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01:21 Sep 25 2015
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Work note: to give myself credit. Was in a 30 something all black group. Whew. I new I should have checked this place out. Lol. The token white. Turns out the white guy behind counter is new. And the other is temp. Lol really need to find a fun mix.

Astral work starts tonight. Going to start conjuring the black hole. Found a ball. Looking for something with weight. Everything was light. It was filled w jell and a metal thing. So lets see.




09:10 Sep 24 2015
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Need a little black rubber ball.


Have incense

Something to practice.

Black Hole conjure!

Still haven't thought of other way to take scientist.

Was going to lean to funny. W pink feathered shoes bubbles and love music in background. But, could use a elemental background. In a field of flowers, Something like Shakespeare scene, w the fairies in the moonlight. sweet. My first!




01:00 Sep 23 2015
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Problem with new phone. I have too many browsers working at once. lol

Anyway, Cox job is coming to an end. The monkey suit is Killing Me. Plus, so many awful problems about pay. I'm sure others have had these difficulties. But, it is making me CRAZY!..... lol.

One more Fax to go.....

Astral Work.....

Linked with the amusing guy. Saw a lot of globes floating. Big Boy was in one of them, reflecting a triangle. Used music with the Astral Link. Picked up velocity. Used the original Chvrches song, with the girl singing. Just for flow. Best to use when you have enemies, trying to evade the link. It makes a wonderful, block.

Broke my globe. Felt after... that I was no longer linked with Stonehenge. This will change things, a bit, around me.

So, I quickly bit the Scientist, that I have chosen.

He really, is cute. Showed me a flume with energy particles coming out of it. Next we ended up in his show room, if you know what I mean. Funny guy. I really, have to do it back. My first.... So Cute!

Well... Now I Can Start Something with Substance. The word Substance is Important to me. Really, the amusing guy was OK, Gay though. But, this will make me feel practical. I am so excited to start. Have to rest a bit. Hard to do when your excited.

Oh, and someone helped me clamp my cross back and call my people, to take over the circle.

What I hope to do is substance, beyond what I can do.

Meanwhile, job searching tomorrow! Can't wait to get out of the monkey suit, into a dress.




22:05 Sep 22 2015
Times Read: 641

Astral work.




21:30 Sep 06 2015
Times Read: 649

Note: Also, on double checking on force field:

The circle stones are magnetic, as I had thought.

Blue stone known for Copper sulphate.

Not only, could be used has a field.

But, easily could be carried using that field.




20:27 Sep 06 2015
Times Read: 652

Well, since my last writ, someone said, what I saw was a terrace. lol. In my dictionary, it is a raised platform, that you stand on. But, I guess in a foreign way it could be. (A raised Platform)

The big guy who, I guess runs the circle/terrace, said he is a bit of a practical joker. What, are those things that protect the gold, on the other side of the rainbow. hmmmm Forgot the name. So, I keep my distance. Truthfully, I said in one of my last journal entry; that I would not go near the Druids.

There are a lot of astral connections. One, when there is a strong, need. Like if someone is in pain, and you go to them physically, you see them clearly. That kind, for me, only lasts briefly. Example, when my dad was dying of cancer, certain times, I would be brought to him consciously, during overnight pain spouts. Would see him clearly. Such as I did, with the Terrace.

Other connections, include dream state.

Saw a friend in a dream talking to me. Someone that I hadn't seen in a very long time. Tried to get in contact. Lol. Called the wrong one. lol.

Meanwhile, I have the internet on my phone. So, I can put pictures on the internet for my friend's painting business.

Not Working Right. Bummer. Was going to connect with a Vampire Rave Coven, Also.

Oh Well. Looks like a no return, to the communications office. Didn't get paid. No pay, No return. A few have talked about switching agencies, for the job. Lets see. But, as far as I am concerned, no pay, no work.

But, I am starting another job, Tuesday/Wednesday. Hope it is fun!

And thank you Jerome Painting! You are a LifeSaver!




23:04 Sep 02 2015
Times Read: 660

Let me the....

The spell looked like a giant board... like a oblong box, Only curved at front corners, middle had an half oblong circle outdent. There is a lit up disk on the inside middle. Also, there is a rim on the front, which means someone a little fancy made it. Like a border. Looks like it was up in the air, so could be part of something to show the public.

Could be that, what do you call it, a sacrifice is used to thwart it.



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