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BIO Name: Ilse
Status: In a Relationship (13 years now,Anniversary is 30 July
Occupation: cleaning woman
Location: Netherlands
Pets: 3 pets,1 older Female (14),3cats,all 3 (they are 1 year (April 27),1 died in car accident 7 Months ago (Storm,female) (July 11 2016 R.I.P)
Brother: 1
Sisters: 2 (2 eggs twin)
Mother: 1,my father past away in 2011)
Horoscope: Libra
Hobbies: music,Victoria Frances (artist)Vampires,Witches,Fitness,swimming,walking,horrormovies
If you want to know more about me jusk ask:)




Ghastly beauty in your silken skin, your tomb-stone pallor
Ringlets of death about your ashen face
Eyes burning with unearthly fire
Your lust for life.
Rise from your grave to follow the call
Blood-lines engraved in your heart
Yield to a moment of desperate hate
To fulfil your love.
I have seen you many nights
Wandering alone in the moonlit streets
Following some scent
Of which I am unaware.
How often have I longed to join you?
How many times have I prayed to you to see me?
Your face is etched in my mind –
My eyes behold you wherever I look
I see your pain
The force that traps you
And I long to release you
Knowing that beauty and death are so close
Slender threads woven into the fabric of my dreams
Will you ever see me?
My vampire love
Will you ever come to me?
Let me share your life, your pain, your love...
We will survive somehow.
By day I sit on your grave-stone
Hoping that you'll hear the words I whisper
In your silent, weeping sleep.
My tears are the blood to resurrect you.
As by night I yearn for your perfection
And you rise again to walk alone
I wonder: will you ever need me?
Ever hear me?
Ever want me?
White-faced and solemn you creep through the streets
Preying on the miserable and alone
Feeding your own pain with the pain of others
Your victims cause you to suffer
More than you do them.
Rather take me – for I can cure you
Rather take me – for I can love you
Rather take me – for I can let you live again
And this eternity may be ours together
If you only come tonight...
Hold my hand and we are invincible
Life and death unite us in the marriage of ages
We are indivisible, indestructible.
Perhaps tonight you will understand.
You may stray beneath my window again
You may perchance look up and see me this time
And perhaps you will realise how I feel
My life is worthless without you
And the mortal world is a tiny place
Compared to your immortal universe
While I sit and dream
Of sublime pleasures to come
And thoughts of you haunt my mind
I will pray that one day soon
You will understand my love
You will understand my words
And all my thoughts will become yours
Once, for all, for ever
My vampire love...

Crimson Glory
A girl steps out of the darkness,
Scarlet diamonds floating in her long-dead eyes,
A halo of perforated raindrops
In an iridescent circlet of light about her head;
Betrayed by the orange street-lamp
In the midst of her midnight search –
Scavenger hunt for life through death;
The lonely wanderer of night skies,
Always alone in the darkness;
A solitary glimpse of naked light,
The whitest skin, textured in porcelain,
Her ancient skin, stronger than any brash and soulless steel,
Her flesh a silent, aching memorial
To days of lost and betrayed youth;
Ebony net of gossamer hair,
A wreath about her glacial shoulders;
Eyes that glitter with the scorching pain
Of ages past, centuries of half-life;
Ruby demons caressing the cold flesh of her lips
As an incautious drop of crimson life
Bubbles from the crimson depths
To fall upon the cool white of her naked breast;
Death-marks still upon her silky skin
As she steps out of the dusky shroud of night
Into the crown of glittering neon
Around the rain-spattered arc-light
In the empty and desolate city street;
Clothed in funereal black from head to bare feet,
Rags of cloudy darkness
Clinging to her sylphic form
Like cobwebs on a moon-drenched tomb;
Draped in darkness, weeping
In the fire of her own damnation.
Eternal princess of the night,
How beautiful thy savagery seems...

Dark Light
Waking somewhere beyond the veil of night
Velvet loneliness caressing my mourning heart
Crystal teardrops, a sheen of silver on my face
My swollen eyes reflecting the weeping blue
Of the twilight skies
A moonlit opal crouching in the neon glare
Of a streetlight
Heartbroken and desolate in the empty street
Sheltering against the prying eyes of enemies
And false friends in the shroud of the night
Sighing a river of shattered dreams
Into the cold air of the dusty street
Hopes and fears mingle with the broken promises
I should know so well by now
But somehow I thought you'd be different
You'd be kind to me
You'd care
My lonely figure, a wraith in the lamplight
Moonlight, firebright, streetlight
Barely more than a skeleton, a living ghost
Trapped in a physical form that weeps
And grieves and mourns
For you, always for you
My dark angel, my spirit prince
My phantom love
Little more to you am I
Than moths betrayed by the bright light
Of the floodlit sky
But forever I love you...

Restless Blood
Moving out of the shadows she transforms herself.
In the flickering lights of the dark street she moulds herself
Into a form of humanity –
Almost perfect.
Gliding through the streets she feels a presence:
A heady wash of human pulses,
Human blood,
Pounding already in her temples as if in anticipation
Of the kill.
She moves like a ghost – silent and sure –
Or like a cat – graceful and sleek.
Everyone sees her, and yet none perceive her.
She is the scavenger in a city of monsters,
And none may bar her passage.
It is midnight – the bells of St Alfonso's clang their warning
To anyone who cares to hear –
And the moment is almost at hand.
She has seen him.
A tall figure, dressed in black, with long flowing locks of a deep ebony.
He carries a silver-tipped cane, a man of distinction, no doubt.
He walks alone, but self-assured.
In the neon glare of a street-light he pauses to adjust his collar before glancing
Back along the passageway.
His eyes glitter, red in the darkness, as he spots her.
One hand, long, pale and bony, reaches out from a lace cuff
Towards her.
She hesitates, unsure at the fateful moment if what she does is right.
But she must advance – his eyes say it as surely as does her heart –
And in seconds she has latched herself to him.
Her mouth pressed to his deep blue vein
Her teeth gnawing at the thin skin to gain a purchase
She pleads for salvation in cries of blood
And with a desperate borne of hunger she tears at his hand
Before he raises her
And forces her mouth onto the open wound on his throat
Where already the blood of life is weeping out
Into the ruffles of his silken collar.
He is her final meal, and her first
For in tasting the blood of the true vampire
She has deserted her mortal life for ever
And the thirst for immortality has at last
Been quenched.

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