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...the dead will be more numerous than the living

I have not been able to access the Akhkharu.net website or email address for quite a long time now. My ISP has been investigating into the "hijacking" and assure me that I will have access again soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Cari McKnight

Well, a little about me, I'm a writer and am about to release the second book in my Akhkharu trilogy. The first book is called Akhkharu: House of the Vampire, the second book is Akhkharu: Apocalypse. I have already begun work on the third and final book, Akhkharu: Inception.

I love to write, I write many different things, from flyers to procedural manuals, but what I love to write the most is fictional vampire tales. I enjoy creating something that is completely my own, but basing it enough in fact to keep it tangible. To ensure the timeline and the geographical references were in order many hours of research had to be done for Akhkharu and it has been absolutely fascinating! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of it, writing the Akhkharu books has given me a glimpse into the true ancient past that I had only thought I had known.

Although work on Inception has just begun, I am already throwing around the idea of writing an anthology, focusing on Sarrum and the beginning of it all. I would love to be able to focus the plot around the ancient near east aspects of my story, and this would be the perfect showcase for it.

If you'd like to see more, check out the official website Akhkharu.net or check out my Journal, I moved the preview back there.


Born on the Pisces-Aries cusp, you can see the dillema of my life, I am ruled by both Water and Fire, and I am the end and the beginning of the zodiac. I am also a mother my son is 13 years old, and it is true what they say, being a grandparent is the best revenge. (Sorry again mom!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol)

At five foot-nine, blonde hair and blue eyes I would not say that I am unattractive, but I am not some cute little thing either.

The animal I love most is no animal at all, my favorite of God's creatures is the shark. Sleek and deadly, the shark is the most mis-understood creature on the planet. They have ruled the seas for millions of years, and I only pray they will continue to do so for millenias past man's exsistance. Frankly, I care more about shark-friendly tuna than I do dolphin friendly. I even run a website dedicated to this magnificant creature, and have done so for eight years now.

Honesty is one of the most important things to me. Without my integrity I am nothing. So needless to say you may call me many things, but a liar must never be one. I also have an extremely low tolerance for liars.

In my life I lived lived through a tremendous amount of tragedy and adversity, I don't want to go into great detail, I'm not looking for pity.

What I do want to say though is that I am a better, stronger person for it. In the face of death, sorrow, shock, life-change, utter unfairness you must stand strong, take what you are given and cope with the reality of the situation. It's not always easy, but you will get through.

I personally live by several "mottos" "creedos" etc (whatever you want to call them):

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

God doesn't put on your plate more than you can handle

Life moves on

There is a reason for everything, we just may not know what it is

What comes around goes around

Your word is your bond

Pretty simple and straight forward, but it makes for a good life, and keeping that attitude helps me push on no matter what.

I also strongly believe that children are the greatest gift, and should be treated as such.

You don't want to know what I think about child-abusers.....


I can enjoy almost any type of music, but I love the hard, aggressive sound of extremely heavy metal. The sound of the crunching guitars and the pounding drums gives me an outlet for my agression that I can't resist. My favorite band is Slayer, I love seeing them live. Another of my favorite bands is Overkill--love these guys! I've been fortunate enough to see them nearly two dozen times the last 17 years. They KICK @SS live, the energy and the sound are masterful. Here's a list of bands I enjoy listening to (in no particular order):

Sepultura (OLD SCHOOL W/Max!!!!!!)
Black Sabbath
King Diamond
Mercyful Fate
Pre-Black Metallica
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden

I love the guitar, that sound that comes from it, so I also really enjoy these rock bands. They are all guitar oriented and their songs have a unique sound that I love to listen to.

