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The Stone City of Death and Vagrants

22:29 Jan 04 2014
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Tonight I gaze upon the same moon that once made me think of you and smile and recall vivid reminiscences. Times when you bathed with me in her splendid light. Nights full of anticipated excitement when only you and I existed as we roamed amidst spooks and wild beasts and all the things that cause the mundane sheeple of the sun to pull the blankets over their heads while shivering and studdering to call it a night. Nights filled with flickering street lamps and rustling leaves as crisp breezes caress the shoulders of a lonely little girl with a heart of stone that not even the offering of pieces of the hearts of others in the form of unique gifts can ever soften. Though you are hundreds of miles away there was a sentimental solice in pretending you were still mine to form a self deceiving facade. For me you were my territory and I expected that to fade away gently with time, but there was little time given to me for that. In as short a time if not less than it took you to fall in love with me you fell out and found another. I wonder if you love him already? When I think of you and him, miserable thoughts consume me. Your whimper and moan at the feel of him inside you. Does he appreciate your feel, scent, and sound as much as I did? Were you with him when you told me just a week or so ago that you craved my touch and needed me inside of you? I know you are a creature of affection just as I am. It feels selfish of me to be even slightly bothered that you have found the happiness that I took away from you. I am not a foolish enough man not to know it was my call that ended us. Unfortunately I am also not a forgetful enough man to not remember you telling me it would be a long time before you could seek another in spite of me telling you it would not. I taunted you and told you that you would be no different than any other girl and that you would be fine in a month or so and you said no. It looks like I was right as always. I will always love you I can promise you that. That having been said, for me to take time to write this you must know a portion of me died today. I died but please do not mourn me for I will rise. I will come back from the dead only you will no longer be there. You died today as well but my greed and pain caused me to burn you to ashes. In my heart you now rest beneath the cold flat stone you once fell to your knees upon to bend over and pose so erotically for me and my lense a couple months shy of a year ago. The stone city of death and vagrants shall be known as our final resting place. I still think of you when I gaze upon the moon in all of her silvery luminosity. Whether she be as dark as the little stone girl's heart or as full as a with child womb, I still think of you when I see her hovering above. But I think of you in different ways now love. Those lunar rays absorb through my retinas and seep into the pores of my skin. I whimper and moan as my body contorts in pain and all I can think about is how I want to rip you apart. I want to make you whimper and scream for me as you once did. It won't be pleasant for you this time like it used to be but it will bring me the ultimate satisfaction. As I thrust inside you, you will pulsate and contract around me as you once did only this time it will not be from my hands around your neck from behind or yanking your head back by your red hair or even from me digging my claws into your back. It wont be from me sinking my teeth into the flesh of your shoulder as I explode inside of you. This time it will be from the skin of your neck being peeled from your body over your shoulder and down your back. It will be from the torment of your head being turned around much further than safely possible. Your body will feel almost as bad as my heart felt today. If I have grown powerful enough by the time your body has taken all it can take I will resurrect you and do it over and over again. You loved me for my darkness and this is the same darkness that causes me to think this way. My best and most attractive quality is also my fatal flaw. I feel the need to apologize for loving you so much. Doesn't that burst at the seems with irony? My brutal thoughts of you cannot cause you to think ill of me any more than the Alpha wolf whom snaps at the other wolf that attempts to take his meal or challenge his spot in the hierarchy. Think what you will of me and my animalistic mother nature programmed aggression. It is me now and will be me as the raspy whimper utilizes the strength of my final labored breath.



10:02 Aug 08 2014

Brutal and melancholy

10:43 Aug 08 2014

Thank you.

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