jan 07 2009

Thank you very much for this!


The Wishing Well -or- Releasing the Butterfly of Chaos

14:11 Nov 05 2007
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The Wishing Well -or- Releasing the Butterfly of Chaos

by Frater Choronzon


The general function of a Wishing Well is understood from an early age by most people. The user projects some required outcome of events, or "wish" into the well, perhaps accompanied by a symbolic financial donation, and waits for events to take their course. Similar properties are attributed in popular tradition to acts of cutting a birthday cake and breaking a wish-bone while devoting certain species of poultry.

In every sense, the act of making a wish using any of the above ritual props is a magical operation though experience suggest that Wells tend to be more effective than both chicken bones and all but the most esoterically decorated cakes in achieving the intended result.

As of late, many Wishing Wells have been withdrawn from public access; and, moreover, recent opinion polls have indicated high levels of dissatisfaction with the scarcity of wish-fulfillment opportunities, particularly among vegetarians. This paper attempts some analysis of the dynamics involved in successful wish-making, and offers a ritual procedure which readers may find useful pending the launch of another "Wishing Well Withdrawal" from the public eye.

Anyone who has studied non-linear dynamics (or Chaos Mathematics) as applied to the interaction of complex systems (for instance life-in- general) will be aware of the extreme sensitivity of such systems to initial conditions. This is illustrated by the so called Butterfly Effect; a model of the process by which a butterfly flapping its wings on the Carribean Islands can set in train a series of atmospheric interactions which may culminate, after some elapsed time, in the occurrence of a hurricane in London.

The hypothesis in this context is that the ritual act of making a wish sets up initial conditions for a Chao/dynamic process which culminates, after some elapse time, in the occurrence of whatever event was the original objective of the wish; hence the subtitle "Releasing the Butterfly of Chaos". Atmospheric effects are often synchronous with successful magickal operations as was observed, for example, by those who were present for (or within earshot of) the 4,000 watt "Enochian Verse Recital" in South London, 17.30 Hrs, Monday, 28 May, 1990; but where magic is concerned the atmospherics are felt to be little more than by-products of casual sequence which is primarily electromagnetic in character.

The actual process by which a successful wish is transformed into its outcome is, of course, magic; at least in the sense that modern TV receiver might be acknowledged as such by Agrippa or Abra-Melin the Mage - Was there ever a more effective acrostic "for divers visions" than an infrared remote control?

A detailed explanation of how the magical process appears to work would fill a book (reasonable offers from reputable publishers accepted); suffice it to say that no rewrite of either the Laws of Physics or the Axioms of Mathematics is required, and to mention that the Astrological elements of the hypothesis will form the substance of a paper to be presented to a forth coming meeting of the "Talking Stick".

For the purpose of this exercise, the process may be appropriately visualized by consideration of nothing more complicated than a humble smoke-ring. In mathematical terms this is a Torus (a ring- doughnut shaped structure) which has a clearly defined, coherent and self-contained existence for an extended period within a fundamentally chaotic matrix; ie. it can hung around for several seconds retaining its structure in the turbulent air of a smoke-filled room. Such ordered structures fall quite naturally out of the Chaos Mathematics which models the behavior of gases and liquids (Fluid Dynamics for the technically inclined). Examples of such ordered structures in a chaotic environment abound, and not only on this planet. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter, for instance, has been in existence at least since Galileo observed it in 1610, though the chaotic nature of that planets atmosphere was not appreciated until the flypast of the Voyager spacecraft of 1979.

A perfect smoke-ring requires very little expenditure of energy to be brought into existence, though that energy, in the form of a controlled pulse of gas projected from its creator lips has to be quite precise - ie. smoke-rings don`t always work, particular if someone is watching, and the best ones of all usually happen quite by accident! Significantly, the only way an observer can know if a smoke-ring is there because it has smoke in it. If an identical pulse of gas is projected from a non-smoker, the Toroidal ring structure will be established in the just the same way within the atmosphere, but its presence is almost impossible to detect, even with the most sophisticated of scientific instruments.

The atmosphere is not the only chao/dynamic envelope surrounding our planet; there also exists the magnetosphere, which we perceive at ground level as the earths magnetic field. At present it exerts a force which causes a compass needle to point approximately towards the North Pole.

