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18:35 May 18 2023
Times Read: 181

Through the forest, late at night,
A chilling breeze, a haunting sight,
The moon above, a glowing orb,
And in the shadows, something's disturbed.

I hear a scream, I see a flash,
A sudden movement, a violent clash,
And then I see her, with a knife in hand,
A killer on the loose, in this darkened land.

I watch from afar, as she takes another life,

She wields her knife,
Her movements are swift, her strikes are quick,
And in the darkness, she's a deadly trick.

I can feel my heart racing, as I watch her stalk,
Every move she makes, every victim she clocks,
I want to run, I want to hide,
But I'm frozen in fear, as she takes another life.

The forest is her playground, and she's the queen,
A ruthless killer, a terrifying fiend,
I know I should leave, I know I should flee,
But I can't tear my eyes away, from this macabre spree.

And then, as quickly as it started, it's over,
The killer disappears, like a fleeting rover,
I'm left alone, in the stillness of the night,
With the memory of the murder, a haunting sight.

I'll never forget, what I saw that night,
The killer in the forest, with her deadly might,
And though I'm scared, and though I'm afraid,
I'll keep walking through the forest, in this darkened shade.




21:21 May 17 2023
Times Read: 200

Oh, how the shadows dance tonight,
As the moon casts its eerie light,
Summoning forth the powers of the night,
To unleash our darkest might.

The circle is drawn, the candles lit,
The incantations spoken with grit,
As we call upon the ancient ones,
To grant us power under the suns.

The air grows thick with sulfur and smoke,
As we chant and invoke,
The demons of the abyss,
To grant us their dark bliss.

In the center, the sacrificial lamb,
The blood spills like a crimson dam,
As we offer up this life,
To appease the forces of strife.

The screams of the damned fill the air,
As we revel in the dark despair,
Our souls now bound to the infernal flames,
As we embrace our wicked, twisted aims.

Oh, how the shadows dance tonight,
As we unleash our dark side with delight,
For we are the chosen few,
The disciples of the blackest hue.

So join us in this dark rite,
And feel the power of the night,
For in the darkness we thrive,
And in the shadows, we come alive.




21:51 May 15 2023
Times Read: 222

In the dead of the night, when the stars were black,
And the moon hung low, like a demon's back,
There walked a figure, tall and lean,
The most sinister sight, you've ever seen.

His name was Jeff, the killer they say,
With a face like a mask, that never gave way,
His eyes were cold, and filled with hate,
A soul so dark, it sealed his fate.

His steps were silent, his breath a hiss,
As he moved through the shadows, with a deadly kiss,
His blade was sharp, and quick to strike,
And his victims never knew, what they'd done to spike.

He roamed through the city, like a ghostly shade,
Leaving a trail of blood, that never quite faded,
His laughter echoed, like a demon's growl,
As he claimed another victim, and made them howl.

The people feared him, with good reason too,
For Jeff the killer, knew just what to do,
He could slip into your dreams, and tear them apart,
And leave you screaming, with a shattered heart.

Alister Crowley, would have been proud,
Of this dark and twisted, killer so loud,
For Jeff was a demon, in human guise,
A terror so real, it would make you despise.

So if you hear, a creak in the night,
And your heart starts pounding, with all its might,
Just remember Jeff, the killer so vile,
And pray to the heavens, that he's not on the prowl.




16:41 May 13 2023
Times Read: 246

Oh ye who have wronged me, hear my call
I summon the powers of darkness, to curse ye all
With fire and brimstone, I shall cast my spell
And send ye to the depths of the eternal hell

By the powers of the demons and the fallen ones
I conjure the spirits of vengeance and undone
Let them haunt ye in your sleep, let them torment your soul
Let them bring ye down to the depths of the black hole

May your eyes be blinded by the darkness that I bring
May your ears be deafened by the screams of the damned
May your heart be consumed by the flames of my wrath
May your soul be forever bound to the shadows of my path

For I am the master of the dark arts, the lord of the abyss
And with my words, I shall unleash the fury of the abyss
So beware, ye who have wronged me, for your fate is sealed
And with my curse, your doom shall be revealed.




20:45 May 08 2023
Times Read: 301

Under the full moon's eerie glow,
In the depths of the forest below,
Where the hellhounds howl and the demons roam,
We gather for a blood-soaked throne.

In the midst of the ritual's dark delight,
We dance with the devil in the pale moonlight,
As our bodies writhe in ecstasy,
We offer our souls to the Lord of Misery.

With blades drawn and hearts aflame,
We spill our blood in his unholy name,
As we chant and sing and scream and shout,
Our bodies wracked with a demonic bout.

The forest floor is slick with gore,
As we bathe in blood and scream for more,
Our eyes ablaze with satanic fire,
As we worship the dark lord's desire.

The creatures of the night surround us,
As we offer our souls to their demonic coven,
Their eyes ablaze with infernal delight,
As we pay homage to the lord of the night.

Our bodies and minds now one with the dark,
We revel in the blood-soaked forest's stark,
As we pledge our souls to the prince of hell,
Our screams echo through the abyss's shell.

So let our blood flow and our souls be damned,
For in the devil's embrace we find our truest band,
And as we dance in the forest's dark embrace,
We offer our souls to the lord of the demonic race.




17:05 May 07 2023
Times Read: 331

In the depths of night, 'neath the moon's pale light,
The twisted ones gather, in secret and in might,
To perform their dark rituals, to call forth the abyss,
And unleash the powers of darkness, that none can resist.

