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Attitude To Inspiration

15:30 Jan 23 2023
Times Read: 191

We are often let down by the most trusted people
Loved by the most unexpected ones.
Some make us cry for things that we haven't done
While others ignore our faults and see our smile.

Some leave us when we need them the most
While some stay with us even when we ask them to leave
The world is a mixture of people
We just need to know which hand to shake
Which hand to hold
After all that's life
Learning to hold on
Learning to let go

I used to think communication was key
Until I realized comprehension is
You can communicate all you want with someone
If they don't understand you it won't reach them
The way you need it to.

I keep going because I was given no other choice
It was either fall or fly and that is the story
Of how I got my wings.

You are not responsible for anyone's distorted
Perception of you, Stand firm in your own light and truth.

Many Blessings



17:18 Jan 23 2023


Attitude To Inspiration

15:44 Jan 19 2023
Times Read: 217

I am no one's sculpture to be molded
Into who you want me to be.
I won't be rewritten by anyone but me.

Some want to dictate how I should think
And what I should feel.
They want me to hide and pretend
That I'm not real.

They tell me what I should write.
And how I should express myself.
They want me to become expressionless.

I am who I am
Your approval is not needed
If you can't handle that,
I will gladly watch you leave.

Life isn't meant to be easy
It's meant to be lived.
Sometimes happy, other times rough

But every up and down you learn
Lessons that make you strong.
When you know something is right
And true for you, You don't
Have to explain yourself.

Be strong when you are weak
Be brave when you are scared
Be humble when you are victorious
Be Badass everyday..



19:47 Jan 19 2023

19:51 Jan 19 2023

Let me try that gif again...


Attitude To Inspiration

20:02 Jan 16 2023
Times Read: 239

Everything on Earth is borrowed
There is no Mine or Yours
There is only ours

Even time is borrowed
We kill over a Plot of land
That belongs only to our Mother Earth

All you have is what you came with your Spirit
Listen to the wind, it talks
Listen to the silence , it speaks
Listen to your heart, it knows.

I am at a place in my life where peace is a priority
I make deliberate life choices to protect
My mental, emotional, and spiritual state

You must understand where I have been,
What I have endured, I have spent years
In survival mode and that is trauma to the soul

Sometimes you have to learn all over again
That the quiet is peace and not a prelude to war
Please don't ever give anybody enough power
Over you to bring back the triggered, unhealed version
Of you, When you have worked so hard to become better than that.



21:05 Jan 16 2023


Attitude To Inspiration

14:38 Jan 12 2023
Times Read: 268

Pay attention to the lessons life shows you.
Sometimes you will be presented with
The same thing in a different package
To see if you learned anything.

I can't rewrite my past.
I wouldn't even if I could.
I am stronger, and a better person
For the scars I now wear.

Always remember that your
Current situation is not your
Final destination
The best is yet to come.

Because at the end of the day
The right people fight for you
The right people show up
The right people care

Not only when life is convenient
But when it is difficult and
Messy and it aches all over

"Your trauma made you stronger"

No, my trauma made me traumatized
It made me weak
Gave me sleepless nights, and memory loss

It gave me feelings I never wanted
I made myself stronger
By dragging myself out of a dark place
Dealing with the consequences that weren't my fault.

Be so proud of yourself for how you handled this past year.
I don't know about you but I fought so many silent battles.
I had to humble myself
Wipe my own tears
Pat myself on the back.
If your did the same, Be Proud Of You..



14:46 Jan 12 2023


Attitude To Inspiration

18:01 Jan 08 2023
Times Read: 285

I have come from breakdowns to breakthroughs.
The pain has both shaped me and saved me

I am still here
I am still standing
I am and always will be a fighter.

Stop feeling guilty about protecting your energy
Don't hesitate to set boundaries or decline invitations.

If you are a giver,
You have to know your limits
Because takers don't have any.

Growth is walking away from
What you are used to in
Order to get what you deserve

Don't chase people
Be yourself
Do your own thing
Work hard

The right people
The ones who really
Belong in your life
Will come to you and stay



01:24 Jan 09 2023


Attitude To Inspiration

18:01 Jan 06 2023
Times Read: 301

Waking up in the morning is a miracle of it's own.
Be thankful for another day to experience life.
Be grateful that you get another opportunity to
Continue on your incredible journey.

You never know how hard someone had it
Before they became soft
You never know the ugliness they had
To go through to have such a beautiful heart

Sometimes we learn grace from the worst times
of our lives, and that's what saves us.
You're allowed to change your mind
about people and things you want out of life.

You're allowed to adjust your values and preferences
as you get older and wiser.
You're allowed to evolve and be a different
person today than you were yesterday.
This is your life.



18:18 Jan 06 2023


Attitude To Inspiration

15:54 Jan 05 2023
Times Read: 327

Only in my pain, did I find my will.
Only in my chaos, did I learn to be still
Only in my fear, did I find Might
Only in my darkness, did I see my Light.

Sometimes you just need a fresh start
A new beginning, a clean slate
Just get rid of everything going wrong

Make it go right
Sometimes you need to delete a number
Color your hair, quit your job

Purge all the negative things
Focus on all the positive
Just do it

Life is about balance
Be kind, but don't let people abuse you
Trust, but don't be deceived

Be content, but never stop improving yourself.



23:11 Jan 05 2023


Attitude To Inspiration

17:25 Jan 03 2023
Times Read: 353

A pinch of soul with a whole lot of sass
A sprinkle of naughty and just enough class
The strength of a warrior and a go to hell glare
A past that's not perfect because life isn't fair
A sailor's mouth with a heart full of love
That's what a badass is made of

There will be many moments in your life
Where a lot of things won't make sense
One day everything will come together

You will understand that every battle
That you fought was to create who you
Were meant to become

As long as you know who you are
What makes you happy
It doesn't matter
How others see you

One day you will realize that after
All the battles you have fought
All the storms that you survived

Every mountian that you climbed
You have always had the strength
To make it through life's journey.



19:19 Jan 03 2023

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