ZZ Top
Pink Floyd
Ted Nugent
O-L-D Van Halen
Lynard Skynard
O-L-D Motley Crue
OLD Heart
Eric Clapton
Peter Frampton
Doobie Brothers
Joe Walsh

Now, ask me about my favorite songs. This is another matter entirely ;-p

My favorite songs:

Black Water (Doobie Brothers)
War Ensamble (Slayer)
Coma (Overkill)
Reign In Blood (Slayer)
Domination (Pantera)
Sanitarium (Metallica)
Maggie May (Rod Stweart)
Bad Moon Rising (CCR)
Sweat Leaf (Black Sabbath)

(More to come...I'm tired of typing for the moment)


Have you ever noticed how infectious a smile can be? Such a small jesture can spread like wildfire and sometimes all someone needs is a smile to turn their "moment" around. My husband and I drive across the country once a year, and most places I go when I smile at someone, they smile back, then they smile at the next person. See, wildfire. Next time you catch someone looking at you, flash them your pearly whites!

Why do people who hate people choose customer service for a living? I mean seriously, if you're not a people person you shouldn't choose a job where you have to deal with the public (and we have to deal with that person).

Ah, well I was prepared to write today about the over usage of mis-spelling, but I received an email from a younger girl and I was impressed. No letter/number combo's, no abbreviations, no z's for s's. It was simple but eloquent...especially for her age. It seems alot of people like to "net-speak", the ppl, the pleez, the h8ers, etc etc and it can really irritate me after awhile (believe you me) the occasional use of "net slang" is cool, we all do it to some degree, but when every single word is mis-spelled...ugh. It was so refreshing to get an email that the writer took the time and effort to punctuate her sentences, spell out all her words with letters (and the proper letters at that!) and that she spoke in complete thoughts and sentences. Such a little jesture but it was greatly appreciated! And it was enough to stop my pet peeve rant in it's tracks.
Now don't get me wrong, I myself am famous for the "adn" "teh" "wehn" etc, sometimes my brain moves faster than my poor little fingers can keep up with, and I am by no means talking about those simple, "innocent" kind of typos. I am irritated by the lack of what I consider basic communication skills by those who do not write in complete thoughts/sentences and leave you guessing what was just said. Or when every single word is wrong it makes them look like they're just too lazy to articulate in writing the complete word by using the correct letters. The occasional "E Z" "sk8r" "LOL"etc isn't even so bad, but when the entire body (and I mean every word) of the message is complied with psuedo-words like these, it gets frustrating to read and hard to follow just what that person is trying to say.

*Wow, I wrote that before texting took off LOL! Yeah...I still hate it and no I don't text now. People stopped texting me when they received complete sentences back LMFAO!

QBQ-anyone heard of it? It's the question behind the question. Wonderful book about personal accountability, something society seems to be severly lacking in. We have become a country of victims:
Why did this happen?
Who's fault is it?
When will they fix it?

What about asking:
What can I do about it?
How can I change it?

I guess I am just sick of 'victims', the constant poor-me-so-pity-me. When life gets hard and the shit hits the fan I'd like to scream SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT. And I don't mean that ignorantly, but people need to snap out of the "wah-wah" faze (each and every single one of us go through this faze-some just don't seen to snap out of it) soon after the initial 'event' and move on. Make the best of the sitation and learn whatever needs to be learned from it so you can make it better or move on, instead of wallowing or waiting for someone else to make it better.

Is seems as though common courtesy has all but disappeared in today's busy world. People seem all too self involved to be bothered by the exsitence of another. How many times have you seen someone cut off another on the road, or not let another car from a parking lot into a long line of traffic at a light? What about that person walking out a door in front of you who lets it swing back on you? How many times has someone dropped their belongings, and no one stops to help, even on a windy day.

It's not my problem.

That seems to be the mantra of many now adays, and it's sad. Manners should be just as important today as they have been in the past. So make someone else's day (and for many of us totally trip them out in the process) and do something nice for someone else, something completely random.

If you are new to the Rave


I'm not so new here anymore, but I wanted a profile that really stood out before becoming a Premium member. Elder Daniel has been gracious enough to have taken the time to write a wonderful instructional for Rave newbies to be creative with their profiles. (So be sure to thank him!) It can be found here:

HTML for Whelps

I cannot recommend this enough to people with limited HTML experiance. It's written in plain jane language and offers a wide variety of instruction to get your profile off the ground.

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact me. I'd be more than happy to help if I am able.


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