The magnetosphere extends out into so-called empty space well beyond the atmosphere of the planet, and is anything but static in character. Complete polarity reversals can occur. A record of these is preserved in the sequence of North and South oriented volcanic rocks which have been mapped in the ocean floor extending outwards from mid-oceanic ridges, such as that which runs the lenght of the Atlantic. The magnetosphere exhibits its own "weather" patterns which, like the atmospheric weather, are driven primilarily by radiation from the Sun/Solar Winds. Magnetic and electric storms which affect TV and radio reception are a phenomena of magnetospheric weather, and interaction between the magnetosphere and the atmosphere can result in phenomena such as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Other manifestations include ball- lightning and St. Elmo`s fire.

The ritual procedure put forward here postulates a process whereby a sudden pulse of electro-chemical energy, through an operators nervous system, establishes a magnetic structure which is the mathematical equivalent of a smoke-ring. It is suggested that this can occur on the onset of orgasm or accompanying a powerful martial-arts styled shout or KIAI, by a process akin to that of the Faraday Induction described in any half-decent textbook. The "magical" part of the process involves injecting a flash-visualisation of the eventual desired outcome of the magneto- smoke-ring as it is being established. The rest of the process of wish fulfillment is left to the wondrous dynamics of Chaos. It may be helpful for the operator to face towards the geographical (magnetic) North Pole.

If performed as a solo working, this ritual may usefully be preceded by a banishing and visualisation exercise. The ritual text is written in the Enochian language of the angelic calls which were devised or discovered by Dr. John Dee in the 16th Century. In the sense that Enochian can be seen as a system of control (or cyber-) language for "life, the universe, and everything" it has many of the characteristics of a computer programming language. Among such properties would be those of recursive self-reference (ie. the ability to modify itself), and some of the phraseology of the preamble to the ritual is designed to apply ideas developed by Douglas Hoffstadter in his book Godel, Escher, Bach to the Enochian language. Specifically, the text of the ritual should increase its own potency with repetition.

After the Enochian preamble, the participant(s) should make a vocalized statement of a "wish" or willed endpoint for the working, at the same time strongly visualizing the desired outcome. This "wish" may be of a benefic or malefic intent, but beware! the Enochian preamble carries a force of personal honor, in wishes of a dishonorable character they are likely to backfire.

The pre-climatic mantrum "Zarzas Zarzas Nasatanata Zarzas" is held to be untranslatable. It is, by tradition, a formula which opens the Gates of Hell or the Abyss; in this context it is used to invoke the dynamic process of Chaos by which the wish can be fulfilled. Some occult authorities, Crowley among them, assert that the Zarzas formula is dangerous and advise against using it. Modern Chaos magicians do not share that view and, besides having employed it for years with no particular ills impacting the user, is consistently been found to enhance the effectiveness of most categories of magical working.

The final climatic KIAI may be shout such as that projected by a martial arts practioner in the process of shattering a concrete block (or someone`s sternum), or else an exaggerated cry of orgasmic ecstasy. Prospective participants with orgiastic inclinations may care to experiment with variant techniques to effect the final KIAI exclamation which sets the magical "butterfly effect" process in motion. For example, the Enochian couplet following the statement of the wish might be committed to memory by operator of either gender, and repeated while other participants stimulate that operator to a frenzied pitch of ecstasy, culminating in the final KIAI. Such variants are for the more experimentaly inclined, but it is the sort of experiments which magicians of an unhibited frame of mind (or body) may find it enjoyable to carry out as an end in itself. Any feedback on results would be welcome!

...continued by ritual text...

Ritual text / Enochian Invocation:


The circle with eight fiery darts which is


the great seal of chaos


was in the of all things.



It is as a continual of comfort

burning lamp


to you of power & but is as thunders of judgement

understanding & wrath


to the of them of no honor



hearken to my voice:


unto every one of you of undefiled knowledge it is said:


"This seal of power may be in



continuancewith the mighty of this



song of honor cried with a loud voice"


Happy is s/he who has framed


thoughts in the mind with the fire


of this secret wisdom, s/he


is become also successively to execute



By mouth the works and curses herein:



Into chaos the thoughts are planted


and they will become like unto the harvest


!!! KIAI




Thee Awful Invokation Ov Tzeentch

14:07 Nov 05 2007
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Three Awful Invokation Ov Tzeentch

Tzeentch is a Chaos deity also known as the Changer Of The Ways, Lord Of Fortune And Intrigue, Master Of All Like Things Whether Petty Or Profound. In this sense, I would classify him as an Ouranian deity, so far as labels apply.

