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Attitude To Inspiration

14:35 Sep 29 2022
Times Read: 171

You have been through a thousand things in your life
That people don't even know about you.
You have experienced things that have shook you
Changed you, broke you, built you and taught you
To be stronger than you ever thought you had the ability to be.

You are who you are for all of it.
So, the next time someone judges you
Based on a small part of what they see
And how they interpret that,
Remember who you are.
Remember how much you have overcome.
Smile and keep walking

Because you don't have a single thing to prove to anyone.
You have already proved so much to yourself,
Who muddled through storms that people didn't even see
Because of how you carried yourself.

Always remind yourself
You have the strength to overcome
All of Life's challenges.

Never lose hope
Always have faith
There will be better tomorrows
You will eventually be ok.

Never forget how far you have come
Everything you have gotten through
All the times you have pushed on
Even when you felt you couldn't

All the mornings you got out of bed
No matter how hard it was
All the times you wanted to give up
But you got through another day.

Never forget how much strength
You have learned and developed along the way.
Sure, not every day will be good.

But there will always be something good
About every day
Notice these things and celebrate them

Train your mind to see what is right.
Positivity is a choice

I am not everything that has happened to me
I am everything I became while I healed
Stronger but softer
Focused but not obsessed.

A teacher but still a student.
I am not broken
I am beautiful
I am a survivor.



15:54 Sep 29 2022


Attitude To Inspiration

15:05 Sep 23 2022
Times Read: 211

I hope you wake up each day feeling hopeful and encouraged.
I hope you wake up each day knowing that you're so capable
Of every single thing you want to do, big or small.

I hope you remember to think beyond your comfort zone
From time to time and never forget the importance of growth.
I hope you remember that growth isn't always easy
And sometimes the things that scare you will actually
Get you a lot closer to where you want to be.

I hope you make the most of each day and
Know that you are worthy of the life you have been gifted.
That you are worthy of success and deserve all triumphs
You've worked so hard for and all beautiful things coming your way.

You're not stuck.
You're just committed to certain patterns of behavior
Because they have helped you in the past.

Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful.
The reason why you can't move forward is because you keep
Applying an old formula to a new level in your life.
Change the formula to get a different result.

There is a purpose for every challenge
And a lesson for every mistake.
Life is not weakening you.
It is challenging you to bring out
The strength in you.

It's ok to grow so much that nobody
Knows who you are anymore.
Don't look to the approval of others
For your mental stability.

If you're rejected, move on.
Don't shrink yourself to fit the person you've outgrown.
Live in your purpose.
Love in your truth.
Be your higher self.

Many Blessings



15:43 Sep 23 2022


Attitude To Inspiration

15:53 Sep 20 2022
Times Read: 249

You don't know how strong you are,
Until your pushed beyond what,
You thought you could handle and,
You emerge on the other side,
With more bravery, grace and determination,
Then you realized you even had.

In life you will fall out with people that you never thought you would.
Get betrayed by people you trusted, with all your heart.
And get used by people you would do anything for.

But life also has a beautiful side to it.
You will get loved by someone you never thought you would have.
Form new friendships with people that will establish more,
Meaningful and stronger relationships.

Overcome things you never thought you would get over.
We all have chapters that end with people at some point in life.
But take pride in knowing that the very best part of your book is still being written.

Many Blessings.



17:29 Sep 20 2022

My self-talk 24/7 is.......


Attitude To Inspiration

15:16 Sep 16 2022
Times Read: 285

You don't have to read my words.
For they may not be for you.
They are for those who need them.
Those dark and heavy few.

You don't need to understand me.
Or go through what I've been through.
This is for those who walk this path,
And feel the darkness too.

I can't promise that it will get better.
But, I hope you'll fight for you.
The world still needs you in it.
That I promise you.

You made that choice to improve yourself for a reason.
Don't go backwards to habits and situations,
That weren't helping you evolve.

You have to keep reminding yourself why
You even decided to move forward.
Stay positive about what's to come
By always being consistent with your change.

No matter what anyone says, just show up and do the work.
If they praise you, show up and do the work.
If they criticize you, show up and do the work.

If no one even notices you, just show up and do the work.
Just keep showing up, doing the work, and leading the way.

Lead with passion.
Fuel up with optimism
Have faith
Power up with love.

Maintain hope
Be stubborn
Fight the good fight
Refuse to give up

Ignore the critics
Believe in the impossible
Show up
Do the work

You'll be glad you did
True grit leads to true success.

Many Blessings



23:35 Sep 16 2022


Attitude To Inspiration

19:54 Sep 11 2022
Times Read: 305

Maybe life doesn't change you.
Maybe it shows you to you.
Maybe it prompts you to grow.
Maybe it pulls away what you can't find the courage to leave.

Maybe it shakes you awake.
Maybe it shows you the pieces of yourself that you can't see.
Maybe life doesn't change you.
Maybe you change yourself once you see yourself.
Maybe life was only ever trying to show you the way.

Create Ripples.
When you create a difference in someone's life,
You not only impact their life.
You impact everyone influenced by them,
Throughout their entire lifetime.

No act is ever too small.
One by one
This is how to make an ocean rise.

Many Blessngs



20:55 Sep 11 2022


Attitude To Inspiration

18:39 Sep 06 2022
Times Read: 339

The hard things lead to good things.
The seasons that test your strength,
The situations that feel uncomfortable,
The decisions that require courage,
Are the very things that will lead you towards fufillment.

If you're willing to walk through the fire and surrender to uncertainty,
You will eventually expierience all of the beauty,
That awaits you on the other side.
So stop running away from the hard things,
The hard things build the foundation for all the good things to grow.

You're not a victim for sharing your story.
You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth.
You never know who needs your light, your warmth, and raging courage.

The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.
No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on or blame.

The gift is yours , it is an amazing journey.
You alone are responsible for the quality of it.
This is the day your life really begins.



11:34 Sep 08 2022


Attitude To Inspiration

19:23 Sep 04 2022
Times Read: 362

Life isn't always onward and upward.
Sometimes you evolve, sometimes you devolve.
Sometimes you get the life sucked out of you.
Other times you breathe life back in.

There are times of shutting down.
There are times of opening up.
There are times the walls go up.
Then times they come right back down again.

Wherever you are right now.
I hope you choose to act out of love.
Even if you didn't yesterday.

Because love along with hope, faith, and courage
Will always get you out of the pits, unstuck, and back on your way to brighter days.

Take chances, take a lot of them.
Because honestly, no matter where you end up and with whom
It always ends up the way it should be.

Your mistakes make you who you are.
You learn and grow with each choice you make.
Everything is worth it.
Sat how you feel, always.
Be you and be ok with it.

Never let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams.
If they don't believe in you then they don't have to be a part of your journey.



01:09 Sep 05 2022

04:54 Sep 06 2022

I love this so much.

If someone can't be supportive of you on your journey, then they don't have to take the steps with you on this journey.

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