Psychic Attacks

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Author: BloodRoseX
VR Publish Date: Mar 15 2020

Definition of Attack:



1. an aggressive and violent action against a person or place..."

Definition of Psychological :



1. of, affecting, or arising in the mind; related to the mental and emotional state of a person

of or relating to psychology

(of an ailment or problem) having a mental rather than a physical cause..."

Definition of Psychic :



1. relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance

(of a person) appearing or considered to have powers of telepathy or clairvoyance

2. of or relating to the soul or mind..."

Oxford Dictionaries (online) ~

Would the more appropriate term be “Psychic Attack” instead of “Psychological Attack”? The definitions of these words in questions are expressed above, purely from an internet dictionary’s point of view. However, it can be safe to say that we have all heard the phrase, “Psychological Warfare” in place of the other phrasings above. Either way, what we are speaking of, in this short write-up, is that we ALL (yes, ALL of us) have been subjected to these Attacks at some point in our lives. Perhaps, it could be a daily occurrence, which is so intricately linked with and integrated into our daily lives. It is not just a form of Abuse, but an aggravated “Attack”. An Attack on our system; be it emotionally, mentally or spiritually. These Attacks can also take on physical manifestations on our physical, tangible systems, like an unexplained bruise one gets upon waking from slumber.

In all realities, the preferred term that we shall use here is, “Psychic Attack”. When one gets attacked in real life, there is usually a higher authority that we can call up and make a report; but think about it: when one has been psychically attacked, just who do we go to for making amends? One way is to lodge a complaint for a purely internal condition called “emotional distress”; but, this is not the focus of this article. We are more concerned with:

(i) identifying such subtle psychic attacks,

(ii) who the perpetrators could be, and

(iii) ways in which one can heal, in the aftermath of such an occurrence.

The Black Veil that most vampires endorse, states that the more responsible ones, should not take more than what we need for survival, be it blood or energy. An Attack is usually identified when one feels extremely weak, sluggish, or even lethargic, after a period of exposure. These Attacks are not just limited to vampires, but to any being out there that uses a non-physical type of attack.

An example could be an abusive parent, or even an abusive boyfriend/girlfriend. Words, once left from the mouth, can rarely be taken back. When an abusive parent calls or acts in a violent manner, such as hurling expletives, or even acting extremely aloof, would definitely “hurt” the being it is all directed towards. This, in layman’s term, is considered an “Attack”. There would be mental and emotional hurt. This becomes an Attack when the victim fights back and feels powerless against the non-physical Attacks by the perpetrator. This also becomes an Attack when the victim starts feeling tightness in their chest area, restricting the flow of oxygen into their lungs, or just plain dizziness, which eventually leaves the victim very tired and lethargic after a period. A possessive boyfriend/girlfriend who hurls insults and text messages hurtful, degrading words to his/her partner, would also be a form of Psychic Attack.

Esoterically speaking, a Psychic Attack usually involves the attack on faculties that are inexplicable, such as the Soul or other spiritual faculties that can perhaps be better explained by Faith, other than by science. This is a type of phenomena that science cannot explain clearly, therefore, the term “Psychic Attack”, instead of “Psychological Attack”. A Psychological Attack is a much more constricted term. Psychology is usually best explained and illustrated via the study of science, and thus, explicable, and seldom considered as a phenomena.

Just how does one enter a healing process after a potentially painful Psychic Attack? First and foremost, do not despair. Feeling utter helplessness will only aggravate the situation and leave you at the risk of suffering a (physical) heart attack. Do not despair. Stay calm, and try not to act out in rage or panic, at the perpetrator. This will only make matters worse. Stay calm, take a couple of deep breaths, recognize your usual signs of such an attack (as mentioned before, this happens to every one of us, and is quite prevalent). You may be feeling dizzy, breathless, a fit of rage, or simply too emotionally hurt to carry on with life. Do not act it out on the first instance. Be calm and rational, and if you are up for it, just have an open-heart talk with the one who is “attacking” you psychically, mentally and emotionally. Have strong faith. Carry a talisman with you, wherever you may go, like a black onyx stone/crystal (for psychic protection). If you have the means, seek out professional help, preferably, from a higher authority.

(Lucifera aka Tristesse aka BloodRoseX)

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