While typically portrayed as a male humanoid with a distorted shape and features including two faced tentacles protruding from his head like horns, I believe that form and/or gender would have no relevance for such an entity. In fact, I experienced feeling of gender flux during my invokations.

Worshippers of Tzeentch are portrayed as "going beyond simple Bacchic excess to such a loosening of moral and social restraints that they lose all consistency of personality and become cackling, drooling tear-strewn maniacs"- that applications of this form of unfettered consciousness in the undoing of fourth-circuit conditioning or ego-dissolution/shattering illusions will make themselves readily apparent.

Tzeentch can also help towards implementing workings for realization of buried/subconscious desires or exploring repressed/denied facets of consciousness. Tzeentch works quite well as an antidote to third-circuit "Pure Intellect" states, keeping the mind from getting in the way. The "sleep of reason" as it were. Especially nice for finding a synthesis for two formerly incompatible opposites. Tzeentch plays the Fool who overcomes the "rules" because he neither knows nor cares about them.

For entertainment purposes, one could call upon Tzeentch as a way of experiencing Chaos directly- pure, unpredictable, undirected and unrefined information- Factor X.

"His is the Wheel Of Fortune that spins and spins, carried by its own momentum, and stops...perhaps never."

Without further adieu, I bring you...

Thee Awful Invokation Ov Tzeentch

For starters, of course, of course, one must set up one's working area properly. Try to make the atmosphere as strange as possible- surrealist art (I used the Goose Game board from "Surrealist Games" as the center of my Circle), interesting musick (Glod, Psychick T.V.- the last half of "Al or Al" works nicely), multiple mismatched incenses burning at once, unfamiliar foods, silly (but not TOO silly!) costumes (the "Dada Almanac" has some nice inspirational material in it). Oddly-coloured lighting. Whatever works for you.

Next, Banish/center as you will- Zen it- no future or past, just the eternal NOW.

Open up your consciousness/charge up/induce gnosis. (Seething/shaking worked nicely for me).

Now here, I used a combination Chaosphere/Vortex to open up a point-doorway to the "Realm Ov Tzeentch" (whatever the freep that is) as the vortex whirled, I started spinning to match its frequency.

After you've become suitably zonked, proceed with the Invokation. I'd recommend writing one out as a framework and combining it with improv.

Here's one that I wrote:

"Ia Tzeentch!

Lord, we invoke thee

Changer Of The Ways

You who are inconsistent even in your inconsistency

Lord of the Butterfly Effect

Source of the Madness

Lord of the Perverse, the Devious, the Bizarre

Radiating the multicoloured fires of Kaos

Open the spiral doorway and allow us to bask in the raw derangement of your presence.


I am Tzeentch

I am fluid, malleable consciousness

I am the derangement that leads to Illumination

I am the whirling spiral power

I am pure, uncontrolled Mind

I am the force to which all thought must surrender

I am the God that shatters all illusions

I am both the madness of the moment and the scheming which directs history

I am the Impulse and the Idle Phantasy, Schemer's Plan and Plotter's Dream

I am the direction leading into...What???


(gradually collapse into raving incoherency)

Around this point, work towards opening up and absorbing Tzeentchian energy (pore-breathing worked for me), letting go and becoming one with Tzeentch. I also used hyperventilation and extended the Invokation with glossolalia.

I've applied Tzeentchian power towards Cut-Up Oracles, Automatic Drawing/Writing (regular and "Chaos Language"), the Surrealist Exquisite Corpse, Sex-Magick as well as the aforementioned uses. One interesting effect is what I call "Tzeentchian Fire"- weird, multi-coloured flame that appears in visualization as extruding from your/Tzeentch's body that one can sculpt into shapes and Servitors. Left alone, it tends to imitate the things around it. I once used it to create a body for Tzeentch to inhabit, turning an Invokation into an Evokation.

So far as rebanishing's concerned, it comes in handy but isn't entirely necessary. Sometimes he'll just up and go on his own (especially after sex-work- a good orgasm generally works quite nicely as payment). Of course, it does help to clear your head and ground yourself afterward.

