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I Am A 47 Year Olde Male, I Am 6'0Ft In Height, I Weigh, Depending On The Time Of Year, Between 220 LBS To 245 LBS, Holidays Are When I Weigh The Most, I Would Guess. I Have Been In A Marriage For The Past 21Years, My Wife's Health Is Deteriorating Daily, She Had A Gastric Bypass Operation(DUODINAL SWITCH), Where They(The Doctors, Were Much Too Aggressive), Basically Removed Way Too Much Intestine, And What Was Left Atrophied And Died Over The Course From 2004 Till 2009, When We Realized She Was Literally Starving To Death. She Had Mal-Absorption, Which Meant She Could Not Digest Her Food Properly And Was Therefore Starving To Death. As There Was No Visible Sign In My Wife's Behavior And Ability To Remember Things That Something Was Wrong, We All Just Thought It Was Because Of Her Doing So Well On The Surgery. That I Ascertained Something Was Wrong, In 2009, And I Ordered Her Into The Hospital, At Which Point She Got Down To 86LBS, And Her Being 5FT8, Made Her Appear As A Survivor Of Auschwitz Or Sobibor Or Treblinka. By The Grace Of Providence, We Got Her On A Solution Known As TPN(TOTAL PERENNIAL Nutrition.) She Was On This For 3.5 years, And Had Bloomed Back Up To 145 Real(HER OWN) Weight. But Then She Started Having Pressure Headaches, And After Being Sent To An Optometrist It Was Determined That She Must Have Blood Clotting. So After A Series Of Testing,MRI,CT SCANS, AND ULTRASOUNDS. It Was Determined That She Had An Enormous Blood Clot In Her Liver, Clotting In Her Jugular As Well A The Sub-Clavea And Right Side Of Her Brain. They Just Tried To Do A Surgery On Her, A Kind Of Last Gasp Sort Of Thing, And The HEAD BARIATRIC SURGEON At Stanford Informed Us That There Was No Way For Her Body To Heal It's Self, Any Longer. He Even Stated That He Wished They Had Never Gone In,PERIOD. He Told Us That She had Very Little Time Left With Us, But We Have Heard The Same Speech For The Last two Years, That At Most She Had 6 Months To Live. So We All Felt Like Here We Go Again, And No Sooner Had We Brought Her Home From Stanford, That She Started Out With A Low Grade Fever, And Also Had Copious Amounts Of Bile, Hydro-Chloric Acid, And Puss Spilling Forth Out Of A Port That Was Supposed To Be Anchored In Place So This Would Not Happen, But Unfortunately It Did, And All Day Long We Would Clean Up One Disaster, To Have Another One Start In Say 15-20 Minutes. I Was Exhausted As Was She, And Scared That This Vile Fluid, Was Going To Eat A Hole Out Of Her Stomach From The Outside In. So Basically I Got Up One Day, She Was Babbling Nonsense, Like Things That Had NEVER Happened, To Thinking She And I Were In Hawaii(WE HAVE NEVER BEEN TOGETHER), And Was It Not Nice That Grandma Miriam Had Paid For Our Entire Trip(GRANDMA MIRIAM HAS BEEN DEAD FOR GOING ON 15 YEARS NOW), So I Took Her Temperature, And It Was 102.8, So I Called The Paramedics. She Has Now Been In Two Different Lengthy Stays At One Hospital, Then Sent To An Acute Care Center, That Is 150 Miles From Home. That Is The Main Duty Of My Life, Taking Care Of Her, As She Took Care Of Me When I Came Home From The First Gulf War, With PTSD, I Hate That Darn Moniker!!! So She Helped Me Through This, But I Never Let My Command Know What Was Happening, As Having PTSD, Is A Death Sentence To Ones Military Career, So My Love Helped Me Through Those Times When I Would Fly Out Of Bed And Hit The Deck Covering My Head, Believing We Were Under Attack, Her Soft Patient Female Voice Would Finally Penetrate To My Sub-Conscious, Then My Conscious, And I Would Awake To Her Stroking My Back Gently, I Perspired So Much During These Episodes, That You Could Wring The Sweat Out Of My Shirt, Like I Had Just Been Sprayed By A Water Hose. So Because Of This(AND THE FACT I LOVE HER DEARLY) I Proposed To Her After A Few Months, And She Accepted, If On Certain Key Issues I Would Stop. First And Foremost, No More Drinking,EVER, And Two I Quit Chewing Tobacco. The Alcohol Was Easy, As I Was Already Seeing That It Was Getting Me No Wheres Considering Every Off Time I Had, I Would Drink To Excess, But I Always Still Remembered, Come The Next Day, Plus I Began To Hate The Flavor Of Beer, Of Which Once I So Loved, Like A Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout. It Was The Tobacco That Was The Truly Difficult Thing To Quit, Coming From A Southern Family, Both Of My Grandmothers Chewed Levi Garret Snuff, I Know, Your Probably Thinking About The Movie Deliverance Right Now, But In Truth, It Was Common For Women From The South To Chew Tobacco At This Time, As It Was Considered Un-Lady Like To Smoke, And My Grandmothers Were The Very Images Of A Southern Belle. We Have Many Doctors, Lawyers, Construction Company Owners, Jewelers And Such In My Family, And No We Were Not Hill-Billies, But We Are Darn Proud Of Our Southern Heritage. I Have Reached The Realization That My Best Friend In The Whole World Is Likely To Be Leaving Me Soon, So I Came Here To Pass the Time, And Figure Out Why I Was So Drawn To Vampirism, Blood, And All The Thoughts Associated With It. I Believe I Suppressed These Awakening Feelings While In The Military, So As Not To Distract Me, I Have Been Told that One Can Only Hold Them Back For So Long, And I Am No Longer Doing So, I HATE THE SUN, It Burns My Skin(YET I SPENT SEVERAL YEARS IN THE DESERTS OF SAUDI-ARABIA,IRAQ And KUWAIT. I Suppose I Was So Busy Trying To Do My Job, That I Blocked This Hatred Of The Sun Out. Now I Try To Keep Things As Dark As Possible, At Least What My Mate Allows Me To Do, As The Darkness Effects Her Psyche, So I Can Only Keep My Back Bedroom Relatively Dark. I Have Been On This Site, A Premium Member, And Have As Of Yet To Find A Mentor, I Would Be Loyal,Truthful And Serve As My Mentor Bid. I Want To Know ALL OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF MY KIND, THE KNOWN,THE SECRET AND YES THE FORBIDDEN, Like A Sponge I Want To Soak It All Up. I Was Taken On By A Mentor But I Found Out That They Did Not Believe In Vampyres, So I Quickly Asked Them To Drop Me As My Mentor, They Also Wanted Me To Join The Jedi Knight Coven?!?! I Mean No Offense When I Say That This Is Most Assuredly Not The Coven For Me, I Wish To Be In A Coven Of My Own ILK, So As To Learn ALL That It Means To Be A Vampire, And If I Have Altered My Awakening By Refusing It For So Long, I Am Ready Willing And Able To Have A REAL VAMPYRE Turn Me, Through The Giving And Taking Of Blood From One Another. So If Any Out There Hear My Call In The Darkness, Please, I Beg You, Come Forth And Indoctrinate Me, I Will Be A Most Resplendent Pupil!!! I Must Go For Now, I Hope None Have Fallen Asleep Whilst Reading This, FELICITATIONS, JamesTheArbiter.

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