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Akhkharu House of the Vampire preview

01:10 Jan 21 2009
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Sneak Peak of Akhkharu: House of the Vampire

Cari McKnight©2003


Long before the Akkadians conquered the Sumerians, a fierce Mesopotamian warlord led his savage brood into ancient Sumeria. Sarrum and his men left a wake of burned out villages and dead bodies across the land. Even by ancient standards he was a brutal man, believing that if he bathed in the blood of those he conquered he could prolong his life and reign. Countless men, woman and even children were brutally slaughtered for this purpose, but his only concern was power.

And so it was his army came to Eanna. Eanna was the most spectacular of all Sumerian temples, sitting atop a great mud-brick ziggurat it was dedicated to An, God of the Heavens. As the scouting party entered the courtyard they were welcomed by the priests as travelers, but were soon followed by the rest of the army. They rushed in slaughtering anyone who stood between them and the immense stairway leading up to the temple; dozens of white robed bodies stained the grounds red. Once the warriors entered the temple they rounded up every man they could find, very few escaped. The barbarians took turns torturing them as sport and looted their treasures, yet none of the warriors were privy the true purpose for being here in this particular temple. Sarrum had known that the Etu Mudutu, a tablet containing powerful magic, lay somewhere within these walls and he was determined to find it and unlock the secrets it contained.

The warlord was enjoying the piercing screams ringing out through the temple when he spotted the pristine altar for An. Sarrum was a bold, godless man and decided to defile the temple by bathing in the priests' blood using the altar of An.

Sarrum pushed the heavy stone top off and ordered the prisoners brought to him. One by one the priests were led to the altar and bled to death, their bodies strewn around the basin chaotically. Eventually the stone basin was full and the remaining priests stared at Sarrum in horror as he disrobed and then stepped into the blood filled tub. He then mocked the remaining Sumerians and their gods while bathing in the rich, warm blood. Upon first submerging his entire body and head into the vat of blood, An became enraged at the sacrilegious baptism unfolding in his own temple and he sent his Rakbu, or messenger, forth to deliver his curse.

When the Rakbu appeared every last warrior and priest momentarily froze in fear as they gazed at it in horrible awe. Simultaneously they all fled, knowing Sarrum had gone too far and there would be heavy retribution for it. Within seconds every man had vacated the temple and as Sarrum emerged he swept the blood from his eyes and saw the terrible creature standing before him, in horror and disbelief he also saw he was alone with this creature, save the dozens of bloodless bodies scattered all over the floor.

Before he could say a word the Rakbu pronounced An's judgment. Since Sarrum so freely spilled the blood of innocents and he was now at this moment covered in the most innocent blood of all, he would be dealt a punishment suffered by no other human before him. He was now akhkharu he would be condemned to feed off blood like a leech. Cursed to walk the night, he would never again bask in the sun's warm rays and he would spend the rest of his days as a creature of darkness, of darkness and evil. As such all blessed objects would sear his flesh and repulse him so he may never commit such a sacrilege again and with that the Rakbu disappeared.

However An was not the only one watching the actions and damnation of Sarrum. Enlil, the Storm God, had a deep seeded hatred for mankind. He was still very bitter towards An and Enki, the God of Water, for being so sympathetic to the human race. Enlil had tried to destroy them all once already but An and Enki decided to give mankind a second chance at life. Enlil was delighted An had now created the opportunity to finally wipe them out.

He appeared to Sarrum and made him more than akhkharu. Giving the warlord immortality he also bestowed upon him the power to procreate, in this way he would eventually amass an army of akhkharu that would devour mankind, turning them into little more than cattle to sustain the new race.

Enlil decreed Sarrum might create his army in two ways. He could create Blood Children by sharing his blood with another, these Blood Children would be far, far superior and they would be almost invincible save for sunlight, just like Sarrum. Only they would be able to procreate, but only by sharing their blood and all their progeny would be even more vulnerable. To decapitation, piercing of the heart, fire and sunlight and they would not be able to procreate.

Or if he choose, Sarrum could create a much more subservient but weaker Bloodling with his saliva. Those chosen for this must be brought to the brink of death but no farther, then his tainted saliva would do its work replicating itself till it courses through their veins. These Bloodlings would be just as vulnerable as those created by his Blood Children.

Enlil also had a warning for Sarrum, he warned that any Blood Children should be chosen very wisely and Sarrum must keep a tight reign on all those converted. Enlil prophesied that one day a Blood Child would rise up seeking to usurp him. The catalyst would be a powerful woman, how with the powers of akhkharu she could seize Sarrum, giving her creator the control of his army and the power of his blood.

...the priest stayed motionless, hidden in the small passageway near the altar. Slowing his heartbeat and breathing just as he had done so many times in prayer he could see and hear everything that had transpired in the alter room, he knew his survival hinged on his ability to remain still and not to panic.

Only he was not just a priest of An, he was also Nasuru, the Guard. As head of his order he was charged with the protection of the Etu Mudutu, which was nested in the passageway with him. Knowing of Sarrum's original intentions he had hidden himself and the tablets away before the first drop of blood was spilled. Born a seer he had also known of the impending slaughter, but the vows he took as the Nasuru prevented him from raising any alarms. Crying silently for his slain brethren he listened intently to the words of Enlil. He understood the only chance for humanity was to remember and record what had been said and done here, to serve as a warning and testament to those who would one day have to fight this evil.

Cari McKnight©2003

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