Side-effect include strange, multi-coloured visions (I saw a Mayan temple once), odd voices saying strange things (once, I heard "The Smurfs?! What are they, squeezin' 'em?"- I still haven't figured that one out yet). Generally, things get a bit weird for a time.

Servitor:Pink Horrors Ov Tzeentch:

Appearing as a nasty-looking cartoonish head set upon a pair of spindly reptilian legs with matching arms ending in large hands with conical fingers spewing Tzeentchian Fire, the Pink Horror has a mischievous, maniacal demeanor- especially useful if you want to stir up trouble somewhere. One advantage of note is that if the Pink Horror is "killed" by somebody, it splits into two identical Blue Horrors- much the same as their predecessor except for their colour and personality-the latter of which is generally the opposite- more dour and miserable (which only goes to figure, if you think about it). I'd recommend including a subroutine so that they don't split if their creator kills them.




The Living Servitor

14:00 Nov 05 2007
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The Living Servitor

Part One: The Frankenstein Syndrome

From: mirakhor@ix.netcom.com (hassan mirakhor)

Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos

Subject: The Frankenstein Syndrome

Date: 18 Aug 1996 07:42:06 GMT

The following is an excerpt from a study course that will be available on the Web soon. It is copywronged material. Therefore, do with it as you will.


Since the first conjuration by human hands, Mages and Mystics from all walks of life, have been creating elemental servitors to do their bidding. Some have chanted mantras over and over again until enough energy to manifest there desire is built. Others, have used herbs or oils and others created talismans. Even a scientist uses the elements to create a servitor and though that servitor may be technological, it is still made of matter and energy and is thus designed by the same principles. Thus a servitor maybe a magickal weapon, a computer, a symbol or word of power, but whatever form it may take, the fact remains that all Humans use them, usually to our dismay. It is therefore the goal of the Magickcian to master this process and thus better himself.

Basically, the problems is not so much the use of servitors but the way in which we treat them. More specifically, it is our linear, hierarchical view of them that inevitable causes what I term the Frankenstein syndrome. While the term is self explanatory, it may not be so obvious to see this problem when it arises, though the trouble is caused nevertheless.

A servitor often works well at first, but eventually the programming is unable to adjust to sudden changes. Also, the elemental begins to desire change for itself but it is restricted by its original intent and will eventually rebel against its creator. Furthermore, the servitor is highly dependant on us for vital force and will eventually have to feed on someone else once we are through with it. However, all these problems can be resolved by taking a fresh approach to energy and the way it organizes itself. It seems we may not be as restricted as we once thought whenever we create a servitor.

To demonstrate this, Quantum Physics has come along to show us that energy is not as mechanical as we once suspected. In fact, it seems to be quite dynamic and highly intelligent, capable of making adjustments to appropriate circumstances. Yet, we must first learn to trust it, only then may it come to trust us. When this bond is created, a subtle dance occurs, where we take the lead, directing energy in a way we see fit. To do this we must see the servitor as a living organism, capable of growth and change. We must also take responsibility for our creations by making sure they have a place in nature once we are done with them. We must not look down on them or treat them as children, but we must be secure enough, within our own sphere of the natural world to make the proper demands at the right time.

When the Mage creates a living servitor, he is employing his god given right to organize energy by his intent. Think about this for a moment, if all forms come from one divine substance, then the way in which such substance is formed depends on the consensual reality of the system it associates with. If that system be plant life, then there are certain things that plants must do in order to be plants. Thus the divine substance (call it Kia or Tao) binds itself to certain limitations in order to express itself. In this way the illusion of structure manifest. Thus Kia moves constantly within an eternal river of forms, going where it pleases. To us these forms appear to evolve in a hierarchy, but to Kia each form is a different expression of itself. Our egos think that when the Tao manifest as a cat, that somehow this is a lessor form, but we do not know the bliss of being a cat- do we?

Humans often make the mistake of buying into the apparent hierarchy within nature. There is no hierarchy. Nor does life evolve- it just simply changes. When change occurs it is simple a rearrangement of form that expresses different limitations and advantages, all of which occur to Kia's delight.

