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The society System on Vampire Rave is made of 2 integral types: Houses and Covens.

1. What is the difference between a coven and a house?

A coven can only be opened by a member who has reached the level of Sire (100 and above). A House is run by Master Vampires, full Dark Network Administrators. A coven can be disbanded while a House will not. As Sabastion, former master of Umbrae Octo once said: The difference between Houses and covens is simple: permanence. There will never be a limit to how many Covens will be opened, though there is a set number of houses.

2. What is Favor?

Favor, short for Favor Of The Prince- is currency to be used by Covens and Houses to gain members and or influence friendships/alliances on the site. 1 favor= 25 pages viewed.

3. Our Coven master is asking us to remain active on the site to remain a member of his/her coven. Why is that?

Since June 2009, Cancer has made changes to the Society System, not only adding Alliances but also adding a new rule for his Favor system: The Blood Cost. The Blood Cost rule is a 'tax' of sorts, one favor for every member of a Coven or House is deducted per day. For example, a coven with 100 members loses 100 favors per day.

3. I just leveled up to 20, and I went to check my status and suddenly I'm in a coven or house. How can that happen?

The Society System allows for what is known as Forced Induction. Not every society master does this but it is allowed. This is not against the rules, so do NOT contact an administrator- you will be ignored. Also, a 'Pledge Stamp' does not guarantee that you will become a member of the coven/house you have chosen. No one can be promised to any certain society, if they are on to induct you then you will be in theirs.

4. I HATE my coven! I want out! What do I do?

What you do is simple: speak to your Coven Master, any Trade Master or Assistant Coven Master about trading to a different coven or house. Please be aware though, to request traded is just that- a REQUEST. Some coven masters will not trade for reasons they may tell you, though no master is obligated to fulfill your request.

5. Is a Mentorship required?

No. Mentorships are voluntary though being one most times not only renders a bonus but allows the higher-ranking member which is running it to offer advice about any subject. When you reach level 80, you are automatically released.

6. On the subject of Alliances, is it a requirement to post in their forums?

No, however most covens if in an alliance will post in the other covens' forums.

7. I noticed that in the member list there are titles underneath other coven members' names- what does that mean?

Within a coven there are a few different positions which can be granted:

  • Assistant Coven/House Master: This is the highest ranking allowed to a member of a coven. Assistant Coven Masters are allowed the rights to create/change coven pages, access the coven's Setup Page, change member rankings, induct, trade kick and blind members. In short, an ACM/AHM has all administrative powers excluding marking/unmarking members.

  • Trade Master: Can induct unaffiliated members to their coven, kick or trade members as well.

  • Level Master: Can change a member's ranking, promoting, demoting or blinding a member.

  • Detail Master: Can access the coven's Setup page and make changes to the appearance of existing pages, Coven Crest and the Master's Mark. Can also delete existing pages.

  • News Master: By default, every coven has a News page which can be updated. News Masters are granted the ability to create new news entries on this page.

  • Message Master: A Coven/House Message Master is able to send mass messages to the coven- depending on the CM/HM this is granted to members with the Forum Master position.

  • Forum Master: Any member with this position is capable of editing, deleting moving or locking existing threads. A member with this position can alsomake a thread Sticky or Moderated (CM/ACM posting rights ONLY).

    8. I've been BLINDED! What happened, and why can I not post in the coven's forum?

    Different CM's and ACM's blind for different reasons. To be blind is to not have access to anything which is private to a coven member with full rights.

    9. What is Marking? I noticed under my name and coven info in the forum I have a mark but I don't know what it does.

    On Vampire Rave, there are 3 types of marks. First I will explain what marks do.

    To be marked by your CM/HM is usually done as a reward for your loyalty or given because you have an admin position within. Cancer himself can mark you, and his is the most valuable mark on the site. Each mark allows for either a status bonus or penalty (see 'Mark Of Shame) as low as 5% and as high as 10%. Here are the 3 types of marks:

  • The Mark Of The Master: Allows a 5% bonus to the coven/house member who has it. However, this mark is automatically removed if you leave the master's society.

  • The Mark Of The Prince: Those who have this mark gain a 10% bonus on their status score. Some administrators on the site have this mark, though some have gained it for other reasons. This mark is not Society dependent, you can be free of affiliations or a Coven Master (Coven Masters cannot mark themselves) and have this mark.

  • The Mark Of Shame: You do NOT want this mark! This mark incurs a 10% PENALTY on your Status score. This mark, much like The Mark of The Prince is NOT society dependent.

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