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Author: Vampirewitch39
VR Publish Date: Sep 17 2007

Our images express how we feel, others' perception of us is intially formed by our looks. It is true that first impressions are the ones people remember you by and sets the way they react to you. In this, your external look empowers you. Goths and other fashion creative people see makeup as another form of art, used to express themselves. As we embrace the darker side of life it shows in our darker, heavier, symbolic makeup that does not fit into the normal everyday lifestyle.

Taking the expression a step further, magical power can be brought into the use of makeup by the symbols we choose to put on our face. Ancient shaman and ritualists would use blood, herbs, ash and plants to draw spirits within, to attune the practitioner to the divinity. Ancient Egyptians would paint their face prior to ritual or important event. By applying makeup with artistic and magical intention, it can aid a person with specific spiritual vibrations and communion.

A lot of people ask how to get the “Gothic” look. It starts with a good foundation. Using just one or two shades lighter than your own color and adding white powder over it will give you the ethereal, almost grayish cast. Stop before you go overboard or you will have the clown look instead. Pale is the look you are going for - not Bozo.

A good brand of liquid eyeliner is a must as it will be the most used item in your makeup kit. Like a miniature paintbrush that you can use on your face to draw designs and highlight your eyes. Eyeliner is coming out in all colors now so it’s even more of an artistic tool. Pencil eyeliner can be used as well, just note they will not stay on as long, and smears easily.

Eyeshadows are darker color, but lighter shades can be used to highlight. Lipstick colors of red and wine, the darker shades, along with lip liners are the best. A way to make your skin look paler is the use of darker colors on the eyes and lips. Blush may be used, but only to highlight your cheekbones, not to add color to your cheeks.

This is your time to express yourself. See your face as an empty canvas you use to show what you have inside of yourself, as a tool to bring forth your desires. Below is a few of the gothic looks and tips on how to get them.

Smudge- Apply eyeshadow of any color to the eyelids and beneath the eyes. It can be smudged as high or low as you wish, as well as in any direction from the eyes. It can be with one shade, or a variety of them. Smudged blackness around your eyes can represent the darkness coming out, leaking into your life.

Blood drips: Dragon blood can be used but you need to be aware it stains. Use of fake Halloween blood is also a possibility but the semi toxic warnings limits its use. Red liquid eyeliner is also another alterative. Fake blood can represent the release of something.

Cat Eyes: These are made by using liquid and pencil eyeliner along with a significant amount of eye shadow. Start by covering the eyelids in eyeshadow and apply eyeliner beneath the eyes. Extend the makeup by drawing vertical points from the corners of the eyes, slightly descending on to the nose. Finish with brushing the makeup in a swooping fashion from the outer eye. Cat eyes are used to expand spiritual sight, working from the eyes outward. Feline qualities can be brought forth.

Butterfly: Drawn on with liquid eyeliner, and shadow, it can be seen as different things to people. Long associated with the faerie realm, it can also be seen as chaos magic in reference to the butterfly effect.

Droops: Squiggly lines coming from the eyes that can be drawn by liquid or pencil eyeliner, or by smearing on with eye shadows. This crying effect is a way to release sadness or pain.

Eye-bar: Also called the eye mask, it covers both eyes and the bridge of the nose. Eye shadow is used. The top of the bar is a flat, sharp line and is lightened up as it goes down the two to four inch width. Masking tape can be used to make the top sharp line. This can be used to connect the energy to the two eyes, increasing the astral third eye.

Spider web: Liquid eyeliner is used for the thin wispy lines. Start at the corner of the eye making a series of lines going outward. Then you connect them with half circle loops to make the web. This can be used to catch unwanted energy or to capture energy of the people around you.

Spikes: Love the spiked collar? Then here are some hints for the spike look for your face. Drawn with dark eye shadows then brushed over with lighter shade. Use this effect at the eyes, but also at the cheeks. From the side of the face, they can be used to give you the sunken cheek look. From the hairline- the extended widow's peak can be made using the spike. Use a piece of paper against the face to get the clean sharp edge. it is often used to summon protective energies.

Cleopatra, Eyes of Horus, Ankhs, spirals, crescent moon and stars are only a few of the other designs you can draw on your face, bringing the energy they represent. Runes are another powerful ancient symbol.

Expression of your style is done with clothing, hair style, body art, jewelry and makeup. They accentuate your physical features but also represent your personality, allowing you to bring forth your spirit for all to see. Your stylistic expressions should be your own, and not dictated by anyone. Understand this is just basic information I wanted to share with you, as freedom to be who you are is just that.


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