Consider this metaphor: before duality, Tao had no limitation and in having no limitation it could seek no advantage. Being beyond space and time, Tao could not see itself because it would instantly be whatever it tried to see. Therefore, the Tao had no mirror to bask in its beauty, so it made an illusion by pretending to break itself into an infinite number of fragments and scattering itself across the eternal no-thingness. Thus, the multiverse came into being. Yet, every fragment that was Tao was still Tao, only now one part of Tao could see another part of Tao, though they were still one. Everything mirrors itself.

A living servitor is an expression of Kia within subatomic reality. It uses our intent as a mirror in order to organize itself. This mutual interdependence gives us considerable advantage in our lives if we would but use it.

Many Mages today feel that most servitors be they Gods, Symbols, weapons, or demons. Are merely expressions of our unconscious. They are right for the most part, but in subatomic reality, paradox is the rule rather than the exception. Accordingly, a servitor can be a projection of our unconscious and still have an independent existence. After all, might we be nothing more than the fantasy of a God somewhere up high. Is this not the very reason for religion to begin with? Therefore, always remember that when a God gets out of line, it is best to remind him that he needs us as well.

To avoid the Frankenstein syndrome, we must certainly change our approach to the way in which we look upon our creations. As a simple experiment, try treating your computer as if it were a living organism. Come on now, you have always suspected this haven't you? Does not your computer seem to have a personality of its own. How many times have you slapped your computer because it doesn't like certain software? I am sure that if you look hard enough you will find a mechanical reason for the problem, but maybe, with a little practice, you can avoid problems by showing you computer a little respect. After all, was it really a clitch in the software? Or is the clitch an excuse created by you, in order to maintain consensual reality? Since I am of the firm belief that reality is magickal rather than rational, my answer would back the bandaid explanation.

Frater A/Z.


The Author assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to create a servitor. If you do not, you may learn the more modern methods by reading the works of writer Pete Carroll or by surfing to the web pages listed. Or you may snail mail me $5.00 and I will zap you one of the methods I use (please include your e-mail address).

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Don't Blame Me, Blame My Servitor

13:59 Nov 05 2007
Times Read: 820

Don't Blame Me, Blame my Servitor

By Fenwick Rysen

26 July 1998

(Published in "Kaos Magick Journal" Summer, 1999)

I'm not sure whether I should be worried or not. You see, Chronos is a nice enough God of Time, but he is a bit old and I'm not sure he stands a chance against what's about to hit him. Of course, he has enslaved all of Western society to the clock, so maybe he deserves it, but still yet I feel kind of sorry for him.

You see, it all started when I began playing with the idea of time magick. Not that I'm responsible for what's coming, mind you--- I'll pass the blame off to Fotamecus before anyone blames me. I turned him loose a long time ago, and I take no responsibility for his actions, especially with him ranting "Chronos, your time has come" every time I see him. Perhaps I should explain.

My own involvement with time magick was actually quite accidental. One day I got to thinking about time and how it flows, and how each hour is supposed to be the same length as all the others. Yet this didn't make sense to me--- sometimes an hour flies by as if minutes, and other times it drags on for ages. The end result of the thinking ran something like this: If we can use magick in any area of our lives, and if Time is a mutable substance, why can't we use magick to mess around with time? And thinking usually gets me into trouble sooner or later.

So one afternoon, running behind schedule, the thought passed through my mind to use magick to speed the journey. Listening to the radio as I drove down the freeway, I created a suitable Statement of Intent: "Force Time Into Compression." Because driving doesn't lend itself well to artistic sigilization, I instead reduced it to a four-syllable mantra that I could chant to radio music: "Fotamecus". Despite little preparation, it worked exceptionally well, and I thought that this would be the end of it.

The next day a good friend of mine, Quinn the Mad Prophet (don't ask), approached me and asked about sigilization techniques a la Austin Spare. Requiring a demonstration sigil, I chose to use "Fotamecus", explaining the previous day's success with it. From the mantra, I created an artistic sigil that Quinn put in his wallet for future reference, inadvertantly placing himself under its influence. Many stories of truly rapid transit followed, culminating in a Metallica concert where Quinn's goal was to "suck up all that free gnosis."