Their leader, a master of the black arts,
With eyes that gleam like fiery darts,
Commands their every move, with a voice both cold and clear,
As they dance around the altar, with a frenzied fear.

The air is thick with the scent of blood,
As they sacrifice a lamb, to their demon god,
And the flames of the candles flicker and dance,
As they chant the ancient incantations, of a long-lost trance.

Their bodies writhe and twist, in a maddened ecstasy,
As the power of the ritual, begins to set them free,
And the very fabric of reality, begins to warp and bend,
As the demons of the abyss, answer their every command.

With a roar that shakes the very foundations of the earth,
The demons rise up, from their place of birth,
And the twisted ones bow down, in worship and in fear,
As the dark powers of the abyss, draw ever near.

They revel in the pain and suffering, that they inflict upon the world,
As they unleash the darkness, that they have so carefully unfurled,
And they laugh and they cackle, as they watch the world burn,
For they know that they are the masters, of all that they have earned.

Their leader, the master of the black arts,
Smiles a twisted smile, as he takes the final part,
Of the sacrifice they have made, to the demon god,
And he knows that they have succeeded, in breaking all that is good.

For in the depths of night, 'neath the moon's pale light,
The twisted ones have gathered, and unleashed their might,
And the world will never be the same, for they have opened the door,
To the dark powers of the abyss, forever more.



18:32 May 07 2023

I like your writing.


15:27 May 05 2023
Times Read: 357

In the depths of despair, I find myself lost,
A life of pain and sorrow, too great a cost.
Suicide beckons, with its sweet release,
A chance to find peace, a chance for eternal peace.

I contemplate the methods, the ways to end it all,
The pills, the knife, the noose, or a deadly fall.
But none seem worthy, none seem just right,
Until I meet a woman, with eyes so bright.

She's a psychopath, they say, a killer in the night,
A twisted soul, devoid of all that's right.
But to me, she's an angel, with a gift to give,
A chance to end it all, a chance to finally live.

Together we plot, the perfect end to my pain,
A fall from grace, a fall to end this endless strain.
We climb a tower, high above the ground,
And as I look down, my heart begins to pound.

But she whispers in my ear, words so sweet and true,
"You'll fly like a bird, when you fall, you'll be new."
With those words, I take the leap, and fall with grace,
Into the abyss, into the darkness, into my final resting place.

As I lie there, broken and bleeding, I think of her,
The psychopath, the killer, the one who helped me blur
The lines between life and death, between heaven and hell,
And in that moment, I know, that I am free from this mortal cell.

So if you seek the end, the eternal sleep,
Seek out a psychopath, one who'll help you leap
Into the darkness, into the void, into the unknown,
And there you'll find peace, there you'll find your final home.



19:06 May 05 2023

I feel like that too.


22:55 May 03 2023
Times Read: 408

Well, let me tell you, these users are a real piece of work! They think they can get away with anything and everything, without any consequences. They cannot handle criticism because they are so insecure about themselves that any negative feedback feels like a personal attack. And when they are caught in a lie, they will do anything to deflect the blame onto someone else.

But what really grinds my gears is their need to manipulate situations to their advantage. They will twist the truth to fit their narrative, and they are not above throwing others under the bus to achieve their goals. And when they are confronted with individuals who are more intelligent than them, they become defensive and try to make themselves look better by belittling others.

It is clear that these users have a severe personality disorder and are in dire need of professional help. They are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions and will continue to manipulate and deceive until they are caught. As a society, we must do more to hold these individuals accountable and prevent them from causing harm to others.

In conclusion, it is essential to identify and address individuals who engage in manipulative behavior and hold them accountable for their actions. We must work together to create a safe and respectful environment for everyone, where honesty and integrity are valued above all else.




19:32 May 03 2023
Times Read: 418

Witchcraft and the occult have a rich history and cultural significance, with practices that date back centuries. Whether you are a practitioner or simply curious about these subjects, it is important to approach them with respect and knowledge. One of the primary aspects of witchcraft and the occult is the use of ceremonies and rituals, which require careful attention and preparation to be effective.

It is crucial to understand that rituals and ceremonies should never be rushed or taken lightly, as they involve working with powerful energies that can have significant effects. It is essential to have a solid understanding of the principles and practices involved in these practices, as well as the specific tools and materials needed to perform them effectively. This knowledge can be acquired through research, study, and experience.

While there are many resources available online and in bookstores, it is important to be discerning about the sources you use. Many websites and books offer incomplete or inaccurate information, and some may even be harmful or dangerous. The best resources for rituals and ceremonies are often found in old bookshops or on eBay, in ancient texts written in Latin or Hebrew that have been passed down through generations of practitioners.

These old texts can provide invaluable insights into the practices of witchcraft and the occult, including detailed instructions for rituals and ceremonies, as well as explanations of their underlying principles and beliefs. However, it is important to approach these texts with caution and respect, as they may contain powerful information that should not be taken lightly or used without proper preparation and understanding.

In conclusion, witchcraft and the occult are complex and powerful practices that require careful attention and respect. It is crucial to approach these practices with knowledge and discernment, and to take the time to learn from reputable sources. While there are many resources available, the best ones are often found in ancient texts that have been passed down through generations of practitioners. By taking the time to learn and prepare properly, you can engage in these practices with confidence and respect for their power and significance.



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