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Part 2 Continues............

15:26 Feb 28 2007
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As we stood under the moonlight looking upon eachother. This beautiful, dark soul and I, I find myself wondering and lost for a moment in his eyes. I've searched so long for my true dark prince, and have been in hopes he would soon find me, and this handsome creature, now stands before me . Like nothing i've ever known, Long flowing silky dark hair i long to touch, and deep dark eyes, that could hold my future in them, such passionate lips , that i would love to feel against my body and feel against my veins, And when he speaks i get lost in his words....... He is looking for his dark soul mate , could i dare to hope, could he possibly be? The dark prince i've longed for all this time? The one i've stood under the moon and waited for to find me? The one i've had such a longing for? I really hope you are my handsome friend. Come let's walk together under the light of this moon, and enjoy this chance to get to know, to see if we could be each other's long awaited companions..........



00:58 Mar 25 2010

I fear this is not I that you carry on about but, would so much like to dream and think if just for a minute or two. Bravo truely beautiful piece.


Part 2

17:47 Feb 25 2007
Times Read: 991

Going along, Just another night. I'm walking alone under the moon light enjoying her light. I have ran across a few like me as of late, willing to have a few brief conversations. It's nice to know there are kindred souls still out there, even if they do not walk the same path as I, but it is a very similair one. My thirst isn't as bad tonight, so i can control my longing. Oh, My dear dark prince, where are you my love? Are you well? Do you long for me as i long for you? I long to love you , and give my all, my heart, mind, body, and soul, it is all for you my love, just come and take me into your arms and claim all that is yours, My heart beats just for you. My blood flows through my veins , wishing for you to drink of it.......... Hmmm What is that? I since someone. In the distance is someone watching me, He is handsome, and very dark. His soul is very dark, he is like me, but also very different, he is much darker than I. He stands so patiently, awaiting to aproach me. He is beautiful, Long flowing dark hair, dark eyes, and such a dark soul, but i sense something about his heart. yes, he interests me... Could he be? Or is he just another conversation , someone to befriend while i wait for you my love.......



00:54 Mar 25 2010

Waiting for the pure true long lost love. Hoping that one day he shall come out of the shadows and befriend you and learn and take you as his own and begain the emotions that come from within and watch as it grows with each passing of time. Very deep and true and beautiful your words seem to flow and speak in loud and clear. So the question remines has he already found you?


Part 1

01:28 Feb 23 2007
Times Read: 998

My name is Akasha Adiana. I walk this life alone. Recently awakend, I am always searching for companions and knowledge. I am one that is most misunderstood. I am very romantic, affecianate, and loyal, but do not cross me. I have a wraith that lies way down deep. A rage that lurkes to my benifet. Tonight, I dress in all black, as it matches my mood. I brush my long wavy hair, and put on my black boots. I am ready for tonight's hunt. It is a beautiful night. The moon is full. A light breeze is blowing thru my hair. My eyes are blue, but are turning alittle gray, because of my thirst. It shouldn't be hard to find the evil doer. I approach a night club, and enter the door, a few heads turn, I smile but not to much, wouldn't want to show my fangs. LOL. I enter, a live band is playing, great rock " roll music. the lights are perfect , so dim. I notice a man so beautiful, long blond hair, he is sitting alone, but is the attention of a few ladies. He is drawing, oh what talent he possess. he doesn't realize his inner beauty at all. he has had a hard life. Such a soul, such a heart, such innocence, I am drawn to him. I cannot allow any harm to come to him. I normally stay to myself, but i will protect this one. He desires to be a hero, and has the heart to do so. Such passion and strength, even has beautiful art along his body. Yes, this man will be protected by me........ MMMM my thirst is building..... My eyes are now green, There across the room, a perfect evil man. Boy, he is sexy, and he is bad..... I walk toward him. he looks at me. My eyes he says , he can see something about them, everyone says they can get lost in them, but know one seems to know what or whom they really see in them. We walk outside, along the back, into a wooded area. He is completly lost in me. I kiss him, caress his neck, and chest, and i draw from him , feeling his heart beat with mine in a rythem i've heard before. I bring him to his point of death, and kiss him fairwell, and think of the night i was given my dark gift, and i also began to think as i walk alone in the night under the moon. Where is my dark prince? Will he ever find me? I long to share my passion, my blood, my life, my soul with him. I'm i to keep walking this life alone? No, i will not doubt him. I know he will find me. Until then i will keep looking for companions to befriend and knowledge....... I must return to my safe place. It will be light soon, and the weight of the world will be upon me.......



00:47 Mar 25 2010

Very lovely indeed I like this one makes me feel at ease when reading this. Calm and at peace when some they are so excited or their hearts races a mile a minute. It sounds like a true story with a real feeling nothing fiction. I love it my dear friend your words speak only an fellow vampyre can relate too. Bravo!

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