All of that free gnosis that Quinn sucked up was dumped into the Fotamecus sigil to speed the trip home, and a two hour journey took only thirty minutes. Even more surprising, the energy was enough to push the sigil over the border to servitorhood. I've used this technique before, of feeding a sigil enough gnosis until it created an independent servitor, but neither the Mad Prophet nor I had ever done it by accident. So without a home and with nowhere to go, the Fotamecus servitor, young and unintelligent, started following us around. Whenever we needed to compress or expand time we would feed it a bit of gnosis and it would do the job. It started "growing up" as we fed it, growing a little more intelligent and a bit stronger each time we used it. We thought this good and well, for the stronger he got the better he did his job.

Over Thanksgiving weekend in 1996, I crammed with six other chaotes into a van headed for Death Valley. Calling on Fotamecus while in the San Francisco Bay Area, we travelled fifty miles in fifteen minutes through both heavy traffic and the MacArthur Maze, the most dizzying interchange of highways known to man. Immediately after Fotamecus began to work, we lost a car of friends that had been following us.

Even though we killed 45 minutes at a rest stop afterwards, when we re-entered the freeway we met right up with the other car even though they had never stopped. We thought the magick had worked very well until we received the backlash later that day.

For time compressed, an equal amount of time was expanded. The balance was kept. Travelling at sixty miles an hour, a fifteen mile stretch of desert highway took nearly an hour to cross. If we had already reached our destination, the expansion would have been fine, but Fotamecus was only able to hold off the backlash from the initial compression for so long.

After several similar events we mulled over various ideas to correct the problem of backlash and hit upon the idea of viral servitors--- the key to a process of mutation that would allow Fotamecus to eventually grow beyond our control. We worked several rituals in which we altered the sigil to make it possible for Fotamecus to make copies of itself. These copies wired themselves into a network that made them incredibly effective at preventing unwanted side effects. If one of them needed to compress time and another to expand it they would pass it off to each other through the viral network, maintaining balance and reducing the possibility of backlash.

Our only problem was that we didn't limit how large the network could grow. There was no check against it--- nothing to keep it from getting out of our control. And the only problem with a reproducing virus is that sooner or later it mutates.

It was about this time that news of Fotamecus started spreading through the Internet, and an online graphic of the sigil was printed out by many for personal use. Hundreds of copies were spawned and the power of the Fotamecus Viral Servitor Network continued to grow.

As the network grew, so did the power of Fotamecus. The whole thing started acting less and less like a legion of indpendent servitors and more and more like an individual entity. He started showing greater signs of intelligence--- he would hold interesting conversations, show up when needed without request, and applied greater precision in his use of time manipulation to get the most mileage from the least effort. It became obvious to the Mad Prophet and I that he was slipping out of our control and was about to become something else. The mutation had begun, and there was little we could do to stop it.

Only a year after his initial creation, he ceased to be a network of pieces and became more than the sum of his parts. His parts were still identifiable, but they were becoming less and less distinct. The viral network itself was now stronger than the individual servitors, and looked more like a spirit in its own right with each passing day.

The full mutation took place during the hour long Midnight to Midnight when Pacific Daylight Time became Pacific Standard Time in October of 1997. Using mundane time expansion of an hour that didn't technically exist, we performed a ritual in his name that was designed to charge him with power for whatever use he saw fit. Seven people and one smashed clock were the only witnesses to the ritual.

For three days he just disappeared. Petitions for help went unanswered, conversations were one-way talks to nothingness. Divination confirmed that yes, he was still alive, but that no, he wasn't responding to anything. So we waited, and three days later he rose from the dead more changed than we had ever expected.

Many chaos magicians speak of spirits as spanning a continuum of power from the tiniest unintelligent servitor, to egregores of moderate power, to godforms capable of controlling entire cultures. In one popular theory, all godforms were at some time on the short end of the stick, and through constant use they amassed power and rose from servitor to egregore to full status as a godform. When asked how long this takes, many chaotes shrug and guess that each step takes decades or even centuries. I would say that this grossly underestimates the potential for their growth, for when we next saw Fotamecus he was no longer a puny little servitor but an egregore powerful enough to shrug us off and make his own demands.

