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What Is Going On??!!

11:22 Aug 09 2013
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This has been a very strange night. First let me start by telling you a little about my job. I am a 3rd shift Ranger at a zoo. My job is to patrol a huge 53 acre park that is basically a big plot of forest in the middle of the ghetto in my city. I patrol it alone so there really isn't much I can do if I get hurt or something bad happens to me. I have to keep people out and animals in. I have to monitor alarms and the state of the utilities here. I hear gunshots around the outside of the perimeter fence quite regularly. The place was originally a dump back in the 40s before the zoo was built. Everything here is builton top of layers and layers of iron and other metals which turns the whole place into a giant lightning rod when it storms. Because of this the air is charged with ions which in the paranormal field is believed to be more conducive to paranormal happenings. Additionally this was the employer of Knoxville's one and only known serial killer. Some of the prostitutes he killed were believed to be killed on this property. There were women that came up missing during the time of the murders that were never found so they could be buried here. Now that you have the summary of some of what Ido here and what makes the place creepy, let me tell you the odd shit that happened tonight.

Something felt off at the beginning of the first patrol. You know that feeling of dread you get for no apparent reason at all? Next I started noticing dying cicadas on the ground all over the property. I know things die cause it is just the way things happen but I counted fifteen total and they were all over the property. They were all barely alive so this means they were all affected at the same time as if something zapped them to the ground. 15 cicadas and 1 butterfly. There was also an increase in the normal paranormal activity that happens on a regular nightly basis. There were dark shadow anomalies moving around in places. It's quite unsettling to be in the dark and you see something even darker moving about across pathways in front of you. Something else that kept happening was the two way radio I carry kept having interference. The light on it would blink and it would sound like someone was keying the mic. This was happening in spots it normally doesn't happen in.

I would love comments and/or feedback from any individuals with a paranormal, scientific, environmental and sceptical mind. Not so sceptical that you have a closed mind but sceptical enough that you don't believe just anything you hear.

Thank you for reading this and leaving your feedback.



12:22 Aug 09 2013

Quite a dilemma you've got here... it's not the first time I've heard of creatures dying around a spirit. If anything, the chances that it was scared to death might be possible. If you could afford the equiptment, try getting a EVP ( electronic voice phenomena ) to see if it says anything. Of course you'd have to ask questions. Also I recomment that you try to track down abit more info on the place, try and contact any previous owners or anyone who worked on the shift, they might be able to recall accounts such as yours. I hope this helps. Message me back if you need anymore assistance, cos the paranormal is my area~ ^^

13:34 Aug 09 2013

Good info. Thank you. I too am experienced in the field. I used to have access to quite a bit of good equipment such as a Mel-meter as well as a K-2, a Flir thermal imaging camera, various forms of night vision lighting, as well as some experimental items we were developing. Now due to not having the budget of a team I am limited to a Sony digital sound recorder for EVPs. I was part of two teams a year or so ago but they have since broke up. I have actually considered starting my own locally.

As far as researching the property history I have done extensive research on the serial killer there. I really would like to find out more on the place back before it was a dump though.

I brought my ex to hang out with me at work one night. She was our teams sensitive. She came up with so much going on there that she couldn't focus very well.

You did help back up my opinion on the cicada incident being paranormal. I was trying to decide if it was that or something environmental possibly.thanks so much again for your insight and feedback. :)

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