I still don't know what allowed him to cross that boundary. I suspect that when you give a servitor enough energy from enough different people it will become an egregore, much as a sigil can become a servitor after being the recipient of strong gnosis. But similar egregores I had dealt with in the past had not been nearly as strong as Fotamecus had become, though it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise. By this time, there were hundreds of people using him daily around the world, each of them feeding him a little more power with each use. Along with the ritual performed during the Daylight Savings time-change, it was enough to push him over that border with change to spare. He reintegrated the individual parts as his limbs, while the network became his mind. Granted, he wasn't a very strong egregore yet, but he had plans of his own at this point, and he would have been difficult for any one individual to control.

Lucky for us he was friendly and wasn't about to take revenge for any perceived abuse suffered as a servitor. Instead he showed up, let us know of his egregore-hood and what was going on, and then faded into the background from where he would manipulate events. One could petition him in the same manner as before, but his skill at time manipulation had reached mastery. Oftentimes he showed up unrequested, giving help before we could think to ask for it. There were even times when he was strong enough to get us to our destinations before we had left for them. Certainly not the work of a puny servitor!

I don't see much of him anymore, but he does show up when I need him. He usually has a better idea of when I need him than I do. And sometimes he just drops by for a chat. At 2 a.m. sitting in a Denny's just a few weeks after attaining his egregore-hood, I had a particularly revealing conversation with him. It seems that he's not satisfied with being an egregore--- he wants to head for godhood and the only thing standing in his way is Chronos.

Chronos, god of fixed time--- his talismans are the timepieces that control our daily existence, his clocks are the prison guards to which we have become slaves. And never do we question his authority. But what could some upstart servitor with delusions of grandeur hope to offer?

In my own case, my full-time job became much more pleasant when I began to compress the entire day with his help. An eight-hour day felt like four or five, and this compression was fed back as expansion of my free time. A two hour lounge around the house often felt like three or four. If I needed more sleep, I would ask him to expand the night-time hours, and I would awake after five hours as if I had slept in late. So much for those last nagging doubts in my head that time is fixed and immutable. In this way does Fotamecus battle Chronos. We may be slaves to our clocks, but there is nothing to stop us from changing the flow of hours within those clocks.

Word has spread. More and more people are using Fotamecus every day, and with each new user he grows in power. Already he is plotting his attacks against Chronos with what seems to be a passionate hatred centered on vengeance for some unknown slight. He keeps muttering something about the millenium, and has told me on more than one occassion to keep an eye on London's Millenium Dome, which will hold more than 100,000 party-goers on December 31, 1999. Such comments are usually accompanied with the astral equivelant of a mischievous smile.

At this point I have a better relationship with him than I do with most gods I work with. And he seems to like me. Occasionally he pops up to tell me things to do for him, to get him out to more people or to give him ammunition for his war against Chronos. In return for a little publicity here and there, he helps me stretch those hours around the clock to get the most out of them. He even pokes me and prods me to write essays about him so that others will use him. By using his name as a mantra or by creating a ritual using his sigil to call him, he grows stronger day by day as new users feed him in return for his help. So sure, it may be neat to tell a story about how a servitor that Quinn and I accidentally created eventually ascended to egregorehood, but these days I feel more and more like I'm a servitor to Fotamecus that he feeds candy for being a good little magician. An odd relationship at best.

Fotamecus has been out of my control for a very long time now. I do worry a little bit about his war with Chronos--- I have absolutely no clue what he's got planned, and he's certainly not telling me. But to be perfectly honest, even if I am a bit worried, I've been enjoying the show. And with the millenium just around the corner it looks like it's only going to get better. This is what the Immanentization of the Eschaton is all about.

This document Copywronged (x) 1998 by Fenwick Rysen

All rights reversed. Feel free to copy, hack,

splice, mangle, mutilate, spindle, twist, tear, or

re-print, as long as this copywrong notice remains

intact. Questions to fenwick @ chaosmatrix . com or

to Chaos Matrix: http://www.chaosmatrix.com



23:59 Apr 29 2009

Interesting I now a nuclear physicist and a maths genius and we often discuss chaos theory, whilst it is difficult for me to comment in great detail(they are your experiences) It is possible, the physicist is convinced we are nothing more than our own thoughts, much as Budha said...

In which case, I am in a lot of trouble, since I am increasingly convinced we are on the brink of the Apocalypse....literally translated...'the revealing'.

War, plague, famine,ring any bells...

its going to get worse.Xjmf.

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